Here’s what makes me mad.

Deanna Troi has so much potential and only got to show it a couple times.

The power to sense people’s emotions? That’s an incredible gift. Anyone can have a poker face, anyone can pretend not to feel…but you still feel.

Imagine Deanna Troi staring down a Klingon warrior and saying “you can’t hide from me…you’re afraid. You’re afraid and I can feel every ounce of fear.”

Imagine Deanna Troi getting Cardassian war criminals to confess.

Imagine Deanna Troi helping people with PTSD during the Dominion War.

Imagine Deanna Troi actually helping Picard through his PTSD.

Imagine Deanna actually using her powers.

Imagine Deanna with a storyline that didn’t have to do with a man.

Imagine Deanna being complicated and emotional and fighting to figure out which emotions were even her own and fighting to not lose herself in what everyone else is feeling. Imagine the profound way she is affected everytime they rescue refugees from the Borg, surrounded by so much sorrow. Imagine the wierd guilt she feels after they escape the BORG because that lack of emotion…it’s almost a relief.



HAVE I EVER POSTED THIS?? NO??? (i made these last year)

well, last year I watched all of Star Trek TNG for the first time and was OVERWHELMED WITH JUST HOW 80S THE WHOLE THING WAS. So, I decided to, uh, update (?) the fashion of the ladies of TNG, starting with Tasha. 

Yeah, I kinda wanna do one for the boys, but there are just SO MANY BOYS!!! Maybe in the future…