dear moony


“I won the best actress award. God it feels so weird saying it. Feels great. It means a lot to me because it’s just one of those rare professional moments that you rarely get in life. And you feel like totally connected to something, and they don’t come along that often. And to be awarded for that on top of everything else is just awesome. It’s going on my breakfast table for Monday morning. It feels like it’s gonna come home with me, and I feel really good about it.”

Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actress 

WhatsOnStage Award for Best Actress in a play

Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for Best Actress 

Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress



prior to you know what in 1981


There was a woman standing in front of her, she looked stern. She was holding a folder in her hand. Then she started to talk. “Lily Evans? You are Muggle-born I see. Hmm. This won’t do Ms Evans, there’s no way you are a witch.” 

She paused and looked at Lily from head to toe, Lily felt a cold shiver down her spine. “Mudbloods like you don’t deserve to be witches Ms. Evans. I’m guessing this is your wand? Very well then” and with that she snapped the wand in two. “You are a waste of magic blood Ms. Evans, you have no right-”



“Jamie, help me” begged Sirius.

“James, help I– this hurts” Remus was crawling.

“Prongs, please, please help me” Peter looked so much in pain James’ insides hurt.

“Potter, you need to help me, I can’t take it” Lily was on the verge of dying, tears were falling down like rain.

It kept morphing from one to the another each one looking more hurt than the one before.

“You promised Jamie, you promised–”

“–to keep us safe. James,–”

“–Prongs, you said we wouldn’t get hurt”

“I trusted you Potter. I tr–”



“I told you we couldn’t trust him Prongs, he’s a Black after all” said Peter looking disapprovingly. 

“He acted like he changed Wormy, I’m sorry I genuinely thought he was different” replied James, he looked disappointed. 

“Well, once you go Black, you never go back, do you Sirius?” demanded Remus, his amber eyes were burning with anger. 

“You shouldn’t have left us Sirius, you can get away but you can’t get rid of the blood flowing in your veins boy.” said Walburga looking crazier than ever. “Je t’ai dit deja, nous sommes tous que tu as mais maintenant, tu n’as rien, pas des amis ou une famille.* You are alone Sirius and you will be a–” 



Sirius was lying on the floor bleeding from the bite marks around his neck, tears coming down his face “Why, Moony? Why did you do this?” asked Sirius.

James pointed at Remus shouting “This is all your fault, after all the things we did for you, after everything Sirius did for you, how could you Remus? How could you bite him on a full moon?”. 

Peter then looked him straight in the eye and said “You are a monster Remus, I wish we never met you, look at him! Look at what you did to–”



“I knew you weren’t good enough to be friends with us, look at you and now look at us. I don’t even know how we thought you could hang with us Peter.” said Sirius, he looked scary.

“Look at your animagus Peter, a rat. I’m a stag and you are.. just a rat. You are nowhere nearly as strong as we are.” added James.

“We see how struggle with your classes Peter, we are tired of helping you get the simplest things in the brain of yours.” Remus didn’t look like himself, he looked unusually stern.

Then it was Sirius again, “You are not worthy enough to be our friend Peter, you never were and you never will–”


*I have told you before, we are all you have but now, you have nothing, no friends or family.

Secret Kisses || Remus Lupin x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: Please do an Imagine with Remus where the Marauders are curious because he disappears randomly, not because of the werewolf-disaster but because he’s secretly making out with a shy Reader :D]]

I have been dying to write this imagine omg I’m so excited for this !! ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just pure fluff

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!!


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The Girl With The Books [Remus Lupin]

Title: The Girl With The Books
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Remus Lupin x reader, James Potter, Sirius Black, mentions of Lily Evans
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,407
Requested: By my good friend Clary (yes, she has the same first name as Clarissa Fairchild and I envy her every day)
Short Description: MARAUDER ERA! You have caught Remus’s eye, and the Marauders tease him when they notice Remus staring longingly after you: a girl who reads a lot. Later, Sirius and James walk over to you and tell you about Remus.

