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“Yeah?” Dean replied, not taking his eyes off the screen in front of him. They were watching this new TV Show called “Stranger Things” and they had been binge-watching it ever since they came home from school. It was currently 10 pm and they were fully invested.

It sure was an amazing show.

The only problem is that Cas couldn’t appreciate the show enough because of his nerves.

He was about to tell Dean something and he knew that Dean would react badly.

“I have a date,” Castiel confessed, almost flinching when Dean turned his head suddenly, squinted eyes pointed at him.

“With who?” Dean asked, his voice calm with a bit of anger laced through it.

“Balthazar,” Castiel replied as he watched the tension rising in Dean’s shoulders.

If he hurts you, I will fucking kill him,” Dean warned and turned back to the screen, his jaw clenched.

Castiel knew that Dean was very protective, not only over him but over Sam as well. He saw the reaction coming, but he really wanted to go on this date. His first date.

“I know you will,” Castiel chuckled and softly pushed against Dean’s shoulder. “You over-protective bastard.”

Dean chuckled and slung an arm over Cas’ shoulder. “Yep, that’s me.”


The day of the date arrived and Dean was about to hit a hole through the wall.

Sweet, precious Cas thought that he was just being a good, protective friend, but Dean was far from that.

He was selfish and jealous and wanted Cas for himself. However, confessing was not in Dean’s dictionary.

He would lose Cas and that was not something he could risk.

Dean eventually calmed down enough to go downstairs and participate in the family meal, even joking with Sam and helping his mom with the dishes.

No, the real anger came when the doorbell rang and Castiel was in front of him, tear streaks running down his cheeks.

Dean pulled him in and against him, enveloping Cas in a tight hug.

“What happened?”

“Don’t kill him,” Castiel sniffled, smiling weakly, “but it was probably the worst date ever.”

“I will make you hot cocoa,” Dean said gently, ushering Cas inside. “Go to my room and make yourself at home.”

They both knew that they always felt at home at each other’s houses. They have seen the other’s home as their second home for as long as they can remember.

Dean rushed to make the cocoa and when he brought it upstairs, he found Cas in one of his old hoodies, which was way too big on Cas, in his bed with the duvet drawn up.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Dean asked, setting the cocoa down and sitting next to Cas, his hand playing with the dark mop on top of Cas’ head.

“Not really,” Cas replied.


Cas told Dean about the date eventually and it didn’t make Dean less angry. Apparently, Balthazar had flirted with every living thing in the club he brought Cas to. Yes, a club, with actual fake-ids. Balthazar had gotten drunk which resulted in Cas having to take the bus to Dean’s house. Luckily, it wasn’t that far away from the club.

So when Dean saw Balthazar, he didn’t think that punching him in the face was such a bad reaction. I mean, he could have done way worse.

“I told you not to kill him!” Castiel near shouted when as he gently wrapped Dean’s hand with a bandage. Dean almost laughed at the contrast but wisely refrained.

“I didn’t kill him, just punched him.” Castiel rolled his eyes at that.

“Dean, you don’t have to do these things.”

“Yes, I do!” Dean said, his tone sharp. “He was a jerk, he deserved it.”

“Well, he kinda did, didn’t he?” Castiel chuckled, securing the bandage. “All done.”

“Thanks, Cas,” Dean said, briefly touching Cas’ cheek with his bandaged hand.

“And I am sorry for punching MR Jerkface.”

“Apology accepted and thank you for sticking up for me.”

“Always, Cas.”

They stared at each other for a bit too long. Cas tried to look away but Dean stopped him, his bandaged hand back on Castiel’s cheek.

“Cas, I-”

Suddenly, a pair of warm, dry lips were on Dean’s, hands gripping his shoulders tightly.

Dean seemed to freeze for a second before melting into the kiss, holding Cas’ face in his hands.

“I like you too,” Castiel said breathlessly.

“How did you know I liked you?” Dean asked, his mind still spinning from the kiss.

“You punched somebody in the face for me, that was kind of a big sign.”

“I would do it again,” Dean said, pecking Cas’ lips.

“I know you would.”

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Prompt: "Wait, are you jealous?!"

“Wait, are you jealous?!”

Dean spluttered.

“What? No!” he denied vehemently, crossing his arms and shaking his head. “Nope. Me? I’m not jealous. Why would I be jealous? There’s nothing to be jealous of. Or about.”

Sam just stared at Dean dumbly, wondering where to even begin.

Sure, he agreed that Dean didn’t need to be jealous. Cas was extremely loyal, after all. If nothing else, his uncomfortable posture and the obvious hickey on his neck would send the lady currently trying to hit on him scurrying away and looking for an easier pick-up.

Speaking of the hickies… did Dean really not realize that Sam knew?

