Cool story, pastorbro
deanpepin answered you: The fact you sum up the “majority” of atheists as hateful, I definitely find hypocritical. There’s states in the US I would fear to set foot in for what could happen, even T.B says purely for not believing in God: “and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death” - (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB). I would also like to add that icr contradict themselves on the banner alone. “Biblical. Accurate. Certain.” Accurate means “close enough” and Certain means “bang on”


READ the post before you jump to conclusions. ICR is accurate if people will READ the information. But you have your mind made-up, and you have no more room for further knowledge. That takes faith!

I did.  He mentions a very extreme minority (you know, the churchburners) to sum up atheists as a “majority” being hateful people, while ignoring the Christian nutjobs. The ones who murder abortionists. You know, because stopping a bunch of cells develop is the perfect reason to murder a sentient being, with a conscience, a soul - if you’re so inclined. The same people who can seem to spare no thought to simply hunting atheists down and killing them.

The ones who keep petitioning for US atheists to be catalogued, like the Sex Offenders Register - so people can know where an Atheist lives in America.

As an atheist, I consider myself morally reprehensible and a complete wanker to be a nice person - If I do something good, it’s because I want to, not for a selfish reward in the afterlife. Every atheist I know is a good laugh, a decent human being. I really don’t know how this pastor chap has this “majority” idea in his head. I guess he’s met us all and tallied the results, but I haven’t seen his findings.

ICR is also only accurate in pointing out gaps in our knowledge of the universe. Yes, we don’t know what actually caused the big bang. Doesn’t mean God did it.

They even criticise one theory of intense radiation accelerating the development of life on primordial Earth - because - I shit you not - “radiation kills things”.

Yes it does. Because we are mere squishy mortals. However, radiation causes, what? Cancer - rapid cell mutation and growth. Which is what the theory states.

I can’t be bothered arguing with people who accuse me of being close-minded for simply having the capacity to appreciate the complexities of Life, the Universe & Everything - the infinite bigness of the universe and the conditions that make a planet perfect for life - the fact that we ourselves are made of stars. Stars that have developed the ability to question their existence and seek knowledge.

Rather than simply shout “nope, this happened, and shut up.”

Anyway. Coffee time.