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Dating Remus Lupin would include
  • study dates
  • but only half the time you would spend studying, and the rest you would probably just be talking
  • many chocolates being given on Valentine’s Day
  • the Marauders not knowing about your relationship at first, because you preferred something more reserved
  • but they had already heard of you before you started dating, because Remus kept talking about the girl that he obviously had a crush on
  • and they found it strange that he had suddenly stopped talking about you
  • until they noticed that there were times when they could not find Remus during the day
  • so they searched for him on the Marauder’s Map
  • and, well, they caught you making out in a hidden corner of the library
  • James and Sirius teasing you guys a lot after that
  • but they adored you
  • them practically adopting you into their group
  • eating chocolate while cuddling
  • reading books together while cuddling
  • just a lot of cuddle for both of you
  • him being insecure about you finding out about his secret
  • and you getting suspicious by the times that you can not find him anywhere
  • his friends trying to give you excuses for this behavior, but you don’t really believe in any
  • you confronting him about it
  • him getting nervous, but you’d end up saying he doesn’t need to tell her as long as he promises it was not something like cheating
  • him being very grateful
  • but eventually he would tell you
  • you getting very shocked at first
  • reassuring him that you would not leave him
  • after that time of the month, he’d like to just lie with you and put his face on your neck as you stroke his hair
  • gentle and passionate kisses
  • not much of PDA (he wouldn’t feel very comfortable to snog in public)
  • but he would like to walk around with you holding hands
  • you couldn’t help worrying about him every night of full moon
  • passionate sex
    sometimes rough sex
  • (if you are from any year/house other than his) him walking you to your classroom
  • (if you are from the same year/house as him) you discreetly looking at each other during class
  • him totally passing test answers to you
  • lively conversations about books
  • sometimes you just stay together without talking, the presence of each other being enough
  • as a form of revenge for Remus not having told them about you, the marauders would send a letter to his parents about your relationship
  • “Dear Mrs. and Mr. Lupin,
    The Marauders come happily through this with news to brighten up your day. Your beloved son was seen kissing (or sucking mouth?) with a girl (finally) who goes by the name (Y/N), and by all indications, the two are in a relationship in which he kept secret from his friends and family.
    So, here follows a picture of our dear Moony and his beloved having a happy moment together before realizing that we were there. When you see him, please send our regards.
    Yours sincerely, Marauders.”

  • you spending Christmas that same year at his house to meet his parents
  • them getting excited to get to know you (kind of thrilled that their son has found someone who would love him with his condition, I think)
  • them loving you
  • him just appreciating your presence so much and always making sure to remind you that he loves you

Gif credits for @azulcrayola, I just tried to add the gif, but I’m dumb and I couldn’t do it, but I love this gif and didn’t want to use another one

Cheshire~Part 2

A/N: Okay so this is gonna be a little longer then expected. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: The boys confront you about your crush while on the train.

Word Count: 634

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Warnings: Swearing, little bit of yelling

Other Parts: Part 1-Part 3-Part 4

Originally posted by nellaey

At the station, James, Sirius and Peter raced ahead and took all the seats on one side of the compartment so that Remus and I had to sit next to each other. As we sat down, I glared at them. Remus handed me some chocolate and I ate in silence while the boys talked, afraid that if I said anything, the three on the other side of the compartment would use it as a way to embarrass me. Luckily for me, Remus left about 10 minutes into the train ride to go fulfill his prefect duties.

The second the door closed, I stared at the three smug boys sitting in front of me.

“Okay, am I gonna have to threaten all of you?” I asked. Instead of an answer, Sirius started to talk.

“Chesh, we know how this is all gonna go down if it were up to you-” “It is up to me.” “-you fall in love with dear Moony and refuse to do anything about it, no matter how much we beg you to do something because we’ll be sick of hearing about how dreamy his eyes are or fluffy his hair is-” “I won’t do that!” “-or how he will never love you the same way you love him-” “Well he won’t.” “-which is not true because we all know that he has been in love with you since second year-” “Yeah, right.” “-and he won’t do anything about it either. Eventually one of you’ll start going out with other people to try and get your mind off of your not-so-secret love. Maybe you’ll even find someone you could love just as much, but you will then go your whole life wondering if Moony could have been the greatest thing to happen to you since you met us. Now us being the amazing friends we are, want you two to be happy, so we are interfering.”

“No, you are not!”

“Oh yes we are.”

“No, you’re fucking not!”

“You’re so stubborn!”

“Would you just shut up already, I can figure this out for myself!”

“Clearly you can’t or you would be with him by now!”

“I don’t need you to try and set me up! Maybe I don’t want to be set up! I don’t need your fucking help! I’m not some lost little girl that doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing! You don’t even know how I feel! Maybe I don’t love him! Maybe this is just a crush and it’s gonna go away!” By now, I wasn’t yelling at Sirius, I was yelling at myself. Small tears started to gather in my eyes from frustration. They weren’t big enough to fall but, they made me even more angry at myself for being weak.

Sirius and the other two boys just looked at me. I looked at the floor. James opened up his arms. He knew what it was like to be helplessly in love. “Cheshire come here.” he said, gesturing to his lap. I just kept looking at the floor still trying desperately not to show how weak I was. James tried again though, “Chesh, come on. Seriously, stop being so stubborn. You’re upset, just come over here.”