He knew that not all the moans from Dean’s room at night were caused by nightmares these days. (Which, honestly, he was both a little relieved and a little disgusted by, because there were some sounds he really didn’t need to hear.) He knew why sometimes Cas wore Dean’s shirts instead of his own. He knew to keep his back turned a few extra minutes before a dangerous hunt so Dean could ‘steal’ a few kisses.

He’d been giving Dean his space, letting Dean get used to the relationship on his own time, waiting until Dean was comfortable enough with it to come to him.

Apparently, he’d faked ignorance a little too well, and Dean hadn’t realized that Sam’s convenient absences and moments of inattention were deliberate on Sam’s part.

Sam cleared his throat.

“Dean…” he started. Dean looked at him, wary, but just then Cas returned to their table, fuming, with three beers clenched in his hands.

Cas sat heavily on the bench next to Dean, scowl darker than Leviathan blood. He scooted deliberately close to Dean, close enough that Dean shot a brief, worried look at Sam, before turning his attention back to Cas.

“I should wear a ring,” Cas said, looking at his left hand. “Something. So that when women in bars hit on me, I can tell them that I’m committed and they might actually believe me.”

“Cas,” Dean hissed, glancing at Sam again, nervous. Sam sighed internally and reached over to grab a beer. He took a drink, wishing he had something else he could do with his hands. The silence from the other side of the table felt stifling. Expectant.

“It’s a good idea,” Sam said. He bit the inside of his lower lip, thinking. Did he let Dean know that he knew?

Something must have shown on his face. Dean drew in a sharp breath.

“You knew,” he said flatly. “How long?”

Sam winced.

“A couple of weeks?” he hazarded a guess. “Or a couple of years, depending on if you’re asking ‘when did I know you were together’ or ‘when did I realize you were going to get together’.”

Dean just stared, stunned. Cas looked from Sam to Dean, wide-eyed.

“Dean…” Cas said. Dean turned to him and, faced with Cas’s hopeful expression, his shock began to melt away. Dean cleared his throat and put his hand on the table, palm-up and within Cas’s easy reach.

Hesitantly, a look of wonder on his face, Cas took it. Dean squeezed his hand.

“Yeah, buddy, maybe we should get you a ring,” Dean said, looking at his glass of beer, blushing to the tips of his ears.

Sam just grinned.

“There is no case?!” Dean exclaimed, reading along over Sam’s shoulder.

“No, nothing. I’ve tried the newspapers, the internet, nothing.”

“So? We have a day off?”

“Seems like it,” Sam nodded, his eyes regaining some of that sparkle he had lost years ago. “I’m going for a run!”

Dean chuckled as Sam ran off to put some exercise clothes on. His brother reminded him of a puppy sometimes. Joyous, playful, overexcited.

Deep down, Dean was kind of put off by the lack of cases. It felt weird to not do something. On the other hand, Sam’s face made it worth it.

Sam deserved the little time off.

With nothing to do, Dean called Cas. The angel wasn’t around much, most of the time he was busy with some type of angel problems they had up in heaven.

Secretly, Dean cherished those few minutes alone with Cas. He had been missing him for a while now like their family wasn’t complete when Cas wasn’t around.

Dean knew about Cas’ insecurities. He found out about them not too long ago and his heart fell, breaking into a thousand pieces when he realised what he made Cas go through. Alone.

Cas didn’t feel like he belonged with them, he actually thought that the only reason they still contacted him, was because they only wanted them for his powers.

Which was bullshit by the way.

It’s just not like Dean could go up to Cas saying, “Hey, I like you and I have thought about kissing you for the longest time. Wanna make out?”.

It doesn’t work like that. Especially not with confused angels.

The phone rang once, twice, and then “Hello, Dean”.

Dean smiled at the customary hello he always got and said, “Hey, Cas” back.

“So, Cas, do you have any angels business you have to do tonight?”

“I believe not, why?” Castiel asked. Dean could almost picture Castiel’s expression.

“We don’t have a case,” Dean explained, “we’re free tonight.”

“And you want me to come to the bunker?” Castiel asked, sounding hopeful yet stoic. He wanted to come but was afraid he might have misunderstood. Dean knew that feeling.

“Yeah, I thought that I could show you some movies or something,” Dean said, just now coming up with that excuse. “To give you a little pop-culture knowledge, you know.”

“Okay, I’ll come, Dean.”

With that, the conversation had ended. Dean stared at his phone unblinkingly until he heard the familiar sound of wings flapping behind him.

He didn’t have to turn around to know it was Cas.

“Thank you for coming, man,” Dean said, not quite knowing what else there was to say.

“I always come when you call, Dean,” Castiel replied. Dean thought back to the first time Cas said that. It had been a fight, Dean had refused to stand down and Cas left.

A surge of pain hit Dean and he vowed to himself to actually treat Cas like he deserved to be treated. Even though Dean didn’t think he was good enough. He couldn’t be what Cas deserved exactly, but he can try to come at least close.

“Are you okay, Dean?” Castiel asked, eyes as blue as the morning sky laced with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Dean replied quickly. He had forgotten he was staring at Cas this entire time. “I was thinking about a Harry Potter marathon?”

