Meanwhile, in Heaven:

John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Bobby Singer, Bill Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Joanna Beth “Jo” Harvelle, Ash “Dr. Badass”, Pamela Barnes, Gadreel, Gabriel, Samandriel “Alfie”, and Balthazar; are all in the Roadhouse, (Ash’s Heaven).

They Watch the Winchesters, facepalm repetitively, bet on what will happen next, and most importantly… They ship Destiel till the point that they puke rainbows. They even throw sparkle confetti and blast love songs every time Dean and Cas stare at each other for more than five seconds, stand within each others personal space without pointing it out, and every time they touch.

Gabe makes a big deal out of it. He is sure to over-stuff everyone with sweets, throws parties, and decorate the Roadhouse with loads of Destiel banners, photographs (that they convinced Crowley to take in secret), and fanart (most of which Gabe made himself). They also read and write Destiel Fanfiction, since Ash hacked Heaven, they now have wifi.

The stars are screaming, Cas signs one warm night. He’s lying with Dean on one of the hills nearby their houses.

He has never been able to hear anything other than his own thoughts, but now, when he’s staring up at the stars, he swears he can feel their pain, the vibrations of it running through his body.

He has never been able to hear, but he’s certain that crying must sound just like this.

The stars are screaming, Castiel repeats after pointing at the night sky. They’re screaming like the universe is going to end.

Dean stares at him, surprised, and then signs, You can hear them?

The boy shrugs his shoulder. I think so.

They stop communicating soon after, too absorbed in the starry sky. Even though Cas isn’t looking at Dean, he knows the other boy is trying his hardest to hear the stars, too.

Dean’s mother dies a week later, and when Dean tries to stop his fingers from shaking to sign his friend what happened, Castiel knows immediately.

The stars were right to be crying so loud, he wants to say to Dean with his untrained, soundless voice. Dean’s eyes are too full of tears to see Cas talking, after all.

The stars screamed of worlds ceasing to exist and one of them has truly come to an end.

Day 4

Tuesday morning, Cas walked into the living room with half a mind to pass through into the kitchen and make himself up some tea.

He stopped abruptly, gaze locked to the couch and the incubus lounging there. Dean was lying on his front, watching some hospital show on TV.

"What are you wearing?” Cas asked, flabbergasted. Dean looked over his shoulder and grinned. In a graceful movement, he stood and did a slow turn, letting Cas ‘admire’ the view from every angle.

The… underwear, if it could even be called that, was little more than a Speedo with the ass cut out. Dean’s front was fortunately covered, but his butt was on full display.

"Like ‘em?" Dean asked, grinning, but Cas was already shaking his head.

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Written for the amazing powerfulweak and coming in at 3085 words.
Prompt:  Like what about High School AU where Basketball Player Dean is forced totake Ballet to improve his balance and movement. Cas can either be the instructor or the best student, your call.
I hope it’s everything you wanted, darlin’!

“Winchester!” Coach Henriksen yelled across the court. “Get your butt over here!”

Dean rolled his eyes, but threw his basketball at Benny and jogged across the court. “What’s up, Coach?” he asked, stopping with his hands on his hips.

“Listen, Winchester,” Henriksen started, “you’re our best player, but every time you get out on the court, you look like an overgrown puppy chasing its tail around in circles. You have absolutely no balance and frankly, I would have benched you had you not been able to make a three point shot every time you didn’t trip over your own feet.”

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anonymous asked:

Destiel 5 :)

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?

"Wait a minute. Are you jealous?" Dean asks.

Castiel turns away from the tiger enclosure and begins walking towards where- if Dean read the little map correctly-  the lions should be, effectively putting his back to Dean and ignoring him.

"Cas, wait," Dean calls, catching Castiel’s left arm and pulling him back. There’s a small blush on the guy’s face and he’s tapping his fingers in a rhythm against his thumb, a nervous habit that Dean knows all too well.  "Are you serious?"

Castiel drops his gaze, “Dean, all I said was that it’d be nice. Not that I- or we-“

Dean ducks his head, making Castiel meet his eyes, “You think it’d be nice having a munchkin drag us all over this place?” Dean asks in disbelief, “Dude, look around you! They’re hellions!”

Castiel looks around, and his eyes fall on a little girl no older than the age of 2, a binky shoved in her mouth and a stuffed tiger grasped in one little arm. She’s got her chubby fingers spread over the glass of the tiger enclosure, and she’s smiling from ear to ear around the pacifier. He can’t help but smile.

Dean follows Cas’ gaze and his eyes soften, a smile spreading across his own face. He turns back to his boyfriend, still looking at the little girl, and his heart feels a little too warm and fuzzy. “Okay,” he says.

Castiel jerks his head back to Dean in surprise, his mouth hanging slightly open. “Okay?” he asks, a mixture of hopefulness and unsureness coloring his tone.

"Yes, okay, Augustus,” Dean chuckles, “If you think it’d be nice having a kid or kids one day, then I want that too.”

Castiel squints at Dean in disbelief, “So what you’re actually saying is-“

"What I’m actually saying, Castiel,” Dean laughs, grabbing Cas’ hand and squeezing, “Is that I want kids,” he says more seriously, “With you.”

Cas looks at him for another minute, searching his face for any hint of a joke. When he doesn’t find anything, he grabs Dean’s face with both hands and kisses him. Dean smiles into the kiss, feeling a little lightheaded. When he pulls back, Dean rests their foreheads together, “So, yeah?”

Castiel laughs, and it’s light-hearted and giddy, “I love you, Dean Winchester.”

"Love you too, Cas."

Out of the two of them, either could have been the one to give in, give up, first — because both of them are shaken by nightmares in their sleep, fueled by the blood on their hands and the sins of their fathers and their own loneliness.

But it’s Dean who wakes up one night, torn out of sleep by images of slicing through his brother and his mother and his— and Cas. And it’s probably as stupid and as much of a vain attempt of being life-affirming as all his one-night-stands were, but he still can’t help it, can’t stop his wobbling legs to carry him to where he needs to be, can’t stop his trembling hands from turning the knob, from allowing himself inside a room he has sworn himself not to enter, never, especially not without permission and soft lips already pressed against his.

And it’s as if Cas has sensed that he was coming — or maybe his nightmares did not let him sleep, either, which is a real possibility there — because he is already sitting up in bed and looking towards the door that is now closing behind Dean, trapping both of them inside the warm space of each other.

It’s quiet in here.

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