I gave in and stood up to go sit on James’ lap. I put my head on his shoulder. Sirius leaned and whispered “Sorry” while kissing my forehead.

“S’okay Pads. S’not your fault.” I whispered back. I decided to try something. I shifted into a cat and curled up on James’ lap. For some reason, being an animal and not a human was calming me down a bit so I just layed there flicking my tail, telling myself that this might be a bad start to the year but promising that it would get a hell of a lot better.

Dear Journal,

This moring Sirius and Regulus took Teddy to the park. I would’ve gone with them but I needed to work down in the library. I think I will be able to open it soon. There’s still a few boxes to empty but it’s not going to be long now that every section had it’s place. It looked really good. Just like I imagined it. I sat down on the ground and checked through my own book box. The one I cherrished the most. They were my books after all. I wouldn’t put them in the shop but I’ll find a place for them in our bedroom. While going through my books, I was reminded of millions of memories. When James spilled his pumpkin juice on my book and I nearly cried. He flet so guilty that he bought me another one to repay his mistake. Or that time where I woke up from after a full moon and discovered a neatly wrapped book on my bed side…

We were in 5th year. It was the morning of the post-fullmoon. I woke up in the hospital wing as usual. Merlin I remember how in pain I was. I had a few bandages around my legs and arms. I was alone with Mrs.Pomfrey so I assumed that everyone else was in class. I was freezing cold but Mrs.Pomfrey told me that I had a pretty bad fever. I looked to my bedside, searching for a jumper that could make me warm and saw this book. It was neatly wrapped in a blue ribbon. The kind of ribbons that Lily wraps in her ginger hair. I took it, my arm feeling really sore. It was one of the many books I had on my list. I smiled, already knowing who was behind this. I opened the book to the first page and saw the messy handwritting of my two bestfriends.

“Dear Moony, we’re sorry that we weren’t here when you woke up, McGonnagall doesn’t want us two skipping some more classes. But we’ll be there in a few! We had to search through all your notebooks to find your book list. I hope you’ll love this one just like we love you.

-Sirius and James.”

I instantly smiled and hugged the book to my chest, waiting for my two bestfriends to come see me.

I was so deep into my thoughts that I didn’t hear Sirius behind me. I jumped when I saw him.

“Oh Merlin you scarred me..” I said, a hand on my chest.

“I’m sorry.. I didn’t want to.. I wanted to tell you that we got takeout dinner on our way home.” He said, hugging me from behind, his chin on my shoulder.

“Okay, i’m nearly done, I’ll be up in a sec.” I smiled, realising that something changed since that day. Sirius and I were together.

“What were you thinking about, so deep in your thoughts?” I felt him smile.

“About that day you and James got me a book after the full moon. And of how we ended up together through everything.” I smiled.

“Well, love always wins.” He said, kissing my lips.

“After all these years, i’m still so deeply in love with you.” I whispered my lips on his.

“Oh believe me baby.. I’ve fallen way too deep. I will always be in love with you.” He also whispered.

Life couldn’t have turned out better.

April 20th 1978

  • James: No but honestly, have you ever realized that your initials form the word "sob"?
  • Sirius: You're the only one here with empty space enough on your head to come up with this.
  • Remus: Actually he's not.
  • Peter: And to be honest I personally thinks it fits you perfectly.
  • Sirius: Should I ask why?
  • James: C'mon that's your favorite pastime, Drama Queen.
  • Sirius: What? I'm not, that's ridiculous.
  • Remus: Yesterday you were crying over your empty shampoo bottle, Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Okay, but that doesn't count. My hair is serious business, it's a matter of public interest.
  • Peter: No, it's not.
  • James: And last week you were literally sobbing because Lily got her new haircut and now you can't braid it for her.
  • Sirius: You have Hagrid's beard on the top of your head, I was not expecting that you would be sensitive enough to understand how deeply this affected my life. How could she did this to me? Without even asking me.
  • James: Sirius Orion Black.
  • Peter: Perfect.
  • Sirius: What the fuck is this? A conspiracy or what?
  • Remus: Here he goes. So dramatic.
  • Sirius:
cherished / remus lupin

requested by anon, hope u love this xxx



It was around half past five in the morning, the sun was just starting to rise and the sky was getting lighter by every second that passed. If the sun was rising, it meant the moon was setting and by that, you knew Remus was returning to Hogwarts.

You silently got up, trying not to wake Lily and Marlene who slept peacefully next to you, you dressed yourself, grabbed the med kit you had borrowed from Poppy Promfrey in the hospital wing and your wand just in case and walked out the dormitory. Leaving your two best friends who snored calmly, comfortably in their warm bed.