Dean showed him Star Wars a little while back and Cas did enjoy it a lot. Ever since then, they watched a movie or tv show occasionally.

“Harry Potter?” Castiel questioned, racking his brain for knowledge on a person called ‘Harry Potter’.

“Oh, God,” Dean mock sighed, pulling Cas behind him up the stairs to his room.

“Don’t use my father’s name in vain, Dean,” Castiel boomed behind him.
Dean could only roll his eyes and ignore him.

Once they settled on Dean’s bed, sitting close enough to feel each other’s body heat, they started the first one.

“Babies are extremely fragile. If Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, he could have done so without using magic.”

“Cas, please, shut up,” Dean groaned. He had to listen to Castiel’s endless flow of questions since the start of the movie. He had tried to answer them the best that he could, but this was getting ridiculous.

Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Castiel replied. There wasn’t a sexy twinge to it, he actually said it like he was reading a shopping list, but Dean felt a tingle in his lower belly anyway and lunged for Cas’ lips.

Castiel met him feverishly, inexperienced but with so much enthusiasm that Dean couldn’t help but moan in Cas’ mouth.

“Make me?” Dean asked once they broke apart, panting hard.

“I saw it one of those romantic comedies you pretend to hate.”

“Of course you did.”

@one-shots-supernatural spn hiatus writing challenge week 3

Prompt: There is an interesting story behind that.

Castiel’s day wasn’t going well and it was only 10 o’clock. He woke up late for his morning lecture, missed the bus, got rained on while waiting for the next bus and when he finally made it to his college, it was already too late for him to join the class.

All he wanted was a bag of potato chips to make his day a bit better, but that wasn’t going for him either. The bag of chips got stuck half way through and, luckily, after a few punches on the vending machine it slide down low enough for Cas to grab if he reached it through the metal door.

It was going well and he finally made contact with the bag, until he couldn’t pull his hand back anymore. He was completely stuck.

After what seemed like hours but were probably only a few minutes, his cries of help were hurt by another student. A very attractive student.

“Are you okay?” the green-eyed boy asked. It took a few seconds for Castiel to answer, he was too busy checking the boy out. He was probably a bit taller than Castiel himself and quite muscular, Cas could see the muscles on his arms as he held his books against his chest. He wore a black t-shirt with a plaid shirt thrown over as if he didn’t think too long about what he was going to wear that morning. His eyes were friendly and concerned, his cheeks and his nose bridge were littered with constellation-like freckles.

Of course, the person who was going to save Cas from this metal hell was an extremely cute boy. Just his damn luck.

“No, I’m really not,” Castiel replied, wiggling his fingers inside the vending machine. Dean chuckled and stepped closer, inspecting the machine.

There is an interesting story behind that, isn’t there?”

“My chips wouldn’t come out of the vending machine and I got mad and tried to grab it but now my hand is stuck and please stop laughing at me, this is serious!” Castiel said in one breath, tears welling up.

The boy straightened up from where he doubled over laughing when he heard the wobble in Cas’ tone. “I’m sorry, just stay here, okay? I think I know a way to get you out.”

“It’s not like I can go anywhere,” Castiel said teasingly, laughing when the boy’s cheeks redden. “But thank you, for wanting to help me, I mean.”

“Yeah, no problem, man,” the boy smiled softly before rushing down the hall. He stopped and came back, just to say “I’m Dean, by the way” and disappeared again.

Dean returns quickly, a bottle of green soap, a bucket of water and a small blue water gun in his hands. Castiel stared at it with raised eyebrows. “Are you sure this is going to work.”

“No, but we can try.”

“How did you get this so fast anyway?” Castiel asked, eyeing the supplies in Dean’s hand.

“Experiment at the lab,” Dean explained, shrugging as he put the stuff in his hand down on the floor next to Cas.

“How are you going to do this?” Castiel asked wearily, not seeing how his could possibly work.

What if he was stuck here forever? He would quite literally die in embarrassment.

Dean seemed to notice that Cas was starting to panic as he squatted next to him and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“It’s going to be fine, don’t worry.” With that, Dean rolled up his sleeves, undid the cap and let the soap stream into the bucket. He stirred the mix with his hand and dipped the water gun in it.

“Isn’t it dangerous to work with water while the vending machine is electric?”

“Crap, didn’t think about that,” Dean said, still holding the water gun under water.

“Just try it,” Castiel sighed. “It’s not like my day could get any worse.”

Dean reluctantly took out the water gun and pushed it through the hatch of the vending machine, pointing it upwards.

“If I don’t survive this-”

“Don’t talk like that!”

“I’m Castiel,” Cas continued, ignoring Dean’s stern voice.

“Well, Castiel, I am sure you are going to survive this and if you do…”


“Do you want to get coffee?” Dean said, suddenly shy. The sparkle of hope in his eyes made Castiel nod before thinking about it.

