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Babysitters - Destiel Imagine Request

Request:  I want to request for a fic .. destiel fanfic where sam de-ages and turns into a baby and dean and cas take care of him and oh my god while doing it for a while they finally confess their feelings for eachother

Characters: Destiel, Sam, Rowena (mentioned), Mary (mentioned).

Word count: 2,554

Warnings: Unedited.

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote a Destiel fic, so I’m excited yet scared about this one, because I don’t know if I fully captured each character’s escence (mostly because I get caught on the fluff). Hope you enjoy it!

“Dean, he won’t stop crying!” Cas complained as he tried to calm Sam down.

“He was always a cry baby..” Dean mumbled, taking his brother from Castiel’s arms.

The thing they were hunting, whatever it was, turned Sam into a baby before escaping. Therefore, Dean and Cas had to take care of him while they found a way of turning him back to his real age.

“Think we should call Mom?” Dean suggested after Sam stopped crying, “I mean she said she missed baby Sam and…”

“Dean.” Castiel spoke in a warning voice, “This isn’t what your mother meant.”

“I know, I know… I was just…”

“Give her time.” The angel interrupted softly. He placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder, a gesture they were both familiar with for it was Cas’ way of showing empathy.

Dean nodded, getting lost in the angel’s blue eyes until an awful smell reached his nostrils.

“What is that?” Dean shrugged.

“I think Sam evacuated.” Castiel said, wearing his usual squint.

“I’m not going to change my brother’s diapers again!” Dean fumed.

“Again?” Castiel squinted even deeper, reading Dean’s mind.

When Sam was just a baby and Dean was just a kid, John would leave them at another hunter’s house or even at a crappy motel, which ended in Dean having to change Sam’s diapers for nobody would.

It was a sad memory, but when were Dean’s childhood memories happy?  He had been alone, with his baby brother as company, growing up faster than anyone should. Castiel acknowledge his pain, taking it as his own.

“We’ll do it together.” The angel stated. If Dean’s feelings were loneliness when remembering said moments, Cas would try and make him company.


“Okay… Let’s do this.” Dean mumbled as he started changing Sam’s diaper with expert hands.

If Dean were a doctor, Castiel would be his nurse. The angel made sure to hand Dean any kind of supply he needed while the hunter did his job. Yes, there were some disgusted smirks from each, but they were done in five minutes.

“There you go, buddy.” Smiled Dean as he fixed the diaper for Sam to be comfortable.

Sam stood quiet and even smiley for longer than Dean expected. However, he was still a baby and, in no time, he was crying once more.

“Let me.” Castiel begged, taking Sam in his arms.

Dean sat down at the table in the war room, researching for a cure or at least any spell to age Sam back up. He was focused on the screen until Castiel’s low voice reached his ears, drifting any other thought away.

Dean stood up and walked to the next room where Cas was rocking Sam softly as he sung something in an unknown language. Dean stared in awe.

Once Sam had fallen asleep, Cas looked up at Dean. The angel blushed, unable to control his human vessel as he would like to, making Dean giggle.

“What?” Castiel asked in a rather grumpy voice.

“Nothing.” Dean smiled cheekily, “I didn’t knew you enjoyed singing.”

“It’s a lullaby in Enochian,” Cas explained, “We sing that to new born angels and kids that go to Heaven.”

“Whatever it means, Sam seems to like it.” Dean said, walking closer to the angel until they were side to side.

Dean looked down at his brother. He barely remembered how tiny and innocent Sam was when he was that age. The angel, on the other hand, had his blue eyes focused on Dean’s features, a habit he had developed over time.

“Do you like it?” Cas asked, emphasizing the second word. Dean looked up to his angel, freezing for a second by the intensity of his gaze.

“Yeah.” The well-known sex tension rose again. Both men staring deeply into each other’s eyes, their breaths mixing with the other’s as the rest of the world disappeared for the moment.

