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Clingy - Request

(Don’t I already have a fic named like that?)

Requested by anon: One were the reader is feeling clingy and follows and bothers sam all day and sam is really confused.

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1.296

Warnings: Clingy reader, a tad bit jealous Dean.

A/N: Today is Sam’s day! (Yes, I know it’s Friday and it should mean Sequel Friday buuuut I need to move on with the requests) Be prepared, Sam girls. ;)


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The tall, long-haired man was sitting at the library’s table, with a beer in hand and reading something of great importance on his laptop. She was at the door, sneaking, hiding, trying to come up with a plan on how to approach without being annoying.

She decided that the best she could do was act normal. After all, they were dating; it wouldn’t be real if she suddenly hugged him.

So she walked forward, wrapping her arms around Sam’s shoulders as she pressed her forehead to the back of his neck. Sam left his beer on the table and instantly moved both hands up to caress her arms. They didn’t say a word.

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Love at First Sight - Draco x Reader

Hi guys! This took a long time and I’m sorry! This didn’t turn out like I wanted it to and if you want me to re-write it with more of a jealous Draco, please just let me know! I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!! :) 

Request - anon: can you make a jealous!draco imagine please?? just how he would be jealous & what causes him to be jealous? thank u in advance!!

Warnings - strayed from the request a little bit, cursing, jealous draco, Seamus and Dean make their first appearance yay! If there’s more, please let me know

Draco didn’t think he was the jealous type. In fact, he had everything he had ever wanted - or so he thought. Draco wasn’t aware of his jealous tendencies until Y/N came along. Y/N was beautiful with her H/C hair and E/C eyes. She had a good vibe about her and people genuinely enjoyed being around her.

The first time he spotted her, she was bent over a textbook in the library. Her hair hung in her face. Draco could only see her profile, but he could tell she was attractive. He made his way towards the girl, but stopped in his tracks as a boy from Gryffindor sat across from her. Draco watched as she paused her reading. He studied her face now that he had a better look. If he had believed in love at first sight, he was sure this was what it would feel like. He didn’t believe in that though. How could someone fall in love without even knowing anything about the other person?

Weeks passed and Draco made it his personal mission to get to know the girl better. He’d make sure to sit at a table across from her. He would purposely sit closer to her in classes. The boy was so fixed on getting to know her that Blaise had caught him staring at her one day at breakfast.

“If you like her so much, just talk to her, mate. It’s not hard. I know Y/N and I could possibly introduce you two if you’d like.” Blaise suggested. Draco shook his head.

“I’m not afraid to introduce myself to a girl, Blaise. I’m not incompetent. It’s just she’s always hanging around that Gryffindor rat. Is she dating anyone?” Draco asked casually.

“Not sure. Would you like me to find out?”


By breakfast the next morning, Blaise had an answer for Draco. She wasn’t dating anyone, but she did have an eye on a certain boy in their year. Blaise begged and pleaded with her to tell him, but she wouldn’t budge. Draco was disappointed to hear that Y/N had her eye on someone, knowing it couldn’t possibly be him. He decided to step up his game. He headed to the library that Saturday to find her.

Much to Draco’s pleasure, he found Y/N sitting in the library at the same table she always sat at. Much to Draco’s displeasure, he found two boys sitting across from her. He sucked in a breath and continued his journey towards the table. Two idiot Gryffindors weren’t going to stop the Slytherin prince from introducing himself to a girl. Besides, she was worthy of more than a Gryffindor. He pulled out a chair beside her and sat.

“Sorry, is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, it’s not.” Pink rose to her cheeks and she scooted her books spread across the table back towards her.

“What are ya doin’ Malfoy? She doesn’t want to talk to ya.” Seamus Finnigan stood from his seat across Y/N. Dean Thomas, the other boy who had joined the two today, rose from his seat as well. Draco stayed seated, knowing very well that he was not going to leave until he at least introduced himself.

“I just wanted to introduce myself,” he said, turning towards the girl beside him. “I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. There will be no need to introduce yourself. I know exactly who you are.”

He winked and turned his attention back to the two boys in front of them. Seamus and Dean were staring at Draco like he’d lost his mind. Seamus took his seat once again, followed by Dean. Draco frowned. They were supposed to leave, not sit back down.

“We were going to study. Would you want to study with us?” Y/N asked. Her eyes met blue ones and she quickly looked away. He was too attractive to even glance at. He smirked. Draco shrugged. He had other things he wanted to do besides study. It was a Saturday. Why stay inside when the weather was nice outside?

“I was actually thinking of enjoying the weather while it’s nice. Care to join me?” he asked. He pushed out his chair and held out a hand with a confident smirk. Y/N seemed hesitant. She wanted to stay and study, but she also wanted to get to know the famous Slytherin prince better. She shook her head.

“Unfortunately, I have to study for this exam coming up. Maybe some other time?” she offered. Draco’s smirk dropped. He gave a curt nod and roughly pushed his chair in. He was pissed. What did Seamus and his weird friend have over him? He was perfect. He had good grades. He didn’t get in much trouble. He was a Slytherin. What more could she want?

As Draco made his way outside, he grabbed his broom and headed to the Quidditch pitch to clear his head. He flew around the grounds for awhile. The warm air hit his face and worked it’s way through his hair. He didn’t mind because lucky for him he’d stopped using hair gel awhile ago. His hands became sore from gripping the broom so tightly. His thoughts were mixed up. It wasn’t that he was jealous of Seamus and Dean. He was a Slytherin and they were Gryffindors. There was no way he was jealous of them.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He descended from the air. Draco put his broom away and headed back towards the school. His hope was that he’d bump into Y/N while she was alone. As soon as he returned to the school, he saw her H/C hair and familiar frame. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone. She was with Seamus and they were walking around the courtyard.

She threw her head back and laughed as Seamus said something funny. Draco felt the rage he’d felt earlier. He wanted to make her laugh. He wanted to walk that close to her. Draco couldn’t explain it. He didn’t even really know her, but he was obsessed from the moment he saw her. She was beautiful to him and it was a surprise when he learned that she was single. How could anyone pass up a smart and funny girl like her?

Seamus and Y/N took a seat on a bench. Draco stood behind a pillar. He felt like a stalker. He didn’t mean to seem like one, but if she’d just give him the time of day, he wouldn’t have to be following her around. The two sat close to each other, their knees touching. Draco decided to act on his feelings. He was confident enough in himself to walk over and stand in front of Y/N. She rose from her seat as he approached.

“Hi, Draco! You were right, it is nice outside. I’ve been looking for you.” she smiled and Draco felt his heart skip a beat.

“You- you were?” he asked. It felt like a dumb question, but he just wanted to confirm what she’d just said.

“Yes, I was looking for you. I asked around and no one’s seen you since lunch. I wanted to take you up on your offer, but you were nowhere to be found. Luckily, I ran into Seamus again and we’ve been hanging out. Would you care to join us?” She looked to Seamus and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll see ya later, Y/N. Find me when you’re done with the snake.” Seamus said and kissed her cheek. He took off in the direction of the Great Hall. Draco stared after him. Y/N glanced at Seamus retreating and then back at Draco. She smiled and waved a hand in front of Draco’s face. He flinched and turned his gaze back to Y/N. His fists were in balls and his jaw was clenched.

“Are you alright?” she asked. Her hand came up to rest on his shoulder and he took a deep breath.

“I’m fine.” he mumbled. She didn’t believe him and she wasn’t one to let things go.

“Are you sure? You seem angry. I didn’t say anything to upset you, did I? If I did, I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m just… how well do you and Seamus know each other? Are you guys friends? Or are you dating? If you’re dating, I will totally back off. You just told Blaise that-“

He was interrupted by his lips on hers. His eyes closed automatically and he savored the moment. She smelled like vanilla and an expensive perfume. Her lips tasted like birthday cake lip gloss. His hands traveled to her waist. He pulled her closer to him.

Her hands tangled in his hair. She couldn’t believe that she was kissing a boy she’d had a crush on since second year. They were in their fifth year now and she was surprised she’d had enough nerve to even be this close to him. He smelled of mint and fresh laundry. His lips were a bit chapped, but it was okay with her. She didn’t mind one bit. She pulled away quickly.

“Sorry.” she blushed. She tried to step away, but Draco’s hands held her in place.

“It’s okay. Er-“ Draco was at a loss of words for once in his life. “Like I was saying, I just feel like you and Seamus are really close and that he has a thing for you.”

Y/N laughed.

“He does have a thing for me, Draco. But, unfortunately for him, I have a thing for someone else.” She intertwined her hands with his and smiled up at him.

“Who is this someone else? Do I know him?” he smirked.

Their noses were touching. Her lips met his once again and she swore it was better the second time. They pulled apart and he wrapped an arm around her as they walked around the courtyard. Draco had had no reason to be jealous. Maybe love at first sight was a thing he could believe in after all.

Cas is being hit by a cat curse, and though it does not alter his appearance, it sure does his behaviour – unsurprisingly, to that of a grumpy cat.

Dean’s only thankful Cas remains on his two legs. Mostly.

Cas is entirely useless for their hunts, so he stays at the bunker at all times. There, he lies and dozes on the sofa, the dinner table, the library chairs, various kitchen furniture, and especially Dean’s lap. It’s absolutely embarrassing, to say the least, and the first time Cas crawls into Dean’s lap with a small snuffling sound, Dean instantly tries to shoo him away – at first with gentle coaxing, then with harsher words, then by attempting to bodily remove him. Needless to say, it doesn’t work out so well, which is how Dean ends up with his arms all scratched up and a softly purring Cas making his home in his lap. Much to the amusement of Sam, who didn’t even bother to try and help him, of course, instead only stood by and watched with a smirk.

