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Ok but consider this: dean making breakfast singing along to Taylor and dancing in his socks, boxers and a tshirt. He’s using the spatula as his mic. And Cas comes in with his bed head and dean grins and dramatically sings “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair, won’t you come on over baby [insert ridiculous boob shimmy] we can shake, shake, shake - yeAH OH OH”

im so into dean being the only one who can calm cas down when he’s in like full on angelic wrath mode about to slay tho

just laying a soothing hand on him and rubbing along his shoulder a little, whispering a few words in his ears and cas is just like aw shit now i just wanna kiss this idiot and hold his hand a lot dammit hold that thought ill get u next time asshole //tries to glare but dean is so cute wtf//

Dean trying to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night without waking Cas because he is just dying for some of the leftover pie and he knows there’s ice cream in the freezer that will be heavenly with it and he almost makes it out of bed but then he trips over Castiel’s fucking shoes and *splat* down he goes

he bites his lip to keep from cussing and glances casually back over his shoulder and lo and behold Castiel is still asleep, his breathing completely steady and deep and so Dean basically crawls out the door to avoid tripping over anything else and nurses his bruised pride and also elbow all the way to the kitchen thinking “man I really fucking deserve that pie and ice cream now”

he has no more than gotten the pie out of the fridge and put it in the microwave to warm it up when here comes Castiel around the corner all sleepy eyes and yawns and scratching his bare belly and mumbling something about “I missed you” and Dean’s like “r u fucking kidding me”

all he can do is laugh when Cas wraps his arms around him and pulls him close and nearly falls asleep on his shoulder before the pie is even out of the microwave.  Dean kisses Castiel’s neck, then his ear, and whispers “go back to bed, I’ll be back in a little bit” but Cas is like “no, I’ll miss you if I go”

so, Dean makes a big show of rolling his eyes and sighing because has to get his pie out of the microwave (burning his hand in the process!) and scoop some ice cream on the plate super quick to take it to the bedroom and sit in bed beside Cas to eat it 

but he can’t stop smiling to himself long after Castiel is snoring again (with his fingers tangled in Dean’s t-shirt to make sure he doesn’t leave again) because I mean what kind of bastard gets lucky enough to have a man who misses him when he gets up for a midnight snack?


1-2 weeks, October 2012 vs 7 hours, April 2015 (single posts here and here

I normally skimp on commentary but here we go, you can delete all but the dates if you’d like! It’s rare I’d be in the same fandom long enough to redo a piece with the feeling still, but I had the opportunity here! 

The top drawing is something I did that made me happy until someone (a friend actually) tore me down pretty hard. I spent a lot of time not creating the way I wanted after this knocked me off track–and the bottom is the result of slowly developing what I liked again. I like silhouettes, feeling more than showing and color play, I like horror, I still like the gay angel. They make me happy. Like, really happy. It shows when I’m happy, and that makes others happy. 

Moral of the story: be nice. Please, especially to yourself. You will improve, some days by leaps and bounds, and some days only by frustrating experience, but none of it deserves to be belittled. 

i wonder if dean ever talked to cas while he was dead in s7

like he probably thought it was really stupid even while he did it, but sometimes when he was a little drunk or about to fall asleep or after one of the times sam flipped out and left or went for a run and dean was alone, i wonder if he started talking to him and got into the habit.  it probably started almost by accident, like before, when he would have said something and known that cas could be listening.  the equivalent of turning to the passenger seat to say something and remembering you’re driving alone.

and maybe emmanuel had vivid dreams about a man who called him a son of a bitch, who always ran warm and never stayed in one spot for long.  he can sometimes hear a smile in the man’s voice, but can never quite make out his face.  in his dream journal, the one Daphne encourages him to keep, he jots down town names, beer brands, song lyrics.

anonymous asked:

if by some miracle destiel manages to become truly canon in the series, on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad would it suck if Dean got over his emotional constipation and confessed his feelings to Castiel, and it was Castiel who turned Dean down?






is not a remotely close possibility in my book sorry

if you so much as whisper any of these sentences into my ears:

  • Talk to me.
  • I need you.
  • I don’t need to feel like hell, for failing you.
  • For failing you like I’ve failed everything that I cared about.
  • I did not leave you.
  • I need you.
  • Nobody gets left behind.
  • We’re family.
  • I need you.
  • Cas.

i just want u to imagine this deancas dads scenario: exasperated cas trying to convince both dean and claire that ketchup is not a vegetable and so they have to make salad along with the burgers for dinner and being outvoted bc the household is supposed to be a democracy

dean and claire hi-fiving while cas glares at them