Baby or not, Sam hated that tension. They were always too scared to give the next step, leaving the whole room into an aura of tension and stress. He wanted to push them – they were so close he could easily make them kiss IF he was a grown up; but he wasn’t, and his frustration got expressed by a loud cry that took both men’s attention away from each other.

“What’s wrong, Sammy?” Dean asked in his motherly voice.

“I think he is frustrated, except I don’t know why…” Castiel calmed the baby by pressing two fingers on his forehead. “Tell me, Sam, what’s wrong?”

The exchange was far from strange to Dean’s eyes. Castiel would hum in response while Sam just stared at him. Yes, there were gestures and even slight movements from Sam, but those were the usual “baby” ones.

After a few minutes into the talk, Castiel’s cheeks turned bright red as his blue eyes widened. Dean tried to ask him about the reason to his sudden behaviour, but the angel only replied with a “I have to go” and the sound of his wings flying away.

Dean sighed heavily; he hated when Cas disappeared without any explanation. Then, he looked back down at his brother who, in spite of being a baby, gave him a knowing look.

“Don’t look at me like that, Sammy.” Dean begged, only to get a baby bitch face from his brother. “You’re a bitch, you know that?” Baby Sam tilted his head, “We’ve talked about this, Sam.” Dean growled.


It had been around three hours since Castiel disappeared. Dean had managed just fine, in spite of getting into silly arguments with his literal baby brother. Yes, he had cried with him, he had tried singing rock songs as lullabies and even tried to blackmail him into behaving… Of course, nothing worked as good as Cas calming Sam down, either by using his angelic powers or singing that Enochian lullaby.

“Sam…” Dean grumbled as baby Sam gave him another look, “No… I… Fine I’ll call him.”

Dean left his brother in bed. He was so tiny in comparison to the humongous bed he would use before turning into a baby, that Dean stared in awe for a whole minute before going back to his real task: Calling Cas.

The hunter placed both hands in place as he looked up to the ceiling. “Castiel,” he spoke, “I pray to you because I’m tired as hell and I’m pretty sure he wants you because you’re a definitely better baby sitter than I am and…”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel spoke as he appeared in front of the hunter.

“Good to see you,” Dean smiled for a second before returning to his serious gaze, “why did you bail out on me?”

“Sam uh… He said something that required me to take some time away.” Castiel explained.

“What kind of things?” Dean inquired.

How was Castiel, an angel of the Lord, supposed to explain to Dean that his baby brother could tell how much in love he was with the hunter? It was insane! And not because they weren’t allowed (which they weren’t unless they got a special permission), but because Cas knew how Dean felt about angels.

“Private things.” Cas mumbled.

“Well, Sammy wants you here and I don’t know why.” Dean grumbled, gesturing towards the baby lying in bed.

The angel approached him, analysing his features and, presumably, reading his mind.

“Sam says he wants to listen to music…” Castiel squinted towards Dean, “I don’t understand why he would need me to come if you can play music for him.”

Dean felt a burn inside of him. Not because of Sam, but because he had just realized that he was the one to want Cas around, and his unconscious had betrayed him by misinterpreting one of Sam’s bitch-faces.

The angel walked over to the bureau, from which he took Sam’s phone. He searched for the music app and started playing it at a mild volume. Sam smiled and then fell asleep, like nothing had happened.

“You’re tired.” Cas observed as he turned around to face Dean.

“Well, my second in command flew away.” Dean complained.

“I’m sorry.” Cas apologised. Dean shove it off with a hand gestured and then both men went down to the library.

They sat down, one next to the other, to rest a little until Sam cried again.

“Was it easier when you were kids?” Castiel asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“Well, no… It’s kind of like the same, except now Sam seems to be less heavy.” Dean joked.

“That’s because you’re grown now, and have developed strength enough for Sam to seem lighter.” Castiel explained, like Dean didn’t know that already.

“That explains a lot, thanks.” Dean replied, acting like it was the first time he heard that. He knew Cas still didn’t know when a person knew something or not, as well as other things, so Dean would make it easier by following the angel. After all, it made him happy.

