deans attempt at an apology is saying he wants castiel to be his friend

The Arrangement (Part 9)

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Summary: You and Dean have an interesting morning, but Sam interrupts. Later, you and Mary have a little heart to heart, and Dean says something surprising.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings (don’t read unless you want some spoilers): mild smutiness / smutty thoughts, language, sexual tension per usual

A/N: Because the response to this fic has been so amazing, and I love you guys, here’s part nine early!! (Also I feel bad because this is MORE buildup to the gala. But I think you’ll like it) Once more, feedback is always welcome!

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Inspired by this text post 

Dean’s heart is restlessly pounding in his chest when he’s startled awake for whatever reason. He immediately kicks away the covers and crawls up until he’s sitting, his back heavily resting against the headboard, his stomach turning in protest. He runs a hand through his sweaty hair, and ouch, even that simple movement hurts.

It takes Dean a long moment before he realizes that it hurts because he has a headache the size of Canada. And then panic overwhelms him again, because shit, memories of last night are coming back to him all at once. He might have been drunk, but he remembers almost everything.

How they’d gotten back to the bunker after a hunt, tired but relieved. Him and Sam and Cas playing cards and having drinks, deciding to just have some fun for once; they deserved it, damnit. Sam going to bed around midnight, but Dean and Castiel going for one more round of scotch. And another. Which eventually, had ended in them getting closer and closer until Dean was kissing Cas right on the lips and telling him he wanted him.

“Shit!” Dean curses out loud, his blood turning to ice.

He glances around the room in alarm, then spots something on the nightstand that isn’t usually there. Actually, several items. A glass of water, some painkillers to go with it, and a tiny note. He reaches for the note first.

‘dear sober Dean,

don’t be mad, he kissed you back and he wants you too, it was about time you made a move, you idiot.
you’re welcome.

~ drunk Dean’

Holy shit. But before Dean can even begin to wrap his head around any of it, there’s a gentle knock on his door and it opens after a beat. Standing in the doorway is Castiel, carrying two mugs of coffee, the hint of a smile tugging at his lips as he mutters a quiet “Good morning, Dean”.

“Cas…” Dean sputters, clearing his throat. “I… I’m sorry for… You know, what I did last night.”

He goes for the apology, because it’s the only thing that seems to fit here. But the angel smiles and slowly shakes his head, closing the door behind him before calmly making his way to Dean’s bed, sitting down on the edge of it and placing the mugs on Dean’s nightstand.

“Please look at what’s on the back, Dean.” Is all he says.

Dean frowns at him, not yet awake enough to make sense of that order.

“The paper, in your hand.” Cas hints again.

Bewildered but curious, Dean does as he’s told. And indeed, there’s another message on the back, in a handwriting much neater than Dean’s.

'Dear sober Dean,

I want you too, but I won’t take advantage of you while you’re this far gone. If you still want me when you wake up, I’m all yours.

~ Partially drunk Castiel’

A silence stretches between them as Dean attempts to get with the program, until it all suddenly clicks. And the only answer that he gives Cas in return is a whispered “please”, knowing that it’s the right answer when blue eyes visibly light up at his response, Cas’ hand reaching for Dean’s. 

Their coffee goes cold as they properly trade lazy kisses for the first time, now both fully aware of it. Dean has to admit that for once, drunk Dean kinda did a good thing here.

Darkness Behind The Door

Request: Hi! I loved your oneshots and I was wondering if you could do like a depressed!reader where the reader doesn’t come out of her room for a while and something is really wrong. And could the reader be like 16? Thank you! 💜

Pairings: Sam x sister!reader (depressed!reader) ,  Dean x sister!reader (depressed!reader)


A/N: This was a lot deeper than I thought I was going to go with it, and I really hope you like it! If not let me know, and I will totally write you a new one and/or fix this one up to make it better! Thank you for being my first request! I really enjoyed writing for you!

A/N 2: If any of you ever need to talk, please message me, or send in an ask because none of you are alone! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY and I am always willing to help you all through your tough stuff! I love you all! Thank you for all the support, and make sure you know I am here, and ready to support you too! 😊

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list, or send in a request! Love you all! Thanks again!

The Winchester boys were on another hunt. Something simple, yet dangerous enough to make you worry. Usually, you would be pacing the floors of each room, waiting for a text message or phone call. The message from one of the two would let your heart ease back into its normal beating patterns and you would wait up for the familiar noise of the engine hum from the car. You would wrap your arms around them tiredly, but never letting into the drooping eyelids want for sleep. Your boys would return to you, and you would be at peace.

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You Deserve to be Saved

Synopsis:  Destiel Coda for 12.14.  In which Cas takes issue with Dean perpetually rolling over for his parents and serving as the family’s emotional giving tree. 

“So you and your mother reconciled,” Cas reiterates, having just been brought up to speed on the latest Winchester drama.  

Dean shrugs, not looking up from the firearm he’s currently dismantling on his bedside table.  “Yeah, Cas, I guess we did.”

“And you…apologized,” Cas concludes.  “To her.”

Dean looks up, a little surprised by how taken aback the affirmation sounds.  “Well, yeah,” he huffs.  “I mean, I was wrong, wasn’t I?  Mary…Mom, she’s her own woman, and I’m my own man.  We’re all adults here.”  Dean pauses, metal clinking in his hands.  “I should be able to get by without someone to…to kiss me on the head every night, or, or make me lunch or whatever.” 

Cas observes him quietly, noting the way his head ducks slightly, almost subconsciously, as though he’s ashamed by the admission.  

“I’d be happy to kiss your head every night, Dean,”  Cas offers.  “And though I’m not certain my culinary skills are up to par, I’d be honored to prepare you lunch every day as well.” 

Dean looks up again, brow furrowed, as though trying to determine whether Cas is serious.  After a few seconds, he manages a scoff.  “Come on, man, I just told you:  I don’t need all that junk.  I’m an adult, and I should be able to act like one.”  

With that, Dean hopes the matter will be resolved and Cas will let the subject drop.  Needless to say, he’s not so lucky.