“I would love to,” Castiel smiled. Dean smiled back and now they were lost in each other’s eyes. Dean was the first to break eye contact, only to look down at Castiel’s lips.

“Get me out first and maybe you’ll get a kiss after,” Castiel smirked, breaking Dean out of his trance.

“Oh, erm, yeah, sorry.” Dean aimed the water gun better and hit the trigger with his finger, soaking Castiel’s hand in a mix of green soap and water.

Castiel wiggled his fingers and then his hand as Dean refilled the water gun. The soap made his hand slippery which meant that he was able to move his hand a bit better. “I think it’s working!”

“Thank god,” Dean sighed in relief, pushing the water gun through the hatch again.

Due to Dean’s aiming skills, he rarely hit the machine with the soapy water and avoided electric shocks.

After the third refill, Cas was able to slip his hand out of the machine, immediately knocking Dean over with a hug.

“Thank you so much!” Castiel exclaimed as he flung his arms around Dean’s neck, punching the air out of Dean as the fell on the floor. Dean laughed and protectively wrapped his arms around Cas’ waist as they fell.

“I could-” Castiel started, but stopped halfway through his sentence as he noticed the position they were in. Castiel on top of Dean, their faces only inches away and their noses almost touching.

“Kiss me right now?” Dean smirked, leaning in closer.

Castiel answered by slamming his mouth into Dean’s holding him closer. Dean sat up and made Cas wrap his legs around Dean’s waist. They kissed until they were out of breath, Cas’ hands pulling at Dean’s hair and Dean’s hands wandering underneath Cas’ shirt.

“So, how about coffee?”

Spn hiatus writing challenge week 2 @one-shots-supernatural

Words: 663

A/N Short yet sweet.

“You were right Dean,” Castiel said, lounging backward against the headboard of Dean’s bed. Sam was kind enough to move the TV from his room to Dean’s so Dean could show him some TV shows. “I do enjoy Game of Thrones.”

I know right,” Dean smiled. “Isn’t it great?

Castiel nodded and took a sip of his lukewarm beer. Ever since he fell Dean took it upon himself to learn Castiel some of the little enjoyments in life, such as beer and television.

Castiel figured he couldn’t complain; spending time with Dean was a rare yet precious thing to him.

“You gotta pay attention, Cas,” Dean smirked, still looking at the screen. Castiel was known for his staring, though that was caused by his admiration for the human kind. However, this time, he didn’t even do it intentionally. Dean’s soul was and still is beautiful and Castiel has a hard time looking away on most occasions.  

He never told Dean this, that would only embarrass the other man. No, Cas kept this to himself and tried to look as discreetly as possible.

“Are you okay, Cas?” Dean asked, fully turning to him now. There wasn’t much space between them as the bed was a bit on the small sizes. Their shoulders were pressed together and when Dean moved his head, they were almost in each other’s breathing space.

“I’m fine, Dean,” Castiel replied, not once looking away from the emerald eyes staring back at him.

Dean moved impossibly closer, his eyes drooping shut. Castiel had seen enough of humanity in his existence to know what was happening, though he couldn’t believe it himself.

Castiel mustered up those ten seconds of courage and leaned in closer as well, his eyes closing once their lips touched.

It was a featherlike touch until Dean jerked away, scrambling off the bed. “I’m so sorry, Cas!”

“Don’t apologize, Dean. I quite liked it,” Castiel said, looking over the edge of the bed while sticking out his hand to help Dean up.

Dean ignored the hand and got up himself, staying as far away from Cas as he could.

“I don’t understand, Dean. Did I do something wrong?”

“God, no, Cas-”

“Why must you include my father in this conversation?” Castiel asked exasperated.

Dean groaned, tangling his hands in his hair while Cas felt the urge to slap away those hands and tangle his own hands in Dean’s hair and feel the softness.

“Let’s just forget about it, okay?” Castiel felt his heart hurting when Dean said this, almost as if Dean ripped his heart out himself.

“What if I don’t want to forget about it?” Castiel asked, his voice booming and demanding. He was tired of them dancing around each other, a bit too far away for him to reach Dean.


“No, I’m tired of this. You can’t play me like this,” Castiel exclaimed, stepping off the bed and right in front of Dean. “If you want me, you have me. If you don’t, then just leave me alone.”

Castiel mistook Dean’s silence for rejection and walked away. He almost reached the door when a strong arm turned him around, a hard body crashing into him. Dean’s lips were immediately on his in a much more passionate way than the kiss from before.

Dean pushed Castiel against the wall, hard as Dean knew Cas could take it –with him being an angel and all- and kissed him like his life depended on this. If Dean wasn’t distracted by Cas’ chapped yet rather soft lips on his, moving with his own like they were meant to do this all along, Dean would have scolded himself from waiting this long to do this. He could’ve had this for years.