“Did you have to change another diaper?” Castiel continued to ask.

“Yup… A bunch of them, actually.” Dean replied, “It’s not the same without my angelic assistant.”

Castiel blushed lightly, looking down to his fidgeting hands. Dean followed his every move with loving green eyes.

“I won’t bail on you anymore.” The angel promised.


“I asked Rowena to come.” Dean informed as Castiel appeared in Sam’s room. The hunter looked worried.

“You must be in a real hurry… What happened?” Castiel asked concerned. Yes, he could hear Sam crying but it was nothing he hadn’t done before.

“He’s got a fever and I don’t know how to treat a baby’s fever… If he were older, I would just push him into an ice cold bath and give him a pill but…” Dean’s green eyes were full of fear.

“It’s fine, I’m here now.” Castiel comforter as he reached towards Sam’s forehead, curing him immediately after his fingers touched him.


Castiel put Sam to sleep, asking Dean to go to his own room and get some sleep. “I’ll take care of him” the angel promised, but when it came to Sam, Dean couldn’t rest until he was sure his brother was fine.

Castiel eventually appeared in Dean’s room. The hunter was wide awake, walking around the place nervously.

“How is he?” Dean asked.

“I cured him completely, and now he is sleeping.” Castiel explained.

“But what if he gets hungry? He is the kind of dude that snacks at midnight and…” Castiel hushed him by pressing a finger over Dean’s lips, a gesture he had never used before.

“You worry too much.” The angel remarked, “He will be fine… My only concern for now is you.”

“Me?” Dean hissed, “I’m good! Sam’s should be your only concern now! HE IS A GOODDAMN BABY!” Castiel nodded patiently.

“I’m aware of your brother’s sate,” He spoke, “but you are no better.”

Dean huffed in frustration. Yes, he was feeling like crap but he was sure that it was only because Sam was still a baby and Rowena was late.

“You’re stressed Dean.” Cas observed.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Dean replied sassily.

“I’m Castiel, not Sherlock.” The angel squinted but shove the thought aside, “You’re always taking care of the others, and you never worry about taking care of yourself.”

“I don’t need to be taken care off.” Dean argued, but the angel had his mind set and forced the hunter to lie in bed.

“Just rest,” Cas begged, “I go this.”


“Why isn’t she here yet?” Stormed Dean as he entered the kitchen.

“Why are you up?” Replied Castiel.

Dean looked at his angel. He was hiding something behind him, and he looked guilty as ever.

“Why aren’t you with Sam?” Dean inquired angrily.

“Sam is safe; I just came down to…”

“You were supposed to be with him!” Dean interrupted angrily.

“He doesn’t need be to watch him all the time!” Castiel replied in the same tone.

“HE IS A FREAKING BABY!” Dean insisted.

“I understand your concern, but he is fine. Trust me.” Castiel begged patiently. His voice was so soothing, it made Dean forget all his worries. “I got you some pie.”


“Why is he crying?” Dean whined.

“I don’t know… He is just crying for nothing!” Castiel answered.

“You drama bitch!” Dean hissed at his baby brother who was crying like he was being tortured.

“Dean, don’t call him that.” Castiel begged. Dean sighed heavily and left Sam in bed, then stood up and found himself face to face with the angel.

“I don’t know what else to do, Cas.” Dean confessed in a trembling voice.

“We’ll find a way.” Cas promised.

Another strange gesture followed, for Dean held Cas’ hand in his tightly. It wasn’t like they hadn’t hold hands in the past, but this was different; it wasn’t a handshake, or a high five, less to say a grip to save the other’s ass from falling from a rooftop. It was different.

“Thanks.” Dean melted, allowing Cas to take full control of the situation.

Cas pulled Dean into a not so friendly embrace, his mind thinking of any kind of solution possible. He had tried using his powers, but Sam kept crying like it was the end of the world; Rowena hadn’t arrived and Dean was a mess… Castiel had to think fast.