You wrapped the invisibility cloak James borrowed you on full moon nights around your body and carefully walked out your house’s tower. As you looked around to see if there was anyone roaming around the corridors and you cursed yourself for not putting a thicker jumper on, the cold morning breeze blowing your hair and freezing your cheeks even with the cloak on. Both your lips and fingertips acquiring a purplish colour. 

You walked carefully not to make any noise when you saw him looking like a complete mess, sparkling water droplets from the condensation of the dew slowly streamed down his face and his brown locks, mixing with the blood provided by his brand new bruises. His eyes swollen and red from tiredness and distress. He still looked alluring in your eyes, he always did.

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the potions master AU

Dear Moony and Padfoot,

The first lessons were mostly good, I can’t believe the amount of homework I have. I met McGonagall and now I understand how she was the one who gave you the most detentions even though you were in her house. I was most excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts but our teacher is a bit weird, maybe it’ll get better the more we learn. However, I thought I was prepared for Potions class even though it is being taught by Head of Slytherin, they said he favours his own house but his class was a disaster. He asked me all these things I don’t know and took off points from Gryffindor when I suggested he ask someone else, his name is Snape. All of the teachers took a moment on my name when they were checking the class but he took it on another level by calling me their “new celebrity”. I don’t know why but he seems to hate me particularly. 

Anyways, I think we are going to have our first flying lesson next week, I am very excited for that. I’ll write to you next week.


*Sirius and Remus both reading the letter at the same time as Sirius’ hands begin to tremble*

Sirius: He did WHAT?

Remus: Sirius calm down.

Sirius: It’s just because he is James’ son, I tell you.

Remus: Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. *the sass*

Sirius: I wish we warned him about Snivellus, it was your idea to raise him without prejudices.

Remus: And I still stand by that. Do you know what would have happened if we told him the relationship between Severus and us? He would have hated him before the school started and that would make those lessons even less bearable for him. It’s better if he doesn’t know we know him.

Sirius: So what you are saying is he should have his own reasons to hate him? Oh, that sounds so much healthier. *the sass #2*

Remus: I didn’t think Severus would behave like this.

Sirius: You.. you didn’t think? And this makes you okay with him treating Harry like shit?

*Sirius was ruthless when it came to issues that upset Harry. He once tried to drag a little boy in his animagus form because he pushed Harry on the playground and he would have if Harry didn’t stop him. Remus however had a calmer approach to things. They were almost the same as James and Lily but somehow completely different.*

Remus: How dare you suggest that? Of course I am not, I am simply suggesting that we could have made the matters worse. He’ll learn to deal with it, remember we raised him. 

Sirius: *mumbles as he realises he went a step too far*

Remus: Does that mean I am right?

Sirius: *still mumbling* Maybe.

Remus: Thanks, Pads.

Sirius: Mm-hmm.

Remus: Now, I think it’s better if I write him back rather than you.

Sirius: Probably, yes.

Remus: I expected a little more protest Padfoot. Now, who’s a good boy?

Sirius: *launches himself on Remus, making him fall down* I’ll fucking murder you Moony.

Remus: *laughing as he tries to lift Sirius so he can breathe* Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll get on with my writing.

Sirius: *grins* Good.


Haven’t found a way to create a masterlist so it might look a bit messy:)

The first kiss:

Sirius’ notes to Remus:

Sirius meeting the familly:

Cute mornings:

Remus helping Johnny:

Sirius’ freckles:

Sirius and Remus’ fight:

Spending time with everyone:

Getting Sirius’ stuff from his house:

The propsal:

Sirius’ nightmare:

Sirius is disowned:

Sirius has healing powers:

Werewolf studies:

Sirius has a fever:

Sirius helping Regulus:

Sirius and Malfoy’s fight:

Sirius singing:

Sleep walking remus:

Remus trying makeup:

Remus reads Sirius’ book:

Kissing in the bathrooms:

Remus’ birthday:

Remus is scared of Fenrir:

Marlene + Dorcas:

Picking up Teddy from the Orphanage:

Fenrir is watching:

Sirius sings to Teddy:

Regulus is hurt:

anonymous asked:

(If you're still doing it) Theodore Nott, The weasley Twins or Remus Lupin. I'm sorry, I can't choose just one!

the twins it is since the other have been answered already !