“It’s not childish to crave love, Dean.”

This time, Dean pauses, dismantled pieces stilling in his hands.  He doesn’t look up – just stares comprehensively at the gun in front of him.  Reduced to the sum of its parts, it’s useless.  An ineffective weapon, just like him.

Nevertheless, Cas continues to pull him apart.  “Lunches and head kisses…they are a means to an end,” he says.  “What you really wish for, Dean, is someone to care for you.  To hold your needs as equal to theirs, and to treat you with tenderness and affection.”

Dean blinks damp eyes, wishing above all else that Cas would just stop.  “Cas-”   

“You deserve that, Dean,” Cas concludes.  The statement is almost ponderous, as though it’s a philosophical principle.  “You deserve to be loved.”

These words are the final straw, and Dean is the proverbial camel.  He breaks: he hates crying in front of people, even Cas, but he does, heaving quiet, shuddery sobs, pieces of his useless gun still cradled in his fingers like a broken toy.

He feels like a child, but he can’t stop.  Next thing he knows, Cas’s arms are around him, warm and strong and reassuring.

“I can’t…” he tries to say, gesturing futilely to his unfinished sidearm.  “I gotta…I gotta finish this.”

“It’s alright, Dean,” Cas assures him.  “Just leave it for now.  You’re more important than any gun.” 

Dean cries harder.  He feels like an idiot, but he can’t help but curl into the warm firmness of Castiel’s chest, letting him hold him tight like he did all those years ago. 

They stay like that for what seems like an infinitely long time, Cas resting his chin on the top of Dean’s head and murmuring soothing words in his deep, gravelly voice that make Dean feel as though his muscles are turning to jello.  He knows he should loath to be this vulnerable around anyone, but some part of him – a very large part – loves it.  Needs it, even, at his very core. 

“Now,” Cas grumbles, once Dean has calmed down somewhat.  “About Mary.”

“Cas, you know I-”  Dean starts to protest, but Cas silences him.

“I know how it feels to serve as the perpetual punching bag for those around me, and I know how easily it can wear one down.  Even the likes of the great Dean Winchester,” he adds wryly.  “So please, Dean, for my sake if not for yours, know that you don’t have to accept anything other than the best treatment and the utmost respect.  You deserve that, Dean.” 

Dean looks up, a tad desperately.  “Cas, look, I get what you’re sayin’ here, and I appreciate it.  But Mary…” He searches for a way to articulate his feelings.  “…She’s my mom.”

“And she’s my friend and charge to protect,” Cas affirms.  “As well as one of the finest warriors I’ve ever known.  This does not mean you have to accept her dishonesty, her manipulation, or the manner in which she’s treated you.  She’s an adult, and it’s well in her rights to make her own decisions – that does not mean you have to passively allow her to hurt you, even inadvertently.”

“She’s not, Cas.  She’s just-”  Dean starts to say, but Cas gives him that irksome, knowing look, and he falls silent, eyelids fluttering.  “Fine.  Then what should I say to her?  Tell her to kiss my ass?  Go screw?”

“No,” Cas refutes patiently.  “Merely inform her that she’s hurt you, specifically what she’s done to hurt you, and then don’t apologize afterwards.”

Dean blinks, attempting briefly to think up some snarky retort, but he falls flat. It sounds so simple, the way he says it.  

“Can you do that for me, Dean?” Cas prompts, looking at him with such gentle adoration Dean almost wants to break something. 

Instead, he just nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah, Cas.  I can do that.” 

The two of them just sit there for a moment or two, looking wordlessly into one another’s eyes.  It’s a kind of intimacy Dean’s never had with anyone else in his life.  No one but Cas.

After a moment, he manages a chuckle.  “You know, it’s funny:  all these years, Cas, and you’re still pullin’ me out of hell.  I don’t know how you do it.”

Cas smiles softly at him.  “It’s because you deserve to be saved, Dean,” he murmurs.  “You always have.” 


Request: Hi ! I had that idea of oneshot and I thought you could write it ? ♥ The reader like to cook (cookies, cupcakes, pies, brownies, chocolate cake etc…) and oneday she’s cooking and Castiel wants to help her ? A really cute and funny oneshot (something like they both ends up with chocolate on their face and why not a kiss?) ? Thank you very much ♥

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1386

Originally posted by valiantcastiel

Baking wasn’t a popular hobby amongst hunters, who mostly stuck to drinking and playing pool, but it was something you fancied. While you spent many of your days hunting down and killing monsters, it felt nice to create something that could make you and your friends smile. The act of baking eased your mind; it was a therapeutic exercise. Nothing in the kitchen was going to make an attempt on your life or tear you to shreds. In an uncertain world, it was a secure hobby, minus the occasional burn.

Maybe you developed a love for it from Gabriel, the sweet devouring trickster. Or maybe from the number of times Dean whined about not having enough money to buy a pie. Regardless, you’ve developed your baking skills, able to layer multi-layer cakes to creating custard tarts. From making chocolate chip cookies to biscotti. You had a baking thumb.

And the quickest way to a man’s heart was his stomach, even if it was unintentional.

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Now You Know What Happened

Past Cas x Reader, Present Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 2.1K

Warnings: A whole lotta angst (are you even surprised?), cheating

Written By: Kace

A/N: I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and now that it’s written, I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s base on The Pretty Reckless’ “Going to Hell” and in this fic, the reader becomes a singer and writes and performs this song. Actual song lyrics are in bold. I hope that makes since and I hope you guys enjoy this.

You never would’ve thought you’d end up here. The blinding stage lights hit your skin as you walked on stage, your band already set in their places. The screams from fans, demons and humans alike, echo through your ears.

You were never meant to be a singer. Sure, singing in the shower was always fun but you grew up a hunter. You were meant to hunt everything that goes bump in the night, but here you were, singing your heart out and practically praising the very things you were raised to hate.

The electric guitar and beat of the drum began to fill the small stadium as you looked out into the crowd. Shocked and hurt blue eyes met yours. You were instantly pulled back into one of the hardest parts of your life and you remembered why you were here. Why you left hunting. Why you hated anything that had to do with him.

