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He didn’t say much as the reaper came to him in the night, telling him that it was time, that he was going to have to pay the debt that he created that one evening. The reaper handed him the scythe and said that there was no world without death. He who kills death must become death himself.

And so that’s what Dean became.

He watched with tired eyes as his brother desperately tried to find a way to save Dean from this fate of an immortal eternity. He tried all the way up to the moment that Dean came for him one night, hand outstretched, saying that it was finally time to come with him.

And Sam did without question. He followed Death into the endless abyss, bowing his head for one final time.


honestly,,, jeffrey dean morgan just makes me so happy
i’m sure if you know me you’re sick of hearing it (hi gail, fight me) but like
he seems so sweet and he’s extremely attractive and his face always makes me feel better when i’m sad
i want to hug this old man forever and ever

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How alone did Benny have to feel towards the end of the line?  How alone does someone feel to agree to going back to the place he escaped from?  How alone does he feel to be able to look at Dean one last time and smile before saying goodbye?  

But that’s not the worst thing about any of that. 

The worst thing is Benny never knew Dean was waiting in Maine for him. He doesn’t know the first thing Dean asks about is him.  He doesn’t get to see the look of devastation and betrayal and hurt when Sam says Benny didn’t make it.  He doesn’t know Dean never burned his bones ( but burned his fathers, charlie, even bobby’s. )  He doesn’t know that Dean’s happy place was purgatory and him… doesn’t know Dean hallucinates about it in The Werther Project. 

The worst thing about how his story ends, is that Benny never knew how much Dean loved him.  

For the past decade Sam has dealt with his brother making out with hot chicks after cases while he sits in the car waiting. For the past decade.

So when Dean and Cas finally get their shit together, Sam is fucking thrilled until two days later when they’re separating after a case and Cas has Dean pushed up against the driver’s side of the Impala while he gropes his ass and aggressively makes out with him. 

Fucking great.

Sam sits in the passenger seat and after five entire minutes he decides he’s had enough and honks the horn.

This goes on for months.

Case wraps up, Cas has somewhere to be, make out session at the Impala, Sam honks horn.

Sam snaps the day Cas turns Dean around and basically dry humps him while Dean presses his hands into the roof of the car making…horrible noises. 

“Sure, Sammy, we’ll stop,” is all Dean says when Sam explodes at him on their ride home.

The next time Dean and Cas are saying bye, they don’t kiss or hug or grope at all. 

No, instead they do the handshake from Parent Trap.

Six times in a row.

Sam slides over to the driver’s seat and leaves them on the side of the road.

me @ me: don’t bash on a ship don’t bash on a ship don’t fucking bash on a ship. pls. remember therapy, remember therapy. deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths

livinginthequestion  asked:

*uncontrollable squeeing* Oh, good, they're talking food and recipes, Dean's happy place. Have you been able to overhear anything? What are they cooking?

So far they’ve made sourdough, beignets, and pecan pie. Dean is currently showing him how he makes the in house sweet ham, roast beef, and cajun fried turkey for the sandwiches. They’re going to make Benny’s gumbo and some of the specialty mayos Dean serves. Also chocolate pecan ice cream. The producer says they’ll make a bunch of stuff and then edit the best bits into the show.

As predicted, Dean and Guy have absolutely hit it off. Like old friends or some shit. The nervousness disappeared as soon as they started talking cars.

“This is your happy place and you don’t really want to leave.”

God, this episode is great. The twists and turns and Dean’s own mind picking up on him talking about purgatory and it being pure and how it sort of “freed” him (because it unleashed his id essentially) is just so amazing and tragic on so many levels.

On the one hand purgatory represents where Dean might think he belongs and would go if he died after what he did and became.

On the other hand purgatory sort of would be a dream come true for Dean bearing the mark. And endless way of sating it without endangering humans and his loved ones. 360-degrees-combat. That would delight him, the way hunting 6 vampires alone delighted him.

Really, this is briliiant and devastating at the same time. Because the way Dean is driven to the point of suicide here is not by making him feel bad (as it was with Suzie), but making him feel good and making him say goodybe appearing like coming home.

I have speculated a couple of days back about the possibilties how the whole thing might turn out in the end and how 2x20 “What Is And What Should Never Be” might come into play (see here) and by the looks of it, I think it could truly turn out to come to one of the two scenarios.

Either way… I am in LOVE.

The Tree House -  Part 3

Summary: Dean and you have been friends ever since you were children. The two of you always were inseparable and no one could ever come between you. He has always been protective when it came to you which he proved in High School when problems occurred around you. To your disappointment your parents came between you and Dean, wanting to move “for your own good”. Years have passed since you’ve seen Dean, but in the end you always find your peace together in one place, whether  it was alone or together. The old tree house.

Words: 1547

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Warnings: none

A/N: I’ve spent 4 hours writing this shit and it sucks but be gentle with me

The Tree House Masterpost

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He’s a Keeper

Characters: Dean, Reader and Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader is very into Dean, her happy place is being with him. Is he into her?

Warnings: Smut, swearing and a teeny bit of angst.

A/N: This is my entry for @cici0507‘s Cheesy songs decades challenge and I was given a 70′s song You’re so vain by Carly Simon. I gotta say, after writing this fic and listening to the song about 500 times for inspiration, I love it. Leave me feedback y’all, I love it so much. So as always thank y’all for reading and that the fruits of my labour is enjoyed!! Have a great day beautiful people!

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