#Personal piece post (ppp for short).

Recently I’ve become more intrigued by astrology and the Zodiac signs, as a tool to use in understanding their behaviors; not so much as a way to define character.

I thought it would be fun to take the last seven Chinese Zodiac animal signs and characterize them in a personal way. I’ve lived in California for seven years, so each of these represents a year for me in a way. The year of the Pig I moved down to start art school, taking out lots of loans. The year of the Rabbit was the year after graduation, so not such a good year.  Despondent in the realities of day-job life, I carried around the year of the tiger in comparison for the next few years to come.  However, things improved. The year of the Dragon I was hired at a game-studio to be a full time artist, but subsequently lost the job the next year. Snake had its ups and downs, more uncertain than the rest.

 I read up on horse-people. The zodiac sign, not centaurs. Apparently they thrive in groups and like attention, but also are quick to learn and find their independence. Sounds pretty good to me. Kinda jealous I’m only an ox.  But I have a feeling that this year the horse is going to push forward and conquer new land. Perhaps I feel like that at the start of every new year. Its only month two, so we still have time. 

HalBarry art by deandraws for capeandcowl’s birthday. Hope you have a great day! Dean commissioned me to write you something fluffy and cute, so I hope you enjoy it~

Hal was a team player, honestly!

Well; he was to a point.

Turned out he drew the line at team days out for the purpose of “inter-personal relations” as Clark had put it. Bruce, the traitor, had hummed in agreement and promised to organise something everyone would like. Hal was sure those two were making ‘the beast with two backs’ behind the scenes but he just didn’t have proof yet.

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So you guys know how Arsenal has tattoos right? Well we decided not to draw them on until we came inside the con at #tbcc because it was pouring on the way there and the ticket line was outside. However, deandraws was kind enough to draw them on for us and is a super-sweet and talented artist! This was one of the best experiences of the day for sure. 😊💕

Fic: DCU: Pillow

This was actually suppose to be for deandraws birthday last month…..I sorry it’s late!  *flails*

Amusingly I had him beta this. XD


Barry lazily ran his fingers through the soft chestnut brown hair, idly swiping his thumb across the screen of his tablet.  The man in his arms murmured something in his sleep, nuzzling his head against Barry’s chest.  The speedster smiled and gave a soft chuckle; he didn’t mind being used as a body pillow, even as Hal began to drool on him a little.  He leaned down and placed a kiss atop his boyfriend’s head, taking in a deep breath of the man’s scent.

It had been three weeks, three full weeks without his Green Lantern. Three weeks of not seeing nor hearing from the man, or knowing why he hadn’t returned within the original time frame.  Hal had been away on Corps missions before, but never for this long…and this mission was supposed to have been a simple one.  At least that’s what Hal had told him, anyways.  A week tops.  But when one week turned into two and then three, Barry started to worry.  To say he had been a stressful nervous wreck would have been an understatement; he was pretty sure he drove Wally up a wall with his fretting. 

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for deandraws cause soft hal hair is the best okay?

“How do you keep your hair so soft?” Barry asked quietly, his fingers carding through Hal’s hair. They were laying naked in his bed, limbs tangled and sweat cooling on their skin, and Hal had his head resting on his lover’s chest.

The question threw him off, though. He knew Barry liked his hair, he’d taken to tugging on it when Hal went down on him and carding his fingers through it when they were alone together, but he’d never asked questions about it before.

“Uh, I… I don’t know,” he said, pressing a kiss into Barry’s chest just below his collarbone. “Half the time I use your shampoo.”

“So that’s why I run out so quickly,” the blond lifted his head and grinned down at Hal. “Why don’t you just move some of your stuff in here?” He asked.

Hal’s mind stopped.

His heart almost stopped too.

Everything stopped as Barry’s words sunk in. The blond must have noticed because his muscles tightened under Hal and his heart began to beat faster in his chest.

“O-or you know, you don’t have to I just-”

“Barry,” he wrapped his arm around his lover tighter and grinned into his chest. “It’s okay, I’m not- okay I am freaking out, but it’s only a little. I’d… I’d like that.”



Barry kissed the top of his head, a huff of warm air hitting Hal as the blond laughed, and pushed their bodies just an inch or two closer. “Guess I should start buying more shampoo then.”


Had a blast on my last day at Tampa Comic Con. Met the legend Janet Varney. She was perfect, as expected. Also had her sign something for my lady thegreatunxter

Also special shoutouts to deandraws for the amazing Korra artwork you see here. He’s an amazing guy and heavily advice you to check his stuff out on his tumblr and deviantart if you haven’t yet. 


Tampa Bay Comicon was a real treat! It was my first Comicon, and man we all had such a great time.

I sold lots of art! My brother, and Capeandcowl were such a big help at the table. I never would have been able to do Comicon without them. I think Scoot had a good time too, which is rare for him.