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure calling out Mary for saying "I love you" is entirely fair, or comparing her use of the words to Cas'. Of course she doesn't love Sam and Dean as strongly as Cas does. How could she? She just met them, she's just getting to know them. But I think it's important to remember that even if Mary was raised as a hunter, she was still raised by a very traditional looking family, and the bar for saying "I love you" in a traditional family isn't so damn high. (1/2)

Mary’s frame of reference for those words is so different. Mothers tell their children they love them, all the time, for no real reason (I’m generalizing here. I’m aware there are lots of moms who don’t do this). Even when they feel distant from you, or they’re angry at you, or they don’t understand you. I think it says a lot more about what Sam, Dean, and Cas have been through than it does about Mary that in order to say things like that someone has to be dying. (2/2)

Oh, no. I’m not “calling her out” for telling her kids she loves them. I mean, I’m a mom, and I tell my kid “I love you” every day. The thing is, it’s not what I think about the importance or profound meaning behind a casual love declaration like that is. It’s what 12 years of Supernatural has stated this phrase means.

In TWELVE YEARS, Sam and Dean have never ONCE come out and directly said, “I LOVE YOU.” TO ANYONE.

(yeah Dean said it to Mary, while reenacting a scene that had occurred when he was four years old, and he once told Sam– in his djinn dream– to tell Mary he loved her)

But as far as we know, Dean hasn’t said those words TO ANYONE in more than 30 years.

Yet I don’t think that any reasonable person could argue that he doesn’t love Sam, or Cas, or Mary… because for Dean the words are meaningless without the proof, and that happens through actions. This isn’t me judging Mary for saying the words, this is how the SHOW ITSELF has established the way Dean understands what it really means to be “family.”

This is how DEAN defines love, explaining it to Crowley in 10.17:

DEAN: Never saw that coming, either. What is it, huh? Why you letting mommy dearest tie you into knots?
CROWLEY: Because… We’re family. Blood.
DEAN: That’s not the same thing. A wise man once told me, “family don’t end in blood,” but it doesn’t start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family’s there through the good, bad… all of it. They got your back… even when it hurts. That’s family. That sound like your mother?

Someone can SAY “we’re family!” until they’re blue in the damn face, but if they then turn around and stab you in the back and expect you to just roll over and accept it “because we’re family!” then… 

I mean going back to 6.21, Cas hadn’t really learned this lesson yet, either. He THOUGHT he had. The whole reason for agreeing to Crowley’s plan to “pop purgatory” was based on the fact that he could leave Dean entirely out of it. He started down this road in an attempt to PROTECT Dean, to leave him “in peace.” And he’d already gone too far down the road, and his desire to keep Dean out of it had already failed.

CASTIEL: I thought you said that we were like family. Well I think that too. Shouldn’t trust run both ways?
DEAN: Cas, I just can’t…
CASTIEL: Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call, and I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me, and now your threats, I just saved you, yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.
DEAN: Trust your plan to pop Purgatory?
CASTIEL: I’ve earned that, Dean.

Thing is, Cas was desperate here. If Raphael got that power instead, the apocalypse would start right back up and there would’ve been nothing anybody could’ve done to stop it. He was in an impossible situation.

I think Dean even recognized that, because he couldn’t even offer any viable alternative for Cas. He just knew that nothing good could come of Cas’s current plan. Partly because Cas had done ALL of it behind his back.

That’s one reason I’m relieved that Mary has come at least PARTIALLY clean here as early in the season as she did. It means she still has time to turn back and find another way.

She also doesn’t have the fate of the universe resting on her choices here, the way Cas did when fighting the war in Heaven. There were real stakes involved back then. If he lost, the whole planet would lose.

Mary’s not fighting a war. Not a real one, anyway. And yet, without planet-ending stakes on the table, she’s demanding Sam and Dean trust her choice to work with the MoL, despite what they’ve already experienced about working with them…

And she’s basing her demand that they “hear her out” on the fact that “they’re family.”

Which for Dean is just a different way of telling someone he loves them. People have to EARN that designation, even if they’re blood.

It’s fine for her to say “I love you,” and it’s a biological fact that they’re family. But to Dean, there is a difference between family and ///FAMILY///, and Mary’s violated one of the biggest rules for him:

She didn’t have their backs. She chose the people who’d been party to Sam’s torture over her own sons. And when the whole truth comes out about her part in 12.12, and what she’d really been sent there for… I think there’s going to be a MAJOR sense of betrayal.

Sure, she had no idea things were going to go so horribly wrong there, but if she hadn’t been lying in order to prevent Sam and Dean from finding out the truth about her working with the MoL, they would’ve been able to prevent that entire situation from happening in the first place.

And even AFTER all that went down, she STILL went back to work for the MoL.

That’s just not, in Dean’s definition of the word, what family would do.

All the words in the world can’t make up for her choices and her actions if it hasn’t changed anything. No amount of “I love you’s” can just make that betrayal disappear if she doesn’t actually do anything to demonstrate the fact.

Mary learned that the MoL had given her “bad intel” that nearly got Cas killed and DID get Wally killed. But she accepted Ketch’s apology and went right on working for them. Not only that, she handed over the Colt. If that had been Dean, he would’ve walked away from that arrangement. Like he did after Samuel tried to feed him and Sam to ghouls…

Samuel was “family” too. What would Mary have thought of his choice to resurrect her at the expense of her own sons’ lives? THAT’S NOT HOW WE DO FAMILY AROUND HERE!

Yet, that’s exactly how Mary’s choice to keep working for the MoL feels to Sam and Dean here…

Granted, Samuel had never known Sam and Dean before. They didn’t really mean anything to him. The fact they were Mary’s children was sort of an abstract concept to him. Mary was all that mattered to him.

That’s… kinda monstrous, no?