Once Dean ran out of breath, he broke off the kiss, staying close enough to rest his forehead against Cas’.

“I’d rather have you,” Dean smiled. “Remember?”

Castiel smiled back and nodded, wrapping his arms around Dean’s neck. “I remember.”

The Perfect Match

Soulmate AU with a twist (but a happy ending, don’t worry)

Beta’d by the lovely @what-a-gay-trickster

“Are you still coming over after your shift?” Castiel asked, moving his cellphone from one hand to the other. He picked up his cup of coffee and sat it back down in the living room, letting himself fall down onto the couch.

“Of course I am,” Dean answered, huffing at Castiel’s idiocy. As if he would pass a night alone with Castiel. Dean never went to college but he is not stupid. The fact that he didn’t go to college had nothing to do with his intellect in the first place. His father just didn’t have the money, so Dean started working in Bobby’s garage. He loved the job and it paid the bills, Dean never complained.

“Good.” And with that, the conversation was ended.

Dean let himself in Cas’ apartment a few hours later. Cas had given him the key when he moved into the apartment. They had been close since high school, so this wasn’t a surprise. Dean did get a tingly feeling when he received the key as if he had gotten a privilege nobody else had. And maybe, in some ways, he did. It made him feel happy and important, the way Cas always made him feel.

That’s why Dean fell in love with him in the first place. There was just nothing he could do about it.

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Why are you wet?

“Because it’s raining,” Castiel said, still standing in the doorway, just staring at Dean. He was dripping water everywhere.

Dean, being the secret neat-freak, ushered Castiel to his bathroom. “I will get you some fresh clothes, okay? Take a shower, you’re going to catch a cold like this.”

Okay, so maybe he went into “mother-hen” mode, but the angel didn’t know the dangers of being soaking wet for a longer period of time. He could get pneumonia if he wasn’t careful. Who knew how long he had been walking around like this.

Dean quickly grabbed some random clothes and made his way back to the bathroom. He knocked and waited for Cas to respond, but he didn’t.

“Are you okay in there, Cas?”

“Yes, I apologize, I must have been lost in thought.”

“Okay…?” Dean said, frowning a bit before shaking it off. “I got you some clothes.”

“Thank you,” Castiel said, opening the door. Dean quickly thrust it into Castiel’s arms and went back to his bedroom before he could see Cas partially nude. He wasn’t ready for that. He didn’t think he could contain himself if he saw Cas like that.

Castiel eventually came to his bedroom, walking in without even knocking. He groaned softly in discomfort and sat down on Dean’s bed.

Dean tried not to notice how his t-shirt was too big on Cas, so it slowly fell down his shoulder and how his sweatpants nearly fell of Cas’ hips.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” Dean asked instead.

“It’s nothing,” Castiel grunted, waving his hands in a way of saying “don’t push further”, but Dean was stubborn and he wanted to know what was going on with his best friend.

“I can help,” Dean tried. “But only if you tell me.”

“You can’t help me with this, Dean,” Castiel replied but his resolve was wavering. “I don’t think you can.”


“It’s my wings. They are “messed up” because of the storm and it’s unpleasant.”

“How do we fix it?” Castiel raised his eyebrow at the “we” part but sighed and told Dean anyway.

“It’s rather personal for an angel to show his wings,” Castiel explained. “Only loved ones are allowed to see them.”

“So, I’m not…?” Dean said, a pang of hurt flashing through his body. Maybe Cas didn’t care as much about him as he cared about Cas.

“Am I that to you?” Castiel asked uncertainty laced in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Dean nodded and suddenly, he felt a lot lighter. It wasn’t that hard to tell Cas and hey, Cas didn’t react badly either.

“You, need to straighten the feathers that are out of place and gently pull the once that are limp and crooked, you’ll know when you see it.”

“Okay,” Dean nodded.



“Please, don’t make fun of me.”

“Why would I-” Dean was interrupted by Castiel pulling off the t-shirt and massive wings flapping behind him. They were ink black and shiny and Dean fell in love with Cas all over again.

“They’re beautiful,” Dean said in awe, reaching forward to touch them.

Castiel blushed slightly and sat down on Dean’s bed, his head bowed and his shoulders tense. Castiel jumped slightly when Dean touched his left wing but relaxed slowly after he got used to the feeling of someone else’s hands in his wings.

They sat like this for nearly two hours until Dean announced that he was ready and Castiel turned around to thank him, nearly hitting Dean with his wing.

“Pleasure’s all mine, Angel.”

Send me a number?


“Dean, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Cas, what’s up?” Dean asked warily, detaching himself from the football team. It was the cliché situation. Dean and Cas grew up together and once they were in high school, Dean became the quarterback and therefore really popular and Cas was just normal; not a nerd, not overly popular. He had enough friends and too low grades to be called a nerd and not enough friends or talent in sports to be called popular.

Cas and Dean never gave up their friendship even though they were at different levels of the food chain. They still hung out together and Cas and his family still came over during Christmas.