  • exchanged identities waaay more times than accounted for
  • knew before anyone else that mr lupin was in fact their very dear (no pun intended) moony
  • were friends with hermione before ron and harry
  • had a fight once when they were 6 and it hurt so much they swore never to be parted against each other again
  • both wanted kids and imagined how fun it would be  to live right next to each other

no more please

Okay but Sirius’ hair...
  • Sirius starting to grow his hair out because he knows his mum will hate it
  • Sirius asking Lily for tips on hair care and having a serious conversation over conditioners with her in the common room at 3am
  • Sirius asking Lily to braid his hair so often that James get’s angry and yells at him for “STEALING MY FUTURE WIFE AWAY FROM ME”
  • Remus rolling his eyes at Sirius “obsession“
  • Sirius making a scene because he has been attacked with Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum by a bunch of Slytherins and now “It’s all in my HAIR, Moony! HOW DO I GET IT OUT? DON’T TELL ME WE HAVE TO CUT IT?!!!” followed by a pretended faint.
  • Remus finally having enough because “I can’t take this any longer, Prongs! We have to make him shut up or I’ll be going to Azkaban for murder…” and sitting down with Sirius, a comb and his wand in his hands.
  • Remus spending 3 hours on mission ‘save the queen’until Sirius is happy again and accidently throws him off the bed because of an enthusiastic hug attempt
  • Remus being rewarded at honeydukes with “As much chocolate as you can carry, my dear moony for you are my saviour, my hero, my…” “Shut up already…”
  • Remus remembering how much it had calmed him down to brush Sirius hair on that dreadful day and making it a habit to do so before every full moon
  • Sirius allowing only Remus to touch his hair and finally putting a charm on it that gives everyone else a small electric shock because “Those damn girls won’t stop touching it, Moony! THEY WON’T STOP TOUCHING IT! I need to protect myself from their filthy hands!”
  • Remus never saying that he loves Sirius’ hair but he just knows because “He keeps running his fingers through it every time we kiss, Prongs. It’s adorable…” “YOU KISSED MOONY?!”
Locked Away Crushes (Young! Remus Imagine)

Y/N had always been part of Marauders. She was born into it, bring James’s sister and all. She was as mischievous as James and Sirius combined, but had a level head and knew when to stop (or how to blame it on the four others) and that’s why Remus loved her.
They had had crushes on each other for years, but both were too shy to act on it. Until Lily, Sirius, and James found out about it.

“I really don’t think we should be doing this..” said Peter skeptically as he stood lookout.
“Oh be quiet, Peter. Don’t you want my dear sister and Moony to be happy?” James said with a smirk on his face.
“I guess… but I mean, charming the door so they can’t get out? Isn’t that a little too much?” Peter said.
“Wormtail! Aren’t you supposed to be the look out?” Sirius yelled from inside.
As Peter grumbled off down the hall, James screamed, “Ready! Padfoot, try to get out!”
“So how does this work exactly? Only you can let them out once the door is shut?” Lily asked.
“Precisely, my darling,” James flirtatiously said.
“Bugger off,” Lily grumbled.
“It works! Can’t get out!” yelled Sirius from inside the room the four shared.
“Brilliant! Okay now let’s get them inside–” James said as he let Sirius out.
Just as Sirius had stepped out of the room Peter cane scampering down the hall.
“They…they’re…coming…” Peter said, out of breath.
“Bloody hell, Wormtail. It’s barely five meters!” Sirius said, slapping Peter on the back, almost knocking him over.
“Hey boys and Lily!” Y/N paused, looking at all their faces, “Why are you all standing by the door..?” Y/N said skeptically.
“Oh we were just gonna head down to the common room, come on,” James signaled for them all to follow.
“Gotta take a rain check, guys. Moony and I were just gonna head into study for the Herbology exam next week. Anyone wanna join?” Y/N asked the four others.
“Nope. I would say I’m busy, but I really just don’t care about studying. How bout we all go and get some dinner?” Sirius asked the group, cocking his eyebrow.
“I’m in,” Lily said
“Well if you’re in, I’m in, love,” James said going to kiss her on the cheek, but Lily had already started heading down so James just tripped over air.
Sirius patted the grumbling James on the back as the other three headed down the stairs.
“You ready?” Y/N asked, laying her bags and papers in James’s bed.
“Of course,” Remus said happily, closing the door behind him.

