“He - he deserved so much more, Sammy,” Dean says, broken, twisting the beer bottle in his hand. They’re back at the Bunker, Cas in the boot of the Impala, Jack nowhere to be found.

Sam blinks back his own tears, and Dean is outwardly crying. “He deserved the world,” he continues. “But I - I couldn’t give it to him.”

The silence is almost deafening, and the only thing that breaks it are the small sobs from Dean and the tears from Sam.

“He did,” Sam says, and Dean looks up. “He did, but the thing is, you were his world, Dean.”

Okay I loved the scene between Dean and Mary in 12x22 so so much and rewatched it yesterday, and I thought “yeah, this is how I’d write it too”… and then I remembered:

“I’d like to say I hate him for everything he put on me. I’d like to say I forgive him for stealing so many good things from my life. I would really like to say I love him because he did the best he could. But none of it is true, not really.”

Hmmmmm. This was for Dean and John though - and I still hope we’ll get to see a scene between them too someday.

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With the multi verse the writers can do whatever they want im certain we see worlds where tfw hate each other, or are together with wives and babies (how is cas as an angel from heaven even going to make sense on earth all the time? Well lol) and if they feel full fan service maybd even worlds with with w*ncest and destiel. I csn easily see them do destiel this way but i could imagine a female vessel. They can do whatevee and if anybody is angry: its just how the multi verse works sweaty :)

Will they go there, though? I mean, narratively a multiverse is a fascinating thing, and it could, as you say, make the shippers happy (or furious) by essentially showing different endings to the show, but for now their purpose seems to be, one AU universe only - a mirror place where Mary didn’t save John, Sam and Dean were never born, and the Apocalypse never ended. In this sense, they seem to be planning the finale with a collective pat on the back (because all the Winchesters feel tremendously guilty all the time, but hey, look at what happens if they’re not around and/or didnd’t make the choices they did), but also - they are, again, setting up the stage for some Destiel heavy narrative, because without Dean - I know we’re currently having tons of fun imagining an AU!Cas with eyeliner and tattoos, and man, I want that more than anything, but at the same time - what should be fundamentally different in AU!Cas is a complete lack of love for ‘humanity’, because ‘humanity’ never asked him to Fall for them. And I know Cas rebelled before, and was punished before, but as far as we know, his previous rebootings were successful, so it’s not likely AU!Cas would fight against Heaven to protect Bobby and the others. So this is what I’m looking forward the most (aside from Dean breaking from the inside out, obviously): AU!Cas - and AU!Crowley: Mark’s no longer a regular, but God, let’s hope for a cameo here and there - as cold, calculating creatures who never learned what love is, because this is the inevitable scenario of that world, and that means, as bloody usual, subtext so thick it will be seen from the moon - whether this will mean they’ll finally own up to it, well - I guess we’ll see.

A Dean/Cas fix-it for my excellent friend @alexinbrum, who just had a birthday. ❤

Dean sleeps rough after losing everything. Sam takes the wheel and drives them back, a full night along winding pathways through varying terrains of open landscape and rough woods, but they stay away from the cities, away from the towns, only stopping to fill the tank every now and then. But he’s too tired - not only physically, but in his soul - to get out of the car, not even for a piss. He feels wasted, drained. Sam knows it. Dean can feel him watching him when he thinks he’s drifted off, with creases of concern on his features, somehow bigger and stronger now than Dean feels he is. The loss must weight heavy inside his brother too, but it’s Dean it’s hit the hardest. They don’t question it, and Sam just wants him to sleep.

The bunker’s trashed. After a glass of water and a quiet look around at the devastation, their eyes meet and they simply part to go into their own bedrooms. The hole in the wall, the broken tables and chairs, the clutter, it can all wait. For now, it serves to represent the way they both feel inside. It’s a fitting environment for further collapse, and further collapse is exactly what Dean goes through the moment his door closes behind him. His room is empty. His ears are ringing. He buries his face in his arms and lets the tears come.

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Whisper a Little (D/C, 3k, E)

Cas doesn’t finish his thought, just smiles darkly to himself, eyeing Dean’s mouth, thumb swiping across Dean’s lower lip. “Sometimes all I can think about is getting you alone.”

Dean feels his heartbeat pick up at the way Cas’s voice dips lower, his tone not so light and casual anymore. That look is in Cas’s eyes right now, his intentions clearly written on his face.

“Got me alone right now,” Dean says slyly, a smirk forming. He’s hoping to coax Cas into action because the low thrum of arousal he’s been ignoring is sparking to life, and the heat in Cas’s words is definitely promising.

“I do, don’t I?” Cas replies, humming agreeably. “That does open up a lot of possibilities.”

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