What Cas was about to do now, may ruin everything. But leaving it as it is, may ruin everything too.

You see, this wasn’t your typical love story. There was a small dent in the cliché, something that made it less of a cliché and more of a tragedy.

Cas was in love with Dean and Cas was sure Dean was in love with him, but there was Dean’s denial.

Dean thought that liking boys meant that his masculinity suddenly vanished in thin air and Cas had enough.

“I need to tell you something,” Cas said, his voice wavering as they walked further away from their school.

“Dude, you can tell me anything, you know that.” Dean’s smile was bright and Castiel couldn’t help but smile back, despite his nerves.

Castiel sighed once, trying to slow down his racing heart and said, “I’m in love with you.”

Dean’s eyes widened and Cas would’ve laughed if he wasn’t about to cry, mortified by Dean’s reaction.

“Say something?” Castiel practically begged, but Dean still didn’t answer. “You need to stop running from this, I know you feel it too.

“I don’t,” Dean said, shaking his head rapidly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re lying.”


“Find me when you figured it out.”

It probably wasn’t reasonable to say this but Cas was tired of Dean hiding his feelings for him. Cas would never force Dean to come out, but he could be honest with Cas. It was killing him to see Dean with all of these girls when he knew that sometimes those eyes were pointed at him.

Castiel went home and started doing his homework, only to give up a few minutes later. He couldn’t concentrate so Netflix it was.

The doorbell rang after 3 episodes of Stranger Things and Cas already suspected who it might be.

Heavy boots were coming up the stairs while Cas tried his best to look casual and unaffected.

His bedroom door opened, they knew no shame around each other, Cas still didn’t look up. The boots came closer and closer until a figure leaned over Cas and kissed him.

Castiel gasped which made Dean smile and deepen the kiss, burying his hands in Cas’ unruly hair.

“You were right,” Dean said, out of breath, after they broke apart. “I feel it too.”

@one-shots-supernatural ‘sSupernaural hiatus writing challenge week 1

Prompt:  “Please, point your gun at me if it helps you relax.”

Pairing: Destiel (well, that’s unexpected)

Word count: 2916 (jfc)

“Dean!” Sam yelled, killing yet another vampire. “Watch out!”

Dean turned around and swung his arm backward, machete in his hand. He managed to cut the vampire’s head off but he was too slow.

There was a piercing pain in his abdomen, blood already gushing out. Dean slowly pulled the knife out while Sam ran to his side.

“Did we kill them all?” Dean asked, his knees trembling before eventually giving out. If Sam didn’t catch him, he would have face planted on the floor. Sam slowly lowered him into a lying position, already taking his flannel off to bind his stab wound with.

“Yeah,” Sam said, his voice wobbly. His eyes were prickling, tears a few seconds away from rolling down his cheeks.

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Spn hiatus writing challenge week 4: “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.”

Edit: I was in a hurry and forgot to tag you, sorry! @one-shots-supernatural

 “Be quiet, they’ll hear you,” Dean whispered, pressing Castiel against the back wall of the closet, putting a hand over Cas’ mouth.

They stared at each other until the sound of footsteps passed. Dean’s hand was still on Castiel’s chapped lips while sky blue stared up at him. Dean’s arm trembled when he pulled away, though he couldn’t bring himself to move away.

Castiel’s eyes were too captivating and they were alone, away from prying eyes and judgment. It was too tempting; he could just lean in and press his lips to Cas’.

Denying his feeling were tiring, especially when it involved hiding his feelings from his brother, who knew him like the back of his hand.

Maybe Cas suspected something –much like Sam- though the angel never said anything. Cas was the kind of person, angel, who waited for Dean to be ready. Which wasn’t a bad thing, but with Dean, the one who couldn’t express his feelings instead let it crop up until it all came out when he was alone, Cas could wait forever.

Dean was too scared, of hurting Cas, getting hurt himself.

However, in this moment, he felt gravitated by Cas’ lips, they drew him in.

They were too close, their breaths mingled, and for a second, Cas glanced at his lips. Dean’s mind blacked out. He lifted Cas, making him wrap his legs around Dean’s waist. Cas’ arms found their ways to Dean’s neck, pulling him even closer.

Dean held Cas against the wall as he crashed their lips together, too weak to even try and resist the beauty that was in front of him.

They kissed in a flurry of passion and need, gradually slowing it down to affection and love. Dean didn’t have to tell Cas that somewhere along the way of their friendship, he fell in love. He told him with this kiss.

The smile Cas gave him afterward reassured him that he understood, that he loved him back.

It was enough, it always had been.  

A Destiel Tumblr AU. 

Dean tried to convince himself that he wasn’t a stalker as he clicked on Cas’ blog once again. A mix of aesthetic posts and memes flooded in, though that was not what Dean was looking for.

Dean knew this blog like the back of his hand, he spent too much time scrolling through it, trying to discover more of Cas’ personality.