It’s this twisted bargain to bring back Mary at the expense of Sam and Dean’s lives that made it impossible for ANYTHING Samuel said to overcome that. In 6.16 (granted, it’s while he’s possessed by the Khan worm, but still…)

SAM Put your gun down.
SAMUEL What you gonna do, son? You’re not gonna shoot me. You got your soul back. You gonna shoot your own family?
SAM Yeah, I wouldn’t go with the family thing. Try again.

And then later, when Sam is feeling guilty for shooting Samuel:

SAM I don’t know. I mean, I barely remember him, and what I do remember – it’s not good. And what he did to us…But…
DEAN There’s a “but”?
SAM I mean, I just can’t help but think…What would Mom say?
DEAN You know what I think Mom would say? She’d say just ‘cause you’re blood doesn’t make you family. You got to earn that.

And just… in the show’s own shorthand, saying “I love you” and then turning around and going right back to work with the MoL are two contradictory things. Saying “we’re family” but then announcing you’ve been secretly working with the people who’ve hurt your family all along negates the family sentiment.

Yes, Mary wants a chance to explain, she wants Sam and Dean to hear her out, but I don’t really think there’s anything she can say to make her choice to continue working for the MoL okay. If at the end of 12.14 she stays on the MoL’s payroll, it would be as bad in Dean’s mind as Samuel feeding them to the ghouls.

And no combination of words can fix that. Only actions can.

One week after the earth-shattering weight of Castiel’s “I love you,” Mary’s casual and repeated use of the phrase despite having kept up this betrayal, combined with her pulling the “we’re family” card when she confessed… and then proceeded to “explain herself…” Well, this had better damn well be one hell of a weighty explanation here to justify those words, at least to Dean.

I’m just saying that the show has instilled both “I love you” and the concept of “Family” with far more meaning than they’d have to anyone else on the planet. To Dean (and to Sam, and even to Cas), they know and understand that these are not terms that are thrown around lightly. And the show has demonstrated over and over again that Mary doesn’t yet understand this.

This will be her “teachable moment.” 


Characters/pairings: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader, Rowena, brief Crowley and Castiel, Charlie

Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence, A LOT of angst, a shit ton of angst, a few curse words, it’s just pure angst and sadness

Word Count: 3420

A/N: I would just like to apologize profusely, first off. This fic has been in the works for a maybe two or three months now. I went searching through some Imagine gifs and found the one below which lead to the idea for this fic. It’s been through several layers of revision and was looked over like 5 layers ago by my Soulmate, Esther. So, all mistakes are mine. I’m honestly very sorry, but holy hell, I really like how it turned out. I am planning on writing a second part if y’all like this, but I’m not completely sure yet.

Italics is context, just to add to the emotional kick in the teeth.

If you would like to be added or removed from a tag list, or would like to make a request, please send me an ask!

Eleven years ago, Sam and Dean rolled into a small town in Wisconsin on account of a murderous clown. By the time they found and killed it, four sets of parents had already been murdered, yours being the last. Your parents became those victims in the movies that would’ve had a chance if the heroes had just gotten their shit together five minutes earlier.

You stood frozen in the middle of the living room while the two very tall men dodged the lamps and kitchen knives being flung at them. In between each object thrown, one would lunge at the clown in desperate attempts to grab him.

The clown finally hit the floor ten feet away from you with a thump. You stood there paralyzed, staring up with wide eyes at the men who had finally emerged from the hallway. The shorter one frowned, glancing at the taller one, but he was just staring back at you with a pitiful look in his eyes.

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Unbroken (Part 2)

A/N: This is the second part to my series Unbroken. There may be some mistakes and I apologize for that and I’m completely open to constructive criticism.

Summary: You’re an unidentified creature that has been captured by Sam and Dean, and Castiel has an interesting theory.

Pairings: Eventually Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

Click here to see Part 1 of Unbroken

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Sam looked at you and raised an eyebrow, “How do you know who we are?” He asked. You looked up when the bags of the food you ordered were being handed to you. As you grabbed them, you racked your brain knowingly understanding the mistake you made by talking to them, and trying to find a way out of this without giving the Winchesters anymore reason to be suspicious of you.

Thoughts flooded your mind of how to escape. You couldn’t afford for them to follow you and find Meg or Lucifer. So you knew you couldn’t leave without them choosing to let you go. ‘I shouldn’t have opened my stupid mouth’ you thought.’ “I.. I..” You stuttered trying to think of an excuse “I’m a hunter, just like you!” You claimed unconvincingly.

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Don’t Go Changing

Characters: Gabe x Reader

Summary: Some people have a habit of collecting stray animals, you have more of a knack for collecting stray supernatural beings much to the frustration of a certain archangel.

Word Count: 1878 words

A/N: This was an awesome request from the fabulous @littleblue5mcdork who has promised to love me forever if I wrote this so I hope I did a good job.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Try to see it my way.” Gabriel ran his hand over his face as he tried his best not to let his frustrations take over.  This was a conversation you had repeatedly, and more frequently over the last couple of months and it always ended the same way.  He desperately wanted to make you see just how much danger you kept putting yourself into but he may as well have been speaking Enochian for all the good it did him.

“Keep your voice down.” You hissed, glancing over at the doorway hoping your latest guest wasn’t listening but knowing full well the demon could pick up every single word and was probably smirking into his drink as he sat on your sofa.

“You cannot keep bringing every demon that looks at you with puppy dog eyes home with you.  He’s the fricking King of Hell!!!!” Gabriel whisper shouted at you raising his arms in the air in a gesture of pure frustration.

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Summary: When you’re in your room for a long span of time, Castiel becomes worried.

Warnings: Full-on (purposeful) rants from the reader. The reader talks about non-supernatural stressors, so if you’re worried about supporting yourself/money issues/school, read with caution. *Nothing about self-harm or self-esteem*

A/N: Gee, I wonder how I thought of this fic… *beginning of the semester stress*. And I should mention that this takes place sometime in season 5, references to the apocalypse and Lucifer. Very concerned and cute Cas.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1217

Originally posted by godshipsit

“The Colt will kill the devil?”

“Yep,” Dean told Bobby, following with a bob of the head, indicating he had more to say. “Know where he’s gonna be and everything.”

