i can’t decide what my favorite era of dean/cas is

season four, when they’re so alien and yet so fascinated with and attracted to each other. when dean is still shook up after hell and cas is trying his best to stay faithful to a system he’s losing faith in. when they’re unable to comfort but inspire each other instead to make the right decisions no matter how difficult

season five, when they’re on the run from both heaven and hell and they’ve got nothing to rely on but their tiny, broken family. when cas is falling and angry and confused and dean feels just so empty and hopeless but even so they never fail to get a reaction from each other (and you just know any sex they’d have during this time would be either angry and rough or unbearably soft and gentle)

season six, when cas is fighting against overwhelming odds and compromising every value he has just to keep humanity (but mostly dean lbr) safe. when dean has no idea why cas is so distant, which makes him angry and hurt, and what few times they do talk there’s all those secrets and feelings they can’t put a name to and it only serves to make them more hurt and confused

season eight and purgatory when dean is so desperate to find cas, it’s literally all he thinks about for months on end. when cas is so desperate to keep dean safe that he keeps him distant even though it’s probably killing him. when they’re finally together again and dean is so happy but cas knows it’s going to end soon and that, too, is killing him, knowing that he’s gonna have to hurt dean like that again but believing it’s for the best

or current era, when they’re so domestic and dean knows he can rely on cas to give him advice about his mother and to keep her and sam safe. when cas sticks around not just because dean needs him to but because he wants to because they’re family and maybe that means brothers or maybe that means something else but in the end it means that they love each other and they both know that the other loves them

tbh I’m still waiting on a coda that hypes up jealous!dean big time

Like all of them getting back to the bunker and Cas is taking the trench off and Dean sees a piece of paper fall out of the pocket. He goes to pick it up and freezes when he reads the print on the front. Mick Davies. British Men of Letters. 

“You kept it?” he snarls at Cas.

And Cas looks confused at Dean’s tone but just answers, “Yes. I thought it would be wise in case we ever need to contact them.”

“We don’t need help from those assholes, Cas!” Dean yells and stalks away, crumbling the card in his hand. Later when he’s in his room, he tosses it in the trashcan and burns it.

And Dean thinks that’s the end of it until the next day when he finds Cas in the library researching the British Men of Letters.

“Cas, we are not working with those assholes! Did you see what the did to Sam?”

“I’m not recommending it, Dean,” Cas replies evenly. “I just thought it best to be prepared should it ever become necessary. And Mick said-”

The name rolls off Cas’s tongue and Dean sees red. “Oh. Mick, huh? We’re on first name basis now, are we? Well that’s just great.”

Confusion tilts Cas’s head and squints his eyes and it is not cute right now. “Dean is everything all right?”

“Of course!” Dean shouts, jumping to his feet. “Why wouldn’t I be thrilled about you getting all buddy-buddy with middle-aged Harry Potter?!” Dean turns on his heel and marches out of the room.

Of course, Cas is still struggling to understand sarcasm, Dean’s brand in particular, so he continues researching and is more and more fascinated about the history of the Men of Letters, which he happily relates to Mary, Sam, and a very bitter Dean.

A very bitter Dean, who answers all of Cas’s questions for the next two weeks with “I don’t know, why don’t you go call your boyfriend, Mick?”

So Cas… does… and then reports his findings to the Winchesters and Dean is ready to fucking explode every time Cas says “Mick said…” or “Mick thinks…”

Mick this. Mick that. Mick, Mick, Mick.

Dean spends a lot of extra time in the garage throwing tools and glaring at engines.

I reckon you could finish me off without breaking a sweat…


And did Cas really not sweat? He had to. Dean tried to think back to some hunts when Cas got a bit roughed up, tried to focus his memory on Cas’s forehead, the column of his throat, which was so long and smooth up until where his stubble-

Not the point, Winchester!

And one day they’re in the middle of a hunt and they’re stumped, exhausting all of their resources and Cas begins, “I could call M-”

And that’s it!

