The first time John walks into his boys kissing, he’s sober enough to drag his tired ass to a separate room and let them enjoy the night and part of the next morning. The second time, though, it looks like they’re just kissing and cuddling–and he takes a second to stare, because isn’t that sweet? He vaguely remembers doing the same with Mary before Dean was born, and well it seems their boys are just as boring and domestic as they used to be.

Who could’ve guessed, huh?

But before he can leave the room and make some noise outside to warn them he’s back, Sam makes a startled noise and honest to God pushes Dean away from him so desperately that the kid just falls out of the bed. John winces in simpathy– this must’ve hurt. But then he suddenly remembers they don’t know he knows, because they’ve been trying real hard to hide their whatever-they-have from everyone, John’s name placed at the golden #1 position on their list.

“We..we–” Dean is stuttering and stumbling on his own feet, looking so young and scared that John wonders if he should step closer and hug the kid. “Sam did nothing wrong, s-sir–”

Okay, maybe John should’ve warned them. He could’ve left a note or something, at least– but hey, tracking the demon and hunting supernatural things wasn’t exactly easy. His to-do list is a bit full right now and he’s been a little too busy to remember his kids were kissing each other (and doing other things he really didn’t want to know about, and Sam’s already 15 so hey, not his damn business anymore).

“Dean, shut up.” John replies, but maybe he’s too tired because he sounds rougher than expected and Dean just tenses up and looks even more younger if it’s possible. “Come here, son.”

Dean gulps loudly and takes nothing but a second to stare at Sam, but then lowers his head and steps closer, still tense. John will remember to leave a note next time he finds out one of his kids fell in love with a family member, but for now he just pulls his oldest into a hug and doesn’t let go until Dean relaxes completely–

“It’s okay, buddy.”

–which takes a damn long time, a lot of encouragement and Sam silently slipping into the hug when John invited him.

He’s made peace with his mind a long time ago about their relationship, or whatever they name it. It took some time and a fair share of liquor bottles and bar fights, of course– but he’s seen how happy they are with each other, how they protect and love each other. He didn’t choose to love Mary, just as they didn’t choose this. It’s not fair to destroy their happiness just because he got his ripped apart all those years ago.

“I’m okay with this.” John says at some point, presses gentle kisses to Dean and Sam’s foreheads before finally letting them go. “It’s not what I expected for you when you were born, but…” He also didn’t expect to lose Mary, to have this kind of life. “But we’re family.”


He smiles and pats Sam’s cheek playfully. “Just give your old man a break and try not jump into your brother’s pants when I’m around. You’re damn loud, kiddo.”

He’s never seen Sam lose his words so fast.

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A while back I was asked about what my favorite wincest fics are, and here they are! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Check out my other wincest fic recs for more of my favorite stories ( x , x )

Non AU

This Is My Kingdom Come || 10k+ || Mature || Completed

“On Sam’s face he saw the map of his universe, map of his personal heaven and his personal hell. Map to Dean’s salvation and to Dean’s damnation.”

Sam gets hurt during a hunt and Dean takes care of his brother in all the ways he can.

The Proposal || 742 || General || Completed

Just a wincest drabble

Based on a post by nothingtobeseenhereipromise

Another Hunt || 1k || Mature || Completed

John is on another hunt and leaves the boys alone in the Impala to keep Sam out of harms way. Little does he know what his sons do behind his back.

Normal 101 || 700 || Mature || Completed

Having the hots for your little brother is normal right? right? Dean mulled this over in his head a lot. So when Sam starts getting a little touchy in his sleep, Dean is about to go insane.


Insatiable || 900 || Mature || Completed

Sam is actually just insatiable. Dean is still pretty young and tries his best to keep up with his horny brother’s needs.

Glowing Embers || 3.5k || Explicit || Completed

Out in the woods on a camping trip, Sam and Dean can’t keep off each other despite their Dad being a mere two thin layers of nylon and a very short distance away.

