Apple Pie Confessions

SPN Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. deanghostchester
Prompt: Apple Picking
Pairings: Destiel, Sam/Jess, brief Mary/John
Word count: ~6k
Tags: High school au, friends to lovers, fluff, mutual pining, almost first kiss, awkward aftermath, first kiss, shipper!sam

Pleeease, Dean?” Sam whines, and Dean can feel those puppy dog eyes burning into the back of his head.

He sighs in annoyance, busying his hands with folding his clothes just so he doesn’t have to look into those wide, fourteen year old eyes because as soon as he does, he won’t be able to say no. “Sammy, why would I want to be the third wheel of your little play date? I got better things to do.”

“Like what?” Sam huffs, “The only things you do on Saturdays are go to the garage with Dad and watch porn before bed. And it’s not a play date!”

Dean snorts, cheeks warming. “Well, that sounds like a pretty damn good Saturday to me. And you’re forgetting that Cas and I hang out too so I’m not gonna ditch him to play chaperone.”

Dean’s a little offended that Sam thinks he has no life, but doesn’t dare correct his assumption that he watches porn at night. It’d be the only explanation as to why Sam probably hears him through their too thin walls. Dean could never admit that every Saturday night, the only thing he gets off to is thoughts of his best friend. He really does try to be quiet about it – he’d do it in the shower to conceal his activities if it didn’t look suspicious taking an additional, unnecessary shower – but sometimes his imaginings just make it too hard to contain his moans.

“Then ask if he wants to come with. Cas likes being outdoors so I bet he’d have fun.”

Dean finally turns around to meet Sam’s gaze, noticing how that telling smirk instantly melts to puppy dog eyes and he scoffs. “Do you really think Cas wants to spend his Saturday trailing behind and you and Jess while you two make goo goo eyes at each other?”

Sam sighs. “I don’t know. Dean, can you please take us? You’re the only one who can. Dad’s working with Bobby all day and Mom’s not feeling well. Jess was super excited for this weekend and I really want to make her happy.”

Dean studies his brother’s crest fallen face, almost like he’s given up hope and Dean groans inwardly. He was really looking forward to spending a lazy day with Cas in his room while they chose a new show to binge on Netflix. As much as he wants to say ‘no, maybe next time, Sammy,’ he can’t.

“I don’t understand what’s so exciting about apple picking,” Dean starts and Sam looks up warily at him, “but fine. I’ll take you guys.”

Sam’s face instantly lights and he surges forward, arms wrapping around Dean as he knocks into him. “Thank you so much, Dean! It’ll be fun, I promise!”

“Yeah yeah. You owe me. Now get out of my room.” Dean ruffles Sam’s hair affectionately despite his grumbling.

Sam swats his hand away before trotting happily out of the room and not even a minute later, Dean hears him through the wall talking to Jess on the phone about tomorrow.

He chuckles to himself, lying on his bed and grabbing his phone from the nightstand, tapping on his most recent call and holding the phone to his ear.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas greets in that gravelly voice after only two rings.

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Bakery!fics are the fanfic equivalent of the smell of freshly baked bread…so warm and comforting … so so good

This was a pretty amazing experience.

I was the first person in line for Cockles ops and since there had been a girl getting a Misha re-take right before me, Jensen was talking with Clif while he waited. Misha actually had to pull Jensen over to the op.

So Jensen comes up, apologizes to me for the wait, and I tell him it’s fine (I may have stuttered a little, he’s VERY pretty and this was my first time meeting him)

I give Misha the asexual pride flag and ask him to put it over his shoulders. I knew Misha already knew what the flag was (see here and here), but I was uncertain about Jensen, so I hand him the bisexual pride flag (he actually needed help getting it over both shoulders) and tell him, “Just so you know, this is the bisexual pride flag”.

He can’t hear me over the music, so he says, “What?”

So I repeat, “This is the bisexual pride flag, for people that are fans of bisexual Dean. Is this ok?” (I forget exactly what I said, but I know I mentioned what it was, why, and I checked to see if he was cool with it.)

Jensen thinks about it for a moment, then smiles and chuckles a bit. He nods and goes, “Ok, let’s do this.”

I turned to face the camera, Chris snaps the picture, and I collect the flags. Jensen actually pulled me into a hug as I was leaving. (And several people in line cheered and told me ‘thank you’.)

This was honestly pretty magical and I’m glad it turned out so well!

(please credit me if you use this for any manips)