deanna melluso


My shoot with my favorite  model in the world Ataui Deng is finally out in Interview Russia. Truly honored to have collaborated with a team of incredible artists: Deborah Lipmmann  - nails, Gro Curtis - styling, hair - Kenna, makeup Deanna Melluso. Director of photography Rod Lamborn. Shot at the iconic downtown George Brown Studio. Big thanks to Plume Inc.

My crazy new project in the new Dossier Magazine!

Featuring a truly gravity-defyling super-woman Hartje Andresen. Not only Harje is an amazing model, she is a semi-professional rock climber, a gourmet coffee entrepreneur (with her own coffee shop Pudge Knuckles in Williamsburg) and a philanthropist. The proceeds from the business go to charity in Kenya that she supports and  where she spends a month every year.

Sylist Polina Aronova, Hair: Eric Jamison, Makeup Deanna Melluso. 

special thanks to Plume Inc and Fuji Ruiz @ Trump Models.