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Growing the Good Sponsor: Stache Bash
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I wanted to introduce you to one of the awesome companies that is sponsoring Dear Baby and our Growing the Good efforts this month. 100% of  Stache Bash's  sponsorship funds went directly to charity. Stache Bash is a funky little shop full of baby pacifiers with serious personality. Also, for those of you not interested in baby items, she makes mustaches for cats. Something for everyone! Go see!  Anyway…. where was I? Oh right.. my point here. These things are truth: 1. Babies are awesome. 2. Mustaches are also awesome. 3. Babies wearing mustaches are the most awesome of all awesomes.
So I sat down with Amanda (the mastermind behind Stache Bash) to get the details on how this whole empire of awesomeness came to be.
Where in the world did you get the inspiration to create Stache Bash?

I randomly saw some cute little stache pacifiers made with craft foam on a blog.  They were simply glued on to the pacifiers.  I started whipping them up for my girlfriends that were expecting, but I’d always have to add the caveat “Don’t ever leave your baby unattended with this!” because craft foam can easily tear into little pieces and glue doesn’t stick to plastic very well.  It was frustrating, because people really loved them, but they were completely unsafe.  I kept thinking there had to be a better way to make these that would be safer - something that was more securely attached and with non-toxic materials (because really, who wants to put Gorilla Glue near their baby’s mouth?!)  I finally settled on crocheting.  My mom taught me the basic stitches, I looked up some mustache patterns online, started tweaking them to get the right sizes and shapes that I wanted and viola!  Stache Bash was born.  It’s kind of funny, because it started off as just a little joke gift for friends, and now I sell in four retail stores and to customers all over the world.  I guess the joke’s on me!
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Amanda Bowen is a mustache connoisseur, crafter and lover of all things DIY.  She has no children of her own, but enjoys making yours look silly.  She lives in Cleveland, Ohio with a plethora of pets and a growing collection of mustache-themed items. Be sure to stop by Stache Bash and check her out!
Love, M