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castielsmoon  asked:

deanbenny, obv! hey marlz!

hey cloud! <3

alright guys get ready for a hELL OF A RIDE LET’S GO

who’s the cuddler: they both love cuddling okay, especially in the early morning when they’re still sleep-drunk and warm and cozy and they get tangled in the sheets and in each other, with their legs woven together adn they just breathe in each other’s scent. (dean is mostly the one who initiates it in any other situation, though)

who makes the bed: dean is super sloppy, benny is always cleaning up after him. he makes the bed every morning and he always smells dean’s pillow when he does bc it smells so like dean

who wakes up first: dean is awake very early but he’s never really there yet. he’s far from being a morning person so he always just lies awake with his eyes closed and presses closer to benny so he’s listening to his heartbeat and he’s just content to lie like that for hours

who has the weird taste in music: benny listens to music from the time he was still alive & human and dean thinks it’s a little weird bc it sounds nothing like the stuff he listens to and he never quite grows to like it but he does love the peaceful, happy expression it gives benny so he really doesn’t mind at all

who is more protective: they’re both a little overprotective bc they both have a knack for trouble and it does get a little annoying sometimes but they both know it’s just bc they love each other and it saves their lives more than once, so. neither of them are really complaining

who sings in the shower: benny likes to sing cliché country songs in the shower so loudly it can be heard all the way down in the basement. dean just likes lying on their bed when he does, in the room next to the bathroom so he hears benny’s whisky drawl singing very clearly and he just closes his eyes and listens

who cries during movies: benny is super Not Prepared for all that emotional shit (when did movies get this good???? he doesn’t know) but there’s always a quiet sniffle from him and obv it gets him a lot of cuddles

who spends the most while out shopping: benny just likes expensive clothes okay, it’s not his fault he has good taste! at least he doesn’t just own 23482543 flannels and wear the same jeans every day

who kisses more roughly: benny looks a lil ruff but he’s actually v soft. dean’s the one that’s hungry for touch and in his desperation he tends to get a little handsy, a little rougher than he really means to be but benny doesn’t mind. he quite likes it, in fact, when dean grabs his face in his hands and crashes their lips together like his life depends on it

who is more dominate: benny but he’s like a soft dom. lots of kisses and gentle touches and teasing and spooning afterwards. benny is the big spoon ofc

gets jealous the most: dean gets jealous really easily and it can be a bit annoying but benny mostly just finds it amusing. he tries to make him jealous sometimes, just to see dean’s face turn a pretty shade of read when he stands a little too close to another man, or to see the fire in his eyes as he strides over and kisses benny obscenely in front of said other man

one headcanon I have: there’s just too many??? but one of my faves is woke dad!deanbenny that @lafitte came up with i’m still NOT OVER IT

nicknames: benny calling dean ‘cher’ is all i live for

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 429352958350349

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Jealous - Imagine request

Request:  Can I request an imagine were the reader is in love with Dean but he’s always sleeping around with other women so she asks Sam to help her get over him and Dean gets jealous of them!! Sorry it’s a bit long but it would be amazing if you can?!!

Character: Sam, Dean and reader.

Warnings: Slight mention of smut, loads of angst, fluff and low self-esteem

Word count: 2,211

A/N: I hope this lives up to your expectations. I made it a Dean x reader in the end because I’m a hardcore Dean girl, sorry about that :) Also, I’m very sorry that it took me this long, but tumblr wasn’t letting me publish from the phone so I had to wait to use the computer. Please, if this is rubbish, let me know. Feedback is always appreciated.

Dean Winchester was by far the hottest man to walk on Earth, or at least that’s how you saw him. You had been crushing on him since you met at a bar in Kentucky, where you were both there to delete some djiins. You had hunted together ever since.

His brother Sam and you had become best friends. In fact, he was the only one that knew about your massive crush on his brother.

“Look, he’s my brother and I love him, but you deserve so much better.” Sam insisted, both of you were sitting at the bar stool of some crappy place while Dean flirted his way into some hot red haired’s pants. You sighed, wanting desperately to be her.

“I know, I know, Sam… But it’s just… I can’t.” You looked away, not being able to see the man of your dreams whispering sweet nothings into other woman’s ear.

“You know what you need? You need someone to get you off.” Sam stated and you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Get me off? What does that even mean?” You asked.

“It’s easy. When you like someone who doesn’t like you back and you can’t get over that person, you use someone else to get your mind off from your crush and that way you can get over him.” Sam explained, and you nodded in agreement.

“Okay, but how do I get someone to get me off? I suck at flirting.” Sam pouted his lips while he thought of a plan.

For the rest of the night, you and Sam tried to get you someone. However, all of your attempts failed, leaving you broken hearted. After a few hours of rejection after rejection, you and Sam went back to bunker while Dean drove the red haired and her friend to a motel.

“I just don’t get it. Why did everyone rejected you?” Sam asked, he was a little tipsy. You and him had decided to drink everything there was in the bunker.

“I told you, I’m unattractive.” You complained, taking a swig from your beer. Sam slammed his bottle on the table.

“No, you’re not! You’re a very beautiful woman and Dean’s a jackass for not noticing you!”

Maybe it was the alcohol, or your necessity of feeling loved but, in a matter of seconds, you and Sam were making out. The two of you walked upstairs to Sam’s room, without separating your lips from one another except to take some piece of clothing. Soon enough, you were on Sam’s bed with him above you, kissing every inch of your skin. You moaned his names over and over, and he moaned yours. Your last pieces of clothes disappeared without you noticing and, before you could ask for it, Sam was already inside of you. His thrusts were deep and hard, overwhelming each one of your senses. You came twice and then Sam followed you, dropping by your side; both of you falling into a deep sleep.

“Sam! (Y/N)!” Dean called, he had just arrived. Sam and you moved a little, not sure what had woken you up. You were face to face to the younger hunter.

“Thanks, Sam.” You whispered and he smiled and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

On the other hand, Dean had noticed your trail of clothes, and he started following it only to find his brother and his secret crush in bed naked.

“What the hell is going on?” He bursted, both Sam and you sat up in bed; you covering yourself with the blankets.

“Dean, I can explain.” Sam said, but Dean was very pissed off to listen.

“Really, Sam? Is there anything you have to explain?” Dean was jealous, hell, jealous isn’t even close to what he was feeling. He was envious of his brother getting his way into her pants, having everything Dean dreamt every night of having.

“Dean.” You muttered, the hunter rolled his eyes and left the room.

“Stay here.” Said Sam, putting on his boxers on and running to his brother.

“Dean, wait!” Sam insisted, and Dean finally stopped walking.

“Why, Sam? For you to explain why you were in bed with her?” Dean bursted angrily, his voice becomes raspier and lower. “I don’t think so.” Dean said and turned his back on Sam.

“I was only in bed with her because you…” Sam wasn’t sure how to explain.

“Because I what, Sam?” Dean groaned.

“Because you weren’t brave enough to.” Sam let the words spill out of his mouth without any filter. “She’s been in love with you since forever, always watching how you took every chick home expect her. She even started thinking she was unattractive and all because of you!” Dean stiffened and turned around to face his brother.

“Right, so Sammy boy went to the rescue. Ain’t that right? You used her vulnerability against her and….”

“She asked me to! She spent the whole night last night flirting with a bunch of men, trying to find someone who could get her to forget you. And no one took her, so we came back home and drunk a lot more and she asked me to!” Sam eyes were watery; his pain becoming yours.

“If I had known that she…”

“She was obvious, Dean! You’re a nut-head and didn’t catch her stolen glances and how she blushes every time you’re close!” Dean huffed.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t matter anymore, right? Because Sammy boy took her in.” Dean’s jealousness was too strong.

“No. It doesn’t matter anymore because she’s heartbroken. She fell for the wrong boy and now she’s probably listening to all of this and feeling like crap!” Sam’s voice was raspier than ever, something that only happened when he was pissed off.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re intimate friends.” Dean mocked sarcastically, although his pain was visible.

“Would you stop?” You shouted, walking towards them. “I’m sick of you being an asshole, Dean.”

“Great, so I’m the asshole.” Dean clenched his jaw.

“YES YOU ARE.” Tears threatened to spill from your eyes. “I would’ve killed for you, Dean. And what did I got? To see you every night with another girl, ignoring me.”

“I have my reasons… That is not an excuse to sleep with my brother.” Dean muttered.

“Yes it is, Dean. Sam is the only one who actually looked at me, the only one to make me feel like I was worth something… And I’m not talking exclusively of last night, no. Sam was there every damn time that I cried for you.” You volume had become lower and lower until it was merely a whisper; you were crying. “So don’t come here and take it out on us, because it’s your fault.”

“Whatever, sweetheart.” Dean muttered and he turned around to lock himself in his room; but not before he gave you one last sad look. “For the record, the only reason why guys rejected you is because I told them not to put a single finger on you. So, now you know.” And with that said, Dean entered his room and slammed the door shut. Sam put a hand on your shoulder as comfort, but you shook it off.

“It’s fine, Sam. I’m fine… He’s your brother, so go on and try to fix things. I’ll be upstairs packing…” Sam shook his head desperately.

“No, (Y/N), don’t leave… He is a jerk, but please… You’re still my best friend and…” His puppy eyes shined with sadness.

“Sam, we both know this is for the better… I should’ve done it before, actually. I can’t stay here, Sam; not anymore.” You explained, and Sam ended up agreeing.

The hunter helped you pack; claiming that he wanted to give Dean his personal space to cool off before facing him again. Also, Sam wanted to spend the most time possible with you.

You knew none of the hunters would go after you -Sam had promised not to, and Dean hated you- therefore, you decided to walk, you needed time by yourself. Your bag wasn’t heavy at all, and you had a great condition so you decided to walk as far as you could, without resting or even looking back.

There was a small highway that separated the bunker from the nearest town, and it was empty. Not a single car passed by, and the sun was shining brightly and the grass was yellow. There were a few black birds flying around; apart from that, you were the only living thing in there. After a few hours of walking, you had started muttering your favourite song, trying to feel less lonely, when a familiar roar filled your ears.

A black 67 Chevy Impala was driving past the speed limit. He was still too far from you, but you knew exactly who was driving the car. You started running, in spite of knowing you didn’t stand a chance against Dean nor his car.

“(Y/N)!” Dean shouted, parking his car in the middle of the street once he caught a glimpse of you. You kept running, not looking back. Dean called your name a few more times, but ended up running as well. Since he was taller and faster, he reached you easily. “(Y/N) please, stop.” Dean begged, trying to hold your arm. You threw his hands away from you and continued walking. “Just listen to me, please.” He begged again, but you didn’t even look at him. Dean surrendered and wrapped his arms around you, carrying you over his shoulder and walking back to baby. You shouted and threw punches, but Dean didn’t even flinch. He left you down in front of the co-pilot’s door, and he stood right in front of you, his arms firm on each side, working as a barrier so you wouldn’t be able to run away.

“Let me go, Dean.” You said, looking away not to face his green eyes.

“First you listen to me; if you still want to leave after that, I won’t stop you.” You sighed, a sign that you had surrendered to his pleas.

“You have five minutes.” You spoke, Dean’s hands were sweaty and he was struggling to find the words but he wasn’t going to give up now.

“Okay… I um… I’m sorry, for everything… I was jealous and I… Sam told me that… I was an idiot, I am an idiot…” Dean stuttered, not being able to formulate a complete sentence. You rolled your eyes and groaned, finally looking at him.

“Four years, Dean.” You whispered, fighting back the tears. “For four years I watched you come and go with beautiful women; thinking that I was ugly and that you would never ever look at me the way you looked at them.” Dean’s face showed how regretful he was.

“For four years I tried to get you off of my mind with other women; not one of them half as beautiful as you.” Dean whispered back, clenching his jaw. “For four years I told myself that no one as amazing as you would ever like someone as crappy as me.” Dean pressed himself tighter against your body; you could feel his heart beating against yours. “And when I saw you with Sam, all I could think of was that you had finally found someone worth of you. So don’t think you’re the only one suffering, sweetheart.”

“You broke my heart, Dean. Every night, with every girl, you broke my heart over and over.” You cried, letting the tears finally free.

“And you broke mine, every time you laughed or even smiled a little…” Dean was also crying by now. “But I still love you with all my heart… Hell, if I weren’t an asshole I would’ve told you so many years ago.” Dean confessed, cupping your cheek on his hand.

“I love you too, no matter how much of an asshole you are.” You smiled between your tears and Dean took that as his cue.