Three hours later…
“Oh boy does my brain hurt. Wanna go sneak into the kitchen and get some hot cocoa?” Y/N asked, yawning.
“I’m good. Just gonna go to bed right now, been a long day,” Remus mumbled moving his papers and laying down.
“Suit yourself,” Y/N started picking up her papers, “Did those four seem a little.. off to you?”
“Probably just didn’t want us getting in on a new prank,” said Remus, closing his eyes.
As Y/N went to get up she couldn’t help but admire the boy in front of her. He was so utterly.. him. His hair was lazily combed up in the front, while in the back it was flying every where. He had a few scars lining his face, which made him seem tough, but his lips. Oh god. His lips just seemed so kissable Y/N could help but imagining–
“Enjoying the view, love?” Remus said, popping an eye open.
“Oh- um- I’m sorry- I- I’ll see you tomorrow,” Y/N said as she went to the door. However, when she got to the door, it seemed to be jammed.
“Weird.” Y/N mumbled to her self getting out her wand and trying a few spells. The door still wouldn’t budge.
“Um, hey Rem, did you happen to know what happened to the–” Y/N was interrupted.
“Having some trouble in there, are we?” James said, and even though she couldn’t see him, she could tell he had a smug grin on his face.
“James Potter. Open this doors immediately or I swear I'll–”
“You’ll what? You can’t even get to me from in there. Now you two talk out how you fancy eachother,” at this Y/N and Remus’s faces both turned scarlet, “and we’ll be back in the morning.”
As they walked down the hallway, Y/N could hear their muffled giggles.
Y/N turned around, “So.. what do we do now?”
However, when Y/N turned around, Remus was right in front of her, staring at her with a look Y/N could quite make out.
“Is what Prongs said true? You fancy me?” Remus whispered in a tone so low, if they hadn’t been so close, she probably couldn’t have heard him.
You gulped. Not knowing what to say, so you looked down at the ground, but Remus tilted your chin up.
“Is it?” Remus croaked out.
You nodded, and before you could even think, Remus had smashed his lips against yours, pushing you against the door.
After the kiss has broken, it took both of you a couple seconds before you could catch your breath.
“Wow.” you smiled up at him, looking into his deep brown eyes.
“Wow.” he grinned, reconnecting your lips.

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to an empty bed. I was patting Sirius’ side, searching for a warm body. I opened my sleepy eyes and i was alone in the cold room. There was a small piece of paper neatly folded on the bed side.

« My dear Moony, I hope you slept well. I’m at the Quidditch pitch with James and the team. I’ll see you later! I love you xox »

I was so tired that I came back to sleep, hugging Sirius’ pillow, wishing he was with me. In a few days, we will Graduate. School will be over and we’ll be thrown in the real world. I was nervous for it. What if my book shop wasn’t enough… What if Sirius thought I wasn’t good at anything… No he wouldn’t.. He loves me.. But what if one day he doesn’t love me anymore? What if he thinks i’m worth nothing? Oh Remus you have to stop thinking that.. Mummy told you not to worry too much. Sirius told you also. I just can’t stop worrying. I’m not like James or Sirius or even Lily… they don’t worry as much. They live day by day and they don’t think about the bad things that could happen. I wish i could be like them. But i guess i’m stuck with the “always worry for nothing” kinda thing. I stood up and sat on the chair of my bedside’s desk. It’s been a week since I wrote a letter to Mum and Dad. They had sent me a bunch of books for my birthday yesterday. I needed to thank them, tell them about Sirius and I moving, about the book shop that i’ll work at, about my birthday suprise party, about my good grades & about how i’m so in love with Sirius. I grabed my quil and ink and wrote. I not only liked talking to my parents but i knew that my letters made mum smile. Her little baby was becoming and adult after all. I was carefully putting my letter in it’s enveloppe and heard James and Sirius’ voices in te hallway. Sirius carefully opened the door and when he saw i was awake, he ran to me a crushed me in a hug.

“Oh moons i didn’t want to wake you up this morning but i wanted to hug you so bad!” He said, giggling.

“Oh Pads you’re all sweaty! Go get a shower!” I laughed with him.

“I will. Have you eaten anything yet?” He asked, caring for me.

“No, I barely just woke up.” I smiled.

“Come with me. I’ll go grab a shower and then we can go get breakfast together?” He smiled,

“Sure! I’ll just give this letter to my owl.”

I put my letter in the tiny claws of my owl and he flew away, knowing he had to go home. James, Sirius and I walked to the 3rd floor bathrooms. They were empty and silent.

“I need to smell good for my Lily. She can’t know that I smell bad!” He laughed, entering his shower stall.

I sat down on the counter. I needed to wait for them to be done so i decided to fold the boys’ clothes to pass the time. I was neatly folding James shirt and heard a “psss”. I looked up and saw Sirius smirking at me. He was moving his finger in a “come here” motion and then put the finger on his lips to tell me to be quiet. I walked up to him, not making a sound, as requested.

“Do you need anything?” I asked him, whispering.

“Come with me.” He smirked.

I sent him a questioned look.

“Why? I already showerd yesterday night!” I whispered.

“I want to kiss you really bad.” He pouted and smirked.

“James is right there!” I whispered pointing our friend stall.

“Please..” He said with his pippy eyes.

“Ugh.. fine!” I said, trying not to smile so much.