Their ages aren’t specified in the fic, but in my head Sam’s about 15 here, and Dean about 19.
There are some firsts here but their first real foray into incest occurred one week before this fic takes place.

Intimacy || 3k+ || Mature || Completed

5+1 times the Winchester men took a shower together. Takes place season one and prior. 


Forced || 32k+ || Explicit || Completed

John Winchester has never been Father of the Year - especially to Sam, who he blames for Mary’s death. He finally crosses the line and comes unhinged when he finds out his boys are sleeping together, and poor Sam cops the full force of his rage, forcing Dean to take his baby brother and hit the road to save both their hides.
The damage is already done, though, and Sammy has some pretty serious wounds - mental and physical. He’s just starting to get himself together in the safe haven of Sioux Falls when John tracks them down, determined to finish what he started, and Dean is forced to do something drastic to protect his baby brother.
(No spoilery warning details here, beyond that it was written for a hardcore Big Bang. I can tell you it’s complete, though…)

Shotgunning Without The Front Seat || 1k+ || Not Rated || Completed

Dean is just a teenager who likes weed. Sam is just a teenager who likes his brother

I Need To Make It To The River || 6k+ || Mature || 3/?

When Sam Winchester was a baby, his mother Mary was murdered and her husband John quickly became the prime suspect. In his Kansas hometown, always the outcast, John was falsely accused of his wife’s death, so he took his son and fled town, living a life on the road…until now. It’s summer time and John decides to stay with one of his old Marine buddies and mechanic, Bobby Singer. Sam’s life changes when he meets the handsome green-eyed boy who works there.

The Time Traveler’s Brother || 44k+ || Mature || Completed

  His whole life, Dean Winchester travels through time, forwards and backwards, but he always comes back to Sam. Dean doesn’t believe in destiny, but if it does exist, his is Sam. This story is inspired by Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time-Traveler’s Wife.

Impolite || 1k+ || Explicit || Completed

Punishing Omegas via sex in public is banned. Alphas are allowed to spank them, though. And Dean gets very turned on whenever Sammy spanks him.

If It’s Red, Drink It || 99k+ || Explicit || 29/?

The day Azazel’s son turns sixteen years old, there’s a big party thrown in his mansion to celebrate prince Samuel’s birthday. The boy is smart but quiet, and not used to the world outside his dad’s home. He also carries a secret that shapes his life and burdens him constantly. While the most important people in town will be there to take part in the event, people like Dean Winchester, the son of the town’s mechanic and Azazel’s enemy, is definitely unwelcome at the party. Dean, who has a reputation for his great charm and libido, can hardly resist the chance to crash this party and provoke his dad’s foe.
What happens when Dean, an experienced and seductive lover, lays eyes on Azazel’s mysterious and shy son will cause old secrets to surface and change their lives forever.

Set-Up || 2.6k+ || Explicit || Completed

Dean gets jealous when he sees some guy’s hands on his brother. He decides to remind Sammy who he belongs to.

The Boy Who Sees Lucifer, But Don’t Call Him that || 1k || Teen And Up || 2/?

Sam Winchester has known the man, only he sees, since he was born. Lucifer, but don’t call him that, it boosts his ego too high.

Birthday Drive (Wincest)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @spnkinkbingo
Square Filled: Road Head

Ship: Sam/Dean
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: underage (Sam is 16), birthday sex, oral sex, rough oral, implied bottom!Sam, road head, PWP, smut
Summary: It’s Sam’s 16 birthday, and Dean wants to do something special for him. Sam’s got plans of his own.
Word Count: 2514
A/N: Tags are at the bottom, send an ask to be added to my tagslist!

“Happy birthday, Sammy.”

Sam blinked a few times, rolling over and looking blearily at Dean. “Huh?”

“It’s your birthday, man. You’re sixteen. I expected you to be jumpin’ around an hour ago.”

“What time is it?” Sam groaned, burrowing a little deeper under the ratty motel cover.

“About nine. Come on. I made you breakfast.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“Took off already, working on interviewing folks,” Dean said. Sam peeked at him over the covers.