He pressed his lips against yours. At first, none of you dared to move, scared that you’d ruin it, but soon enough you wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his around your waist. The kiss was slow and passionate, the kind of kiss that makes you forget about everything. Dean broke the kiss after a few minutes and pressed his forehead against yours.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry…” He whispered, you could see tears still spilling from his face.

“I forgive you, Dean…” You muttered, also feeling sorry. “I’m sorry for…”

“Shhh… Don’t say that, sweetheart. It’s fine.” Dean held you tighter against his chest. You nuzzled your face in his neck and he rested his chin on your shoulder. And you cried, you cried your hearts out in each other’s arms, letting go off every single bad thought, forgiving each other.

And from that day on, Dean stopped looking at other women, because he had the one with him. Sam and you remained friends, and he and Dean had made peace with each other. You went back to live in the bunker, except this time you didn’t got your own room; instead, you and Dean shared his, like real couples do. And everything was all right, in spite of everything, you two were just fine.

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I'll request the simplest thing: literally ANYTHING involving a jealous Dean. anything.

A bit short, but hopefully you’ll like it.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Dean had never been the jealous type. At all. That was before he met you though. Nothing romantically had never happened between the two of you, but you definitely flirted with each other. He didn’t know how much he should read into it though, and it drove him crazy.

Right now he was watching you flirt with the bartender at the local bar in the town where you were working a case. He knew it was just to try and get some info, but still it made his blood boil under his skin. He watched as you unbuttoned another button on your shirt, batted your eyelashes and played with your hair, and eventually he couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m out..” He said shortly and stormed off.

You didn’t understand what had gotten into Dean, but he disappeared from the bar in a hurry, and when you went outside to look for him, you could see him speed off in the Impala.

About an hour later you were back at the motel, hoping that Dean would be there, and that he would have an explanation as to why he just left you high and dry at the bar.

“What the hell, dude?” you asked as you entered the room and saw Dean flat out on his bed. “You were my ride!”

“I just figured you had your hands full with that bartender,” he snorted.

“I was working the case, Dean… If I didn’t know better I would say you were jealous.”

“So what if I am?” Dean asked as he got to his feet.


Dean didn’t answer you. Instead he walked up to you, cupped your cheek in his calloused hand. His emerald green eyes flitted between yours for a moment before he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. Your heart was pounding in your chest, butterflies erupting in your stomach, your knees growing weaker by the second. Dean Winchester was kissing you. Sure there ad been a lot of flirting between the two of you, but you had just thought that was Dean’s default setting. You had never let yourself hope that he might have actually been interested in you. Right now you had no time to question why he kissed you, you just wanted to enjoy the moment for however long it lasted.

Another Love - Request

Requested by @oaisara:  hi ok this is a random idea i had before falling asleep last night so sorry if its weird but can you write one where the reader is dating dean but they go on a hunt and a witch or something curses the reader and cas to fall in love with each other so her and cas are constantly flirting and making out and it kinda annoys dean obviously but sam laughs about it and its just really funny and light hearted??

Characters: Dean x reader, Castiel x reader, Sam, Rowena (small cameo).

Word count: 1,915

Warnings: none, I think.

A/N: I’m so so sorry for being late! I was ultra busy but I hope it was worth the wait. As a jealous girlfriend, I have no idea how to stay chill if things liek this happened so I hope I did a good job at this. Enjoy!

Originally posted by collinbatesworld

Dating Dean Winchester wasn’t an easy thing. His self-loathing and temper, his co-dependent relationship with Sam and that odd relationship he and Cas had could’ve made anyone run away. However, (Y/N) was a ride or die, and she wasn’t going to get scared because of simple things like so.

Of course, there was also the monster hunting, but (Y/N) was quite an expert on that. The Winchesters had started and finished the Apocalypse, freed Lucifer from his cage and set him back in before he came out again, freed the Leviathans and the Darkness, opened a door to Purgatory, and died more times than they could count; and still, (Y/N) hadn’t run away.

Dean was so thankful for her. He even texted Chuck to express his gratitude, a gesture Sam never imagined his brother would do. She was bad-ass, smart-ass, sassy as Hell, and so good to him… It was like a gift from Heaven, a gift he didn’t deserve to get.

(Y/N) had tried to work his self-esteem a little bit, but Dean would always be Dean and although he would never be completely accepting of himself, he had gotten better over the year him and (Y/N) had been together.

At first he had been a bit down, repeating over and over again that he didn’t deserve her, that she had to be with someone better; and (Y/N) made sure to take those ideas off his mind. Then there was the paranoid attitude, in which he would get jealous of every single human that dared to get closer than three feet from her – he was scared to lose her, to have her leave him for another guy; then again (Y/N) took those ideas off his mind. Dean was now fully aware that it would always be him. No matter what happened, (Y/N) would always choose him.

Or so they thought.

None of them liked hunting witches, and certainly witches didn’t like to be hunted down. Hence, when they tried to yank a witch in Alabama, she made sure to keep Dean busy for as long as she needed to escape. He would either jump off a bridge or find an opposite spell, either way, she would have time to escape to México.

From the very first second Dean stepped on in Alabama, the witch could tell his one and only was (Y/N), and that she was the main target if things got rough. She also noticed how loyal Sam was to his brother, as well as Castiel, and she could tell the angel was weaker, so naïve to the carnal emotions of this mortal world. It was the perfect match, and the perfect distraction.

They didn’t even notice when she threw the spell, less to say recognize the exact words, but (Y/N) and Castiel were on the floor, shaking uncontrollably and having pink smoke coming out of them. The brothers hadn’t seen such thing before; therefore they got more concerned about their friend and girlfriend’s health rather than paying attention to the escaping witch.

Once the witch vanished, the pink smoke disappeared, leaving a very confused set of hunters at an empty house in Alabama. Dean immediately held his girlfriend tightly against his chest, something he tended to do after either one of them had been in danger during a hunt – it showed how scared he was of losing her. The unexpected thing was when, after pulling back, (Y/N)’s eyes met Cas’.

Something fluttered inside both of them. Something strange, unfamiliar; something that they knew was wrong, but felt so right… They were instantly in each other’s arms, something they had never done before.

“Are you okay?” She asked with true concern, connecting her (Y/E/C) eyes to his blue ones.

“I’m good now.” Cas replied, stroking her cheek gently, as if she was going to break if he were too harsh.

Sam and Dean stared in shock. Dean mouthed his brother a “what the hell is going on?” to which Sam replied with a shoulder shrug.

“I’ve never noticed how blue your eyes are.” She mumbled, leaning a tad bit closer to the angel’s face. The angel blushed a little before licking his lips.

“My vessel’s eyes.” He murmured.

“Right, I forgot…” She giggled uncomfortably.

“What is going on?” Dean asked angrily.

“I think the witch casted a spell on me… Or maybe it was just his…” (Y/N) started, not being able to look away from Castiel.

“Don’t say it.”  Dean begged, making Sam laugh.

“She made them fall for each other.” Sam exclaimed. Dean nodded, finally understanding the situation. His angry look softened, turning it into a rather mocking one.

“That bitch.” He mumbled.

“I don’t mind falling for such a beautiful human.” Castiel commented.

“Never expected Cas to be such a cheesy guy with the ladies.” Sam told Dean as both brothers analysed their behaviour.

“That’s because she’s the only lady I’d like to be cheesy with.” Castiel spoke, although he didn’t look away from (Y/N). The huntress was now red, but she was so dumbfounded by the angel she didn’t care to cover it.

“Cas, I…” They kissed.

“So that’s how she looks like from afar…” Dean muttered.

“Aren’t you a bit jealous?” Sam furrowed.

Dean shook his head. “Nah, I know this is a spell… Also, it’s kind of hot.”

“You’re gross.” Sam groaned. He walked over to the angel and huntress, splitting them up – which caused both of them to whine. “Enough! Let’s get back to the bunker and find a solution.”

“But I need him.” (Y/N) complained, trying to reach out to Cas for Sam was puling each other apart with his long arms.

“Sam, I didn’t take you and your brother out of Hell for you to pull me apart from my true love!” Castiel roared.

“Cas…” But Cas was gone, he had teleported to be by (Y/N) side. The huntress had jumped over him so now her legs were wrapped around his waist while his hands held her hips – they looked like human koalas.

“For the love of…” Dean’s face made Sam lose his seriousness. It was a mix between confusion, jealousness and that shrug he made when he tried not to laugh.

“Okay, not fun. Let’s get back to the bunker.” Dean ordered, signalling all of them to get out of the house and to the car parked outside. “Do you seriously have to carry her?” Dean asked when he saw Cas carrying (Y/N) out rather than letting her on the ground.

“What if Sam tries to pull us apart again?” She asked back, giving Dean her usual puppy eyes – which Sam had taught her how to do – that always worked on him.

“Fine, but you can’t be all over each other on the car. It’s dangerous.”


“But nothing.” Dean interrupted both love-birds. They looked at each other sadly and agreed before getting inside the car.

“How does it feel to be parenting your best friend and girlfriend’s love spell?” Sam asked Dean with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Shut up.”

The drive was long. (Y/N) and Cas sat next to the other and even shared their seatbelts. Dean was managed to not split them apart, just because he knew it was a spell and nothing else. Sam couldn’t help but to make some bad-taste jokes about her wanting an angel rather than an ex-demon, and how Castiel could take her back in time to those concerts she and Dean wanted to go so bad, etc.

They stopped by at the motel they had been staying at and Sam and Dean had to pack everything up as fast as possible while (Y/N) and Cas ate each other out in the car – not literally, they were just so into kissing they looked like Leviathans – which made Dean want to cry while throwing up and inspired Sam for some more jokes, which were happily told during the drive back home.

The first night, (Y/N) didn’t sleep with Dean. She and Cas decided to spend the night on the couch. She would sleep as the angel watched over her protectively. Then, during breakfast, they couldn’t help but to be the cheesiest fucks ever.

“Want more my sweet human?” Cas asked with the sweetest tone possible.

“Yes please, my beautiful angel.” She replied in that same voice. Cas feed her with another spoonful of whatever she was having for breakfast as Dean looked at them disgusted.

“She’s never that cheesy with me.” He complained.

“You’re never that cheesy with her.” Sam replied as he continued to read a lore book in which, he thought, an opposite spell was.

“Hey, babe,” Dean called, “mind passing me the jam.”

“Don’t ‘babe’ this divine being.” Cas hissed, giving Dean the jam.

“Sorry.” Dean said. Sam laughed a lot more; it had been years since he laughed that much and that often.

A whole week went by and neither one of the Winchesters could find a solution. Desperate times need desperate measures, but they were too stubborn to confess their failure to Rowena, so they pushed themselves harder in order to find a solution on their own.

They tried a few spells, which only turned them a lot cheesier, and a lot more affectionate. They would make out all the time, whether there was someone in the room or not. Also, they would sleep together and even shower together – although Cas would stay outside the shower and just talk with (Y/N) as she washed herself. Dean was thankful that it was a non-sexual relationship, but he was starting to fear that, if they didn’t fix it, it would eventually turn that way.

“Let’s call Rowena.” Dean told Sam.

“You sound desperate.”

