“Hey. Personal space, Cas.”

“……..I have decided that you don’t need it.”


*insert lame pun about how he’s just adding more freckles*

Sorry for deleting today’s previous sketchy post; I was immensely grateful for the response, but I just wasn’t happy with it, and I get antsy when I don’t like what I’ve finished. (Been experimenting a lot to try and find a consistent style and I’m not always satisfied with the results, heh) #artistprerrogative I’m replacing it with this instead, which I took more time on, and for which I used proper anatomical reference lol. (The most challenging thing here was achieving a believable-ish lip-smush honestly.)

I’ve been sketching a lot / reading a lot of fanfics lately to wind down from very busy/stressful days, and well, I feel like I’ve seen this scene in just about every one I’ve read and I wanted to draw it, because well, cheese

Might turn this into a little comic or something, if I have the time. 


….Aw Dean, you big, bitch-faced softie.

Sweet merciful Chuck, I’m free. 

This little comic (and please forgive the sketchiness) has taken me an eternity, but I HAD to do it because I was reading some fics and there was a mention that Dean’s bday is on January 24th… and it totally figures that Dean would forget his birthday (the poor lamb) so yeah. Now it’s out of my system and I can get back to real life. I think my fave part in all this is Sam… though half the reason for this was to fluster Cas back into Enochian.

(Please don’t repost without credit, thanks, and sorry for scattered tags.)



…I bet you all thought this was going to be cutesy.

A few thoughts on this: 

- It started because I like the potential cuteness and massive inconvenience of Cas having physical wings. 

- Wing hugs are awesome

- They are both stubborn bastards

- Dean accidentally said he cared *points and laughs*

- “Say Uncle” is an old saying (That Dean would know, I’m fairly sure) meaning “Admit defeat.”

- This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever spent 20 hours on.

(Please don’t repost :) 


…..Don’t give up Cas, you’ve got him cornered.