☀ ⊱ Prom Night (Open to Sams & Deans)

      ☀    ⊱   It was more than easy to convince John Winchester to let her take his son out that night – after all, she was a trickster, and Baby had his absolute trust. But it wasn’t like she was taking him out to kill monsters or cause trouble – actually, it was quite the opposite. As she drove him in the Impala, making idle chit chat, listening to music, she parked them a block away from their destination and got out.

      ☀    ⊱   “Look, before we go any farther, before you say anything… I need to tell you something,” she said, standing with the Winchester boy at the corner. The dance was clearly in sight and her eyes were nervous. He clothes disappeared to reveal a beautiful dress and headpiece, leaving her looking like a goddess before him. “I felt you could use a night off,” Baby said softly, “All teenagers get to do it, so why not you? We… We’re going to prom.”

      ☀    ⊱   “Do you like it?” she asked quietly, “My dress, I mean. Your brother helped me pick it out, he said it was your favorite color, so I couldn’t pass it up…”