“I admit it’s fun to see them being silly and all… But she doesn’t pay attention to me anymore.” Sam chuckled.

“You sound like a baby.” He mocked Dean.

“How would you feel if your girlfriend suddenly hooked up with your best friend?”

“Fair point. But it’s just a spell, Dean.”

“Just call her, please.”

Sam nodded and called the witch, who arrived just a few hours later.

Before taking the spell down, she mocked Dean along with Sam. They called him all kinds of funny names and mocked his jealous rage. Dean limited himself to roll his eyes and sigh heavily with each comment.

“Can you just take that spell down?” He finally asked. Rowena nodded and with a flick of her hand Cas and (Y/N) were off the spell.

She was sitting on his lap, and what started as a staring marathon turned into both of their eyes widening, redden cheeks and a lot of strings of “I’m so so sorry”.

“A flick of your hand?” Dean hissed, “You could’ve done that half an hour ago.”

“I like to see you desperate, that’s all.” And before Dean could complain, (Y/N) was all over him.

“Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. That goddamn witch and her goddamn spells, I had no control over my body, I’m sorry…” Dean smiled proudly, for he was finally receiving the attention he desired.

“Dean, I’m very sorry. You know angels don’t feel, and that was purely witchcraft. I would never try to touch your partner.” Cas apologised. He seemed to be terrified at Dean’s possible reaction, and was keeping a fair distance between them.

“Back to normal, Sammy.” Dean smiled, looking over at his brother who had a mocking smile on his face.


“Okay, but what about a threesome?”

“Dean, you’re disgusting!”

Marco Polo

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,035


           “Marco!” Dean calls out to his daughter when she enters the room.

           Immediately, the six-year-old’s face lights up. “Polo!” She calls back.


           “Polo!” Hands outstretched, the girl attempts to locate her father by following the sound of his voice.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where Y/N and Sam are really good friends and Dean thinks it's them flirting but Y/N actually likes Dean. Then Y/N gets drunk and has a one night stand with Sam but after, Sam leaves (Y/N and Sam are still friends) because he knows that she loves Dean. Dean finds out but somehow Sam convinces him that Y/N loves Dean, not Sam. Then maybe jealous Dean for a bit and then maybe possessive smut with Dean and Y/N? Thank you!!😋💜

How dramatic!!! I will add this one!! <3

Requests are open, what can you request?

Safe - Dean Winchester x Reader (Office AU) - Part 3

Title: Safe

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,423

Warnings: Reader used to be one of Christian Grey’s submissives

Original Imagine: See here!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here!

A/N: Finally I have this up. Sorry for the delay I just had to rewrite it because, yeah, my pc is being a bitch. Anyhow, I know I made Christian a little bit of an asshole in this and I feel kinda sad. I guess he just needs love, not that I approve of what he did to Anna though.

Also, I am currently working on more of that Jensen one-shot as many of you asked so no worries ;)

Anyway, enjoy~! xx’

“He was my lover, Dean. Christian and I were lovers” you breathed out.

“Wh-what?” Dean stammered, breaking the silence that has surrounded you.

“He- He and I- We were romantically involved, if I could ever call that”  you mumbled, fidgeting with your hands.

“Oh” he said with no emotion. You looked up at him and saw him stare at you with an almost cold expression, his jaw was clenched and you could clearly see that he was… bothered? Why would he be bothered by you having an affair with with Christian, even in the past, unless… Unless he was interested in you?

You shook your head trying to dismiss the thought of Dean being even in the slightest bit jealous because he had feelings for you. No, that was only your wishful thinking. To Dean you were just an assistant, or even a good friend, but nothing more for sure.

“But I don’t understand, what made you want to quit your job with him then?” he asked in a rough voice.

“I-” you licked your lips “Things happened. But I should better start from the beginning” you saw him give you a small and reluctant nod and you continued speaking.

“When I started working with him I-” you let out a small sigh “I couldn’t deny that I was greatly attracted to him” you said.

Dean clenched his jaw at feeling pang in his chest.

“I mean, who wouldn’t be? He’s like one of the most wanted men in New York, along with you and Mr. Stark. Any woman would be attracted to him, much more when she would get to know him. I was no exception. His manners, the way he moved, the way he talked and treated me made me fall even harder for him. I-” you spoke but Dean cut you off for a moment.

“You were in love with him?” his voice was laced with disbelief and… pain. It was obvious when you saw the look of hurt on his face.

You averted your eyes from him and bit your lip “I- think I was, but you can never be sure right? Love is such a strong word and I-” you let out a nervous laugh “-I had never used it before, I have never used it at all. So I don’t really know if I was”

“But anyway-” you cleared your throat “I didn’t make a move on him, obviously. I am not that kind of girl and he was my boss. There was a high chance that he did not feel the same way, I was sure he didn’t. He had never responded romantically to any of the women that openly showed their attraction to him so why would he show any interest in me?”

“But he did” Dean pointed out.

You let out a sigh and nodded “Yeah. Yeah he did. It took me by surprise, really. I didn’t expect that from him but yet he did make a move on me. He asked me out. After almost one year of knowing him and being so close to him he had asked me out. I doubt I even thought of saying no at that moment. My mind screamed yes and sometimes I wonder if I screamed it as well” you let a small laugh “But we went out, anyway. Many more times in fact. Until of course we became a thing. We never said it openly but we both knew it. At least I thought so. And things were going good, really good in fact. He was amazing. The ideal guy. Sweet, romantic, gentle. Always caring and thoughtful. I couldn’t believe my luck, because certainly I couldn’t think I deserved all this.”

“But something happened, right?” he asked and letting out a sigh you nodded.

“Yeah, something… happened” you said hesitantly and looked down at your hands “He- Well, let’s just say that he wasn’t exactly what he let everybody believe he was.”

You glanced at Dean and then looked back down at your hands. There was not going back now “He had a much darker side to himself that he showed only to a few people. The ones that he wanted to, anyway, and of course the ones that were involved. He had what you could say… a double life. He…” you bit your lip, not knowing how you could say this.

“He what (Y/n)?” Dean sounded worried now. He was leaning in closer to you so that he could have a better look on your face, his brows were frowned.

“He was involved in the BDSM lifestyle, Dean” you breathed out, daring to look at Dean.

You saw his posture straighten and his muscles stiffen “What?” he asked, voice just as low as yours previously, his eyes almost wide.

“He- he was involved with the BDSM lifestyle, in the privacy of his Escala penthouse anyway” you repeated.

Dean merely stared at you for a good while, unable to form any words. You averted your eyes from his and looked down at your hands but his voice made your head snap to his direction soon “Tell me he didn’t ask you to…” he didn’t finish his sentence but you knew what he meant.

“He- He proposed me to become his next Submissive and I- I-” you took in a deep breath “I accepted” you said.

“What?” Dean breathed out and you teared your eyes from him, unable to look at him anymore.

“I was young back then Dean. Not really young but still I- I didn’t know much about-” you let out a shaky sigh “I didn’t have much experience and although I was reluctant to agree I- I did. I didn’t know much and I-I didn’t know what Christian was capable of” you tried to justify yourself, some tears rolling down your cheeks as you thought back to that time. But mostly because of what Dean was going to think now of you. Was he probably disgusted at you? Did he hate you now? Did he not want to have anything to do with you? You regretted even speaking up in the beginning now. You-
Dean wrapped his arms tightly around you and pressed his body as close as possible to you “No tears, especially for him ok?” he said firmly yet softly, wiping out the tears from your cheeks “And no need to justify yourself to me.” he forced a small smile on his lips.

“Continue. And what happened next?”

“He-” you wiped a few tears, pulling away from Dean “He offered me a contract that outlined my role as a submissive, his role as a dominant, rules and limits. I didn’t understand much. I knew a few things but still- I guess nobody could have ever prepared me for what was to happen. He- Christian was much more… painful than I thought. It- Every time felt like torture, Dean, and I- there were moments that I would pass out from the pain. And the worst of all was that he seemed to be enjoying it. I stayed, though, thinking that things would probably chance that I- I would probably enjoy it as well, that no matter what it was still Christian and whenever I was with him we wouldn’t be doing… all of that. But things were not like that. He got more rough, praising me that I was one of his best submissives and saying that he would go easy on me. But he never did. And I- I just couldn’t take it Dean. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was as if I didn’t know that man anymore. He wasn’t the same person I had feelings for in the beginning and the pain- the pain never stopped Dean. It hurt so much that I couldn’t take it. I-I even began to have nightmares of him- of him doing-” you shook your head, letting out a trembling breath as sobs escaped your throat “I left. I ended the relationship and left him. Quit the job so that I wouldn’t see him anymore because the pain was and is too much to take. I tried forgetting but… the marks will be a constant reminder. I-” you were cut off by glass breaking.

You hadn’t realized in between your crying and talking how Dean had gotten up. You could now see the pure rage written all over his face, his fists clenched and him gritting his teeth to obviously stop himself from breaking anything more. A few bottles with whiskey were now on the floor in pieces as in a swift movement he had thrown them away from the table.

“The bastard” he growled and you found yourself scooting away in fear, even though his anger was not directed towards you.

“If I get him in my hands I swear I’m gonna rip his throat open” he growled and you bit your lip in fear. His calm and collected behavior fading away immediately. And it scared you because you had never seen him like this before. Never.

“That son of a bitch” he grumbled and you could literally see the veins in his head pop up from his anger.

“No, please Dean- I mean, Mr. Winchester. There is no need for you to be angry. It’s- it’s not important” you mumbled the last part mostly to yourself but of course he heard it.

“It’s not important?!” his voice was laced with disbelief “What the hell are you even talking about (Y/n)! The hell it isn’t important! That bastard- he- he abused you. That two faced son of a bitch abused and you- you-” he let out a trembling breath “You think you deserved it, don’t you?” he ended up asking, his eyes wide as he came into that realization.

“I- It’s not his fault. I agreed to it, he didn’t force me into anything. It’s my fault.” you muttered, brushing a few tears from your face.

“What the fuck are you just saying?!” he roared and you couldn’t help but flinch at the tone in his voice “You can’t just be taking all the blame for what that bastard did you.” he all-but-shouted.

He put a hand on his waist and ran another down his face. He mumbled - or more like growled - some incoherent things that you couldn’t catch as he turned his back to you. You jumped when you saw him punch a nearby wall and your eyes widened as you saw the blood run from his hand. He didn’t seem to care though, he was fuming - literally - and the anger was clearly visible as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“It’s- it’s been a long time ago, there is no need for you to worry yourself with something like this. I’ve learned to live with that, anyway. Just like I’ve learned to live with all these scars. It’s- it’s not something I wouldn’t expect from him. Or any other man anyway” you muttered in between tears.

“What?” he breathed out and immediately turned to look at you, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“You’re kidding me right now, right? You have to be kidding” he asked but when he saw you not make a single movement his eyes widened even more.

“(Y/n)” he said more firmly but you did not look up at him, your head was bowed and your eyes focused on your hands.

“(Y/n) look at me” he said in a much softer voice, taking hold of your shoulders and giving you a slight shake and squeeze so that you were looking at him.

