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DeanCasWeek2012HolidayEdition; Day 2 
lets ignore the fact I’m a few days behind I got internet taken off me

It’s Castiels first christmas without Dean and Sam.


It’s 11:59pm and it’s Christmas Eve. There’s a small building,  recently abandoned with a ‘67 Chevy Impala out the front, that won’t be driven again, because the only other person angel,but he can’t be an angel because angels aren’t meant to have human emotions like sorrow and pain and loneliness, but he does, who would drive it can’t bear to, can’t bear to look at it and can barely step foot on this property.

But it’s almost Christmas, and he told them that they would spend Christmas together this year, but they never got the chance.

He looks at the first headstone. “Sam Winchester” it reads and he can’t bear to read the date of death or he’ll cry, but he’s not meant to cry because that shows humanity and he is not a human, he can’t be, but he’s sure he is.

Then the next headstone. It’s a fresher grave, buried in just a few days ago and Cas knows that it’s all his fault. Why why why did you have to have that argument that lead to him rushing into his hunt, unprepared, ambushed and hidden from you because of those stupid marks you left on his ribs. 

“Dean Winchester” it reads and Cas breaks down sobbing before he can read the rest.

He drops to the floor and his trench coat crumples around his shaking body, engulfing him like the sorrow he’s been carrying around for days.

He tried to bring him back, to tell him what he started to say before the argument erupted and he had stormed out, but he couldn’t. It was Fate, finally getting the people she had wanted after all this time.

And there was so much blood, Castiel never learnt what it was that had killed Dean Winchester, but he had eventually found him, lying there on the concrete floor bleeding out and he had rushed over and held Dean while he died.

“I can heal this if you relax Dean!” Cas had yelled

“I don’t want you to heal this. I’m ready to die now. Let me.” Dean had said, his voice airy and weak and Cas had hugged his dying friend, and placed two lips on his forehead.

So as Cas regained his composure and sat on the grass between his two friends and took a deep breath.

“Merry Christmas guys.”


He was gone the next morning, never heard from or seen for weeks.

Left on Deans grave was a piece of paper

“I guess you knew, by the end you had to. If not, know that I love you, and that I’m coming to join you”.

Three days later Castiel summoned an angel, he couldn’t remember their name but he knew that he had pissed them off one time, and asked him to kill him.

Three weeks and four days later they found the body, in the old house with the ‘67 Chevy Impala out the front, angel wings burnt onto the wooden floor.

Imbroglio: Rust

It had all happened so fast.

Plenty of people were treating the Croats like zombies, but Dean thought of them as insects. Way too many of them, hiding in places you least expected them, and multiplying faster than you could easily get rid of them. When you got infected and you got mean. It didn’t matter who you were before, because once it took you over, you were little more than a rabid dog. He’d seen mothers bashing in the heads of infants, daughters taking down fathers, pastors ripping their congregation limb from limb. It was damn messy.

Any attempt to stop it at the source had been ruined when something went wrong the night they went to Niveus. They had the bombs, the guns, the manpower. But there had been too many demons and Croats surrounding the place and they had barely managed to get out alive, let alone detonate the explosives. Something backfired. Sammy had downed all of that demon blood, for what? Maybe it had been fear that kept Sam from acting. His brother just froze. Cas nearly got his head taken off when Sam apparently forgot how to choke the demons out of the people they were riding. Dean had to make the difficult decision to pull back.

The vaccine had gone out. Hundreds of thousands had been infected.

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