I met some super amazing artists and writers with really fantastic stories and experiences to share. Hal Betzold had one that is really sticking with me, and it was great talking to him. I bought his Captain America: Winter Soldier poster, and he signed it too! I commissioned Paul Pelletier and John Rivett for Winter Soldier sketches because they are out of this world phenomenal at what they do. I met Mark Waid! He signed my Archie #1 and a sketch of Impulse I intend to send to my buddy, Frosty! (Super nice, btw. If you ever get the chance to chat with him about his older work, DO IT. He seemed thrilled to listen to me gab about Impulse.)
I met one of my all time favorite artists, Kevin Maguire. Proceeded to severely embarrass myself, then bought his BB/BG poster, which he generously signed for me. The next day, I sketched a Blue Beetle Booster Gold for him as a sort of “Sorry I’m socially awkward, and get starstruck around artists I admire”. Haha. He seemed to like the sketch. There’s more to that story, but I think I’ll keep that for just me. It was another good memory to put in the brain bank.

There was so much that happened over one short weekend. I don’t think I met a single unpleasant person the whole time, and everyone that came by my table to chat or purchase things were so nice! Talking about ships and fandoms so freely was very validating, and man, who knew there were so many other Stucky fans, and still so many Young Justice fans even though it’s cancellation two years ago! And GLTAS?? I got to chat with loads of people about Rayzr and Aya, and man, that was a kick in the feels. I loved that show!!

I didn’t get to meet Janet Varney, but I heard she was really cool! She signed the Korra posters that I drew and Korra fans had bought!

Today, (Monday,) I was so exhausted, it was good to sleep in. When I finally rolled out of bed, Cape and I went to lunch at Olive Garden, and then made a trip to Coliseum Comics to finally get the Winter Soldier Hot Toy! I’ve been looking for him for months!!! HE’S GORGEOUS. Steve is next on my list!

All in all, the weekend was fantastic. I’m so glad I got to go to Comicon, and I’ll be hitting it again next year for sure!

Douc Langur is a small primate native of Southeast Asia, and also a prime subject of some art I’m making for an upcoming and talented band called Douc Langur.  Its a great project for me to work on, for one because drawing primates is tons of fun; secondly making conceptual art for musicians or bands can be very open ended and a great way to experiment with all the tools in the box. 

deandraws  asked:

HalBarry 8! >u> ....<u< No use going anon on this one.

8. Hal/Barry (Innocence)

(I’m also mixing this one with another prompt from khazadspoon, which was Relaxation (100))

Hope I did okay, I’m not the greatest at fluff.



Hal looked so peaceful as he slept, his features a blank slate - no worry, sadness, or fear marring the statue-like beauty of the brunet’s aging face (though Barry would have never described him as ‘aging’ to his face). Tabula rasa, they called it; the mind in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state – usually referring to the moment of birth, but in this metaphorical case being sleep – before receiving outside impressions.

He looked so carefree, so… innocent. Despite all of the things he’d done in the past - things he’d been forced to do, and things for which he’d made the agonizing decision himself, for the greater good - as his eyelids fluttered gently with the movement of his eyes, Barry thought he could see into the very soul of the man. It was worn and tattered and stained in places, places that showed in his day-to-day actions, but what Barry saw was a pure soul. A pure soul that had suffered, withstood too much, more than a soul should have had to.

Hal’s breath hitched slightly as the speedster’s fingers ghosted over the smooth skin of his back, but he didn’t wake from his slumber. If anything, he appeared to relax even more at the blond’s touch, which made Barry’s silly little heart flutter at the thought. That Hal felt comfortable enough, safe enough to open up to him even in sleep… He wondered not for the first time if he was the first person to ever see this side of Hal.

His heart clenched at the thought that maybe, just maybe, he was.

deandraws  asked:

*whispers* halbarry~ 35~ *sneaks away* ....heehee.

“Hold my hand.”

Barry blinked at the hand held out to him. “You’re not serious, right?”

“Just hold my hand, Barry.”

He took the hand and yelped as he was yanked into Hal’s arms. The pilot picked him up and gripped him tight, arms wrapped around him comfortably as he rose up in the air. He kept their fingers entwined. 

“We’re- we’re flying,” he whispered into the air as Hal flew them over the coastline.

“Yup,” the pilot grinned and pulled Barry closer, sharing his warmth in the cold night air. "Do you like it?“ He asked. 

Barry laughed and looked at him with wide eyes. "Are you kidding? It’s… This is amazing.”

Hal looked at him with a soft, affectionate look and increased his speed. A small green construct formed over his eyes. 

“For the bugs,” Hal explained.

Barry laughed and immediately regretted it, spitting and spluttering as a bug flew into his mouth. He punched Hal’s shoulder as the man laughed at him. It didn’t make the moment any less beautiful, though. 

Hal held his hand tight, took him up to the stars and kissed him in the moon light. No amount of bugs could ruin that.