He found the photo right where he thought it would be, after the bee aesthetic post and before the “damn daniel” video. It was Castiel, his eyes closed as he smiled up at the sun, sitting in a field of wildflowers that matched the flower crown on his head.

He was beautiful and Dean was royally fucked.

The worst part of this whole thing was that they didn’t even know each other that well. They had a few classes together but that was it.

Dean overheard Castiel and Kevin talking about some nerdy stuff on this site called “Tumblr” which Dean had never heard of by the way. Castiel and Kevin were unaware of Dean listening in on their conversation as they talked about their favorite blogs.

“Am I following you?” Kevin had asked, his eyes widening. “I don’t think I am.”

“Angel of Thursday,” Castiel replied, watching Kevin as he typed the username into the search bar. “Yeah, that is mine.”


Dean had searched for the site online, made an account and followed Castiel immediately.

So, yes, Castiel was the damn reason Dean signed up for Tumblr, but truth be told, he actually liked it. Dean quickly realized that he could be himself on his blog, nerdiness and all. Something he tried to keep from his friends.

Dean gained followers and made a few friends, his crush on Cas was the only thing that never changed.

Now, he found himself staring at the photograph for what must have been the 100th time. The photo had 2 reblogs and 5 likes, a lot less than Castiel deserved in Dean’s opinion.

Dean tried to muster all of his courage and clicked the easy to navigate “ask” button.

10 seconds of courage, that is all it takes.
Dean held his hands above the keyboard, wondering what he should type. He decided on a simple yet true “you’re beautiful” and hit send.

Realization hit him immediately when he hit send. He forgot to turn anon on.

“SHIT!”  Dean yelled, kicking his desk hard. He paced around his room, ignoring the throbbing of his toes.

He quickly ran to his laptop and closed it, deciding that he would procrastinate the humiliation a bit further.

A pling on his phone indicated a notification. His stomach turned as he read “angelofthursday answered your ask”. He deleted the notification and went downstairs.

He felt himself calm down as he watched Mary making dinner. There was something so familiar in the act that it felt like a relief. There was something soothing and kind about Mary, even as she probably hadn’t heard him yet, it was around her. His mom always made him feel better even without knowing so.

After announcing his presence and helping Mary in the kitchen, Dean called Sam downstairs and thus began dinner.

He tried to keep up with the conversation, but Castiel kept entering his mind. He had to know what Cas had replied to his ask yet he didn’t want to know it at all.

Dinner was finished and Dean was rushing upstairs, leaving a confused Mary and an eye-rolling Sam.

He stopped in front of his laptop, wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans and opened the lid. He typed in his password and clicked on the activity feed.

There it was, “angelofthursday answered your ask”, it was now or never. At least, it felt that way.

Dean clicked on it before he could back out.

“Thank you, that’s a very sweet thing to say, Dean. Though I can say the same thing about you.”

Did, did Cas just flirt with him? Pastel, flower crown wearing, actual angel Castiel just flirted with the douchebag jock?

Dean had to read it over and over, even pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Then came the instant message.

Dean hadn’t even noticed the 1 next to the weird instant message smiley, Dean figured it was probably Charlie, another Star Wars nerd he had met and befriended on Tumblr. He opened it to tell her about what happened with Cas when he noticed that it wasn’t Charlie who send him that message.

It was Cas.

“I hope I’m not reading this wrong,” Castiel had written, “but I think you’re beautiful and you think I’m beautiful, so… Do you maybe want to go on a date?”

Dean smacked himself, yeah, no, literally, he face-palmed himself for not reading this earlier. Castiel must think that he was saying no, to a date with Castiel Novak himself, yeah as if.

“I’m sorry for responding so late, but yes, to the date I mean,” Dean typed back. “When do you want to go?”

“Friday, 7 pm?” Castiel responded instantly. Dean felt his guilt grow.

“I’ll pick you up,” Dean wrote back. Castiel responded with a smiley face and Dean couldn’t help his grin from spreading. This guy sure was something.

Dean woke up the next day to his phone nearly crashing from the asks, reblogs and instant messages from people who already shipped “Destiel”. Well, it was bound to happen as Cas never replied to Dean’s ask privately but for the whole world to see.

Dean was too giddy to care and answered the messages as mysteriously as possible. By the time school ended, people had already written fanfiction and the next day, there was fanart. It was surprisingly well made. Dean was touched by it yet a little creeped out by the fanfiction aspect of it. Though he admired the creativity of their followers.

Talking about followers, he gained a bunch. Just from his interaction with Cas.

He looked at fanart and read fanfiction to ease down his nerves. It was Friday, the day of the date.

“Hello, Dean,” Castiel said in his gravelly voice that left goosebumps on Dean’s skin and butterflies in his stomach.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean replied with a smile, opening the door for Castiel like a true gentleman. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, Dean, I’ve been looking forward to it.”