“Some parents leave the baby to cry, because they know he will get tired and stop crying at some point.” Castiel spoke. Dean looked up at him with redden eyes.

“Let’s try that.”  Dean tried to smile in vain.

They weren’t going to leave Sam alone because he was literally rolling from one side of the other in bed, which could end up in him falling. However, they did ignored his crying – which was really hard for Dean and his soft heart.

“It’s fine, he’ll stop.” Castiel repeated over and over again as he pulled Dean’s face away from Sam. “Dean, look at me.” The angel begged.

“My head aches.” Dean confessed with a weak smile. He was finally adjusting to Sam’s crying.

“I can fix that.” Cas offered, but Dean shook his head.

“It’ll go away.” Dean stated, “So this is what real parent do, huh?”

“I believe so, yes.” Castiel replied, trying to smile back at his hunter.

“Does that make us good parents?” Dean inquired jokingly.

“I guess it does… I mean, only if you want to.” The angel replied shyly.

“I do want to…” Dean spoke softly.

Suddenly, their eyes were connected and the tension was back in the air; except this time it didn’t last much. Before they could process what was going on, their lips were over the other’s, both of their scruff finding a way to become one as their arms wrapped each other.

They broke the kiss, blushing like never before. Suddenly shy, suddenly happy – it felt like the right thing to do. Their minds were so focused on each other, they didn’t realized until later that Sam was no longer crying; instead he was staring at them with a big, toothless grin on his face.

“Son of a bitch.” Dean mumbled, unable to hide his growing smile.

“Guess we know now why he was crying.” Castiel shrugged.

“Yeah.” Dean looked at his angel, holding his hand tightly.

Yes, they would be great parents one day.

Surprise motherfucker

Heart eyes motherfucker

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i really want Sam to see Dean and Cas making out and automatically running to his room to get duct tape, 

sneak up on them 

and wrap the tape around their faces. 

while Dean and Cas are fighting to get their faces unstuck for sam just to sit on the kitchen counter, video taping them with his phone and chanting. 

“DESTIEL DESTIEL DESTIEL DESTIEL.” until Deans free and he has to run for his moose life.

She won’t stop crying.  He’s tried everything: feeding, burping, singing, rocking, bouncing, letting her lie down, picking her back up, reasoning with her, pleading with her.  Emma’s face is red and blotchy and she shrieks with all the force that her tiny lungs can muster.  Her cries are piercing, gouging, shrill.  The fact that it is three in the morning only exacerbates both his desperation and his inability to effectually deal with the capricious needs of his three month old child.  

“Please, Emma,” he desperately half hums, “go to sleep.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  We like sleep.  Yes, we do.  Sleep is glorious.  Sleep is wonderful.  Yes, it is. Yes, it is.”


Dean stands in the doorway, his bathrobe hanging off one shoulder, his hair sticking up every which way, sleepily rubbing at his eyes.  Damn.  Cas had been trying to let him rest.  They’ve been taking the night shift in turns.  

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Dean shakes his head and huffs a laugh, shuffling over to the middle of bedroom where Cas continues to bounce/rock their baby.  

“Wasn’t exactly you,” he peers down at Emma, who pauses just briefly in mid-wail to acknowledge Dean’s presence, before continuing her tirade, “Damn, she is not a happy camper tonight.”

Cas sighs, “Decidedly not.”

“You try the pacifier?”

Cas levels Dean with a stare that could level mountains, cities, “I am not an amateur.”

Dean raises his hands in surrender before Cas can bite his head off, “Stupid question, stupid question.”

“I’ve tried everything,” Cas is, honestly, close to crying himself, “she won’t stop.  What am I doing wrong?”

Dean rubs a soothing hand against Cas’ back, “Hey, hey, nothing.  You’re not doing anything wrong.  You remember the first two weeks we had her home?  I thought she hated me; she’s just got weird quirks.”

“Well, our previous methods aren’t working anymore!”

