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Imagine: Sam and Dean fighting over you

“Since there are only two beds I’m gonna have to share with one of you.” [Y/N] sighed knowing this would cause yet another argument between the brothers. “Well since Sammy here takes up more space he should sleep alone.” Dean was smirking because he thought that his argument was pretty valid. “But, since it’s pretty cold I would be the warmest.” Sam winked at [Y/N]. “While you two work out your marital issues I’m just gonna get some sleep.” [Y/N] curled up in one bed forcing the two brothers to share what seemed to be the smallest bed.

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Stitches (hurt!Dean x reader)


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Word Count: unknown

When the black car pulled up to Bobby Singer’s house, it was past midnight, but of course you were up drinking. You stood up from the desk in the small study and looked out the window as the Winchesters got out of the car.

   “I’ll be damned.” You smirked and mumbled, setting your glass of amber liquid down on the desk.

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ABO Bingo Card

I am very excited to be participating in @spnabobingo this year!  Here is my card, get ready for some ABO fics! :)

Demon Omega - Knotting - Sam x Ruby
Pack Life - Wincestiel
Happy to Help - Mishalecki
Sloppy Seconds - DCJ
Neckties - Free Space - Mishalecki
Better Tomorrows - Alpha Challenging Alpha for Omega - Sam & Dean x OFC
Power Shift - Submissive Alpha - Gabriel x Reader
What’s that Smell? - MPreg - Destiel
Cocooned - Dean x Donna
Sick Shifter - Shifters - slight Dean x Reader
Hickies - Sam x Jody
Puppies! - Sam x Dean

I Found You - Sam x Reader Miniseries

Calm - Scenting
Best of Both Worlds - Heat/Rut
Lost In Her - Honeysuckle/Jasmine/Gardenias
Something Different - Slick
Mine - Mating Bites

Wild - Dean x Reader Miniseries

Caught - Chasing
Interrogation - Bestiality
Meeting Hazel - Ocean Spray/Spiced Rum/Coconut
Compatible - Mating/Claiming
In Charge - Breeding Bench

Requests to be filled:

Panty Kink - Dean x Claire (@benjerry707)

Damsel in Distress

You had been sitting in one of the booths in the corner of your favorite diner, reading the third book in the series of Game of Thrones, and sipping your black coffee like you did every day at eight in the morning. It was a beautiful day—the sun was out and the leaves had just begun to sprout out of the trees. It was your day off at college and you couldn’t help but get away from all the chatters of the world and sit in one corner with your coffee and your book. You loved horror and thriller and that was the reason you read all the horror/thriller books you could find in your college library. When you were through the entire horror section, you had started reading about mythologies. You had read mythologies of every religion and every area possible and if there was a test that you could’ve given to graduate with your bachelors in myth, you’d probably get the highest score on the test. For giggles, you even started helping out your father, who was the sheriff of the town. You looked at all the murder files after every case and you would help him out—pretending you were Sherlock; Sherlock with social anxiety issues.

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This is my entry @impala-dreamer​​ Winchester Bunch Fic Challenge. I got the prompt:“Not glasses! They’ll make me look absolutely positively goofy!” Pairing: John x Male Reader

Characters: Y/n, John, Cas, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Spell stuff, crackiness, fluff, sorta angst, more fluff. 

Word Count: 1182

Summary: A witch’s spell takes effect, John being left to take care of everything. 

A/N: So, this is the just fluff and crackiness. That’s basically it. So-yea. Enjoy. Hope u like it. 

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“You guys ok?”

Everyone nodded, dumping their bags onto the map table and going to their rooms, aching from the hunt, the damn witch being a lot more experienced than they expected.

John watched as his sons and y/n left, leaving him on his own, angry at himself for being so slow.

He was still getting used to being back, getting used to all this new stuff that he’d never had to worry about before he died.

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“I’m so glad you guys are back, and in tact.”

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Drunken Sherlock

Reference: #13

Author: Wicked Winchester

Words: 2,345

You sat in the motel room dressed up in your formal FBI outfit as the sun kissed your cheeks from the window by the chair you were sited on. You had been digging up the police records of the victims that had been kidnapped in the past couple of days while the boys ran an errand for you after they had dropped you off at the room that they had rented. You had an idea of what you might be after, but didn’t want to jump right to conclusions without any evidence. All the victims in cook county that were being kidnapped were females between the age of 17-30 years. There had been no connection between the victims, even though you tried asking their families about their virginity but they had found it offensive for federal agents to be asking some personal questions and so, they refused to answer one question that might have saved you some research. Before you could bang your head on the table with exhaustion, you heard a knock on the door and assumed it to be the brothers. You pulled yourself out of the uncomfortable wooden chair and dragged your body towards the door to unlock it and let them in. Instead, you saw someone you didn’t really expect.

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”Jensen talks about a scene coming up that he decided to take a different route on than normal. It was written that he reacts angry, gruff, but instead Jensen took it with an emotional aspect. He talks about how even after his coverage he was standing off camera, crying.

(He also mentioned another actor involved, who he said he would not name, joked it was the best “off camera acting” he’d ever seen from Jensen.)” - (via @rosegoldrebels)

okay okay okay so, my best guess is that perhaps the scene they are hinting at is something along the lines of Cas - when they inevitably save him somehow in someway - telling the boys why he said yes to Lucifer, about how he feels useless, and unloved and expendable. 

and rather than Dean letting his emotions out in an aggressive manner like he has pretty much always been towards Cas, especially from season 9 on wards, Jensen decided that he would take it more emotionally and cry !! and he kept crying because the scene was so real and evoked so much emotion !! and Jared said it is a “Great scene” and i’m so sad thinking about this and the possibilities of what is installed for us but i’m so excited because imagine if Dean’s original dialogue (if this scene was referring to Cas’ feelings) was something like:

“How could you do that? How could you think that! You’re family Cas! You can’t just give up on yourself like that! Don’t you dare, for a second, think that we don’t need you” 

and Cas’ response being

“You don’t need me. I’m expendable, Dean.”

and now think about that exact dialogue but instead of Dean glaring and being accusatory, think about Dean crying and just being pure broken hearted in such a vulnerable way…

i mean – whatever the scene is it is going to be super duper AWFUL AND HEART WRENCHING but i do hope it involves Cas because he deserves not to be yelled at and wow i don’t know what i just wrote i’m v v emotional about cas

Lifeless Shades of Black

Reference: #15

Author: Wicked Winchester

Words: 1,930

“Maaaaatt” you cried out in fear as your brother’s eyes flicked to lifeless shades of black. You felt worthless watching your younger brother get possessed by evil, right in front of your own eyes as you were tied to a wooden chair with thick, raspy rope that left more cuts on your skin than a knife. You screamed and tried to wiggle yourself out of the confined space between the chair and the lash as you watched the black smoke enter into your brother. 

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Imagine finding out Sam likes you.

(As I was writing, it went a different path soooo this is what you’re getting, miss I’m sorry.)

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