Dean grinned, snorting in amusement before heading off down the hall. Reaching the door, the blond tossed him onto the bed, kicking the door shut behind himself. “Like I said, no pants, no problem.”

“Good then.” With a smirk, the ex angel stood up and tore his clothes off, tossing them on the floor unceremoniously before sliding between the covers in just a pair of black boxer briefs. Cas smiled at Dean, waiting expectantly for the hunter to join him. 

Desperate Times || 2014!Dean

Just a few things. That’s all she’d need. Some food and maybe a few other needed supplies. Laurie had never been a thief, but these were desperate times. The only thing she was worrying about by doing this was getting caught. The survivors that lived here probably wouldn’t take this lightly if they caught her. Especially not since Laurie had heard who was the leader here. The older Winchester brother. Possibly who she would dread to be caught by the most.

The blonde carefully crept up to the fence, and the darkness of the night helped her conceal herself from being seen easily. And the luminescence from the moon helped her watch her step when she climbed over the fence. But not without cutting her palm on the wire, making her wince quietly to herself. But she couldn’t worry about that now.

Laurie finally got to the top and jumped, and landed as quietly and carefully as she could before creeping alongside a cabin. The one she had spotted from earlier visits to be the supply cabin. Laurie quickly slipped to the door of the cabin, and luckily no one was in sight so she was able to pick the lock and sneak in. Just a few things.

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            I’m just a baby in a trenchcoat.
                 I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed.
    Somebody put me on trial. I demand a refund of my innocence.

Being Bad || dean-themichaelsword

Sam was having trouble remembering how he got here, how he got away from Castiel.  How the angel made him uneasy.  He’d seen him only in bad situations lately, breaking his head, fixing his head, and then this.  Taking him away from them and disappearing again, leaving him in a fucking garden by a building.

So he walked out.  Shaking still a little from his last encounter with Lucifer, his hand moving through his hair subconsciously, thinking that this was just reaching to the point where it was way too much.  He was lucky he hadn’t just collapsed in the garden.  Looking to his chest though, aware the ring was what this was all about, he had to keep moving, and he wasn’t sure when or where he was.  But it wasn’t promising.  The streets were empty, the buildings a mess, and his heart was sinking.

He was in the future, wasn’t he?  The one he fucked up by saying yes?  Feeling that frustration well up to the point where he either wanted to just either crumple, or cry, he had to keep walking.  A Winchester didn’t fall apart until they had the chance too, and he had his gun on him.  Slipping it out, leaving it in his hand as he walked, his eyes lingered over the buildings.  Croats, right?  There were croats.  If he could find whereever that damn camp was, he could find…who?  Dean?  The Dean that thought he was Lucifer?

Swearing under his breath, he ran a shaking hand over his face, cursing angels, cursing fallen angels, and cursing his own damn luck.

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