Welcome to the jungle, kiddies.

“Howdy, boys and girls.”

Dean grinned, snorting in amusement before heading off down the hall. Reaching the door, the blond tossed him onto the bed, kicking the door shut behind himself. “Like I said, no pants, no problem.”

“Good then.” With a smirk, the ex angel stood up and tore his clothes off, tossing them on the floor unceremoniously before sliding between the covers in just a pair of black boxer briefs. Cas smiled at Dean, waiting expectantly for the hunter to join him. 

Desperate Times || 2014!Dean

Just a few things. That’s all she’d need. Some food and maybe a few other needed supplies. Laurie had never been a thief, but these were desperate times. The only thing she was worrying about by doing this was getting caught. The survivors that lived here probably wouldn’t take this lightly if they caught her. Especially not since Laurie had heard who was the leader here. The older Winchester brother. Possibly who she would dread to be caught by the most.

The blonde carefully crept up to the fence, and the darkness of the night helped her conceal herself from being seen easily. And the luminescence from the moon helped her watch her step when she climbed over the fence. But not without cutting her palm on the wire, making her wince quietly to herself. But she couldn’t worry about that now.

Laurie finally got to the top and jumped, and landed as quietly and carefully as she could before creeping alongside a cabin. The one she had spotted from earlier visits to be the supply cabin. Laurie quickly slipped to the door of the cabin, and luckily no one was in sight so she was able to pick the lock and sneak in. Just a few things.



I have a few things to say.

  1. Dean and Castiel? (dean-themichaelsword and knightforthewinchesters), I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve ever done for me. I love you both and I used to stalk you! I was that awkward kid rper that was too shy to say hi, but for some reason or fate? I ended up having both of you guys and I have to say? You are both really really amazing. For that? I’ll follow you both forever, defend you like a daughter would, and embarrass the crap outta you :3
  2. Sam and Uncle Sassy? (the-smart-brother and askdeansasschester) Thanks for defending me from ignorance, also Sam? YOU DON’T EVER LISTEN TO WHAT THOSE BASTARDS SAY TO YOU! I know it hurts, I get it all the time, but I want you to know my Ask and submit are always open to you, and uncle Sassy? Stay Sassy. Just yeah, carry on.
  3. To the person Demanding I show them proof I was bitten by a shark? No. It’s a huge scar and I think it makes me ugly. Okay? I haven’t taken a picture since. I live in florida. Shark attacks aren’t uncommon and I don’t need to prove myself to some whiney no good little bitch like you.
  4. sara-rp and sammysprotector? Both of you have such kind spirits for defending me and you don’t even know me, so thanks for that
  5. All the Anons (not the dick ones) YOU ARE LOVELY <3

That’s all I have to say and I hope everyone understands that it takes a lot to defend someone you don’t know. And I thank you all for it.

Let us ignore the ignorance, because at this point It’s making me squirm and I don’t like where they’re headed!

-Ryder and Mun.