dear andrew garfield

Dear Son

-Requested by @historicaltimessoldier a Captain Glover and Desmond Doss fic. Sorry for the lateness of it, hope you like it :) - 

-Glover & Doss: Platonic -

After what seemed like for ever, the sounds of gunfire had finally stopped. The silence felt strange and alien to the tired ears of the men. Taking the rare opportunity of peace, the men began to go about their work, medics taking inventory of their supplies and the soldiers cleaning their weapons and preparing for the next battle. There was only one who’s mind wasn’t entirely in the moment. Strong shoulders bent as if the weight of the world were on his shoulders as the lone soldier walked towards the medic tent. Stepping inside, Captain Jack Glover paused for a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the dimmer lighting inside the tent. The scene before him nearly broke his heart, seeing all of the men laying or sitting on the cots set out for them. Men that he had personally led up on that ridge. Jack could feel the bitterness in his mouth, bitterness towards that horrifying place. Many of his men had died there, many of them wounded. Only of couple of them had tried to run out of fear, but most of them pushed on, following through with their duty. Then there was Desmond Doss. The Captain could feel his footsteps getting heavier and heavier as he made his way to the cot in the corner. Seeing the dirty and weary face of his medic, he knew that he had reached his destination. He pulled the little, makeshift chair closer and sat down. Desmond looked like he was sleeping peacefully, but that was only because of the morphine. Keen eyes quietly analyzed the young man for any other injuries, finding nothing more than what he already had, Jack leaned back in his chair. No one had seen this coming. This young, slip of a light pole come in several months ago and turned their world upside down with his stubbornness of  not wanting to carry a gun. Everyone thought he was crazy, even Jack believed the same thing. How he now wished that he didn’t judge the kid like he did. If it wasn’t for Desmond’s bravery, the many men that he had saved would have all been lost on that hill. That little piece of hell that he and his were forced to march into every day. Looking down at the bruised and battered face of the young man laying helplessly in front of him, Jack realized something. He wanted his future son to be just like this caring, brave, stubborn and selfless young man from Virginia. He may not have kids yet, but he knew that Desmond was like the son he didn’t have.

A gentle hand rested on the Captain’s shoulder, startling him out of his thoughts. One of the doctors held a letter in his hand and showed it to the seasoned soldier. “This came for Private Doss earlier this morning. I’ll leave it with you, Sir.” Taking the letter,  Jack noticed that the last name on the envelope matched that of his medic. A letter from home was always the number one thing that cheered a soldiers’ heart. Opening the envelope, Jack figured that if Desmond’s subconscious could hear him, then it may help to hear something from home. Clearing his throat, Jack began to read the letter out loud.

“Dear, Desmond,

My dear son, I pray for your safety and the safety of your company every day. We miss you so much and can not wait until you return. Your darling wife has been a blessing around the house. She has brought so much light and happiness to our home while you have been away. Her cheerful and positive attitude has helped me and your father so much, even though he would disagree. Do not worry about us, we are all fine and doing well. Since both you and your brother are away, I have had to take a job at the shoe factory to help keep up with the house payments. As you can imagine, your father did not take it well. He took it as well as he did when he found out your brother had joined the military. He will get over it, he always does. Just remember, we will always love you, no matter where you are. Please write us whenever you can, we worry about you, Des.

Love, Mom.”

Jack let the silence settle around them when he finished the letter. Before he started, he could only imagine what it was like to have a son going to war and to have to worry about their safety because there was nothing you could do to protect them. Glancing over, Jack now knew what it felt like to be a parent. The fear he felt for Desmond when he found out that his medic was all alone up on that hill was something he never wanted to feel again. Tha sinking feeling in his gut, the clenching of his heart, the breath that caught in his throat. It felt like his own family member was up there with no protection, no back up, nothing. Seeing first hand the damage that this war has delt to this poor kid, Jack felt like he had failed him. If he had known, he would have been up there supporting him and protecting him. Just like any father would. Jack knew that  he wasn’t old enough to be Desmond’s father, but he still couldn’t help feeling like one towards the young medic. As he continued to sit there and think about the different ways he could have changed the outcome, Desmond began to stir. His eyes fluttered open slowly, still groggy from the morphine. “Where am I?” His accent was more drawn out than usual because of the drug’s effect. Relief flooded over Captain Glover as he watched the young man regain more awareness of his surroundings. “You’re safe now, Des.” He murmured reassuringly as he gripped the young man’s arm comfortingly. “Get some rest, son.”