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9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry

Action Figures

Animus Nexus

Best Laid Plans

Beyond the Mirror’s Edge

Chase the Wind

Collecting Kisses


Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco Malfoy’s Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Drarry 30 Day OTP Challenge


For Every Action

Get Some

Heart in a Blender

How I Met Your Father

If He Ever Becomes My Boyfriend

Kiss Me, Cure Me

Kiss the Joy (Until the Sunrise)

Marginal Notes


Seeker, Chaser, Keeper

So Worth the Yearning For…

Spin the Wand

State of Mind

The Incredible Race

The LipLock Jinx

The Ministry Olympics

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight

The One Where Harry Proposes

The Proposal

Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts

Unexpected Consequences

Working it Out Like Adults

You’re Not Dead!

Zero to Hero


A Lone Wolf


Dating Remus Lupin

Five Stories Over Four Years- The Jam Instances


In the Middle

James Potter Proposes Excellent Bets

Our Blood, Still Young

Punk Rock Suburban


Revelations In The Snow

Rumors and Patronuses

Stupid Cupid

Subtlety, Thy Name is Sirius Black

The Fire Whisky Interrogation

The Perfect Kiss

The stars in your eyes and the moon in mine

The Voice In His Head

The Voice, Louder

To Kiss a Bloke


Hiding Scrawl, Licking Freckles, and Other Average Wizard Things

Staring in the Great Hall

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Dean and Seamus sharing clothes without even noticing. Everyone saying stuff like “wait, isn’t that Dean’s shirt?” and them just being all “is it????” Snape making really snide comments in class and them not getting it at all because wait?? This is Seamus’ tie? It was in my bed though. Huh. Their moms being all OMFG THATS WHERE THAT COAT WENT?? THAT T-SHIRT?? THESE TROUSERS??? OH MY GOD NO WONDER HIS SOCKS ARE TWO SIZES TOO BIG FOR HIM. UGH.

Your Left Life

Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas (28,000 words)

Dean can see himself doing it, pushing the duvet to the bottom of the bed and rolling over, feeling the warm line of Seamus’ body beside him, kissing him. He knows he’s going to eventually, he can hear the start of it in his head. You fought in a war, this should be nothing.

(Alternatively: Seamus spends a summer in London with Dean and Dean’s entire family and tries very hard to be gentle with Harry Potter because he’s going through a tough time right now. He’s not super good at it)

spazmonkeydb  asked:

fav pairing from HP try to set up their answering machine.

“I don’t know how this muggle shite works, Dean. How are we supposed to this? I’m grabbin’ my wand.” Seamus will never truly understand muggle technology, and why Dean thinks it’s good they use it. What in the hell is an answering machine, really? Why can’t people just send them written post on the small telephone that likes to chirp when Dean posts him he looks dashing every day?

Dean grabs him by the wrist and drags him back, setting a soothing hand on his thigh, “Calm down, I’ve got the instructions. We can do this one thing without magic, I promise.”

“Why do we need this home thing, though? Am I right in sayin’ that it’s not strictly needed?”

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Dean and Seamus have been the one constant in each other’s lives since they were eleven years old, and are almost never seen apart, and hold hands and smile lovingly at each other and look after each other but because Dean dated one girl and Seamus took a girl to one dance they couldn’t possibly EVER be in a relationship, right?!?

Ginny and Neville are obviously the “best men” at the Finnigan-Thomas wedding and Luna and Larvati are the Maids of Honour

So I felt soppy and decided to write a Dean x Seamus fluffy one-shot. It's pretty bad because I haven't done any writing this summer but oh well.

 It was a hot summers day, the Quidditch final at Hogwarts. Seamus Finnigan had since been hired to commentate after Lee’s slandering last match. Seamus had grown a lot closer to his friend Dean that year and for this match, Dean was playing in the final. Something about Dean in his uniform made Seamus’s heart skip, although he chose to ignore it. The game started and Seamus picked up the mic.

“And here we see seeker Potter heading towards the snitch, but drat! Malfoy’s got it again. On the other side of the pitch we can see the dashingly gorgeous Dean Thoma-” Seamus dropped the mic, realising his mistake at once. He garbled something about having to go to the common room to McGonagall and ran out of the box.

Later in the evening Seamus was sat in the armchair in the common room. Not a lot of people had picked up on his mistake, although those that did had made his evening hell. Nobody else was sat in the commons beside him. He heard footsteps. Turning his head slightly, he saw Dean coming down the stairs.

“Dashingly gorgeous? Could’ve been more subtle, bloody hell” Dean said with a smirk playing on his lips. “Didn’t know you caught the snitch for that team”

Seamus blushed bright pink, looking to his feet.

“Although now I do know, I suppose I can give you the snitch”

Dean leant over the chair, planting a gentle kiss on Seamus’s lips. All that could be seen were Seamus’s ears flushing a bright pink, clashing violently with his hair.

“Well. That was better than the final” Seamus muttered, smiling soppily.

deamus post-war au

After the war, Seamus and Dean manage to get their shit together and finally begin dating. (Their friends breathe a collective sigh of relief–including Hermione, who Seamus tells to piss off; it took her just as long to get together with Ron, for gods sake.) They settle down in London (Seamus isn’t happy about it, but he’ll go with what he gets), in a pretty house near the forests. Dean paints, Seamus writes, and, for two guys with abandonment issues and dripping sarcasm, live as happily ever after as possible.


Harry Potter 60 day challenge - Day 26, favorite non-canon ship(s): Dramione (DracoxHermione), Luneville (LunaxNeville, I guess that’s their ship name??), Harmony (HarryxHermione), Deamus (DeanxSeamus), Drarry (DracoxHarry), and Wolfstar (RemusxSirius) (Gifs aren’t mineeeee)