9x07 “Bad Boys” // 12x07 “Rock Never Dies”
“I don’t get it, Lucifer could be taking over Heaven and Hell right now, but instead he acts out some rock god fantasy?”

I know I already talked about this during live watch, but I just wanted these moments side by side as they lie exactly three seasons apart. And like last season one may see this small moment here as a possible loose “alignment” between Dean and Lucifer. Though of course Dean’s wish to be a rockstar was and even at present still be much purer and more more innocent than Lucifer’s could ever be. Because for Dean it would mean people looking up to him, people liking him and seeing him as a hero (that he is but never would see himself as) and feeling like he matters (seriously, we have to get a scene of Dean with a guitar and singing at some point now, because I bet he can play real damn well - maybe Cas and Sam can give him a guitar for christmas? - Someone write me that ficlet! ;))

And actually in some way that isn’t too different to Lucifer, just that Lucifer tries to find “love” in all the wrong ways and all the wrong places (kind of like Crowley actually - since just like the King of Hell, he just “needs love” and maybe that realization could get him to truly change at some point…). Doesn’t he remind you a little bit of Metatron? He after all admitted to God last season that all the horrible stuff he did was just to achieve one thing: Draw God out. After the entire speech we heard from Lucifer, his identity crisis, the feeling of being abandoned yet again by his father - I think him trying to kill as many people as possible actually could be seen as a way of him trying to get his father to interfere and maybe yes, to end it even, because he is lost and really, being bad and causing bloodshed and all that, he says he does it for fun (which of course is awful), but in the end isn’t it also somehow Lucifer kind of “going through the motions”? He does what he always has, but he feels he matters less than ever before….