Inktober Bunker Day 4

[very late day four, yes. I didn’t feel like writing Day 5 just now, and since I have an otp per mythology listed on the original post, I couldn’t resist.]

Topic: Mythology

Pairing: Castiel/Dean

Challenge: @thebunkerofletters

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Nordic Mythology

• as gods

Dean: Balder - Ase of justice and light. But still he is an ase, a fighter.

Cas: Either Frey - Wane of summer, or Loki - genderqueer killer machine

• as my OTP from “Magnus Chase”

Dean: Magnus Chase - beloved mom died when he was a kid, didn’t have a home for most of his life, pretty much only one blood-related family member but a caring non-blood-related family 

Cas: Alex Fierro – looks like a daydream but could actually kill you, unusual way of wearing ties, genderqueer, is actually the love of my life

Egyptian Mythology

• as gods

Dean: Anubis - god of funerals (he died over 100 times, come on guys)

Cas: Isis - beautiful rainbow wings and would do everything for husband

• as my OTP from “The Kane Chronicles”

Dean: Anubis (again)

Cas: Sadie Kane - could kill you but is also a cinnamon roll

Greek Mythology

• as gods

Dean: Ares – god of war

Cas: Artemis – virgin goddess of hunting and the moon

(Sam: Athena – goddess of the strategic fight)

• as my OTP from „Heroes of Olympus“

Dean: Nico Di Angelo – gloomy non-hetero closeted kid with dead family members a fetish for fast Food

Cas: Will Solace – actual ray of sunshine with healing powers

Merthurian Legend

• as my OTP from BBC’s „Merlin“

Dean: Arthur Pendragon – blond, pretty, warrior, brave but kind, would be dead without a certain dorky dark-haired guy

Cas: Merlin - dark hair, blue eyes, magic powers, pining for a blond idiot

10-Day Dean Ambrose Challenge (LAST DAY)

Day 10: “What’s so great about Dean Ambrose anyways?”

He to me is literally the only wrestler I’ve seen bring such a uniqueness to the ring. He’s not trying to be “the crowd’s favorite” (obviously at the moment haha), and he has developed a character that is worth praising. It takes a lot for a wrestler to swoon me over. Not only with good lucks but wrestling ability and mic skills as well. He is an example of someone who came from nothing but became something. He has helped prove that you don’t have to be an athletic star or buff body builder to be in WWE. He has been successful in so many companies and has established himself as one of the most notorious/successful wrestlers in the business. I believe him, along with The Shield, have the potential to be numerous time champions and maybe even future Hall of Famers. Like CM Punk said, he has the guts to step up to whosoever in charge and not sit back and watch as things go by. This may sound cheesy haha, but he’s helped contribute to inspiring me to maybe pursuing a wrestling career in the future. I watch him and I see how great he is and it drives me to do the best I can with whatever I do. I think he would be the best mentor in the business and could really teach and help people. This is so random, and kinda creepy, but you know what? I think it’s cool that he grew up in Ohio and I don’t live that far away from Cincinnati (yes I do but not like I’m across the country). But I won’t get into that lol. So, with all that being said, a more simpler answer to your question “What’s so great about Dean Ambrose?”, EVERYTHING.