Dean, Sam, and Castiel had arrived at the Singer household moments prior, but Castiel’s attention had been elsewhere. His eyes wandered every inch of the living room, scoping the adjacent kitchen from his seat on the couch. But you weren’t in his line of sight. He sensed your energy present in the house but itched to see you.

“Where is Y/N?” Castiel asked, cutting through Sam’s words. The youngest Winchester shared a brief bitch face, but out of curiosity, turned to his surrogate father, awaiting the answer.

“She’s upstairs in her room. Been up there the better half of the day.” Bobby announced, taking a sip of his beer.

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Mr. Perfect

@purgatoryjar some fluff for you

Dean had been running his tattoo parlor, The Painted Whore, for five years now. He definitely looked the part of a tattoo artist, his own designs, and the designs of other, swirled up his arms, across his chest, even swooped down his back. The only place he had yet to tattoo was behind his ear. (That one, he’d informed Sam, was special. Whatever was tattooed there was going to mean something.) He also had a couple piercings in his ears, a sweet muscle car and a leather jacket that, if the ensemble didn’t already do it, screamed “bad boy.”

He did well enough to help send Sam, his younger and far more respectable brother, to Stanford. And up until recently, Dean barely talked about his work, only occasionally sharing a funny anecdote of something that happened with Charlie or Benny, his two best friends. Also his employees. Still, for the last four years, Dean had made Sam his primary focus.

That all changed a year ago when “Mr. Perfect,” set up The Birds and the Bees next door.

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Soundtrack of Us (Part Eight) - Gravity

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

Word Count: 3100+

Pairing: AU!Dean x musician!reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Jess, Ellen & Jo Harvelle, Castiel, Russell (OC), Dan (OC), Lisa

Warnings: mention of death, cemetery, angst, some fluffz

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s Note: part eight is finally here after a month! I apologize, guys. life’s been a tad crazy, but we’re here! we finally get to put some troubling things behind us and move toward a happier ending. please be patient w me <3

Song is Gravity by Sarah Bareilles. Lyrics bold and italicized.

Dean had you on his mind since he woke up this morning, only to find himself entangled with Lisa.

“What the hell?” he muttered as he threw the sheets off of his body. Lisa groaned while readjusting her position in bed without Dean against her. Dean’s mind scrambled, scared that he’d done something he regretted, scared that he’d done wrong by you. His brows furrowed and he attempted to wipe the shame off of his face with his hand, sighing when he recalled how drunk he was last night.

“Relax, De. Nothing happened, you just climbed in last night when you and Sam got home. Did you have fun?” Lisa said as she cocked an eyebrow. Her hair rested on her left shoulder and it fell naturally, daintily. The thin cotton of her top slid down one shoulder, making Dean’s eyes wander as guilt shot through Dean’s core.

“Yeah, I did,” Dean snapped his vision kept his answers short, not wanting to entertain the woman who had constantly shattered his heart. Lisa noticed.

“Dean, can we at least just talk? We can be friends,” Lisa whined.

“Friends? Lis, give me a break. I didn’t think I was capable of loving or even deserving of any type of love or affection because of you,” Dean spat. “You know, with Y/N, I just feel like everything’s right. Everything’s meant to be. I deserve this and I want to be what she deserves,” Dean’s mind flashed to the night you had. He was happy. He couldn’t think of anything else that made him feel whole other than your body pressed against his. Nothing compared to the electricity that ran through his veins when you touched him, when you kissed him.

“Do you love her?” Lisa asked. Her eyes were soft and for once, she was actually listening to what Dean had to say.

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G e l i d [oneshot]

read on ao3:

title: Gelid [previously Save You From The Cold]
genre: Fluff and a tiny bit of h/c if you turn your head upside-down and squint
pairing: Dean/Castiel
words: 4.3k
warnings: Some swearing, otherwise none. (unless you count slightly out of character!Dean and freezing/on the verge of turning into a human popsicle??)

summary: Dean gets himself locked in a freezing vault for several hours while on a hunt. Castiel is there too.

notes: Screwed up indentations! Yay! Also, I suck at ending fanfics, you’ll come to find!
Beta’d by the lovely Fallingravity on Ao3! **I take requests!

simplified excerpt: "Dean, are you alright?“ Castiel’s concerned voice tugs Dean from his thoughts, compelling him to glance up at the angel with round green eyes with a simple hmm?, although he’d heard the question the first time.
"I asked you if you’re alright. Are you?” Castiel repeats. Dean nods slowly, only then realizing that he’s shivering.

    “Dammit!” Dean shouts when he hears the door close behind them- ‘them’ being himself and his angelic companion, Castiel. Dean turns tail and pounds his fists against the heavy metal in frustration. He definitely does not grimace or wince in pain when the cool steel comes into contact with his bare hands.

    “Dean, stop. That will hurt you. Let me try.” Castiel insists. Dean turns to look at the angel angrily, but the malevolence in his eyes simmers when he meets the steady, ever emotionless, yet somehow comforting gaze of his friend.

Reluctantly, the hunter steps away from the vault’s door and allows Castiel to take a hit at the stubborn metal. He doesn’t doubt the angel’s strength one bit, but he seriously does doubt that it’s going to be that simple. His suspicions are confirmed when Castiel’s hands deflect from the material, almost as if there’s a trampoline-like barrier separating his touch from the door.

    “No,” Dean hears the angel mutter. Dean has nothing more to say other than the stupid question of 'what?'– idiotic only because he definitely knows the answer to it.

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Nobody But You

Pairing: Michael x Reader
Warnings: None 
Word Count: 1254
Request: “Could I request a fluffy Michael x Reader where they like each other but won’t admit it so Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel keep flirting with her to make Michael jealous so he’ll finally admit his feelings?” by anonymous.

If there was one thing you hated, it was sudden silence whenever you walked in a room - especially when the people that went silent were close friends. It left a heavy feeling in your gut, as if something was off. As if, perhaps, there might’ve been something you weren’t supposed to overhear. Which is exactly the feeling you got when you walked in on a rather peculiar scene: two hunters and three angels, all grouped together in conversation. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like they were scheming about something. To you, it seemed like a good reason to get the hell out of dodge.