“You look beautiful,” Dean said, eyeing Cas up and down. He truly did. A lavender sweater, white pants, white converse and his hair wild. Those big blues staring at him did something too.

They fell into an easy conversation about the thing that brought them together in the first place; Tumblr. They laughed about their followers and shared what fanart and fanfiction they have seen and read.

“They’re crazy,” Dean laughed, steering the Chevy Impala into the drive-in theater.

“Yeah, but so are we.”

Dean smiled and turned sideways, just to see Castiel turning from him to the screen, his cheek reddened.

Somewhere near the end, Dean managed to slide his arm around Cas’ shoulder, which didn’t go as smooth as planned, as he nearly smacked Cas against the back of his head. Castiel laughed and shook his head, but leaned a bit forward anyway to let Dean hold him.

It was comfortable and easy, just like their conversations and just like Cas’ presence.

Dean never went in for the kiss during the movies nor after he drove back to Cas’ home. No, it was the boy in the lavender sweater who leaned up and captured Dean’s lips with his, catching Dean by surprise.

Dean immediately slid his arms around Cas’ waist on reflex and kissed him back, deepening the kiss.

Two weeks later they posted a photo on Tumblr on both of their accounts, one where they were holding hands as they watched the sunset and one where they kissed in the same wildflower field Cas had taken that crucial picture.

And while their fans went crazy, Dean and Cas were wrapped in each other’s arms, both asleep.

Shapeshifter AU: Dean, a shapeshifter, cursed to live as a dog by day and human by night, wakes up in an animal shelter. More problems arise when Castiel, a lonely millionaire, picks Dean up from the shelter and brings him home. Is Castiel going to be the one to break Dean’s curse?

This is going to be the second book of my “Under Your Spell” series. I’m looking forward to writing it. I hope you are looking forward to reading it as well. 

For @destielonfire who requested 32 :)

“Do you smell that?” Sam asked as they made their way downstairs from the garage. Sam and Dean just got back from a case and with the help of Jody, it all went very smoothly.

“It almost smells, burned,” Dean agreed, taking two steps at the time now. They ran into the library only to see smoke coming out of the kitchen.

“Cas?!” Dean yelled waving the smoke away from his face.

And there stood Cas, his trench coat covered in ingredients, his hair white from the flour and the kitchen a mess. There was smoke coming out of the oven with a burned to a black substance that must have been a cake judging from the eggs, milk and apple peels littered across the counter.

In my defense, I was left unsupervised,” Castiel said sheepishly, while Dean watched him, his mouth agape.

Sam, meanwhile, was trying not to cry from laughter and choked out a cough. “Well, Dean, good luck with fixing this mess.”

“Hey, why should it be me?”

“Because Cas did it.” With that, Sam left Dean and Cas staring at each other.

“I tried to make you pie,” Castiel explained, pointing to the oven. “It didn’t go as I thought it would go.”

“It’s okay, Cas,” Dean sighed, running his hand through his hair. “Let’s clean this up.”

They grabbed whatever cleaning supplies they could find and mixed half of it together. They managed to get most of the food scraps from the counter and they were just starting on the floor. Neither of them dared to try the oven.

The floor was slippery from all of the mixed soaps and water and it didn’t take long before Dean slipped, taking Castiel with him.

“Ow, my back!” Dean grunted. He was getting too old for this.

“Are you okay, Dean?” Dean heard from above him. Castiel was half on top of him, half leaning on the floor with his forearms. Castiel tried to get up but slipped again and fully fell on top of Dean.

“Fine,” Dean mumbled, his mind suddenly blank as he looked into Cas’ eyes.

Castiel leaned forward just a bit before Dean wrapped his arms around Cas’ waist and kissed him deeply.

Dean didn’t notice the soap and water going into his clothes, making his body wet, or Sam who walked into them because it was getting too quiet. He only noticed the angel in his arms.

*Bonus because I liked the last sentence as an ending*

When they broke apart Sam cheered, startling Dean and Cas. Sam tried to go walk towards them, congratulating them on finally figuring it out when he too slipped.

This ended up in Dean laughing his head off and Sam throwing a bucket of water on Cas and Dean’s heads.

They ended up cleaning the kitchen together, with Cas and Dean touching as much as they could and Sam fake-gagging every time he saw.

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Three months.

It had been three months since the angels Fell. Three months since Dean and Sam had abandoned the trials to close Hell. Three months of Sam’s slow recovery. 

Three months since Dean had last seen Cas.

There had been no phone call. No message. No former angel showing up half-dead on their doorstep. No sign.


Two months since Sam had stopped needing constant supervision and Dean had started searching in the bottom of every bottle in the bunker for answers. It had helped less than he’d thought it would, the alcohol only numbing the pain and the regret for so long before he’d again feel the loss with sickening clarity and a headache to match.

His anger had burned itself out a long time ago. Hard to be furious with someone, no matter how they deserved it, when you’d do anything to get them back.

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