I stepped in his shower stall and he removed my shirt throwing it on the door’s hook. His hands were softly touching my bare skin. I removed my pants in order to keep them dry and he pulled me under the water. The liquid was hot on my cold skin. Sirius kissed my lips, his hands still on my bare thorso. I loved kissing him. Each kiss was so passionate. I started to kiss his neck, my hair fully wet now. I soflty left kisses under his jaw. I knew it drove him crazy when i did that. He let out a small noise and i put my finger on his swollen lips.

“Shhh.. James will hear us..” I whispered.

“I already heared everything mates.” We heard James say from the stall next to ours.

Sirius just burst out of laughing and I did the same. We heard James laugh too.

“You really thought i wouldn’t hear all the kissy noises. It was a bit disgusting but I was laughing my ass off here!” He said.

“Sorry..” i said, still laughing.

“Can we continue though?” Sirius asked.

“Sure but i’m leaving! I have a girlfriend to meet!” James laughed.

We heared him walk away and Sirius turned to me. His black hair were sticking to his forehead.

“Where were we my lovely Remus?” Sirius asked, smirking.

“Oh i let me show you my lovely fiancé.” I smirked too.

I started to kiss his jaw again. He closed his eyes shut and brushed his fingers in my hair, the warm water sliding on our bodies.

March 11th 1976

Sirius Black X Reader (Kinda???) Bored, Jealous, and Horny (AKA The Infamous Hook-Up From Firewhisky)

Word Count: 1388

Summary: Sirius tries to help you get your mind off your crush, Remus.

“Hey, Black? Do you have, like, feelings?”

“Hey (L/N)? Do you have, like, lungs?” You laughed at your friend, popping another Bertie Bott’s Bean in your mouth. You and Sirius had just gotten back from a Hogsmeade trip, where you had bought plenty of sweets. James, Remus, and Peter had ditched you two, all seeming to have something important or better to do. James was off with Lily, Remus had prefect stuff, and Peter was just gone. So you and Sirius stayed together, talking and wasting the rest of your Saturday.

“You know what I meant, Sirius. You’re always hopping from girl to girl. Why not settle?”

“I do not hop.”

“You hop a little, Black.” Sirius shrugged.

“Hopping’s just easier, I guess,” he said, placing a peppermint toad in his mouth. “No strings is quick and easy.”

“Strings are more rewarding.”

“Yeah, but look at you with Remus. You want strings, crave strings, but you’ve gotten nowhere.”

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The Wild Lupin (Young! Sirius Black x Lupin! Reader)

Part I

Request:  For part two of the Wild Lupin could it be like Remus loses his temper and goes and has a huge screaming fight with Sirius. Once that is over Sirius and Reader end up together somehow and they’re kissing and Remus walks in and gets mad at both of them because he’s really over protective? Thanks love


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Not realizing that one of his best friends is following him upstairs, Sirius opened his dormitory door and threw himself on his bed with his eyes on the ceiling above him, thinking about Y/N, a smirk not leaving his face. However, his thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door slamming, making his head snap up to see Remus with an angry expression- a livid expression and his hands balled into fists, breathing heavily like he was trying to calm himself down, like he was trying to calm Moony down. 

The thing about Moony is, he doesn’t care who you are or what are your intentions, all he cares about is that he has to protect his family. So, at that moment, Moony didn’t understand that it’s his best friend in front of him. All he understood is that guy was playing with his sister, and that he was going to hurt her. And Moony can’t risk his sister being hurt.

‘WHAT THE HELL!’ Remus’ voice thundered through the room, shaking with rage. Nonetheless, Sirius’ smirk didn’t abandon his face, in fact, it only got wider. 
‘I-’ Sirius started as he got up and took his shirt off ‘-Have no idea what you are talking about, dear Moony’. 
Remus’ eyes narrowed at his best friend. And if a look could kill, Sirius would already be dead. Placing a white button-up shirt on with a black jacket, Sirius turned to his friend, opening his mouth to say something, Remus, however, didn’t give him a chance as he screamed at him again.
Two things known about Sirius Black. He hates being screamed at and he nearly never apologizes.
With that said, the black haired Wizard stepped out of the room with a slam of the door. Not before taking his pack of cigarettes with him.

Walking his way through the party that’s happening in the common room, Sirius walked out into the empty corridors, he could still hear the music and the cheering crowd.
Walking down a fly of stairs, he got the quite he was seeking and sat down on a step of the stairs.

Sighing Sirius got a cigarette out of the pack and placed it between his lips and lighted it. Taking a deep drag from the cigarette and huffing it out he could feel his anger easing a bit, he knew that it is just temporary and he also knew that he have to face Remus at some point. But that point wasn’t now.

