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Blitz The Ambassador feat. Les Nubians - Dear Africa (2011)

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What do you think about what Danai said about America? To me she said nothing but an obvious thing and, to be honest, that question was ignorant and lame af (and I'm not African. I'm European. But if someone asked me if they taught about the slavery in the US in Europe, I'd be like "Uh? We are multiple countries with different languages, different cultures, different histories and different education systems, do IDK what the others do?". What a stupid question. Her answer was perfect and concise

Totally agree. It was offensive on so many levels, and her facial expression was just as great a response as her verbal one. The fact that they couldn’t even bother to ask regarding her specific country tells you they didn’t care about the answer in the first place. (Dear white people: Africa is a continent.) They just ask whatever silly shit comes to mind. 🙄 So yeah, I thought she handled that perfectly. Their racist ass followers don’t deserve to be graced with her image anyway.

Dear Father,

Greetings from Africa! Who would have thought that the drama class I took in college would come in handy? In fact I use my improv skills to pay for some of my room and board. My new African friends say that I have a real talent for comedy and want to know if there’s more like me at home. Tell Billy that he’s welcome to join me when he finishes this semester. That’s all for now - time to get to work.

Your son,

P.S. please send money

Dear Celebrities
  • Africa is not a retreat center .
  • Africa won’t cure your depression .
  • Africa is not for “ fixing your profile full with rape cases and drug abuse ” so you can look good again .
  • You are not helping .The first Western attempt to save Africa from itself was in the late 19th century. It was led by Christian missionaries who claimed to be seeking to end poverty, disease and the slave trade. These goals ran in tandem with introducing Africans to Christianity and “civilization,” while liberating Africans from the tyranny of custom and the despotism of local chiefs. The prognosis was not fictitious and the claims seemed to be justified by immediate necessity. What Africa got was a colonialism that was defined by racial domination and economic exploitation.
  • Africans babies are not for sale . 
  • Africa does not need saving . Who ruined Africa in the first place , Your ancestors .
  • The people of the continent know their own problems the best, which gives them better scope of the solutions. 
  • Stop using Africa to  have  more fans and more success . 


+ Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, Archbishop of Carthage and Algiers, Primate of Africa, October 31, 1825–November 26, 1892 

“It is to thee, O my dear Africa, that I come now. I had sacrificed all, when, pushed by a force which was visibly that of God, I left everything to avow myself to thy service.”

It isn't a 1989 world tour without Africa.

Dear Taylor,

Recently we (South Africa) had a competition to win tickets to see you in Cologne, Germany and it was amazing to see how many Swifties entered and how any actually wanted to see you live (I’m one of them of course) or when TaylorNation made a 1989 announcement and we stayed up till 2am thinking that they would announce added tour dates (Hoping they’d add South Africa, but that was just wishful thinking and mindless dreaming😂😉get it?) . Those were just two of the examples. We have created groups and many of us have bonded because of you and have been brought together because of you. We follow and support everything you do. We are always here for you.

The closest we can get to 1989 is YouTube videos and even the low quality, blurred, shaking videos make our day.
I know I’m not good at expressing all I want to say in letters but I am trying my best. I am trying to explain that we need you here.
All we’re asking is that you consider adding South Africa to your world tour., giving us a chance to see you live after already missing the Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now and Red tours.

You have changed our lives and all we are asking for is that you share an hour with us.


Love Swifties❤️


Dear Africa - Blitz The Ambassador ft. Les Nubians