“You really think you don’t deserve something good in life?” he asked, his voice filled with hurt and you dared to shake your head. It was true that even before Christian you were rather self-conscious but after what had happened with him you had just been proven to the fact that you were not worthy of something good in life, of a man to treat you well. Of a man like… Dean.

“Oh (Y/n) but you have to see that you do. You do deserve something good. You do deserve for a man to love you and cherish you, sweetheart. You do deserve to be happy. You so deserve so much more than that asshole treating you like he did. You do deserve so much more than pain for that bastard’s pleasure. You do deserve much more, (Y/n)” he rubbed his thumb over your cheek he was now cupping.

“So much more” he whispered and you felt the corners of your mouth lift into a smile at hearing Dean say this. Mostly because he did not think any less of you after finding out the truth but because he actually treated you well and made you feel like you were worth something good. He gave you faith and hope in happiness. Something that with Christian you had long ago forgotten.

You had not realized how silence had surrounded you but you did not care anyway. It felt comfortable just looking at each other and being so close. Before you could realize it you saw him lean in and your breath hitched on your throat. You glanced at his lips for a second and you could swear that he looked at yours as well. Not that it mattered, though, because the gap between you was significantly becoming smaller and smaller until-

“I-I should better be going” you turned your head on the other side “It’s-it’s getting late and I should have already left by now” you mumbled.

He cleared his throat and pulled away “Yeah yeah. If- if that’s what you want. Yeah sure. I- I will take you there.” he mumbled and you quickly got up and away from him, biting your lip in thought of whether this was right or not.

Dean just sat there and let out a frustrated and sad sigh.


The ride to your home was silent, as much as it could be, and neither you nor Dean dared to say anything. You sometimes glanced at him and saw his eyes focused on the road, lips pursed meaning that he was deep in thought. Sometimes he would grip the steering wheel tightly in his hands as he thought to some things. All you did was gaze up at him and admire how the light you passed by illuminated his features just enough so that you could see him. Shining over his beautiful face that had you captivated.

At some point Dean turned his head to look at you and caught your eyes. You immediately averted them but could clearly imagine the smirk that would be on Deans face. You just looked anywhere but him but then you felt yourself jump. Your head snapped in Dean’s direction and then down to his hand holding onto yours softly, a small smile playing on Deans lips as he rubbed his thumb over your palm. The movement itself making a warm feeling run through you and goosebumps create all over your skin.

You bit your lip as you stared down at your hands and could hardly contain your smile… and blush. The rest of the drive was just spent with you sneaking glances at each other whenever you thought the other was not looking and locking eyes sometimes. Dean chuckling sometimes and you blushing like a mad.

“Here we are” he said as you reached your house; faster than you thought and even though you didn’t want to you removed your hand from his.

“Thank you for the ride and everything” you said and opened the door, about to exit the car. But him holding your arm stopped you. You turned to look at him with a small frown.

“(Y/n) are you sure you’re ok?” he looked worried.

You looked at him with an almost blank face but then a smile formed on your lips “Yes, yes I am. Thanks to you”

He smiled more and spoke again “Ok but if you don’t feel alright tomorrow you can take a week off, you know that? Or as long as you want to anyway. You rarely take a break after all.”

“No, Mr. Winchester I’m fine. Besides I like working with you.” you smiled and were quick to add “It- it takes my mind off things and such and yeah you know…” you trailed off with a nervous laugh.

“Alright then. See you tomorrow at work (Y/n)” he said and you nodded.

“See you tomorrow Mr. Winchester” you said and once again he stopped you before you could exit the car.

“Oh and (Y/n), please. Just Dean, when it’s the two of us” he said with a small smirk and you nodded.

“Of course. See you tomorrow Mr- I mean, Dean. See you tomorrow Dean” you said and he smiled more at hearing his name roll off your tongue so softly.

“See you tomorrow (Y/n)” he said in a soft voice and you smiled.

You exited the car and made your way to your house, not forgetting to turn and glance at Dean  that was still there watching you with a small look on his face.

-Next morning-

“Oh come on now!” Dean all-but-whined as you handed him another stack of papers.

“I’m afraid so” you could hardly keeping yourself from giggling.

“But come on, I think my hand’s about to fall off” he shook his hanging hand in front of and pouted like a little child.

“I’m sorry, but you are the CEO of this Enterprises. So the contracts need your confirmation Mr. Winchester” you told him with a small shrug.

He playfully glared up at you “I think I told you to call me Dean, didn’t I?”

“Sorry” you mumbled with a small blush.

“It’s ok, I can think of some ways you can make up for it” he wiggled his eyebrows at you with a grin and you rolled your eyes.

“Dean” you groaned and he chuckled.

“See you already got it” he grinned widely and then focused back at the papers in front of him that needed him to sign.

“What’s this?” he stopped himself from signing the papers in front of him.

“That’s uh, the contract regarding your collaboration with… the Grey Enterprises” you said “They called earlier and said that even though you did not attend your meeting yesterday they sent us the contract ready for you to sign. I went through it and I must say that it is actually really beneficial for our company so- What are you doing?” you stopped yourself and asked him as soon as you saw him tear the papers into pieces.

“We’re not collaborating” he stated, throwing the papers int a nearby bin.

“Call them- No, better tell somebody else to call them and tell them we refuse to collaborate with them.” he said in an almost growl.

You looked at him with a deep frown “But-” you only managed to say before he cut you off.

“We’re not going to work with them (Y/n) and that’s final!” he snapped at you and your eyes widened at his behavior.

“Sorry” he mumbled, running a hand down his face.

You hesitated but spoke “No it’s alright” you mumbled and he looked up at you with a small smile of his own.

“Ok then let’s talk about something else” he said trying to lighten the mood “What are you going to wear tonight?”

“What do you mean?” you frowned, leaning against his desk.

“At Tony’s party. I thought you knew about it” he frowned as well.

“Of course I do. Mr. Stark throws parties almost every night so that is not something new but I don’t know what I have to do with it?”

“Well Tony invited me over, obviously, but I don’t really wanna go there alone. So you are going to accompany me there. Besides, there will be some really important businessmen there so we will get to do some work as well, if that seems tempting enough” he said with a grin and you chuckled.

“It does sound tempting, I’ll admit” you said and he rolled his eyes with a knowing look on his face.

“But still… can’t you just go there without me? I know you’ll be able to manage without me” you asked him.

“I can. And probably I will, even though that seems really hard. But- I don’t really want to.” he looked at you with a soft smirk and you found yourself giving in.

“But I don’t have anything to wear” you said. In vain, though, because you already knew you were going to agree with him.

“Then take the rest of the day off. Get all dolled up and pretty, even though you already are, and I’ll come and pick you up by seven thirty. Ok?” he smirked at you and you nodded.

“Ok” you said.

You were happy that you’d finally get to take a break from your routine but at the same time there was a feeling in your gut that nothing good was going to come from this.

That something bad was going to happen. 

Blame It On The Alcohol - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  Hi could you do 10, 24 and 25 with Dean please? Where he has a chrush on reader?

Prompt: 10. There’s no way you’re going out like that. 
24. Do I look like a fairy? 
25. You can’t just pervert every costume out there.

Word count: 2,520

Warnings: A bit fluffy, drunk Dean, jealous Dean, mentions of sex.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

A/N: It took me quite a while to figure this out, mostly because I was feeling fluffy but didn’t want to make this a romantic novella. Either way, I really hope you enjoy it. Please remember that requests are always open, and so as feedback, suggestions, complaints, are always well received.

You carefully applied more glitter on your cheekbones, finally finishing your makeup. You had metallic purple lipstick, fucsia eyeshadow and pink glitter; you had also spray dyed your hair hot pink, putting it in space buns and wore some metallic bronzer to match the look. You put on your tiny pink dress and your also pink wings, before going out of your room.

It was Halloween night, and Sam and you were going out to town to an open Halloween party. Dean decided not to join for unknown reason, leaving you and Sam (who was as enthusiastic as his brother) to go by yourselves. Sam was only going to make you company, and to avoid Dean dragging him to the TV room to re-watch his favourite Halloween films.

It had taken you the whole month to finally decide a costume. You had tried all kinds of looks, but Dean would always turn you down on them. So, that morning, you and Sam went to buy groceries and a few accessories for Sam’s costume (a scarecrow) and that’s where you found it: It was bubble gum pink and shiny, and you loved it. Sam encouraged you to buy it and, a few hours later, you were all ready to go.

You walked down to the library, where Sam was waiting for you already. He had one of his old flannels on, his normal jeans and boots; his hair was the same as always and he had a hay hat on and a very poor makeup to simulate a scarecrow’s face.

“Tell me, do I look like a fairy?” You said, ignoring his terrible makeup. Sam tilted his head to the side and frowned.

“I guess… I mean, we both know that’s not what fairies look like in real life but…” He started.

“It’s Halloween, Sam! I don’t have to look realistic… Besides, I was going for a similar look to that Beetlejuice’s character with the…” Dean’s voice interrupted your explanation.

“Hey, Sam! I found some… Some thing we can use! Not sure what it is but…” He had appeared from the basement’s door, carrying an old brownish cloth. He stopped on his trails when he saw you. “What the…”

“It’s a fairy, like the one in Beetlejuice but…” You began.

“She’s supposed to be blue!” Dean exclaimed.

“I KNOW! But the store didn’t have blue body paint so I had to improvise a little!” You shouted back. It was normal for you two to start stupid arguments with each other.

“Whatever, it’s late.” Sam said, tired of hearing you and his brother arguing over little things.

“You’re right, let’s go.” You grabbed your clutch from the table at the library, ready to leave.

“First you need to change, NOW.” Dean ordered. You clenched your jaw and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Excuse me?”

“I said: Go change.” Dean repeated, “There’s no way you’re going out like that.” You widened your eyes and Sam groaned. He younger hunter excused himself, saying he’d be waiting in the car.

“Why would I do that?” You asked, both of you ignoring Sam as he left the room.

“Because it’s too…” Dean couldn’t find a thing to use against it. The dress was tight, but not tight enough to be considered vulgar; it was short, but not short enough to be revealing. It did have cleavage, but not enough to let your breasts show off too much. The colour matched your skin perfectly, and you looked really good in spite of the makeup you had chosen.

“It’s too what, Dean?” You snapped. Dean grumbled, trying to control his jealousness.

“Because men at the party will think you’re there to flirt.” He punished himself mentally for coming out with such a lame excuse. You let out a loud chuckled.

“Maybe I am there to flirt, haven’t you thought of that?” You sassed, Dean’s fists tightened and his jaw clenched.

“You’re going there with Sam.” He muttered angrily.

“And why do you think Sam is going? We’re both friends, both single, looking for a fun night.” You had a cocky smirk on your lips.

“Fine, go flirt with every guy at the party but please, just go change.” Dean ordered once more. His voice was low and raspy, a clear sign that he was pissed off.

“Why?” You asked again.

“Because you look like one of those porn stars that dress like fairies for the Halloween specials!” Dean shouted. True, there were a few porn films that you had watched including fairies; but their dressed were a lot shorter, more revealing than yours.