“WE’RE NOT CALLING MICK!” Dean screams and Mary and Sam’s eyes go wide.

“Why not?” Cas pouts.

“Because I don’t want his fucking help, Cas!”

“But his library is far more-”

“I don’t fucking care!” Dean yells. “You are not calling him, Cas, and that’s final!”

Cas’s eyes narrow and, yeah, definitely not cute this time. He gets to his feet. “Are you giving me an order, Dean Winchester?”

“Yes, Castiel, I am!”

Cas turns level eyes to Sam who just nods and takes his mother’s hand. “We need to go.”

They’re gone in seconds, leaving Dean to single-handedly face the fury of an angel of the lord. 

“You are being irrational and I want to know why,” Cas says.

“I’m irrational?” Dean scoffs. “You want to get in bed with the enemy! Literally!”

And there’s that damn head tilt. “I have no intention of sharing a bed with the British Men of Letters. I don’t sleep, Dean.”

Dean slaps his hands to his face, groaning and somewhere in the back of his mind, just begging Cas to smite him and end this all. 

“Dammit, Cas, that’s not… that’s not what I meant.”

“You are referring to sexual intercourse then? Because I also have no interest in engaging with the organization in such activities.”

“Cas, you’re killing me here,” Dean says weakly, exhausted at the sheer amount of oblivion coming from this ancient creature. “Why do you want to work with them?”

“You told me to.”

“When the hell did I-”

“You’ve been telling me to call Mick for the last two weeks.”

Dean blinks, trying to remember when he had lost his damn mind in the last two weeks- “Cas, I was being sarcastic!”

“Oh.” Cas looks calmer now. “So you didn’t want me to actually call Mick?”

“No, Cas! I don’t want you to even think about that fucker!”

“Why not?”

“Oh for the love of- HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!”

Back to confused. “When?”

“When we rescued Sam! Oh, Jesus Christ, Cas. Sweat! The way he looked at you after you said you didn’t sweat.”

“Humans find the inability to perspire sexually appealing?”

“No, you idiot, you are sexually appealing!”

Dean is so frustrated he can’t even process what he just said until something lights in Cas’s eyes. It’s a bit dazed and disbelieving and… hungry? 

“You find me sexually appealing?”

“I-I-I w-what?” Dean stammers.

Cas takes a step toward Dean. “You said I was sexually appealing.” 

“What? No! I-I- I meant him - Mick - he-he finds you, ugh, se-sex, um, appealing. He finds you appealing.”

The light dies and Cas frowns. “Oh. So you don’t?”

Dean has to make a big decision then. To lie or tell the truth. To play it safe or take a chance.

And, well, when has Dean Winchester ever played it safe?


Blue swarms on Dean until he can’t see anything because Cas’s face is too close and something soft brushes Dean’s lips. They kiss and Dean wraps his arms around Cas’s waist, diving into this moment and locking the angel in place with him. 

When they separate Cas is grinning and Dean is too dizzy to see the teasing angel. “You were jealous,” Cas breathes.

“Took you long enough to figure it out,” Dean slurs and wonders if it’s possible to get drunk off of kissing because he’s showing all the signs of a good buzz.

“Actually, Mick told me last week.”

And there it goes. “Cas! What the hell!”

“You were confusing me,” Cas argues. “You were angry all the time but you wouldn’t talk to me.”

“So you’ve just been fucking with me this entire week?”

Cas’s fingers card calmingly through Dean’s hair and Dean gets the suspicion he’s being treated like an angry cat. “My apologies, Dean. Can we go back to kissing?”

Dean has half a mind to deny Cas but Cas’s other hand is hovering just over his ass and who the hell is he trying to kid?

“Fine. But we’re gonna have a long talk about your pen pal later.”

But that talk comes several, several hours later.

