Calling All SPN Family Members!!!!

Okay, so I think almost everyone has probably heard of, but if you haven’t, basically it’s a website that gives rice to people in need of food for everyone question you answer correctly. Well, on this website you can create profiles and join groups. I recently decided along with the help of some wonderful friends, scruffydemondean, deanwuvzhugz, and hushlittlewinchester, to create a SPN Family group. I know you guys can break websites, so don’t let me down. Come join our group by following this link here and reblog this to spread the word. Also there will be rewards for all of you that help us do this. I will promo everyone who joins. Everyone. And I will screenshot the top five contributors at least bi-weekly if not more often. There may be more rewards to come as well, but I think the cause is a worthy motivation in itself. So please join us and show the world just how amazing our family can be! :)

Do you love the sibling like bond between Dean in Charlie? Does the head kiss above just make you melt? Then this is the network for you! 


  • Must be following Dean and Charlie
  • Reblog this post. (You can like to bookmark, but it won’t count).
  • Take this survey (It’s super easy I promise)

What we’re looking for:

  • Must love Dean and Charlie’s Big Brother/Little Sister dynamic
  • Clean, easy to navigate themes
  • Friendly Bloggers
  • Don’t have to make edits/fanfics/ect. but it helps.
  • Just generally rad blogs

If you’re accepted:

  • It will be announced in a group promo
  • You’ll get a message from me or Beez with further instructions
  • Follow most if not all the other members
  • Add a link the the network page on your blog
  • Track the tag ‘bigbrotherlittlesisternetwork’

What you’ll get:

  • A follow from Beez and myself if not already
  • Support from other members.
  • A spot on the network page
  • Help with whatever
  • Our love and friendship! <333

If you have any questions just ask one of us! We’ll pick the first group of members whenever this gets a good amount of notes and then a few bi-weekly until the network feels full. 


One rule: NO changing your background once you’ve been tagged! Even if it’s embarrassing!

dancewithmejensen tagged me so here is a screenshot of my current desktop background. But probably only for about another 47 seconds. My background rotates through my file of Dean screencaps and the file includes caps from all seasons. So I have approximately 45,000 other backgrounds….

Ok sensitivehandsomeactionman, jackles-lover, deanwuvzhugz, jensenenthusiast, and demberly, let’s see what you got! “Tag! You’re it!”

Jenneel Prompt #9

deanwuvzhugz asked: Jensen takes care of Danneel when she comes down with the flu

The only warning he got was a muted ‘uh-oh’ and the sound of bare feet slapping on the hardwood. The next thing he knew, Danneel was hunched over the toilet puking up dinner.

“Jay.” Danneel cried pathetically from the bathroom.

Jensen closed his eyes and ground his teeth together. “Yeah?”

“I don’t feel good.” she muttered. “I think I got -” she was abruptly cut off by another round of retching.

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to.
Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/Media Player and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on. One rule: No skipping.

1. Irene’s Theme - Sherlock: Music from Series 2
2. Young At Heart - Michael Buble
3. Adagio - Niccolo Paganini & Giuseppe Tartini
4. The Late, Late Show - Nat King Cole
5. Maria Redowa - London Symphony Orchestra
6. So She Dances - Josh Groban
7. I’ve Got You Under My Skin - Diana Krall
8. Why Does She Have To Die? - Finding Neverland: Original Score
9. The Main Title Overture - The Greatest Game Ever Played
10. Disloyal - Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing
11. Helsinki - John Finnemore’s Cabin Pressure: Complete Series 2
12. God Bless The Child - Julie London
13. Finale - Nick Bicat - The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982
14. Dancing Through Life - Wicked
15. Parade’s End Waltz - Dirk Brosse - Parade’s End
16. The Way You Look Tonight - Michael Buble
17. Bellini - Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
18. Conceal, Don’t Feel - Frozen
19. The Only Love Gods - Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing
20. On The Move - Sherlock: Music from Series 1

I’ll tag: dancewithmejensen, deanwuvzhugz, sensitivehandsomeactionman, demberly, jackles-lover

Reasons I love my dash:

  1. lookingoutformybrother 
  2. deanwuvzhugz
  3. ssjdebusk
  4. bangingpatchouli
  5. supernaturalapocalypse
  6. wellcometothedarkside
  7. mooseleys
  8. feandra
  9. laoih

I really, really love all of you you bring such joy to my dash. thank you <3 

SPN family members!

Hey guys! To celebrate hitting 750 followers recently, I’m announcing my spn family, finally! I just got everyone’s characters and URLs inserted on my page here for the hugitoutfamily! Check it out! Some of the URLs look smooshed if they are long, I’m trying to see if I can fix that.

Now I just need everyone’s names and a favorite quote about their character/object in my family. Also, you can include your age and location (don’t have to get specific, just country) if you would like!

Oh and please give me an icon of your character/object/actor please! If you don’t want to pick, just let me know and I will choose one for you!

Let me know if there is anything that isn’t working on the page! Or if your URL has changed!

Also, remember to use the tag ‘hugitoutfamily’ in any for your original posts! I will reblog your artwork/fics/anything else you post! You can use it on blogrates and other things like that too! I’m tracking it so I’ll see everything!

Thanks guys!! And if anyone wants to join, just shoot me an ask! And let me know if I forgot anyone, I’m sure I did!