As soon as you walked into the Bunker’s common room, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, and Michael all halted whatever hushed conversation they were in the middle of and turned to stare at you. Sam and Dean glanced at each other, both looking rather smug. Castiel was obviously nervous while Gabriel looked just as smug as Sam and Dean. Michael, on the other hand…well, Michael just looked frustrated - which automatically prompted your suspicion.

“Uh…hey, guys,” you spoke, your tone dripping with your obvious discomfort at having all eyes on you. None of them seemed willing to talk, but you couldn’t tell if it was serious. Before you walked in, they only sounded frustrated - and maybe amused? “What’s going on?”

Gabriel glanced at the boys before making his way over to you. Wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you towards the group, he spoke all too cheerily. “Nothin’, sweetheart. Has anyone told you how amazing you look today?”

You glanced at your outfit: jeans and a blue plaid shirt over an old shirt - your usual outfit and certainly nothing special. Gabriel’s sudden compliment left you confused given he was never one to be so blunt. “Thanks? You sure you’re feeling okay?”

“Never better,” he grinned. “In fact, I’m feeling peachy. Hey, Cassie - whaddya think? Y/N here lookin’ good?”

“She looks…beautiful,” Cas replied, a slight tinge of red coloring his cheeks. Although he sounded sincere, you couldn’t help but feel the compliment was forced.

Dean pulled you away from Gabriel’s embrace and between him and Sam. You glanced between the two of them, unsure of what exactly they were playing at. “I’ve never seen a more gorgeous person,” Dean smirked. “Y/N, we really oughta go out some time.”

Before you could reply, Sam had cut in. “You know Dean, I really think Y/N would prefer me - I mean, I’d take ‘em out on an actual date. Y’know, to a real restaurant and everything, not some local burger-and-fries diner.”

“Thanks, guys, but really -”

“Oh, no,” Dean chuckled. “You are totally not their type - isn’t he, Y/N? You’d go for the brave, leader type - and Sam’s definitely not that.”

Sam rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms arrogantly across his chest. “Say what you want but they’d want someone who can sweep them off their feet and still give them a challenge. You’re too predictable, Dean.”

Gabriel pushed Sam and Dean out of the way and wrapped his arms around you once more. “You guys are idiots - none of you know how to have any real fun. Y/N would want someone with a flair for adventure.”

“Really, guys, thanks, but I still don’t get what’s going on,” you interrupted hastily, before anyone could talk over you again.

“We’re just pining for your attention,” Gabriel smirked. “After all, not all of us are brave enough to -”

There was a loud slam that caused all five of you to jump when you noticed Michael had gone missing from the room. You pondered the fact that he could’ve been the one to storm out, but you didn’t understand why - not that you were understanding anything that was going on.

“That’s your cue,” Dean nudged you. “Go after him, kiddo.”

“Wait, what?” You sputtered, looking between the four of them. “What the hell is going on?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “You’d find out if you went after him. Hurry, before he poofs outta here.”

You glared at him, but nonetheless quickly jogged out of the room and into one of the Bunker’s many hallways. Michael was only a short length down the hall and it didn’t take you very long to reach him. He was visibly fuming and more angry than you had seen him in a while. His brilliant green eyes avoided yours as you stood in front of him.

“Hey, you okay?”

“They are all very childish,” he replied curtly. “I am sorry you had to see me storm out as I did; that was rude of me.”

“It’s fine,” you consoled. “I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

“I’m truly fine, Y/N. Thank you for being concerned,” Michael smiled lightly.

“Right…” you replied. “You wouldn’t happen to know what they were doing back there, would you? I mean, that was pretty unusual.”

“They were trying to make me jealous,” he replied bluntly, if not somewhat detached. “It worked.”

You gaped at him, convinced that you must’ve misheard. “Wait…that was all an attempt to make you jealous?”

“Yes, it seems that way,” he sighed. “I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable -”

“No, Michael, this is great news!” You exclaimed happily, unable to contain your smile.

“It is?” He glanced at you in confusion.

“C’mon, you’re an archangel - you should be able to tell,” you teased him. When he didn’t reply, you sighed. “It’s a good thing that you got jealous. Well, maybe not good, but otherwise I would’ve never found out…anyway, the point is, I like you. A lot.”

“I wasn’t aware,” Michael smiled. “Well, actually, I refused to believe it no matter how much Sam and Dean and my brothers tried to convince me. I refused to believe that someone as perfect and incredible as you would take interest in an angel.”

“See, that’s our problem,” you quipped. “Both of us never thought the other would fall. I never thought an angel - an archangel, at that - would like a measly human like me.”

“You are not just a ‘measly human’ to me, Y/N,” Michael replied, suddenly serious. “You are perfect. Brave, kind, funny, selfless - there are so many positive things I could carry on about but in the end it all amounts to who you are. There is nobody but you that I would ever want. I am sorry I waited so long to say something.”

“That was sweet, Michael,” you replied as you stepped closer to the eldest archangel. “And you are the only one I could ever want.”

Closing the distance between the two of you, you gently pressed your lips to his. Michael relaxed against you as he deepened the kiss, cupping the back of your head in one hand and keeping his hand other on your waist. You locked your hands together behind his neck, trying not to smile at the feeling of his soft lips against yours. It was a moment you had been hoping for but never brave enough to try. What seemed like minutes later but was actually only seconds, you pulled away, keeping your gaze on his. “That was….”

“Extraordinary,” Michael completed. “Does this mean we are a couple?”

“Would you like us to be?”

“Of course,” he replied confidently. “As long as you do.”

“Yes, Michael,” you laughed. “Of course I do.”

Stupid Cupid

Summary: Dean x Reader. Dean tries to keep the reader from joining them in an interrogation of a Cupid. 

Triggers: None

Word Count: 3589

Y/N = Your name  

The first of what will be a whole lot of Dean love for Valentines day! You can read the date night series leading up to this here! A series of oneshots where the reader goes on dates with some of the Supernatural characters. More date nights will come as well even after Valentines Day!