“You’re unbelievable! It’s not that short, for God’s sake! You can’t just pervert every costume out there!” You shouted and Dean groaned.

“Yes I can, and you’re not going out like that!” Dean was even more pissed than before.

“Seriously? And what am I supposed to wear? You didn’t let me use the witch costume because it had lace, nor the vampire’s because my breast looked too big. You turned down the angel costume because that’s not how they really look like and now this! Tell me how exactly do you want me to go or don’t bother at all!” You were just as angry as the hunter was.

“Maybe I don’t want you to go!” Dean shouted, his filter was gone and there was no way to take that back.

“Why? So I can stay here watching the same lame movies from last year?”

“Yes! It’s better than having you go home with another one!” He finally took conscious of what he was saying, he shut his mouth closed and stiffened, watching carefully your reaction.

“Oh so you can take every girl you step with to a motel but I can’t go home with one guy on Halloween night?!” You bursted.

“Exactly!” Dean growled.

“I have news for you, Dean, I will do as I want because I’m single and old enough to make my own decisions.” Your voice was cruel and it hurt every fibre in Dean’s body.

“Go. Change.” He managed to say, there was fire in his eyes and his knuckles were turning white at how tightly he was clenching his fists.

“No.” And with that said, you turned around and left to the party, leaving Dean in a very painful situation.

The party was fun and there were a lot of nice girls for Sam to pick up from, which he did, but there wasn’t a single guy that called your attention. They were all dull and boring, with their perfect lives and office jobs. You liked adventure, and danger, and none of the guys there could give any of those to you.

After midnight, you told Sam to leave with the girl, assuring him that Dean and you were fine and that he’d pick you up. Therefore, Sam drove his car to the closest motel, with a pretty blonde college girl as company.

You took your phone out, leaving your finger over the speed dial button, afraid to press it. You weren’t sure if Dean was even awake by then or if he had forgiven you enough to pick you up. After all, if he said no, you could always take a cab.

You pressed the button, your phone immediately dialling Dean’s number. You waited for him to pick up, your phone pressed to your ear, praying internally for him to answer.

“(Y/N), good to hear from you!” He cheered, he was clearly drunk.

“Dammit, Dean! Have you been drinking?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

“No… Yes.” He giggled.

“Okay, then forget it.” Before you could hang up, Dean spoke again.

“(Y/N)?” You sighed and decided to keep talking with him until you found a taxi.

“What is it, Dean?” You tried not to sound annoyed.

“What does he work as?” He asked quietly.


“The guy you’re coming home with, what’s his job?” He sounded a bit sad, but was easily confused with his usual drunk-dragging tone.

“Honey, I’m all alone.” You said, you could hear Dean’s smile.



“Why?” He asked, his voice going back to the sad tone. “The dress was pretty and you’re beautiful, why didn’t you…”

“They’re all boring, normal people…” You explained, “I guess I’m so used to danger, I’ve started to like it in that way, you know?” You said, Dean nodded on the other side of the phone.

“I can be dangerous.” He whispered.

“I know you can.” You giggled, “I’ll be back home soon.” You said, raising your hand to make a taxi stop. The yellow car did so and you entered it, hanging the phone on Dean who was just starting to say something else.

You asked the cab to leave you as close as the bunker as possible, telling him that your uncle was the forest ranger and that you had to go back to his vigilance spot before your curfew. The driver bought it and, half an hour later, you were at the bunker.

You opened the door slowly, trying to make the less noise possible. You tip toed your way to your room and found Dean lying at the end of the bed, fast asleep. His half empty glass of whiskey was resting on the floor and the empty bottle was on your desk. It looked like he had been drinking in your room, but you couldn’t understand why.

You picked the glass from the floor, putting it next to the bottle, and sat at the edge of your bed carefully. Dean felt your weight sinking down and woke up with a jump. If you hadn’t picked the glass up, there would be whiskey all over the floor by then.

“(Y/N), you’re here!” Dean exclaimed, he was still a little drunk.

“Yeah, and so are you!” You chuckled. He gave you a sheepish smile and noticed that you were still dressed as a fairy.

“I still can’t believe you couldn’t find a guy.” He whispered, looking enamoured at you.

“Yeah well, I guess no one’s a fun as…” The realization sunk down on you. Dean was the kind of guy you had been looking for at the party, and you were too pissed at him to even notice that.

“As…” Dean lifted an eyebrow. He was still drunk, but he was no fool.

“Never mind.” You chuckled nervously. There was no way in hell dean would like you back. You were like a little sister to him, that’s all.

“(Y/N)” Dean whispered. You stood up and tried to walk past him to the bathroom in order to remove your makeup, but Dean stopped you, griping one of his hands tightly around your arm.

You looked up at him. His green eyes were a little blurry due to the alcohol, but they were still the same green eyes that comforted you after a rough hunt; his freckled splashed face was a little blushed and his pink, plumped lips were half open. Your breathing became heavy, a whole lot of new feeling rushing over your body and mind.

“Dean, I…” You tried to speak, but Dean hushed you.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you.” He muttered, “And for being a possessive asshole… It’s just…”

“Yeah?” You encouraged him to keep going.

“I have a huge crush on you and… I can’t help but to feel jealous at the thought of other man being with you.” He confessed. You knew that, if he wasn’t drunk, he would still be mad at you and still be keeping his feelings away. Therefore, you decided to make a move, assuring your future with him.

You pulled him closer to you and crashed your lips together. He tasted like raw whiskey, mixed with something sweet… Something you guessed was Dean’s natural taste; and you loved it. Dean was too drunk to concentrate on his moves, and yet the kiss was all you’ve ever dreamed off. He ripped the glittery pink wings off of you and pushed you to the bed, leaving sloppy kissed all over your face and neck. You could see that your makeup was now smudged all over his face now, which made you giggle a little. It was going to be a really fun night.

Sam arrived to the bunker the next morning. He immediately walked over to his brother’s room, only to find it empty and with the bed made; he then walked to yours, noticing that you didn’t even bother to take your makeup off, which was now smudged over your face. The hunter heard a noise down at the kitchen and stomped his way there.

“Dean, hi… I found us a case at…” Dean turned around. He was wearing his robe, drinking his coffee, nothing out of normal; expect his hands were all pink, the same pink as your hair spray and his mouth, cheeks and neck were covered with metallic purple and pink smudges. He also had a lot of glitter all over his face and hair.

“A case at…” Dean tried to make his brother continue, but Sam was too shocked to go on. His eyes were wide open and his jaw had dropped, forming an O with his mouth.

“You and… And…” the younger Winchester stuttered. Dean gave him a satisfied smile.

“And (Y/N), yes. How did you know?” Dean asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“You have makeup all over your face.” Sam explained, containing a chuckle.

“Oh right… Yeah, well, I couldn’t wait for her to take it all out.” Dean justified himself.

“So are you a thing now?” Sam asked. Dean was trying to answer to his question when they heard your sleepy voice calling Dean’s name from your room.

“Would you look at that? Looks like I’m about to find that out myself.” Dean chuckled, leaving the mug in the counter and walking over to you.

The next Halloween, Dean didn’t have to worry about your costume for he knew he was the only man you’d be coming back home to, to celebrate your one year anniversary with him.

“A year… A whole year.” Sam spoke, helping Dean to prepare the table.

“I know, man… It’s crazy.” Dean smiled widely, and so did Sam. He was happy for Dean.

“If I had known that drinking every last drop of alcohol in the bunker would make you confess your feelings to her… I would’ve gotten you drunk a long while ago.” Sam laughed, and so did Dean’s.

“To booze.” Dean toasted, lifting his beer bottle and clinking it with his brother’s.

“To booze.” Sam repeated, both brothers drinking from their beers.

That night Dean had prepared dinner, making sure to make it as spooky as possible to match with your everlasting Halloween fever. He made vampire’s blood cocktails and all kinds of food ideas he found off of the internet, and you had to admit, it was the best anniversary ever.

Dean made sure that every year, for the rest of your lives, your anniversary was special. Each year he made something bigger and better than the year before, and so on till the very last one.

TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Days

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the challenge! The challenge was that the writers had to use an AU and a song to create a story.  All of these writers put out amazing stories, which are linked below!!!  I’m sure you all will like them, I know I loved them!!!  HAPPY READING and thank you to everyone who participated!!! :D 

Originally posted by kushexi

Stories to Read:


  • Consider Me Gone written by @crowleysplaythings (Angst)
    • Summary: When you’re not the one thing, he can’t stand to loose, there is only one thing to do. 
    • AU Choice: Parent AU
    • Song Choice: “Consider Me Gone” by Reba McEntire
  • Soothes the Soul written by @daydreamingintheimpala (Fluff)
    • Summary: Sometimes you just need that Old Time Rock and Roll to set things right. 
    • AU Choice: Childhood AU
    • Song Choice: “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger 
  • Game Changer written by @mamaredd123 (Angst?)  
    • Summary: Doing your job can be hard once you get to know your target. 
    • AU Choice: Assassin AU
    • Song Choice: “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
  • Revolving Doors written by @chelsea072498 (Angst; Fluff; Humor)
    • Summary:  Reader is coming home to Lawrence for her first extended stay in years. She’s got several surprises coming her way.
    • AU Choice: Soulmates AU 
    • Song Choice: “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson 
  • Walking the Line Part 1 written by @sprintangel924-blog (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  Y/N is a cop, new to the city and to Sgt. Jody Singer’s team, little did she know that would involve taking care of an injured firefighter.  
    • AU Choice: Firefighter AU 
    • Song Choice: “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash
  • Roar written by @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian (Angst)
    • Summary:  Winter for the Winchester’s is hardly a good time. The Reader and Dean plan a day in, just spending time alone together. What could possibly go wrong….
    • AU Choice: Mistaken Identity
    • Song Choice: “Roar” by Katy Perry 
  • War of the Heart written by @plaidstiel-wormstache (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  YN YLN, is a female doctor in an army medical base (think mash), one day she takes a patient, a young soldier by the name of Dean Winchester, in times of war, and so close to Christmas, love can bloom quickly, if only there’s a miracle…
    • AU Choice: Doctor AU
    • Song Choice: “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra 
  • Battlefield written by @chaos-and-the-calm67 (Angst; Fluff; Smut)
    • Summary:  The Reader and Dean have a tough time in their relationship. Will their status tear them apart or bring them closer together?
    • AU Choice: Mechanic AU
    • Song Choice: “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks
  • Can’t Take My Eyes off of You written by @melonshino (Slight Angst; Adventure)
    • Summary: After being abandoned by your pod, you have to make your way home on your own. 
    • AU Choice: Mermaid AU 
    • Song Choice: “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” by John Lloyd Young
  • Keep Holding On written by @thegreatficmaster (Fluff)
    • Summary:  Mary and John decide to visit their son, but meet his apparent boyfriend. How will they take it and what happens when more of the family arrives?
    • AU Choice: Mechanic AU 
    • Song Choice: “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne 
  • Now and Forever written by @waywardimpalawriter (Fluff)
    • Summary:  From the moment you met, it’s been him always. Even with the dangerous job he does, your life wouldn’t be complete.
    • AU Choice: Firefighter AU 
    • Song Choice: “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins 
  • Just Give Me a Reason written by @girl-next-door-writes (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  You agree to help your friend, neighbor and long time crush, Dean get a coveted promotion by attending his bosses Christmas party as his wife.  What could possibly go wrong?
    • AU Choice: Fake Married
    • Song Choice: “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink
  • Memories written by @megansescape (Angst)
    • Summary:  When the reader is injured, Police Officer Dean Winchester is distraught and begins to remember the path they took that led them to where they are now.
    • AU Choice: Police Officer AU
    • Song Choice: “When She Loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan
  • Decisions written by @megansescape (Fluff)
    • Summary:  Dr Winchester is persuaded to go out for a night on the town with his brother. He has someone waiting at home but will he find a better offer?
    • AU Choice: Doctor AU
    • Song Choice: “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Gramar