“For how long?”

“Don’t know. He said he’d give you a break since it was your birthday. So we have the whole day to hang out. Why don’t we go for a drive?”

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Sam enters the motel room quietly, trying not to limp as he moves towards the bathroom–at least Dean isn’t here to see this mess. Sam wonders how long it’ll take for his big brother to come back from that hunt, and for a second his mind forces him to wonder if Dean will really come back. He groans and drops his backpack somewhere between here and his way to the bathroom.

He just needs to get rid of all the blood on his face and clean his clothes and find some painkillers. That’s a good plan.

Sam doesn’t need to worry about Dean. His big brother is a great hunter and this is just some simple salt&burn. He’ll be fine, just like Dad. Sam’s the only one in this family who can’t take care of himself– and a quick glance in the mirror proves it. His face is a mess, a broken lip and a swollen nose and dried blood everywhere.

He could take care of himself if he wanted, obviously. Dean trained him better than that, but he doesn’t want to be the school freak. Not this time.

A sudden hand on his shoulder startles Sam out of his mind and he turns around quickly, his heart beating too fast against his ribcage. Dean and his stupid, silent steps– but he barely has time to complain because Dean’s fingers are grabbing his chin and pulling him close.

Sam swallows loudly at his brother’s scrutinity and looks away, cheeks burning in shame. Dean isn’t supposed to find out how weak and pathetic he is.

“What the hell, Sammy.”


“Really? Because it doesn’t look like nothing.” Dean furrows his brows and wraps a hand around Sam’s middle, stopping the teenager from escaping his grip. “Come on, tell daddy what’s going on.”

A shiver runs down Sam’s spine at the word. When they’re making out, it makes him feel strangely excited. But right now, in moments like this when he’s hurt, it makes him feel like a crybaby, a five years old. Dean knows exactly how to press his buttons and it’s stupid and unfair but it works, it always works.

Sometimes Sam hates his big brother for it, but he still loves Dean too much to let the feeling linger for too long.

“Just some jocks at school.” Sam mutters under his breath, finally being able to look away from Dean. He can’t keep staring at Dean when he feels like this. “I know you tell me to fight back but– I don’t wanna be a freak, daddy.”

Dean urges Sam to look at him again and when the teenager does, he smiles gently and presses a kiss to Sam’s forehead, soft and warm and full of affection.

“It’s okay, baby. Daddy will take care of you now.”

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Sam can’t help but smile as he notices Dean waiting for him in front of the school, looking so nice and great in his leather jacked and mullet rock echoing softly from the Impala. He’s been in a great mood since Dad praised him for a good hunt last week and Sam can just enjoy and push his luck– so when he gets close enough, he wraps his arms around Dean and hugs him tightly, waiting patiently until Dean gets the hint and kiss him just as Sam wants.

“Missed me, baby boy?” Dean asks, amused and cocky as always and Sam rolls his eyes. “You so sweet, Sammy. Wanna a romantic date at a fancy restaurant and roses, too?”

“Sure, why not.” Sam just shrugs and can’t not laugh loudly when Dean chokes and stares at him as if he’s grown another head. His brother is such an idiot sometimes Sam can’t even remember why he’s fallen in love with that guy–but there’s a lot of reasons and he just doesn’t want to think about it right now. “Jerk.”

“Bitch.” Dean shakes his head and presses a soft kiss to Sam’s lips before pulling away. “But for real now, what about hanging out with your awesome big brother?”

“I dunno, I have lots of homework to do.” Sam replies, but he’s smiling and wondering what Dean’s planning now. His big brother just shrugs.

“Your loss. I found this real nice place near the lake and it’ll be empty for another few weeks.” Dean says, looking around for a moment as if he’s trying to find someone. “You think that Amanda girl will want to come? She–”

Oh that’s a low blow and they both know it– but Sam ends up rising for the bait and jumping into the car before Dean can say something else. His big brother just laughs, gets in the car and kisses him again, and they stay there for a long time, kissing and holding hands and talking about random things until Dean revs the engine and starts driving towards the lake and this ‘nice place’ of his.

