deanna back off

sometimes when i think about fem!dean i like to picture her as really small and imagine the Winchesters hunting and Sam barreling through the door at 5′11 all big and intimidating and knocking the wind out of monsters with her height alone but then THEN comes Deanna, five feet of pure terror and attitude and stupid one-liners “HEY PICK ON SOMEBODY YOUR OWN SIZE” she shouts at a man whose belly button is at her eye level right before she tears him half because she might be small but she’s vicious and she’s fast as hell and ALWAYS ANGRY like how does she even contain that much anger in such a tiny body it can’t be healthy

and Cas (who is also in a female body for reasons, about 5′6, 5′7) is highly confused and amused by the tiny human who has to throw her head all the way back just to look Cas is the eye while calling her a “bag of dicks” whenever Cas and the other angels do something Deanna doesn’t approve of and watching the two of them fight is hilarious to Sam because Deanna’s fury propels her to her tippy toes while Cas almost has to squat if she wants to scream in Deanna’s face which she does to scare Deanna away but Deanna never backs off. 

In fact, they’re in that exact awkward positioning, Deanna calling Cas a giant “glorified self-righteous turkey,” when they kiss for the first time and Sam promptly flees the room because the two women are grabbling to find an even playing field because Deanna is trying to pull Cas down while Cas is lifting Deanna up and Deanna isn’t having it “I’m not a fucking baby, Cas” so Cas concedes by lowering them both on the bed and — yeah, okay, being horizontal makes kissing a lot easier… kissing and many other things…