Tumblr Crushes:

late but awesome follow friday!!!

i’m reeeeaaallyyy not surprised that Kansas has 20% of my love because she is the most fantastic writer ever okay ashdjashfjsfhk;sahdfjashfl

but ya everyone on here is super high quality so follow them all yay :D

also unsurprisingly, (almost) every one of these blogs has a lot of SPN on them. figures.

I used to wonder what crushes could be:

You know what the best part about these crushes are? Other than the stupid amount of quality blogs worth following?

The position of Bethany on this. The fact that her icon is the moon and it just looks like she’s going to consume all. 

Because she’s the moon.

deanmadeadealwithademonand replied to your post: deanmadeadealwithademonand replied to your post:…

I’m good, and you?

I’m good too, thanks – just a little stressed right now because I have an awful lot to do for school.

but, oh, oh my fucking god, I just listened to your wincest audio post for the first time and HOLY HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US ALL

it’s so fucking amazing and incredible and just fuck – let me bow down before you

My Little Tumblr: Crushes are Magic:

Well this has never happened before. :I Although the person at the top is super koala tea you guys should all follow Especially if you like Wincest and Destiel on your dashes.

Also I thought Bethany’s icon couldn’t get scarier than the moon