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 Questions by casbutt-butt

1. Where are you from ?

  • Iowa, US. If you remember two things about Iowa, remember: It’s corn, not potatoes. And, yes, we do have electricity.

2. A movie that ruined your life ?

  • I’M REALLY BAD AT REMEMBERING MOVIES WHEN I NEED TO. I’ll probably think of the perfect one three days from now. THE ONES WHERE I CRIED A LOT, I DON’T KNOW. Between Hobbit, Merthur, and Destiel feels I’m really struggling here. Okay, I really don’t know atm. I can’t watch Quarantine without becoming a statue, I guess. I’ve watched it twice in my life and then my birthday twin got it for me for my birthday several years ago and I don’t even like touching it or seeing the case.

3. First fictional crush ?

  • ARAGORN ARAGORN ARAGORN Someone might’ve come before him, but he’s the first I clearly remember. I was six or seven when I got LotR: TFotR on VHS and it was right away my favorite even though the orcs scared the silent shit out of me and I couldn’t be leaning against the sofa on the floor and have my body on the crevice between cushions or near any cracks really because I was paranoid one of their flat weapony iron things would chop me up.

4. Your favourite food ?

  • pasta/chicken/thai

5. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits ?

  • To an extent. My belief lines on that are kind of shifty and blurry, but yeah. My mom had some experiences in her old house as a kid.

6. If you won the lottery, what would you buy first ?

  • All the books and all the TV shows. And some etsy things and fandom wear. And a laptop because I need one for college in the fall. And a new bridle. And some really nice dance costumes. Um.

7. First movie you saw in the theatres ?

  • Uhhh…Chicken Run? Or maybe Spirit.

8. What’s the most amount of money you’ve spent on something ?

  • Fabric for my Confessor dress, I think. Fucking crushed velvet.

9. Something people do and you hate it ?

  • When they say they hate something without giving it a go.

10. What is your dream car ?

  • I don’t really know much about cars, but I really like black ‘67 Chevy Impalas. Like. You know.

11. Is there snow outside your window ?

  • Unfortunately.


Questions by johnjamandjumpers

1. Favourite symphonic instrument?

  • All the strings, but I guess cello.

2. Favourite writer?

  • I’m terrible at picking favorite writers, almost as bad as favorite works. Ummm…RR Martin, Bukowski, Plath, strangenessandcharm???idk it’s been a while since i’ve finished a book sO MCUH FIC

3. Best fanbase you’ve joined?

  • Legend of the Seeker was my first and probably also the nicest, but Supernatural is also great except for the bitches and LotR has awoken from hibernation now, too, soooooo….ALL THE FANDOMS ARE NICE

4. Best year of school thus far?

  • Junior year (11th grade, age 16-17). Most people say that’s their hardest year, but I didn’t find it too terrible, and I actually really enjoyed PreCalc (the teacher is gr9) which was super refreshing because I hated Algebra II in tenth grade (the teacher, ugh, I understood nothing) and it was also the year I met Rylee who is this crazy cool chick and I was comfortable around her right away (which is really odd for me) and we had the exact same music taste and we were both weird as fuck and it was just great.

5. Coke or Pepsi?


6. Do you wear glasses?

  • Perfect vision, bitches.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

  • New Zealand or somewhere in Europe, but sometimes maybe Canada. Like, I’d spend summers in Canada, winters in New Zealand, and Spring in Ireland or France, and Fall in the UK. That’s as narrowed down as it gets.

8. Personal hero?

  • I’m really bad at heroes, I just like weird people, um. I like Katie McGrath a lot. And Stephen Lunsford and Tolkien because he wrote fucking Lord of the Rings and Taylor Swift and Stephenie Meyer because they came from normal lives and BOOM made it big. But probably Misha Collins, I mean, let’s be real.

9. If you could pick any single fictional character to survive the zombie apocalypse with, who would you pick?

  • Like, to help me fight the zombies? I’m torn between Kevin Tran and Dean Winchester. Dean would be great at fighting in general, but I feel like Kevin would be good at setting up elaborate major big-time booby traps and stuff because he’s in advanced placement.

10. Favourite accent?

  • ALL OF THEM OMG. But I guess British, so cliche.

11. Languages you speak?

  • English is my first, I took three levels of German, and this year started Latin.

My questions. Oh boy.
1. Favorite quote?
2. PC or Mac?
3. Do you like pineapple on your pizza?
4. If you had one trip with the Doctor, where/when would you go?
5. What’s the dominant color/scheme in your wardrobe?
6. If you could pick a fictional character to be a grandparent, who would it be?
7. Favorite language? (Regardless of knowledge/fluency.)
8. What brand/scent of shampoo do you use?
9. Favorite fictional object?
10. Do you like fish? (As a food.)
11. Do you prefer overcast or sunny?

Is there a tagging etiquette thing? Should I tag the people who tagged me? I don’t even know. But I will. I don’t know. I’m bad at life and internet.

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Steve couldn’t believe that the cupcake in the front of the display had been named after him - hell, he wasn’t even sure why. Dean grinned at him in response to his gaping disbelief, passing over his latte with a wink.

“Wonder which tastes better, the cupcake or you.”

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thank you! :D

1. I love chocolate

2. I get attached to people too easily.

3. I like to help people

4. i love horror movies

5. I have a teddy bear called pauline

6. I can’t sleep without a blanket

7. I don’t like pizza 

8. I love summer

9. I am definitely not a morning person

10. I am allergic to guinea pigs

Let’s play a game

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How do you feel most of the time? Honestly, I feel kind of depressed most of the time. :\

Have you ever cried during an emotional scene in a TV Show? Well, I’m not usually the type of person to cry while watching shows, because I know it’s not real, but I’ve caught myself crying during Supernatural, especially during Death’s Door.

What’s the best thing about Supernatural? The fact that Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically co-dependent on each other. 

Porn? - No, no, that’s inappropriate… What was or is your favorite childhood cartoon? See, I put porn and childhood in the same line.  Haha, umm..I don’t know, Spongebob? Yeah, sure. Spongebob. I didn’t really watch cartoons often… Porn is cool too..

OTP? J2 and Wincest

What are your impressions on the last episode of Supernatural? - Like in, the last one you watched.  I liked it, Charlie was really awesome, and we realized Sam is a Potterhead, and Dean is very effective at flirting with guys - although, that’s nothing new of course ;) - And that episode made me hope even more that Gabriel is coming back, because Charlie reminded me a lot of him. 

How do you feel right now? TOO MUCH HOMEWORK. I’m just really tired, but I’m pretty content at the moment, because I’m on Tumblr. ;)

Jensen or Ackles? You: But it’s the same person. Me: No shit Sherlock. Haha, YES. BOTH. YES. YES.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? I made a Sam/Ruby set, and people reblogged it. Fuck Yeahh. 

Do you have something - like an object or anything else - that represents you? My computer. Yeah. 

What’s your top five favorite episodes of Supernatural? 

1. Swan Song

2. When the Levee Breaks

3. A Very Supernatural Christmas

3½. All Hell Breaks Loose (Parts 1 and 2)

4. Dark Side Of the Moon

5. On the Head Of A Pin 


Uhhh…Same questions^^^^ :)