#i find it hard to believe #that dean winchester #who is always three steps ahead of the bad guys #and can’t look at a game plan without giving his two cents #and is just overall a brilliant and cunning strategist #always legitimately loses rock paper scissors #by always choosing scissors #which leads me to believe that he lets sam win #because sam is his baby brother #and whether it’s giving up the good cereal even if there isn’t much left #or being the one to deal with awkward situations #he’s going to take it upon himself to do the dirty work so sam doesn’t have to #it doesn’t matter if they’re five and nine or twenty five and twenty nine #except he doesn’t want to look all gushy and sentimental #because no chick flick moments #so he plays dumb and always picks scissors #because sam KNOWS he’ll always pick scissors #even if it means doing something he doesn’t want to #just to see the smile on sam’s face #and to make sure his baby brother isn’t doing something he doesn’t want to do

Friend 1: What kind of guys do you like?

Friend 2: The romantic one.

Friend 3: The nerdy one.

Friend 4: The athletic one.

Me: The fictional one.