deans pudding

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“Mr. And Mrs. Zeppelin, correct?”

“Yes, I’m Dean, and this is my wife Y/N”

Both you and Dean shook the woman’s hand. You had been forced to pretend to be Dean’s wife for a case.

A string of houses in this particular neighborhood had been haunted by some sort so paranormal activity, so you and Dean were pretending to rent a house.

“As you can see the flooring is brand new, along with the roof. Plus the walls are soundproof” she whispered winking.

Both of you looked at each other laughing.

“Well it is a lovely home, isn’t it dear?” You asked Dean putting

“Why yes… pudding pop”

You tried to hold back your smile, but you had to admit it was a dream come true to be Dean’s wife, well fake wife.

“Well I’ll leave you two alone to think it over”

The woman walked out of the room and shut the door

“Pudding pop?” You burst out laughing.

“Hey! It’s the only thing I could think of!” Now you were both laughing.

“I think we should be fake married all the time” Dean laughed

You knew he was joking, but you wished he wasn’t.

“Me too” you laughed still wishing you could be.