we shovel all the ashes out; 15k, future fic/season 12, nsfw, (dean doesn’t know they’re) hunting husbands

Dean’s always known things were headed this way. He just figured getting dragged under would be cleaner and easier than jumping in feet-first.

Inspired by several photos on my sideblog.

The sun has finally started to set, but Dean still feels like he’s standing inside an oven. His t-shirt is damp at the armpits, and sweat is prickling the back of his neck. He can’t breathe; the air is so scorched that it just dries his mouth and burns his lungs. Cas pauses up ahead, tugging at the flannel tied around his waist as he waits for Dean to catch up. His cheeks are flushed. Behind him, the sky is slowly losing its color.

They crest the next low rise together, their boots scraping against the rocky, uneven ground. When they reach the top, a river of loose gravel skitters down the other side of the slope. It stirs up a cloud of the thin, gritty dust that already covers Dean from head to toe. He can feel it behind his ears and inside his nose and underneath is fingernails. He’s pretty sure there’s some stuck between his teeth.

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Destiel + dreamcatcher

kid!dean, guardian angel!cas very loose interpretation of the prompt lol

a flash of lightning, followed closely by a crash of thunder, lights up the stormy sky outside, and dean huddles further under his blankets, whimpers escaping his lips into his dark room. he squeezes his eyes closed, hiding his face in his knees. 

“it was just a dream,” he tells himself in a whisper. “it was just a dream. it was just a dream.” 

eventually, he manages to make himself believe it. just a little. 

another crack of thunder makes him jolt, and he feels tears run down his face and drip from his chin. he sniffs, trying to stay quiet, because he’s a big boy now, and big boys aren’t scared of dreams. or thunder. 

in the next flash of lightning, dean looks up at the window to see a figure standing there, the light casting large, dark shadows on the walls. he freezes, watching wide-eyed as the figure steps forward. it takes a seat on the foot of his bed, and with the next roll of thunder, dean sees pretty blue eyes glowing in the dark. 


dean relaxes, scrambling out of his blanket burrito and into cas’ outstretched arms. he buries his face in cas’ neck, inhaling the smell of rain and wet grass and honey. 

“shh, dean,” cas hushes, and dean sighs as cas’ hand begins rubbing his back in soothing circles. the rustling of feathers fills the room, and dean feels the soft caress of them against his body, encasing him in a protective bubble. “it’s okay.” 

“i had a bad dream,” dean whispers against cas’ neck. his nose is stuffy with his tears, and he sniffs. “there was a fire, and daddy told me to run with sammy. momma didn’t make it.” 

cas continues the circles, holding dean close. “your mother is perfectly fine, dean,” he reassures. “i can sense her in her room, with your father. sam is safe in his room, too. it’s okay.” 

“stay with me, cas,” dean pleads, rubbing his head against cas’ coat. he’s feeling sleepy again, but - “i don’t want the dream to come back.” 

cas only hums, still rubbing dean’s back, and they listen to the storm pass, the rain quieting against dean’s window, the thunder becoming gentle hums in the distance. dean’s eyes droop, and he tucks his nose against cas’ neck. 

rain and wet grass and honey. 

as dean drifts back to sleep, he feels a warmth spread through him, and feathers gently rubbing against him, and he knows the bad dreams will stay away for tonight. 

(i’m weak for guardian angel!cas watching over kid!dean ok)

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Of course Mary will assume that Dean and Cas are a couple when she first sees them together, just like pretty much everybody else does. And surely Dean will be quick to assure her that ‘no mom, it’s not like that!’

So now all I can picture is the three of them at some diner late at night, having some coffee and taking a minute to breathe after all the crazy before they continue their search for Sammy. Mary sitting across from her oldest son and the angel, and asking the default question anyway:

“So how did you two meet?”

Naturally, Cas will be all deadpan like “he stabbed me in the chest”.

While at the same time, Dean will blurt out “he dragged me out of hell”.

And when Mary raises her eyebrows at the two of them in confusion, Cas will undoubtedly roll his eyes at Dean and say something along the lines of “you weren’t conscious for that part, I hardly think it counts”, while simultaneously Dean argues “I didn’t stab you in the chest on purpose!”

Cas’ comeback being “I fail to grasp how you could stab someone in the chest not-on-purpose, Dean”.

And Mary simply smiling smugly at them from behind her mug of coffee while they continue to bicker like a married couple, because she was totally right about their relationship, even if these two idiots won’t admit it.