Oh look I accidentally wrote a shitty drabble again oops my bad

When you imagine your otp curled up in bed together, Person A humming softly as Person B traces their hand with their fingertips, warm and happy… and all is peaceful and beautiful and brilliant

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SPN 12x02: We’ll always end up here.

Mamma mia aired three days ago and I’ve seen many discussions about everything that happened in the episode. In my case, I’ve had a very busy week, so that’s why it took me some time to write something myself. However, here I am to contribute to the discussions already started.


First of all, the episode was written by the dreadful duo: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming. Anyone who has been following me for some time should know that they’re my least favorite writers because (I’ll quote myself from a post I wrote about them): “Their episodes are almost always problematic due to non-con, racism, sexism, misogyny, and some “no homo” among other things. Even our boys are sometimes OOC.”

When I saw the scene between Sam and Toni in bed, I wasn’t even surprised. It wouldn’t be the first time these writers include problematic sex scenes. Do you remember Cas and April in 9x03? Yeah? Well, they did that. Lack of consent, dubious consent, rape… they don’t even think about such things when they write their episodes. Even if Sam and Toni didn’t actually have sex; even if it was only a hallucination, everything happened inside Sam’s head. Toni was taking advantage of Sam, and I seriously think that she could have created a hallucination about any other thing, but apparently, she believes that sex works on Sam (as she later mentioned Ruby to him).  

There was only one good thing about the scene between Sam and Toni (and I feel bad for saying it). Many people thought that there was even a small chance that Toni could hook up with Dean. I mentioned in another post that such thing was NOT going to happen. Toni was obviously a love interest for Sam (which didn’t really make me happy because I prefer Eileen). However, I wasn’t expecting something to happen so soon. The scene between Sam and Toni (even if it was a hallucination) cancels out any possibility of Dean/Toni happening, thank Chuck! Due to what happened between Sam and Toni, I’m not sure if they will give Toni some kind of redemption arc. I still believe they want to do that. Let’s remember that she left her child back in London. We probably need to know her backstory to be able to understand her actions.  

I received this from an anon, and I will share it because I had thought exactly the same:

I think Toni’s motives are personal and not just of the BMoL’s. Mick said that her mission was to identify American hunters and gain their trust”. He said nothing about the Winchesters, like she had to search for THEM first. Plus, she was very emotional in the car. It felt clear (to me) that she has some grudge against the Winchester boys, like she wants revenge or something – and Mick knows that too. Especially against Dean. I don’t know… her behavior seems different towards Dean, like you can see the pure hatred in her eyes. She acts much colder and sadistic towards him, than Sam (okay, it may sound weird, but I got that feeling). She’s kind of curious towards Sam and I don’t think she wanted to torture him that much at first. It was after she learned that Dean was alive and later killed her partner. And when she captured Dean, she became much colder and sadistic. And she asked about Dean when she first met Sam in the bunker.

I think the Nonny has a very good point here. Ladi Toni has a son, but we have gotten the idea that the child’s father is not around, right? So, is he dead? Does Toni think the Winchesters have anything to do with his death? Or maybe it’s not a late husband but a late father, mother or both? Look at this from her house in London:

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“I’m considering disobedience.” He had said, like there was actually a choice. Consideration implied that he could have been pulled back from the brink. If angels had ghosts, Anna would have scoffed at him now. 

Lost upon first contact. 

Angels could never think of corruption without thinking of Lucifer, it was programmed right into them. But now… now the programming was morphing and making way for a new angel to hate and fear just as equally. 

What would one call an angel who cannot be killed? 

When he had been killed it never quite took. Castiel slipped out of death’s grasp the way prey would evade a weary predator. No matter the odds stacked against him, he always proved to be the most elite out of all celestial soldiers. Scores of angels died in Hell to rescue Dean Winchester, and any angel could have been the one to raise him from perdition, but it was this one. 