Dean had been quiet and kind of grumpy since Sam cracked the case wide open with the discovery of a symbol that was clearly Enochian in nature on two of the victims. By the worried looks the guys had shared you knew they’d come across something similar before. And from the lack of their normal pre-hunt adrenaline boost you knew it wasn’t going to get easy even though you’d finally caught a break. But Dean had remained silent to your questioning as you waited for Castiel to arrive.

Sitting silently at the library table you waited for the angel to arrive, sending a pleading look to Sam to let you in on what was going on. But he seemed just as unwilling to talk about it as his brother. A look of badly veiled disgust and horror clouded his eyes as he shook his head at you. Shaking away what looked like a whole lot of barely suppressed memories along with it. It wasn’t until Castiel arrived that you learned that it was in fact a Cupid that had the guys looking so worried.

“Are cupids hard to deal with or something?” You said, interrupting Sam as he was briefing Castiel.

“They’re cherubs, and no, they are third-class angels. Harmless, for the most part,” Castiel explained as the boys stayed tight-lipped on the subject. The angel’s explanation made you even more confused as to why the two men who had literally looked death in the eyes with a take no bullshit attitude looked like they dreaded talking to a third-class angel.

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Discoveries part 2: Tension. An SPN Fanfic

 Description (This is part two of my story Arc called “Discoveries”. Click here for part One.)

Ever since Gabriel found out you liked being tickled, you’ve spent the majority of your time fighting off involuntary laughter. Everyone in the bunker has made a habit of reducing you to helpless giggles…well, everyone except the Winchesters. Sam and Dean have barely touched you since Gabe’s last pranking spree - at first, you’d worried that they were grossed out. However, after noticing the way both hunters act around you during a tickle-attack, you begin to think that maybe there’s more to it. Maybe, they’re doing the opposite. What if those two were actually planning your demise?!

Word Count: 5,800

Author’s note

Holy flip! I didn’t realise this thing was 5,000 flipping words untilI checked the WC on a whim. This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! I really like writing this particular arc - I hope you guys like it! Feedback and constructive criticism, as always, are welcome. Thank you!


This fic has a lot of tickles, and a couple of tickle tools are involved - nothing extreme, though. If reading about being held down makes you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t suggest reading this.


  Life at the bunker had been chaotic to say the least. It was impossible for you to go an hour without someone making a joke about…it. You were almost constantly blushing, all because Gabriel had decided to reveal your kink to everyone last night. It seemed that your friends used every excuse possible to tickle the snot out of you, and you simultaneously loved and hated them for it. As if that wasn’t enough, the residents of the bunker had taken it upon themselves to research what made you blush most – ‘residents’ chiefly referring to Sam and Dean, of course. Those two had the power to completely and utterly wreck you – but they hadn’t, not yet. The most you’d received from the two of them were some teasing words and a few light tickles on your sides, but nothing too extreme. A sinking feeling in your stomach gave you the suspicion that they were merely gathering info for a big attack, figuring out your weaknesses before striking. The thought filled you with a squirming dread that made you want to crawl out of your skin.

  And that was just Sam and Dean – everyone else had almost killed you at least once, Kevin included (You’d decided to hide his headphones, and had paid dearly for it.) Charlie was no better, either; that morning she’d asked for a cup of coffee, which you quite frankly couldn’t be bothered to make. Your refusal resulted in her tackling you to the sofa, sending you into thralls of screaming laughter. And the angels - oh gosh, the angels. Sometimes you wondered if those two divine beings were quite as holy as they seemed, because the combined sensations of their Grace had left you oxygen-starved for the best part of half an hour last evening. The two of them just didn’t know how to stop.

Not that you didn’t enjoy Cas’ fingers currently digging into your sides, of course.

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What We Need

Cas has trouble reading life, people, most things in fact. He’s intelligent but doesn’t know the first thing about social interaction. That’s where Dean comes in. Cas can’t read people like he can read books but as the months go on he begins to read emotions in a similar way. Specifically: his emotions toward Dean.

Cas liked some things and disliked others.

He liked talking. In fact he loved talking a lot. It was down as one of his favourite things. He could talk for hours and hours on end about bees, different colours and what they meant not just to people but to him.

He would talk a lot to his best friend, Dean, as they lay back on a hill side of freshly mowed grass and looked up at the night or day sky.

He also liked Dean. Dean was understanding and helpful. They had just met last week and Dean was already the nicest person Cas knew. Dean was in his law lectures and they found each other on the same row, got talking and then Cas called Dean his best friend.

Also, Dean liked some things Cas liked too, for example sci-fi shows, drawing (Cas was an excellent artist, Dean thought), a natural curiosity for solving things and of course righteousness.

Something’s though…Cas liked less. He doesn’t like people. Apart from mother and Dean. Sometimes Gabriel on a good day. He doesn’t like sarcasm or jokes or anything above non-fictional and topical conversations he could understand, or Vulcan.

Cas knew that this was not normal, because only he didn’t like it. While others were laughing he just stood there and questioned what was going on in their minds. How they could grasp this concept?

Today Cas was going to sit next to Dean again. He clung to his books and walked hp the stairwell to the room, 10 minutes earlier than he should have like always.

But it had to be exactly 10 minutes otherwise he’d walk away again and wait until normal time. Cas understood other people weren’t as strict on themselves.

“Fucking watch it, gay boy,” some guy purposely walked into Castiel, causing him to drop his notes and study books.

“Hey, Novak’s on his knees!” One teased, spitting at him. “We all knew it, cock sucker!” This, to Cas’ misunderstanding, made a few people laugh harshly at him.

Cas couldn’t grasp what was funny, let alone understand the insinuations. It was complex for him, but others found it common? How? He kept thinking.

Suddenly there was a load of shuffling around him as Cas stood up and a voice telling people to shove off. Cas expected beatings to come with this voice of authority.

Instead he got a hand on his shoulder and another on his waist. “Cas, it’s me. It’s Dean.”

