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Let me just say that is just a few, and seeing as it’s about to turn 12pm this is what you get. I love you all though, even Konst, who’s url changes to much to keep track of and Amy, and  but that one is from a distance. So for now these are people you should go love.

Okay I have some Band Feels Too

Only it’s about the Hell Hounds because I have a boner thing for my girl band.

Ruby is the front, with the leading vocals and the face of the band. She also serves as lead guitar in several cases, though there are songs in which she only sings. She loves being in the limelight and plays a wicked guitar, however she can be more infamous for her attitude sometimes. And, often times, she’ll spend more time partying and dancing on stage than doing what she should be. She’s the main songwriter. 

Lilith is the Rhythm guitarist and occasionally back up vocals. Her voice is a little sweeter–like that of a little girls–and so she’s not always used in a punk/rock band. She’s helpful sometimes, though, giving a nice effect. She’s a good match to Ruby’s guitar style, while also being stable enough to keep on her own in the cases when Ruby just sings. 

Meg is the bass guitarist and backing vocalist. She likes contesting with Ruby for the role of main limelight, and likes slinking out of her spot to sing centre stage. She rolls a lot with what Ruby does, which usually annoys the hell out of Ruby, and often rivals the drums, hoping to drown them out. 

Anna is the drummer, replacing Casey. She started out as mostly going along and keeping tempo and all of the basics, but as she stayed in the band longer, she craved her drums be louder, a larger part of the songs, and ultimately something that’d rival the guitars and even Ruby’s vocals. She’d love a solo–although she still doesn’t think she’s the best drummer in the world–but knows that’d be asking too much. She will, however, hold a beat for Ruby to sing to for her solo parts in which the guitars are omitted. 

tumblr crushes: 14% Beka, you are taking over my life (I blame tiny chat). 8% for this sexy bitch. 7% Chanelle, your vacation is severely effecting my sleep deprivation. 6% Timezones are a bitch. 4% When I grow up I will never write this well. 4% for my AU bestie. 3% I don’t know you, and this is crazy, but I love you, maybe. 3% You need to work less and blog more- preferably when I am awake. K? 2% We have no pre-established relationship.