No stranger to danger, Virginia’s own #DeannaDanger is known not only as “The Warrior of Burlesque,” but is also voted Richmond’s top burlesque performer. This Southern siren has performed up and down the East Coast, winning titles such as the 2012 1st place #CrystalCorsetAward at the Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival. She performs as a burlesque dancer and gogo dancer, aerialist, and model, and also produces burlesque shows. She runs the Boom Boom Basics Burlesque & Performing Arts Studio in Richmond, which offers weekly classes and workshops. Deanna easily slips between the classic #burlesque aesthetic, as well as the #goth/industrial/fetish looks as a cage dancer at #Fallout in Richmond. We’re in love with her chameleon-like skills, and how she’s always flawless in each persona.

Happy #Burlyversary to me!!! :) 6 years ago today #DeannaDanger the burlesque dancer was birthed out into the stage lights at @falloutrva …and my life was transformed forever. I have had many ups and downs, I’ve come a loooooong way since my baby burlesque days…I’m still learning, and I have a long way still to go. I wouldn’t trade a second of any of it. All the glitter blood, sweat and tears. All worth it to do what I love most for a living. I began performing to share my art and make people feel good. That reason still rings adamantly true even more so today. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing this journey with soooo many wonderful performers, experienced & new, fans, friends, family. Thank each and every one of you for sharing back with me. Burlesque truly is the most beautiful art form in the world, and I’ll remain, as long as I’m able…to be her humble servant. So happy to be celebrating today workin’ it at Godfrey’s Drag Brunch…and later I’ll introduce a lovely batch of ladies to this world for the very first time ever. Pretty damn fitting if you ask me. Thank you universe for being so magickal. I am in awe. Photo of me opening the #RedLightDistrictRevue show at the #showmeburlesquefestival 2015. #smbvf15 #burlesquedancer #burlesqueinstructor #burlesqueproducer #showgirl4life #BoomBoomBasics #DeannaDangerProductions

Today I’m purple. #ElectricForest2015 #EF2015 #tapdancer #pinup #tapdatForest #tappeddat @electric_forest @glmdolls #glmdolls #deviantdollzgogo #deviantdollzdotheforest #rvaatef2015 #rva #richmond #gogodancer #gogogirl #gogocollective #wegogo #gogorva #purplehair #purplehairdontcare #pastelhairdontcare #DeannaDanger

From my Arabian burlesque routine (which was my 2nd burlesque routine ever performed), this past Saturday night at Vaudeville Galore Presents Cheeky Monkey Sideshow at Gallery 5! I was on cast with a crazy crew of sideshow freaks! Learned to balance swords on my head from my mama (as some of you may know, was a bellydancer back in the 70s)! Though for this performance, I forgot to practice prior to performing with my fake hair on. Ha! Photo by Dave Parrish!

That happy moment when you finally find the shrimp that’s been hiding in your panties. Taken at the finale of my “Flaming-O” burlesque routine, performed at the 1st Annual Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival, June 2012. Photo by Mandi Martini. No shrimps were harmed in the making of this photo. And for the record….my Flamingo act came first amongst the new ‘flamingo act craze’ of burlesque. And is also the most dirty. 

My witchy self, burning at the stake at “Gypsies! Tramps! Thieves!” at the Carnival of 5 Fires 2012 at Gallery 5. This is from Name Of The Rose’s performance of “No Quarter” (aka: the genesis story of Deanna Danger Rose & Mister S)! Photo by Rebekah Brunson Photography. Click through the photo to see the rest of the show photos!!!