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Stitches (hurt!Dean x reader)


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When the black car pulled up to Bobby Singer’s house, it was past midnight, but of course you were up drinking. You stood up from the desk in the small study and looked out the window as the Winchesters got out of the car.

   “I’ll be damned.” You smirked and mumbled, setting your glass of amber liquid down on the desk.

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at long last chuck being God becomes canon?

dean saying “no i’m not leaving you — EVER” to sam?????

metatron earning back all my respect and love PLUS SOME???????

deep yet humorous and also incredibly heartwarming interactions between characters???????????

a relatively happy ending to an ep???????????????????????

Imagine: Sam and Dean fighting over you

“Since there are only two beds I’m gonna have to share with one of you.” [Y/N] sighed knowing this would cause yet another argument between the brothers. “Well since Sammy here takes up more space he should sleep alone.” Dean was smirking because he thought that his argument was pretty valid. “But, since it’s pretty cold I would be the warmest.” Sam winked at [Y/N]. “While you two work out your marital issues I’m just gonna get some sleep.” [Y/N] curled up in one bed forcing the two brothers to share what seemed to be the smallest bed.

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Dean: Hey, Cas, what’s goin’ on?

Cas: Hello, Dean.  As you know, I wish to become a HUNTER.

Cas: So I have now gotten a NEW VAN for HUNTIN’ and such.

Dean: Cas, it’s very nice, but you know it’s not just your WHEELS that make you a hunter!

Cas: No, Dean, of course not!  I also require a BIG DOG.

Dean: What-

Sam: Hey, everybody!

Sam: This is DUG!  He was hidin’ under the PORCH because he LOVES me!

Cas: That’s nice, Sam.  Would DUG like to solve MYSTERIES.

Sam: That sounds fine!

Cas: All rightie, here we go!

Dean: WAIT, CAS!  NO!

Cas: What is it, Dean?

Dean: Um…..  C’n I go WITH YOU?

Cas: Of course!!!  Get on the MYSTERY HUNTERS VAN THING!

Sam [singin’]: Deanie weenie bean…  On the HUNTIN’ SCENE…  My brother’s gone round the wide bend!  Ridin’ with a POOCH… Think he wants a SMOOCH…. From his ANGEL BOYFRIEND….

Cas: Oops, I think I’m gonna run over Sam’s GEE-TAR!

Dean: Go ahead!!

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I wonder what sam and deanie are doing right now in the darkness

well i imagine, to save on production costs,

that covers basic plot for episodes 1-5, until someone arrives with one of those big super fans you always see in gyms

Song Inspired Fic Ideas

I’m watching Supernatural! Here’s something while I do. It’s a few of the song/fic ideas I had. Let me know which ones you’d like to see added to the list! Be sure to listen to the songs that go with them! (:

One Last Night - Imagine spending your last night on earth with Sam and Dean

I Know You - Reader x Mark of Cain Dean after he goes rogue and kills several men. He’s guilt ridden and reader reassures him and comforts him. (see lyrics)

I Put a Spell on You - Sam x reader where Sam is under a spell that makes him very protective and possessive of you.

Blue Jeans - Reader falls in love with demon!dean. He’s not violent or evil per say, just leaves her and goes out every night. She still holds on to the hope that he’ll stay with her. (see lyrics)

Glory and Gore - Something intense or vengeful, ideas?

Every Second Counts - Dean x reader where they talk about how they feel about their inevitable deaths, which leads Dean to try and make a bunch of crazy memories with the reader. Wild fun and fluffiness. (like bucket list stuff?)

Devil’s Dance - Dean has a love/hate relationship with the reader. They’re both badass and headstrong. She’s a cocky hunter who’s a little brutal. They had a thing when Dean was a demon, so she reminds him of when he went dark side. He blames his demon-self for her going rogue? Maybe she’s sort of “evil alter ego”-ish

Thanks to paintbadger for both “Redlight King” songs!

”Jensen talks about a scene coming up that he decided to take a different route on than normal. It was written that he reacts angry, gruff, but instead Jensen took it with an emotional aspect. He talks about how even after his coverage he was standing off camera, crying.

(He also mentioned another actor involved, who he said he would not name, joked it was the best “off camera acting” he’d ever seen from Jensen.)” - (via @rosegoldrebels)

okay okay okay so, my best guess is that perhaps the scene they are hinting at is something along the lines of Cas - when they inevitably save him somehow in someway - telling the boys why he said yes to Lucifer, about how he feels useless, and unloved and expendable. 

and rather than Dean letting his emotions out in an aggressive manner like he has pretty much always been towards Cas, especially from season 9 on wards, Jensen decided that he would take it more emotionally and cry !! and he kept crying because the scene was so real and evoked so much emotion !! and Jared said it is a “Great scene” and i’m so sad thinking about this and the possibilities of what is installed for us but i’m so excited because imagine if Dean’s original dialogue (if this scene was referring to Cas’ feelings) was something like:

“How could you do that? How could you think that! You’re family Cas! You can’t just give up on yourself like that! Don’t you dare, for a second, think that we don’t need you” 

and Cas’ response being

“You don’t need me. I’m expendable, Dean.”

and now think about that exact dialogue but instead of Dean glaring and being accusatory, think about Dean crying and just being pure broken hearted in such a vulnerable way…

i mean – whatever the scene is it is going to be super duper AWFUL AND HEART WRENCHING but i do hope it involves Cas because he deserves not to be yelled at and wow i don’t know what i just wrote i’m v v emotional about cas