He knew Dean. Dean was nice and caring and now brave. But Cas didn’t like contact so he shrugged away, shaking off the feeling of being touched. Then there was the other things he didn’t like: eye contact. People made it all the time and yet Cas felt imposed and scared…somehow inferior. It wasn’t a nice thing he felt mostly with eye contact.

Eventually he willed himself to look at Dean, into those calm and forgiving green eyes. “Thank you Dean. I-I don’t understand what happened…did I do something wrong?” Cas also knew his voice was considerably deeper than other humans’.

“No, you did fine, buddy. They were all just being idiots. Don’t worry about them, ‘kay,” Dean patted his shoulder making Cas flinch and clench tightly to his books more.

Then Dean took out his phone and pulled Cas gently to the wall of the corridor. Cas tilted his head and squinted, unsure of what he was still doing here with Dean. He checked his watch. It was long overdue the 10 minute mark and so he should walk away and come back on time.


“Do you have a cell I can reach you with?” Dean asked.

Cell…as in his mobile communication system he carried around with him and got teased for because it looked like it was from 2004. “Yes…I do. But I hardly see how you will need to borrow it as you have your own?”

“I was going to give you my number, so,” Dean held out his hand and Cas handed over his phone. He trusted Dean very much because Dean was good. “So, if anyone ever causes you trouble again, call me and I’ll come as soon as I can, sound good?”

While he was talking, Dean appeared to be putting in his contact details. Then he quickly handed it back with no hesitation or scratches or teasing remarks on it. Yes, Dean was very good.

“Yes, okay.” Cas tentatively took it back and wiped it on his black sweater, getting a weird look from Dean. Cas also didn’t like other people touching him or his things. “Promise?”

“If it’s humanly possible for me to help you, I promise,” Dean reassured and then turned around, seemingly leading them to the lecture room together.

So Cas liked Dean. Along with many other things Dean was his favourite, and slowly climbing up to be his all time best thing that’s ever happened to him.

One time when Cas was getting called names, he texted Dean and Dean was there within a minute. Out of breath but still managed to push off the people giving Castiel grief. Another couple of times Dean and him were at various parties and Dean always explained jokes and sarcasm in a way he could understand. For example one time Charlie, his female best friend, said she’d ‘totally date that Brad guy’ and Dean went on to explain that not only was Charlie a lesbian but also the guy had hit on her and was an idiot. Cas knew ‘Brad’ as one of the bad guys. This he understood as sarcasm and a joke and joined in.

He’d never seen Dean more proud or happier for him as he smiled and let out a soft chuckle.

“I like it when you laugh, you should do it more often. It suits you,” Dean complimented.

Dean was then driving him home early from social events because of the noise and the incompetent, irrelevant and unworthy of his time kind of people swarmed him. And Dean always made sure Cas was safely in his apartment and they shut all the curtains before saying goodnight.

Dean was a very good man. From what Cas knew, Dean was his best friend.

This one time Cas and him walked into the city off campus for the first time together to get some food Cas needed to buy as Dean said he ‘couldn’t have home delivery for the rest of his life’.

There was lots of bright colours and people marching down the street, others shouting and smiling at each other. There was two men and two women kissing on a large poster people carried.

Cas stared at it all for a long time, standing still and watching it all go by so much so that Dean lost him and had to go back to move on. When Cas wouldn’t move with verbal encouragement, Dean stood next to him and watched too, arms folded.

“Do you want to join in?” Dean asked loudly over the music.

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My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

Dean is impatient to have his first kiss, but he’s picky about who exactly he kisses. (500)

A/N: Title from the song “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 (feat. Ke$ha).


“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen.”

“What?” Castiel glanced over at his best friend Dean, who was still casually working on his math homework.

“Bela Talbot kissed Victor Henriksen,” Dean repeated without looking up as he erased a mistake and started to redo the problem.

“That’s nice,” Castiel said, frowning in confusion as he watched Dean. “Why are you telling me?”

Dean sighed and finally returned Cas’ gaze. “Because,” he said, exasperated. “Bela’s an annoying pain in the ass and it’s not fair that she had her first kiss before I did.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “This again?” he said, returning to his own homework. He only had a few more questions for English before he was finished.

Dean smacked his arm lightly, trying to get his attention. “It’s not fair,” he complained. “I mean geez, even Becky Rosen has kissed someone.”

“I’m aware, Dean,” Castiel said, ignoring him. “You only told me twenty thousand times after it happened.” Dean smacked him again and Cas finally looked up for the second time. “What, Dean?” he asked, exasperated. “It’s not like you haven’t had the chance. There are plenty of girls dying to kiss you.” He wasn’t lying; it was no secret that Cassie Robinson and Lisa Braeden, who were both popular and attractive, had crushes on Dean, but Dean never showed any real interest in either of them.

Dean at least had the decency to blush at being called out. “But I don’t want to kiss them,” he mumbled, looking away.

Castiel had no clue where Dean was going with this, but it was getting annoying. “Look Dean,” he started. “If you’ve had offers that you haven’t accepted then you can’t complain about it. If you really cared that much you would have just kissed someone already. But you haven’t, so–”

“I want to kiss you,” Dean interrupted in a rush, still not looking at Castiel.

That was not what Cas was expecting and he didn’t know what to say. “M-me?” he stammered, suddenly thrown off guard. “You want – you want… me?”

“Yeah, silly,” Dean said, finally risking a glance at his best friend. “I thought if I brought it up enough you’d get the hint,” he muttered with a sigh.

Cas couldn’t help it and he laughed out loud. Dean’s face fell and Cas attempted to calm himself down.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” he apologized. “It’s just… this isn’t a big deal to me, but if I kissed anyone, I’d want it to be you.”

“Really?” Dean asked, starting to look happy again.

“Really,” Castiel confirmed before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to Dean’s lips. He pulled back, smiling at the surprise written clearly on Dean’s face. “Was that good?” he asked casually, not expecting an answer.

“Mhmm,” Dean mumbled, and then he leaned in for another kiss. “Definitely,” he confirmed a moment later.