  • Merry Christmas written by @destiel-addict-forever (Angst, Fluff) 
    • Summary:  The reader and Cas are both assassins and were (still are) in love but they had a huge fight and now they run into each other after a few years apart and it just happens to be on Christmas, a special holiday for the both of them.
    • AU Choice: Assassin AU
    • Song Choice: “Who says you can’t go home” by Bon Jovi
  • A Mistaken Identity written by @mamaredd123 (Fluff)
    • Summary: Who would have guessed a mistaken identity would lead to this?
    • AU Choice: Mistaken Identity 
    • Song Choice: “Whatever You Do” by Ivy Quainoo
  • All the Things I Love About  You written by @lean-mean-sam-and-dean (Angst)
    • Summary:  After meeting the Winchesters 4 years ago when you were victim to possession by a vengeful spirit, Sam helps you through a difficult time. Now, after a hunt for a witch goes wrong and Sam is hit with an unknown curse, you search for a way to help him. But this curse is something terrible and you fear Sam may not make it to Christmas, and you may never get to tell him how you feel about him. All friends and family come together to support him and aid you in the search for a way to break the curse.
    • AU Choice: Everybody Lives AU 
    • Song Choice: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten 
  • The Only Exception written by @impalaimagining (Fluff)
    • Summary:  Dad left a long time ago, mom raised you on her own, the two of you taking care of your grandfather’s old farm. You promised yourself you’d never fall in love, but when you met the man who lived in the next house over, something inside you changed.
    • AU Choice: Farmer/Country AU
    • Song Choice: “The Only Exception” by Paramore
  • Day 3 written by @grace-for-sale (Fluff)
    • Summary: When you need help with a paper, you boyfriend is always there for you. 
    • AU Choice: Hogwarts AU
    • Song Choice: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake
  • Bubbly written by @faegal04 (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  You and Sam meet during college and over the years feelings change for each of you
    • AU Choice: College AU 
    • Song Choice: “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat
  • Snowed In written by @spn-and-daddy-issues (Fluff)
    • Summary: When a snow storm comes in, your husband knows just how to pass the time. 
    • AU Choice: Professor AU
    • Song Choice: “Give Me Everything Tonight” by Pitbull 
  • Tic Tac Toe Part 1 written by @percywinchester27 (Fluff)
    • Summary:  The reader shifts into a new city after being offered a dream job by a big firm. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect after an ugly break-up with a douche-bag Ex. But things turn out not as dreamy as she’d want them to be and the only thing that keeps her smiling is a totally coincidental game of Tic Tac Toe.
    • AU Choice: Business AU
    • Song Choice: “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble 


  • I’m in a Hurry written by @crowleysplaythings (Fluff)
    • Summary: When a customer needs flowers, you have no idea what will happen. 
    • AU Choice: Flower Shop AU
    • Song Choice: “I’m in a Hurry” by Alabama
  • A Reason to Stay written by @wayward-mirage (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Being in love with Office John Winchester was hard, especially since he wouldn’t give you one reason to say. 
    • AU Choice: Police Officer AU
    • Song Choice: “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga 



  • First Impressions written by @roxy-davenport (Slight Angst; Fluff?)
    • Summary: What happens when you show up late to your first day of class? 
    • AU Choice: Professor AU
    • Song Choice: “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson 


  • Cheerleader written by @deals-with-demons (Fluff)
    • Summary:  You are a rockstar and it’s that time again, christmassy wintery songs are being sung and of course you band has to too only you don’t like to. Luckily your queen and lover Rowena is there to cheer you up and keep you strong.
    • AU Choice: Rockstar AU
    • Song Choice: “Cheerleader” by OMI


  • Tidal Wave written by @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary:  When your college funding suddenly falls through, the only option you have left is to retake the standardized test and get a higher score to achieve a full ride. As everything seems to come crashing down around you, you resort to your last beacon of hope: your best friend, Chuck Shurley. As the test approaches, his support and care helps you in more ways than one.
    • AU Choice: College AU
    • Song Choice: “Tidal Wave” by Owl City 


  • A Christmas Gift written by @mrsgabrieltrickster (Fluff)
    • Summary:  Castiel is a single father who lives for his daughter and making her happy. Grace is a wonderful kind and loving little girl who just wants to see Santa to make one more wish for Christmas. On their way to the city where the tree lighting is to take place and Santa will put in one last appearance the pair get into a car accident during a blizzard and have to rely on the kindness of a stranger home alone for the holidays. Can Dean Winchester help do Santa’s job and give the pair what they need?
    • AU Choice: Parent AU
    • Song Choice: “If I only had a brain” by Jeremy Little 
  • In Every Other Universe We Are Happy written by @hunters-hiraeth (Angst)
    • Summary: Castiel doesn’t understand why he is having these dreams.
    • AU Choice: Reincarnation AU
    • Song Choice: “Mad World” by Gary Jules 


  • Where the Mountains Meet the Heavens Above written by @authoressskr (Fluff)
    • Summary:  The Annual Lawrence Public Library Christmas Party is in full swing when Gabriel, one of your bosses, plays matchmaker with the new Lebanon librarian.  Fluff ensues.
    • AU Choice: Librarian AU
    • Song Choice: “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler


  • If I Had You written by @tattooedluci (Fluff)
    • Summary:  lawyer!Sam and Tattoo artist!Gabriel. Someone is trying to sue Gabriel (and his shop) for emotional damage and Sam takes the case, he never thought he’d fall in love with his client.
    • AU Choice: Tattoo Artist AU 
    • Song Choice: “If I Had You” by Adam Lambert 


  • The Devil’s Backbone written by @motleymoose (Angst; Fluff; Angst)
    • Summary:  Life had a way of providing Jody Mills with lemons, but she had always been too broke to make lemonade. Yet sometimes there are mistakes one can’t afford not to make.
    • AU Choice: Farm/Country AU
    • Song Choice: “Devil’s Backbone” by Civil Wars

I’m not telling because of spoilers:

  • It’s about Time written by @l8nitl0vr (Angst; Fluff; Angst)
    • Summary:  What would happen if you woke up to find out that the world you knew was just a dream? Well, what if I told you that you weren’t dreaming? Because the reality you know and the dream you had are indeed both very much real? Makes you question what you did to deserve this cruel gift this year.
    • AU Choice: Reverse AU & Soulmate AU
    • Song Choice: “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon & “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons 


@donnaintx @the-assbutt-impala @jared-padaloveme @grace-for-sale @lucifer-in-leather @thewicked-end @chelsea072498 @nerdwholikesword @chaos-and-the-calm67 @percywinchester27 @pizzarollpatrol @cici0507 @wayward-mirage @charliebradbury1104 @melonberri @bellastellaluna @castielmysaviour @feelmyroarrrr @carry-on-my-wayward-girls @girl-next-door-writes @twoboys-and-afallenangel @fangirl-faye @the-assbutt-impala @impalapossible @pumacat69 @thecrossroad-demon @kristaparadowski @jussb @isis278 @babydanixox @jared-padaloveme @a-broke-in-heart @plainoldblogs @slowlywithfreedom @plaidstiel-wormstache @savvythedork @moonstar86  @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @fernandasvaldi @aquabrie @motleymoose @robertasinger @tattooedluci @like-gabriel-and-castiel @kickasscas67 @joannesblack @tangle-of-ivy @clairese1980 @emilyymichelle @peachthatdrinkslemonade @calicat79 @i-dont-understand-that-url @freaksforthewin @deantheotherkingofkinks @sumara62 @mija-novella @gabriels-trix @mrssamfuckingwinchester @riversong-sam @faegal04 @andrastesflamingtitties @bohowitchmermaid @tmccarney @toogardenenthusiast @omgcastieluniverse @imnoaingeal @ravestablook @1978supernatural @jotink78 @fandomsaremylivelihood @winchesterprincessbride @wayward-gabe @ariethegreat98 @the-latina-trickster 

Sam getting asked to a Sandie Hawkins dance, and even though he’s not really interested, he says yes cause the girl who asked him is really sweet and he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.  (◡‿◡✿)

Jealous big brother Dean driving little Sammy and his date to the dance under protest but doing it cause he wants to make sure Sam gets to his destination safely.  (◡‿◡✿)

Dean waiting in the parking lot for most of the dance but maybe getting a little curious as to what’s going on inside so he sneaks a peak through the front entrance to find Sam, cheeks flush with a huge smile on his face, dancing around like an idiot, clearly having fun with his friends.  (◡‿◡✿)

Dean driving Sam home after they’ve dropped off Sam’s date, begrudgingly asking his little brother if he had a good time because he wants to hear Sam tell him about his night despite the fact that Dean still feels jealous and a little bit hurt that he couldn’t share the experience with Sam.  (◡‿◡✿)

Dean and Sam getting ready for bed that night and suddenly, Dean just pulls himself up by the bootstraps and faces his fear and embarrassment to ask Sam to dance with him; the two of them holding each other close, swaying slowly back and forth in a calming rhythm.  (◡‿◡✿)

Dean pressing his forehead against Sam’s, breathing in his little brother’s sweet, familiar scent; the elder Winchester quietly confessing that he wishes he could be the one to take Sam to all his school dances.  (ノ◕ω◕)ノ~

Bed sharing - Dean x Reader x Sam - Part 2

Part 1


Bed sharing - Dean x Reader x Sam - Part 2

After you got Sammy to agree to share his bed with you, which really wasn’t that hard, and he grabbed his bag, you all made your way to the small motel.

And old lady greeted you and after Dean got the key you all made your way upstairs to your room.

“Ah motel sweet motel! Finally!” you said as soon as you entered the room.

“Yeah, you’re welcome!” Dean commented immediately, as he set his bag after yours at the corner.

“Oh shut up!” you retorted.

“Make me!” Dean challenged.

“You know I can!” you mocked.

“Oh sweetheart, I do know” he smirked and at that you only rolled your eyes.

“Dean, I can tell you for sure. There is one person in this room that does know that, and that person is not you…” you said and grabbed a few things from your bag; making your way to the bathroom.

“Oh, and I am not included” you winked at him and turned and got into the bathroom.

Dean stood there for a moment, eyes narrowed, looking at the door thinking if you meant what he thought you did.

No, you couldn’t mean that-

Sam snickered behind him.