“I got an idea, huh?  C’mon”

Dean leads the way downstairs, Cas following behind, Emma still screaming.

In the living room, Dean turns on the TV.  Cas isn’t really sure what the point of this is, his head is pounding and the introduction of more noise is decidedly not helping.  Emma agrees, she cries more forcefully as if she’s in competition with the infomercial playing.  Dean hits a number and suddenly, instead of late night home shopping, they’re watching two beautifully dressed women yelling at each other in Spanish.  

“Dean, what are you—?”

Dean makes grabby hands, “Here, gimme the munchkin.”

Cas hesitates, mostly because he’s worried that Dean’s lost his mind, but then he relinquishes his hold on Emma, passing her into Dean’s arms.  She screams even louder, and Cas is torn between hovering over Dean’s shoulder or collapsing on the couch.  Exhaustion wins out and he watches from the sofa in vague disbelief as Dean re-positions Emma, so that she can see the TV, and bounces in place with her.  

The women on screen continue screaming at one another, one of the them leaves in a fit of rage, slamming the door behind her as the camera zooms in on the remaining women, a look of deviousness across her face.  The scene changes, two men walk through a plaza.  

“Now that’s Julio,” Dean explains to Emma, “he’s Juana—the angry lady’s brother.  Now, he’s engaged to marry María—you haven’t met her yet—but he’s secretly sleeping with Rodrigo—that’s the guy he’s with right now.  See how they’re making eyes at each other?  They’re totally a thing, except Rodrigo wants Julio to leave María so they can be together, and Julio is being flaky about it”

Cas is not totally convinced that he isn’t dreaming.  He never understood the concept of pinching one’s own arm to prove consciousness, but he tries it now.  It hurts.  He blinks at Dean, still talking, still bouncing.  Emma is still crying, but it’s less forceful.

“Rodrigo used to be with Félix.  Félix was an ass—we’re not gonna use that word, okay?—broke a lot of hearts, embezzled a bunch of money, married some lady named, Michelle—you don’t need to worry about her—basically, he was a douche—we’re not gonna learn that word either.  So now Rodrigo, he’s been burnt before, had his heart broken by this bad dude, and he really loves Julio, but he’s worried Julio doesn’t feel that same way…Julio, he’s a good guy, he’s just really scared of changing, and putting himself out there.  He’s got a good thing with María, ya know?  It’s easy.  Something new can be scary as, well, scary.  See how we’re looking real close at his eyes now?  He’s all broke up inside cause he doesn’t know what to do…”

Emma is no longer wailing.  She’s hiccoughing, Dean switches from bouncing to slow rocks.

“Now, me?  I think Julio and Rodrigo are gonna end up together.  Know why?”

Emma hiccoughs and then quiets.

“They’ve got their own damn romantic music score.  It’s playing right now.  You hear it? You don’t get music like that if you’re not meant to be together.  Plus, all they eye loving.  You can always tell.  Huh?  Don’t you think, baby girl?”

Emma blinks sleepily at Dean from his arms.  Cas blinks sleepily at Dean from the couch.  He pats the seat next to him and Dean smiles, gratefully folding against the curve of Cas’ side.  Emma drools in his arms, her eyes drooping, nearly closed.  

Cas wraps an arm around Dean’s shoulders.  He whispers in awe, “You did it.”

Dean laughs, “You did most of the heavy lifting, I just came in forthe final lap.”

“You’re mixing your metaphors.”

“I got the baby to sleep.”

Cas kisses Dean’s temple, “You did.”

Emma snuffles quietly in the circle of Dean’s arms, little face still red and blotchy, but so much more peaceful.

“Bobby gave me the idea,” Dean yawns, “when I was a kid and couldn’t sleep he’d plop me down for some late night novelas.  I’d get sucked right in.”

Cas brushes a hand through Dean’s hair, “Like father, like daughter.”

Dean grins mischievously, “You know?  That tantrum did seem all you.”


“You love me.”

Cas kisses Dean on his mouth this time, “I do.”