The trouble maker, the rebel, the angel with too much heart, the angel who could feel. Half of Heaven thought him the heir to Lucifer, the other half didn’t imagine him to be an angel at all. A figment or the result of collective trauma caused by God’s absence.

What would one call an angel who cannot be killed?

Survival was not meant to be a priority to angels. They were soldiers born to die for their creator. Not fearing death was what made them so dangerous. When your enemy doesn’t care about death, only success, then battle becomes something far greater. 

Angels had a mission. That was their existence. But Castiel found something else. 

Castiel found love. Tempestuous, disastrous, painful, uplifting, satisfying, human love. 

What would one call and angel who cannot be killed? 


DeanCas: El Dorado!AU

Castiel’s palms sweat as he climbs the steps to the Archangels’ apartments, heart pounding uncontrollably as he keeps his head bowed. Alastair was clear in his instructions: do not look upon them, do not speak unless spoken to, and most importantly, do whatever they askanything, Castiel.

So, Castiel had been washed thoroughly—hair scrubbed, feet soaked, his nipples and mouth and groin anointed with eucalyptus oil… he’d been dressed in a tunic belonging to the Church, a white veil placed of his head as a symbol of his purity, and draped in gold jewellery. On his head, he carried a tray full of their choicest fruits.

He only hopes the Archangels will accept him, the youngest Angel, as their first tribute.

But when he gets to the door of the apartments, Michael and Lucifer are arguing. Torn between wanting to give them privacy, and being terrified of getting turned away, Castiel freezes in place. Surely, the Archangels will know he’s arrived and give him some sort of direction.

“Are you kidding me?!” Michael hisses, pushing at his brother’s chest. “You were the one going on and on about lying to these suckers and now you want to, what, frolic in the streets with them!?!”

Castiel frowns. Lying to…?

Lucifer rolls his eyes, arms crossing over his chest.

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Ok, here’s the piece I tried to do for @thatwriterlady for the @destielhalloweenminibang

I don’t currently have the link, but if I get it, I will add it.

Word count: 11,312

Summary: Dean’s best friend Charlie bought a house in an older area of the city, where the houses are massive and maybe just a little creepy when certain ones fell into disrepair.  Every year Charlie and her girlfriend throw a big Halloween party, and this year is no different.  Dean’s path takes him past a house that, if you asked him, was the creepiest house in the neighborhood, and he notices that the for sale sign that has sat forever in the front yard now says SOLD.  Looking up he notices a woman in the window.  Nice.  He hopes the family that moved in will help raise the value of the area.  Arriving at the party he is introduced to a new neighbor, Castiel, the man who bought the big house with the crawling vines and the cemetery in the front yard.  The same house with the woman in the window.  When Dean asks why he didn’t bring his wife tonight, the man is alarmed.  You see, Castiel lives alone.  There shouldn’t be anyone else in his house, let alone peering out from one of the upstairs windows.

So who is in his house?

Dean tags along as Castiel heads home, partly because he finds the man incredibly attractive and nice, and partly in case there really is someone in the house.  Neither man is prepared for what they find, or the secrets of a past that will intertwine the men in a way they could never have expected.  It will be a Halloween to remember for sure!

plane leeeeaves in nine hours. I think I’m pretty much packed, aside from various and sundry odds and ends that almost certainly don’t matter, but I’m still freaking out about. still need to get more work done tonight; in theory I could do it on the plane, but it’s delta, so there probably won’t be enough room to open my laptop without it basically bifurcating my torso. if you are bored please send me smutty/fluffy deancas headcanons or prompts or random silly things or pictures of dogs or anything to distract me from this jangling mix of anticipation/nerves/excitement/anxiety/whatthefuckamidoingness rocketing around in my head

  • Me:I read a lot of fantastic fanfiction by super talented writers! I read every day! It's improved my vocabulary!It makes me happy!
  • Person:Fanfic? Ew, that doesn't count
  • Me:...
  • Me:why the hell not you overly greasy donut