dean/cas fic: we are nowhere (and it’s now)

we are nowhere (and it’s now); 3.2K, another 13x01 coda, dean drinks a lot but it ends well

Driving back to the bunker takes three days.

Dean would rather do it in two, but Sam starts bitching right as they’re crossing into Idaho. It’s a long drive, they’re pretty roughed up — blah blah blah. Dean pushes it another fifty miles. After that, he figures his options are pulling over or punching Sam in the mouth.

They stop for the night in Boise and Cheyenne. They run into another angel ambush at a Gas & Sip in North Platte, but the kid does… something that drops all four of them like bricks. Something that gives him a migraine and a nosebleed that drips like a leaky faucet.

“There’s probably a learning curve,” Sam says, holding a shop rag to the kid’s face.

Three fucking days. In that time, Dean learns that the kid likes orange soda, turkey jerky, and the soggy chicken salad sandwiches that KwikMarts sell shrinkwrapped and cut into triangles. He doesn’t like bananas, but he likes banana candy. He likes banana candy so much that yellow Starburst wrappers end up all over the Impala’s back seat.

Dean wants to feed him an angel blade, but he knows it won’t do any good.


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i want Jack to be super curious about everything, and ask Dean for his help on something random.

and then I want Dean, who’s busy cleaning guns or whatever, to mindlessly reply, “I’m in the middle of something, ask Cas–” and then he chokes on air and shuts up. He has to blink furiously against the onset of tears. He clears his throat and says in a rough voice, “Yeah, uh, let me just… I’ll be right there.”


dean and sam find a hunt. sam is explaining how long the trip should be/what all to expect, and dean responds, “Cool, lemme just go grab Cas.”

and then sam and dean look at each other.

“I’ll go pack,” is all dean says before bolting out of the library.

ALSO alternatively:

Dean calls everyone in the bunker to the dining table cuz “Dinner’s ready!” and then when Sam and Jack walk in Dean looks at them and automatically asks, “Where’s Cas?” before realization flickers on his face and he plasters a carefully blank expression on his face to avoid Sam’s pitying, probing eyes. Jack just squints in an all too familiar way.

“Dean,” Sam begins.

“Sit down, I’ll get the plates,” Dean says over him, his voice wavering suspiciously.

Title: Blade Unforgiving
Author: DeanOh
Artist: Aceriee
Rating: Explicit
Length: 92,291 words
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Anna/Charlie, One Sided Michael/Dean
Warnings: None

Castiel Novak is a shadow, a silent man with few friends and a difficult life. When his brother, King Michael, buys himself a rare royal Dragossi, Castiel is tasked with hatching the creature and turning it into a weapon of war. But the unimaginable happens - the egg is stolen, and Michael gives Castiel an ultimatum; either Castiel brings the hatchling back to its rightful place, or dies a painful death.

Dean is a Brothel errand boy who would do anything to keep his brother, Sam, safe. After an offer for Sam’s freedom is made in exchange for a Dragossi egg, Dean drops everything to steal one from the King. But an accidental bond with the mischievous Dragossi hatchling makes things difficult, and when Dean realizes he’s stolen a royal Dragossi, he sets out to return it and avoid retribution.

The two men are set on a path, circumstance making them unlikely allies, and Castiel slowly, yet surely, falls for the simple man with a heart of gold. It becomes a choice between loyalty to his King, or faith in a beautiful thief.

A King Arthur AU with a twist and the love story that defied a kingdom.

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Link to art: Tumblr and AO3

Title: As Far As Angels Ken
Author: WarlockWriter
Artist: Dogsled
Rating: Explicit
Length: 49134
Pairings: Dean/Cas (implied past Dean/Benny)
Warnings: Temporary Character Death (this is Supernatural, after all)

Summary: Sometimes Dean wished he could just get in Baby and drive into the sunset. However, duty and family always call him back.

The Angels have fallen. Sam is hurting from the aborted ritual. Cas is human. Crowley is, well sort of half-human, half-demon. Kevin isn’t eating or sleeping. And seriously, Death just pulled up to the Bunker? It’s definitely not Dean’s day.

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Hey friends, come cry with me :D

Destiel Evolution:
  • Season 4: I raised you from Hell, I can throw you back in.
  • Season 5: You know what? Blow me Cas.
  • Season 6: Dean and I do share a more profound bond.
  • Season 7: I'd rather have you, cursed or not.
  • Season 8: I need you.
  • Season 9: You gave up an entire army for one guy.
  • Season 10: If there’s even a small chance that we can save you, I won’t let you walk out of this room.
  • Season 11: I could go with you.
  • Season 12: I love you.

person : what are you always reading on your phone?

me: *blushes* nothing…

person: come on … I can see you always reading something

me: *blushing intensifies* it’s just …stuff

person: no , seriously what is it?