deansfavoriteassbutt  asked:

Who are you? Your adoring wife. Although you insist on calling me babysnakes. Whats your favorite color? The color of your eyes when you get really excited about anything. Favorite ship Destiel duh..Favorite ice cream flavor? Phish food by Ben and Jerrys. Do you have a cat? Seeing as I'm married to a man that literally owns a shirt covered in kittens I'm gonna say yeah. And they're totally worth the puffy eyes and sneezes.

Awwh you are so sweet babysnakes! (even though you hate that nickname I’m always going to use it).

Don’t lie you have a cat her name is Sweet Pea and she is a butt who has has literally zero concept of personal space. “Oh, you’re eating? What can I have? *as she is already taking things). Oh, is this roast on the oven for me? *takes literally THE WHOLE FUCKING ROAST AND DRAGS IT INTO THE HALLWAY*.”  I really do wonder where she learned that from….

I love you, baby!!!!