It’s just a cabin like any other they’ve found during their travels around the country, but there’s a nice fireplace and good, comfortable furniture inside, they have this nice view of the lake and more important–the place is empty indeed. Not that Sam doesn’t trust Dean- but sometimes his big brother is prone to do stupid things just to please Sam.

“So, your highness.” Dean says, dropping the leather jacket on the couch– but he’s almost bristling, like he’s expecting Sam to say something about the place. Okay, there’s something going on here and– oh. Oh boy, he’s planned this. “Is it good enough?”

Sam smiles and nods, pulling Dean to another kiss. “You didn’t kill the owner, did you?”

“Didn’t need to. I saved his ass from a black dog a few months ago and he gave me the keys for some time. We can use it until Dad comes back.” Dean wraps his arms around Sam, smiling almost gently, and brushes their noses together. “Love you, baby boy.”

Sam’s got this feeling telling him this is going to be a wonderful week.

dean taking care of sam (◕‿◕✿)

dean bringing sam books to read when he’s not feeling well enough to leave his bed (⊙‿⊙✿)

dean making healthy food for sam (◡‿◡✿)

dean stroking sam’s hair when sam has to take his medicine (◡︿◡,✿)

dean doing everthing for his little brother✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

{ send me a prompt! anon said: wincest right after stanford | tagging: @acesammy @angelicmeg @catharticsam @corrupteddean @golly-god @oh-jesus-sammy @policeofficerdean@purgatoan @vintagesam }

Sam pretends not to see Dean staring. It feels uncomfortable as hell, as if there’s something crawling under his skin and he just can’t get it off– but it’s manageable. It still feels better than the anger bubbling within his chest, hot and dangerous, poisonous even. More than once Sam had wondered what he would’ve done if Dean wasn’t around to keep him balanced, if he didn’t have his brother to keep his rage at bay.

He’d become a twisted, comically tragic version of his father, he supposes.

“You okay?” Dean asks suddenly, and just in that moment Sam notices his brother’s been trying to call his attention for quite some time now. There’s a hand resting on his tight, fingers digging deep into the jeans and Sam shivers at the realization. “Sammy?”

“I’m fine–” Sam clears his throat, tries to force himself not to blush under Dean’s touch. They both should’ve forgotten whatever happened between them all those years ago. Sam had tried, but… “Can you– y’know, stop touching me?”

Dean stares at Sam for a long second, frowns as he understands Sam’s request and finally moves his hand back to the wheel, lips pressed into a thin line. Sam sighs and presses himself against the car door, trying to keep a safe distance from Dean’s hands. He’s being selfish and immature, and Sam knows that– he just can’t. Not after Jessica, not this soon.

Not when he can still smell her flesh burning.

“You don’t need to jump outta the car just ‘cause I touched you.” Dean says, bitter and hurt. Sam sighs. Do they really need to have this conversation right now? Inside a car, in the middle of nowhere? Nope, Sam’s not rising to this bait. Dean won’t let it go so easily, though. “What, silence treatment now? Real progress here.”

“Fuck you, Dean. You ditched me.” Sam finally snaps, allowing himself to vent and get rid of some of all that anger for a minute. “I told you to come with me. We could’ve had a normal life and be happy and you do what? You fucking ditch me to suck Dad’s cock instead.”

“That’s not what–”

“Jess is dead.” Sam groans, ignoring the silent tears running down his cheek, and that’s enough to make Dean shut up for a second. The car had stopped at some moment but he’s not even paying attention. “She died and it’s been only two weeks. Excuse me if I’m not so eager to get into your fucking pants right now.”

“I’m sorry, Sammy.” Dean says softly, and some of the anger bubbling inside Sam slips away, leaving him tired and empty. It’s just too much right now and he wants to keep fighting–

Instead he pulls Dean closer and kisses him deeply. His brother tastes the same, even after all those years apart. It feels like being home again, and Sam’s not running away this time.