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i think the picture perfectly portrays team free will: angst 

in celebration of 2k followers, i decided to do a follow forever! basically, these are blogs which i’ve grown used to seeing on my dash and absolutely love their posts! (mutuals bolded

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Sorry, I’m terrible at edits! But here are the winners and runner-ups of my tumblr awards :) Some categories only have one winner because not enough people with that type of blog entered.

Best URL:

Winner: Deanmittens

Runner-Up: Drunkdestiel

Best Theme

Winner: Kinglucifer

Best Supernatural

Winner: Squishcas

Runner-Up: Angelicmoose

Best Doctor Who

Winner: Dayofthedoctor

Runner-Up: Billeipiper

Best Teen Wolf

Winner: Alisonhendriq

Best Overall:

Winner: Caswithoutwings

Runner-Up: Unkillable-me

My Favorites:

Winner: Nowingscas

Runner-Up: Havefaithdean

reverse!verse is an odd, confused little tale that’s kind of spiraling and getting bigger. it’s kind of exciting, kind of weird, and 85% of the time Dean’s a dick, Sam’s the bitchface personified, and Jimmy/“Cas” is the poor sucker who gets stuck with them.

The apocalypse starts on a Thursday, and Jimmy’s sitting in his underwear when two guys break into his room and tell him they need him to save the world.

“Mother fuck,” Jimmy finally manages, super-duper handy knife set clear on the other side of the room and preferred gun being weighed in this guy’s hand like he owns the damn thing.

Said guy smirks in a way that has him wanting to bash his head in with the bedside lamp because it’s just that irritating. But Mama Novak didn’t raise her boy to go about bashing stranger’s heads in with bedside lamps from cheap motels, so Jimmy doesn’t.

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freckstiel  asked:

I voted for a q&a video bc i would love to see ur lovely face c; good luck on hitting 1k!!

thank you, love! do you want anything? I’ll give you a blog rate.

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1. Something you miss the most? (TV show, person, band, anything)

My grandma who moved away. I miss her so much.

2.  A character you wish would get killed off?


3. Movie with the best cast?

The Princess Bride. Seriously, if you read the book and then look at the movie casting, its absolutely PERFECT casting.

4. Leftovers for breakfast or breakfast for dinner?

Leftovers for breakfast. I’m not a breakfast food person.

5. Favorite movie/TV show line?

Hmm, this is hard. I think I like the line from Doctor Who, “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

6. Have you ever broken a rule, whether in school, personal family rules, or in public, like theaters or restaurants?

Pshhh of course not! Okay actually though I’ve broken rules all the time. If I don’t agree with a rule, I probably won’t follow it. 

7. If you could shape shift into any kind of animal, which would you choose?

A cat. I just wanna sleep all day!

8. Character you wish you could be for a day?

Maybe Kazusa from White Album 2. I’d love to play piano like that even just for a day!

9. Favorite season of the year, and favorite season of your favorite show?

I love winter. Like I could go on and on about how much I love winter! And I loved season 4 of Doctor Who.

10. If you had 300 dollars to spend, but you had to spend it right now, and the majority of it, what would you buy?

A cello!

11. Last movie you went to the theater to see?

THOR 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My questions:

1. Favorite drink?

2. What is/was your favorite subject in school and why?

3. If you could go anywhere for a week, where would you go?

4. Would you rather be hated by everyone or forgotten by everyone?

5. Favorite quote/song lyric? 

6. If you weren’t afraid of anything, what would you do? 

7. How big is your tv?

8. Do you prefer to be X or O in a game of tic-tac-toe?

9. What’s your favorite board/card game?

10. Which character do you wish was real?

11. Are you excited for christmas?

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[Cas buys a house, Dean’s the ghost who won’t leave, and Sam’s the guy who just keeps visiting. They like to discuss movies. [ghost!Dean-verse]]


“Nah-hah,” Sam gets out in a laugh, scratching at the bridge of his nose in a manner that Cas is quickly learning means he’s uncomfortable. Makes sense too, seeing as he’s all but interrogating the younger man about his dead brother. And it’s not like he’s been gone all that long either–it’s been what, two years maybe? Anna hadn’t been terribly specific, giving a small shrug and a sad smile because she knew just about as much as he did when it came to the tragic story of these elusive Winchesters.

One would think he’d know a bit more about the house, given that he’s bought it and he lives there, but he’d only lived in the small town of Lawrence for all of sixth months before his sister’d called him up one day with some spiel about this “really friggin’ awesome house” and asking if her really cool, really awesome, super rad big brother wouldn’t mind checking it out. No to mention she made a commission on it, but whatever.

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Well this is my first follow forever. People on this list are Blogs I adore, you guys are awesome!!! My favourite ^_^ favourites are in bold (because OMFG your Blogs are more than perfect)

My lovely friends (AKA cutie pies)

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