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Water Guns (Dean x Reader)

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-Eagle one to Eagle two-

-Eagle two here, Eagle one. Report!- Sam´s voice said.

-DeanPie is in the house, Eagle two-

As usual, you were hiding with Sammy in Bobby´s house. It didn´t matter that you were already seventeen. You still loved the times when John let his boys stay with you while he and your father went out hunting, because that way you got to play with the two brothers. Well, two meant Sammy and you because since Dean turned 18, he had left the games behind, or so he insisted in saying. You didn´t care about your age though so the fact that you were now hiding under the stairs next to a sword and a pile of books, with a home made walkie talkie on your left hand, waiting for Sam to give you a sign, didn´t bother you at all. You had met John´s kids when you were eight and since then, you had loved their company. It was not rare for you to ask your father, Bobby, to call them and make them stay a night or two. Being a hunter´s daughter wasn´t easy when it came to making friends. 

You had heard Dean entered the house and leave his things next to the door so it was time. Now you were nervous. Your relationship with Dean wasn´t exactly close, you had always felt pulled more towards Sam because you had more things in common and to be honest, the older boy was intimidating. Because of Sam, you knew he was the popular kid in every school he went, something you never dreamed of being. You totally understood why he was popular, though. He was charismatic, funny and oh, so handsome, the green eyes, the full lips, the broad shoulders, the strong hands… You shook your head, it was not the moment to think about that. Just as you were trying to get away from the thought of Dean, Sammy´s voice came from the walkie talkie in a whisper.

-Eagle one, get your guns prepared. He´s unarmed now, I can see him from the second floor. He´s on the kitchen, looking for something… Move-

You got up, trying not to push the pile of books down. Quietly, you got out of under the stairs, breathing slowly. Dean was really good detecting danger so you had to be careful, just as Bobby had taught you. Your relationship with Dean wasn´t exactly close and what you were about to do wasn´t going to help with it. You took your gun and placed it on your shoulder and gave long steps towards the stairs. You stopped at the end of the stairs and looked up where Sam was sitting. From there, you could only see his hand. You made a sign with your free hand after putting your walkie talkie on your belt and saw him descend the stairs with quick steps. –Did he saw you?- he asked. You shook your head and smiled. Sammy smiled back and started moving towards the kitchen, almost crawling. You followed him, turning your attention to the hunt again. You could hear Dean moving in the kitchen, probably preparing dinner for the three of you. Sam pointed at the second door connected to the kitchen and while he stayed on the first, you moved to that one, sitting next to it. You took a quick glance inside and saw him sitting on the counter with a cup of coffee in his hands. He had his blue jeans on and a blue t-shirt on that made his breathing clear to see. You swallowed hard, looking forward again. You had to focus and you forced yourself to look at Sam who was staring at you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Shit. It was time. Sam started counting with his fingers, looking inside the kitchen where Dean had left the cup down and was now opening the fridge. One. Two. Three. Now! You got up, jumping and pointed at Dean with your gun. You barely had time to see his face clearly before shooting at him at the same time as Sam. The water splashed on Dean´s face more directly that you had thought you were capable of. Sam pointed to his chest. Dean let out a growl at the same time that your gun emptied and you let it fall. Sam was already running away but you stayed a bit longer, staring at the older boy. He was totally soaked, water falling from his hair to his chest. He looked up, the surprise fading from his face now. You took a step back as he took one approaching you.

-You better run, (Y/N)-

You did not hesitated and started running after Sam who was jumping on the stairs to get to your room in the second floor. You were in the middle of the stairs when a hand closed around your shirt. -Dean!- 

-Not fast enough, huh?- he pulled, making you fall on your back against him. You let out a little scream of terror when he catched you and hold you against him. He was cold from the water, but his skin felt so warm against yours… –Sammy! I have a hostage!- you laughed as Dean hold you tight at the end of the stairs, making your clothes wet from touching his. –If you throw your guns away I will let her go!- 

Sam got out of your room, his hands in the air. His face was serious and the whole game had become solemn as he approached the stairs and looked at his brother in the eye. –Do I have your word, soldier?- You felt Dean nodd against you, his arm hugging tight around your chest as you breathed fast. –Throw your gun and I´ll let the pretty hostage go away. If she wants to go with you, of course…- he said the last part staring down at you and you felt your cheeks blush. You moved against Dean, trying to get away and he laughed at your efforts, holding you tighter. Sam threw his gun downstairs and Dean picked it up in the air easily with his free hand. –Game over, Sam- he let you go and Sam started walking towards you when Dean pointed at him and splashed the rest of the water on the gun in his face. -That was not fair! The game was over!- Sam yelled, taking the water out of his eyes with his hands. -I don´t play fair, Sammy.- he said, winking at you, making you blush even more. He threw the gun to the ground and smiled at both of you. –Now you two go take a shower.- 

-Since when do you get a say in what I do?- you joked, smirking at him, your hands in your pockets. He raised his eyebrows at you, shrugging. His wet shirt moved against his skin, showing his toned chest, which only caused your eyes to travel up and down on him. You knew he had noticed. . And what he said next, only confirmed it to you. 

