some fic writers probably dont realise that by writing silly fics, angsty fics, romcom-y fics, dramatic serious fics, crack fics, heart-breaking fics, or any kinds of fics, really, they might have saved someone’s sanity. reading fics have saved me too many times to count. you are all my saviours. thank you, for taking time to write, to weave letters and words and sentences together and create an amazing tale. all of you are my rock stars


Deancas Time Travel AU: Every year on the same day, like clockwork, Dean Winchester would get a visitor from a mysterious man who claimed he could leap through time. It was only after the visits became more erratic that Dean realized the man was actually a prisoner trapped in a time loop, and Dean is the only fixed point in time that he can latch on to. When the enigmatic traveler, weakened with every jump, seems to finally disappear for good, Dean and his brother Sam embark on a journey to find him before he’s ripped apart. Before long, Dean will realize that the only thing that can help him save Castiel is a bond so profound it will start unraveling the very fabric of time itself.