Enjoying the cigarette between his lips, Sirius leaned back at the stairs relying

‘Didn’t know you smoked’
a familiar voice came from his left. And standing on top of the stairs was Y/N Lupin.

'Yeah, and I didn’t know your brother could shout that much’’

Y/N chuckled softly and sat down beside him.

'Yeah, sorry about that’
'Wait, you heard him’
'I’m pretty sure everyone heard him. But we decided to ignore him. I mean, it’s a party’

Shaking his head, Sirius places his cigarette between his lips again and took a drag before huffing it out again.

'Aw come on. Don’t frown’

Y/N whined as she placed her fingertips on Sirius’ cheeks, near the end of his lips and dragged them up, forming what should have looked like a smile. Sirius scoffed and swatted her hands away.

'Hey, drop the attitude mister. Stop being grumpy and take the bloody jacket off! Why are you wearing a jacket! It’s not even cold!’

Y/N fake scowled Sirius with a smile on her face.

'You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re trying to seduce me into sleeping with you’

Sirius smirked as Y/N choked on air at his words and her face blushed red.
One thing no one expect when it comes to Y/N is that she’s a Virgin. However, Sirius didn’t miss the stuttering mess attitude, the red faced mess and the fumbling with her fingers

'Oh Merlin! You’re a virgin!’

Sirius barked out with laughter as Y/N just got more embarrassed. Slapping his arm Y/N huffed and got up, still as embarrassed as it could get.
'Come on love! I was just having a laugh. Don’t leave’
Sirius said as he held onto he hands. Making sure she won’t leave. As Y/N looked at Sirius with raised eyebrows he couldn’t help but admire her face as he broke into a small smile making Y/N gasp
'Oh my god! Is Sirius Black actually smiling. Not smirking it grinning evilly’
Y/N’s voice was filled with sarcasm as Sirius barked with laughter yet again. Y/N shook her head and sat back down again.

Silence. Both students sat beside one another without uttering a words. The only sound was Sirius breathing as he smoked from his cigarette.

'You should quit smoking’
'You should quit partying’

Silence. Again. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but Y/N hated silence. But maybe that’s what she needed now. Maybe she needed time to think. But Sirius didn’t.

'Okay, here’s the thing-’ Sirius took a deep drag from the cigarette and huffed it out ’- I’m that guy that your parents warn you about, I’m the one that your friends hate. I’m the one that has a motorcycle and wears leather jacket. And I don’t know if your brother will have my head for this or if you would agree- but I’m not taking no to an answer, so you’re agreeing anyway- but I do know that I want to give it a chance.’

Y/N stared at Sirius as he smoked and looked at her with his smirk, trying to process his words.

'So. You. Me. Hogsmeade. Drinks. Sounds good?’ Y/N didn’t get the chance to answer as Sirius did it for her 'Great. Meet you in your common room tomorrow and yes we are skipping classes’

With that Sirius threw the cigarette on the ground and crushed it with his legs and he stepped over it and started to walk to the Gryffindor common room. Leaving Y/N staring his back. And before he could go out of sight, Y/N called out for him.

'Hey git’
Getting up, Y/N walked up to Sirius with her eyes narrowed
'I have a better idea. How about we go now’
With that a smile broke into her face as she stared at the boy who has his mouth open
‘what! We’re both reckless and irresponsible. Besides, what’s the point of waiting’
With that Y/N grabbed his hand and started to walk down the stairs, trying to reach the doors of the castle, but Sirius stopped them at the middle of the stairs as they were going down
'What now?’
'What now? What now is that Filch could hear us and he won’t be kind and that all of the shops are now closed! It’s 3 in the bloody morning Y/N! And yes we are reckless and irresponsible but death eaters are everywhere! And you and I both know that we won’t be able to handle ourselves if some of them showed up! So we are doing that tomorrow in the bloody daylight!’

Somewhere during his scowling, Sirius got face to face with Y/N, and as soon as he realized that, Y/N lips were on his and both pair of lips moved in passion. The kiss was hot and steamy, yet it wasn’t leading to anything more.


Remus’ enraged voice echoed through the corridor as both, Y/N and Sirius moved away from each other, yet close to hold each other.


‘STOP IT-‘Y/N’s voice broke through the shouting’s of both men before her voice softened ‘- I don’t need any of you to tell me what to do-‘
‘I’m trying to protect you’ Remus snapped as he moved forward and held her forearm. Narrowing his eyes at his friend, Sirius instinctively moved forward, ready to protect Y/N if needed
‘Well-‘ moving her arm from her brother’s hold ‘-maybe I don’t need protecting’
His face growing red with rage ‘Fine. Whatever, but don’t come to me crying when he breaks your heart’  


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