-I thought you´d wanted to since you´re so wet for me.- Sam started yelling in disgust and ran upstairs as you stared at Dean in shock, with your mouth open. He laughed. –Hey, it´s not my fault that you two have dirty minds.- he started walking away, passing one of his hands through his wet hair. You couldn´t believe his nerve. After the shower, in which you properly thought about the way Dean acted around you, you walked into your room to find Sam sleeping in your bed, the mandatory book over his face. It was Carmilla, something you had read around his age too. You smiled at him when you took the book away from his face and put it down in the table next to the bed. You touched his hair, which was getting longer every day. He didn´t wake up and you moved away from the bed only to find Dean standing in the doorway. You smiled at him, while taking the towell away from your head, letting it fall even if it meant making your tank top wet. You placed your hands inside the short´s pockets, waiting for him to say something. Dean had changed and everything but his hair was now dry. He smiled at the sight of his brother and looked at you. –Do you like him?- The question caught you by surprise and you stepped back, frowning. 

–You mean… like… No.- you said, supressing a laugh. You loved Sammy, yes, but not in a romantic way. He was like your little brother. But that title wasn´t of your liking because if Sam was your little brother it meant Dean was also a brother and that wasn´t convenient, wasn´t it? –He´s my best friend.- 

-Good.- with that, he stepped away from the door and walked downstairs, leaving you confused and in shock for a few seconds before you ran after him. You found him again in the living room, sitting on the sofa with a beer bottle in his hand. You didn´t quite liked the fact that he already drank a beer every afternoon but you decided to let it go for now as you walked in front of him. 

-What do you mean “good”?-   

-Exactly what I said.- he simply stated. Before you could answer anything sarcastic as you were planing to do, one of his hands pulled you to him from one of the belt loops of your shorts and made you fall on his lap. Your hands found support in his chest and he smiled at you getting closer. –It means, I was not wrong to think you like me, right?-

You blushed and stuttered, trying to find the words but his green eyes and full lips were too close to you and it was terribly distracting. -Smooth, little hostage, smooth.- he laughed. You frowned and punch him playfully on the chest, trying not to laugh out of nervousness. You have never been this close to Dean before and you felt as he could feel every inch of you right now, sitting in his lap. –You know, for a second there, I thought that you hated me.- 

You looked at him, confused. –Why would I hate you?- 

-I don´t know, why would anyone hate me?- he joked, smirking at you. –You always kept away, not totally ignoring me but definitly not as close as I wanted you to be.- 

Your eyes fixed on his. Your foreheads were almost touching each other, not to talk about your lips. –What about now? Am I close enough?-

He shook his head. You could feel his hot breath on your face. –Not enough.- he pressed his lips against yours, moving his hands over your back, stopping lower, holding you hard. –Not enough.- he pressed his tongue against your lower lip and you opened your mouth, slow, letting him explore. There were a lot of things you were feeling right now but his mouth on yours, his tongue pressing against yours, was everything you could focus on. And not even the sound of the engine outside the house stopped you. You were oblivious to anything apart from Dean. So when your father and John stepped into the house and saw you sitting on the boy´s lap, you almost had a heart attack. 

-You better get off Dean right now, miss.- you looked at John with an apologetic smile. You wished the earth could swallow you whole right now. He seemed relaxed, though, almost amused about the sitution. 

-To be fair, it was my idea.- the older brother said, staring at Bobby, who seemed as he could explode in any moment, his cheeks red with anger. You knew Bobby, you knew something like that would make him furious. But could he blame you? Dean was the only boy you ever liked before and the only one close enough to form a type of bond. And the fact that the boy in question was extremly pretty was not helping the cause. Dean got up, getting closer to Bobby. 

-Look, Bobby, I know…-

-Shove your explanations up your ass, Dean, I told you to get your hands away from my daughter.-

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-What?- Bobby looked at you, then at Dean, then back at you but stayed silent. They had this conversation before? You took a step towards him and stare at his eyes. The way he looked at the ground told you enough. –I can´t believe you told him to stay away from me. Don´t you think I can make my own decision about the people I want around me?-

-I do, (Y/N), but Dean is not exactly prince charming when it comes to girls. He´s only eighteen and had already left more girls than me in my entire life.-

-Well, it´s not his fault that your romantic life is so dead.-

Dean coughed at that, trying not to laugh while John didn´t even bother and laughed out loud while walking towards the stairs. -Is Sam in your room, (Y/N)?-

You nodded and without saying anything else, he went upstairs, leaving you, Dean and Bobby to deal on your own. Bobby shook his head, runnning his hand through his forehead. -You… you have to understand, (Y/N), not long ago you were running through the house in in pony tails and a ballerina suit!- The anger left your face, as you sat down next to Dean and gave him a quick glance, who smiled softly at you. –She´s still that girl, you know, Bobby? Today, she and Sam attacked me with water guns.-Bobby laughed and you knew everything was alright once more. You just had to made sure your father didn´t have to face the image of you kissing Dean while sitting on his lap again. When Bobby left the living room staring at you two and warning about “no more kisses in this house”, Dean smirked at you, pulling you close to him again. –You´re not close enough.-  

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