Dean turned abruptly, to look at his brother you suddenly became serious and tried to hide his amusement.

He kept a close look at his brother who made his way to the one bed with his bag.

“Do you know something?” Dean asked accusingly.

Sam turned and looked at him, raising his eyebrows “Me? Know anything? No, no I don’t” he said trying to seem innocent.

And he was. But Dean didn’t know that. And he didn’t need to.

Dean opened his mouth to speak again but he was cut off by you exiting the bathroom.

“Uhm Sammy do ya maybe have a shirt I could borrow, the only clean I got is ripped apart” you said and Sam started searching in his bag.

“I think. Uh wait a sec” he said.

“The one you were wearing during the last wendigo hunt?” Dean asked you referring to the ripped shirt.

“Uhm no, no.” you looked at him; leaning on the bathroom’s doorway “This one got ripped for uh…” you hesitated for a while; a smile making its way on your face “Other reasons.” you said laughing and trying to cover it with a laugh; scratching the back of your head as you gave Sam a glance which he returned; while still searching; as he snickered.

This only made Dean clench his jaw but before he could say anything, Sam spoke.

“Uhm here, I think this one will do perfectly.” Sam said turning to you; holding a green flannel.

You approached him and took the flannel in your hands looking at it.

“Oh boy, now you bring back memories of unforgettable nights” you said with a smile, slightly biting your lip.

“Nights? What nights?” Dean suddenly asked  "What did you do those nights?“ 

"When he would lend me flannels like this because I was feeling cold, what did ya think?” you said as a matter of fact; slightly shrugging; innocently.

Dean only looked at you with narrowed eyes, mainly because of the huge grin that Sam was trying to cover but was failing at.

But you shrugged Dean off “Anyway, I’m taking over the shower for now guys so you’ll have to wait. Thanks for the shirt Sammy” you said giving Sam a peck on the cheek and walked towards the bathroom but stopped as soon as you reached the door.

“Oh and you know that if ya feel like joining you always can” you said which made Dean raise his brows in surprise.

“And no, Dean, I’m not talking to you” you said and Dean shook his head in acknowledge; but then it hit him.

He suddenly turned to look at his brother’s direction who as soon as saw the look Dean was giving him turned and started “searching” in his bag.


After you finished your shower and exited the bathroom you found Dean and Sam seated at the small table at the corner of the room.

You dried your hair with a towel and set it on your bed to let it dry.

“So what are you doin’?” you asked approaching Sam and Dean who were searching on their computers.

“Trying to find more information about our case” Sam replied and you nodded walking past them and making your way to the mini fridge.

Grabbing three beers you walked back to the boys’ direction; placing a beer in front of each one and then taking a seat… on Sam’s lap.

“You know, there is another chair right there” he said pointing to the chair next to you.

“Yeah, I know. Sammy boy is just way more comfortable” you said grinning and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek.

Sam chuckled while Dean just rolled his eyes; mumbling something under his breath.

You began reading what Sam was on his computer; while taking a few sips of your beer as did Sam and Dean. Meanwhile Sam had put one hand around your waist (the other was on the table near his beer) and his head rested on your shoulder which, of course, made Dean glance at your direction occasionally.

“What?” you asked suddenly and Dean looked up at you.

“What?” he asked back.

“I asked that. What’s wrong?” you asked again.

“Nothing” he shrugged.

“Yeah right, cut the crap and tell me now” you said leaning back, resting your back on Sam’s chest.

“Nothing’s wrong, (y/n), I told you.” you narrowed your eyes at him but said nothing about that and after a while you spoke “Weren’t you going to take a shower?”

“Uhm no, no I don’t think so. I’m good for now. Maybe in the morning” he said shrugging.

Of course you thought He doesn’t want to leave me alone with Sam 

You smiled slightly and after a few seconds you got up from Sam’s lap.

You grabbed your jacket and keys and made the way to the door “I’m out. Need some food to keep it going, you want anything?” you asked the boys.

Sam shook his head no, while Dean asked, of course, for you to bring him pie.

After about 15 minutes you returned with Dean’s pie and two burgers. You bought him one too, he hadn’t eaten for some time and eating just pie would not be that good for him. Not that a burger would be any more healthy but he needed more than just pie. You did care about him, a lot, in spite of the fact that you showed you preferred Sam.

“‘Ello?” you asked when you entered the room and found none of the boys at the table where you expected them to be.

“Guys?” you asked once again, closing the door behind you.

“Right here” Dean’s voice made you look at his direction. He stood next to the bed wearing only a pair of jeans and no shirt.

Your eyes widened and you were sure as hell that you were blushing furiously.

He dried his hair with a towel and once he looked at you and your awe-struck face a smirk played on his lips. Hanging the towel from his shoulder, he came closer.

“Like what you see?” he smirked even more.

You looked up at him; trying to say anything but finding that you’d lost your voice. Which only made Dean come closer and putting a hand behind your head at the wall.

When had you gotten to this place? Him having you pinned? 

After a while you spoke “I don’t understand what you mean?” you said and he just raised a brow.
“Oh you know exactly what I mean (y/n)" 

When did his face got so close? 

No, you weren’t going to give in, no matter how much you wanted "No Dean. I don’t understand what you mean. Sam’s not here shirtless so there is nothing that I like that I see” you gave a small shrug and broke free from where he had you trapped.

Dean’s smirk flattered for a bit but soon he regained it “Yeah right. Now you expect me to believe ya?”

“Believe whatever you want, Dean. I don’t care even if you believe that I am pregnant with Sam’s child” you shrugged; putting your jacket at one of the chairs.

Dean turned abruptly and looked at you wide-eyed “YOU WHAT?!” he asked shouting.

He startled you and you turned to look at him wide-eyed from the tone of his voice.

“Dean!? Are you ok? What happened!?” Sam exited the shower in a hurry. Fully dressed, obviously he had finished his shower just before you came back.

“Everything’s fine Sammy, Dean’s just overreacting” you said and Sam sighed.

“Dean, really, relax. I was just joking!” you told him and he just glared at you.

“Well, no more jokes!” he said and then let out a sigh “I’m not hungry anymore” he added and placed the pie back in the bag.

“I’m going to sleep, goodnight” he said and plopped to his bed; face buried in the pillow.

But then got up again “And you two go to bed as well, now! And don’t try anything!” he said and you and Sam just rolled your eyes and made your way to your bed after changing your jeans to some comfy shorts.

You turned the light off “Goodnight Dean, Sam”

“Goodnight” came as a response from both brothers and then silence.

Finally some peace Dean thought.

A few minutes passed and everything was still quite.

Bed sharing had not gone the way he wanted to but he could try-

A  giggle was heard.

Wait what?

Dean turned to lay on his left arm and looked at Sam’s back turned to him.

He tried to see through the darkness and focused to hear what was heard before.

He waited but after a while of only silence he thought he misheard and closed his eyes trying to go to sleep again.

However, yet another giggle was heard and Dean’s eyes shot open and he narrowed them trying to understand what was going on.

Another giggle. Your giggle.

“Hey Sam, hey" another giggle "Stop, hey!" yet another giggle.

What the hell was going on?! 

"Sam! Hey, take your hands off”

Off where?! 

“Sammy! I know you can’t hold yourself but be quite!” Dean heard you say in a whisper-y voice, giggling.

“Come on, don’t be a tease. Stop it!” you giggled more as Sam chuckled.

Stop what?!

“S-Sammy! Sto-op!” you said through giggles “Sam” you suddenly became more serious  (sort of’) “Be  quite. Dean might not be asleep yet!” you said in a whisper-y voice, laughing lightly.

Dean’ve had enough.

“And I am not asleep yet!!” he all but shouted, anger and jealousy clearly evident “And you keep your hands to yourself Sam, or so help me!”

“Dean, oh my. We’re so sorry, we didn’t know you were still awake” you said getting a little bit up to look at Dean.

“Obviously!” he said still jealous, which made you want to laugh but you tried to hold it.

“Gah I hate bed sharing” he mumbled, loud enough for you to hear, and turned sides.

You giggled more and laid down again “Goodnight Dean” you said through giggles.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever” he mumbled.

Damn, he did hate bed sharing in the end. 


*-Extended ending-*

You looked up at Sam who was watching you with an amused smile

“What?” you asked in a really low voice tone, a huge smile on your face.

“Did you really had to make him believe all that?” he said in the same tone.

And you just giggled more and gave him a small shrug “He is fun to tease”

Sam just shook his head, and gave you a smile before you both said your small 'good-nights’ and fell asleep close to each other.

Yes, nothing had happened between you and Sam and nor would it. But letting Dean believe so would not be that bad. More like extra fun for you.

Damn, you did love bed sharing in the end.

Odd surfaces (deanXreader)

words: 1149
warnings: fluff, angsty (i did this gender neutral)
pairing: deanXreader sam & castiel
request: “i’m a very sleepy person (mostly due to constant pain) and I find the oddest places to nap. Home depot floor, kitchen table, desktops. The more uncomfortable the better I feel. Can you write something like that? The reader weirding out TFW.” -anon

summary: reader is in pain and is forced to leave her bed for hard and cool surfaces. It seems thats the only place they can fall asleep and the boys get more weirded out by the second. Finally after about a month, they find the reader asleep on the library table and Castiel offers his assistance. Dean gets a bit jealous and steals them to his room for movies and cuddles.
a/n: i actually love sleeping on floors and stuff, lol so this was kind of fun to write :))

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N what are you doing?”

Your eyes shot open and you looked up from your arms and saw Dean.

“Hmm?” you hummed drowsily.
“You were asleep on the floor,” he says, his hands motioning towards your body.

Your butt was pushed flush against the couch, legs splayed on the seat of the couch and the rest of your body was laying on the rug. It looked like you were sitting in a chair turned on it’s back.

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, uh yeah I’m fine. It’s just my thighs, they were hurting really bad and I just thought it would help,” you respond.

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Dean X Reader

Request: One where the reader and dean get completely wasted and dean sings “she’s my cherry pie” to her and they get married (they both like eachother but won’t admit it) and buy a zebra or something crazy like that and they wake up the next morning and they don’t remember anything that happened but Sam calls them into the viewing room and shows them EVERYTHING that happened because Sam was sober during the entire thing and filming it all and laughing his ass off and just take it from there

Request: Could you write one where dean and the reader go out drinking after a hunt and dean has to take care of the reader when she’s hungover the next morning? Thanks! :) xx

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Your Demon Angel

Request: Can you please do a part 3 of the demon angel?? Your writing is amazing btw – Anon AND Could you do some rough Dom Dean smut? Maybe like season 9 or 10 time. Thank you! Love you tons! – Anon

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word Count: 3795

Omg, this series-ish has been so long ago and this request surprised me!

The Demon Angel (Part One), His Demon Angel (Part Two), My Demon Angel (Part Four)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

It’s been a few months since you’ve met the Winchesters, since you were tortured by your witch of a grandmother, and it’s been months since you’ve been dating Dean. You have stayed in the bunker and been helping the boys hunt. The hunts, especially against demons got pretty easy since they were afraid of you, being the princess of hell, and the mystical half demon half angel.

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