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Denny & Destiny Fic Rec List

This fic rec list is for spn!verse or au’s of DeanBenny fics, also DeanCasBenny, and will be labeled accordingly, enjoy :) and shout out to Laana, you’re probably why I made this

  1. Caught Between (Four Things Benny Teaches Dean, and One He Doesn’t) NC-17 {Destiny} Dean gets whumped by sex pollen in Purgatory.
  2. Foxhole NC-17 {Denny} Dean’s quick. Quiet and agile and lightning-fast. Hard to catch.
  3. Automotives And Incentives NC-17 {Denny AU} At just a couple months short of 20 years old, Dean’s managed to land himself a job in the local garage. The pay is good and he likes his co-workers well enough, but it’s his boss, Benny Lafitte, who’s really caught his eye.
  4. Rest For The Weary NC-17 {Denny} Dean goes to visit Benny when he needs to relax. This time is a little different from the rest.
  5. One Night At A Time NC-17 {Denny AU} AU. Club. Porn. Sub!Dean. That’s it. No actual plot
  6. Here In Your Arms PG-13 {Destiny} Season 8 is full of Dean cuddling things in his sleep. This is why.
  7. Benny Knows Best NC-17 {Denny AU} Benny hears about him first. Some guy coming into Dante’s and spending entire nights in one of the glory-hole stalls, getting stuffed from both ends…
  8. The New Kid PG-13 {Denny AU} Benny’s the new kid at Lawrence High, and the rumors start flying before he even steps foot in school.
  9. Rocking Away The Waves NC-17 {Denny} Elizabeth asks Dean to find Benny.
  10. Untiled Ficlet PG-13 {Denny AU} cop!benny + dean. cw: mentions of abuse.“Here,” Benny said as he handed the young man a bag of frozen peas.
  11. Beignets G {Denny AU} Benny’s mother always told him that his hands were good for baking. One day, Dean Winchester walks into his bakery, and he learns that his hands are good for other things too.
  12. Untitled NC-17 {Destiny AU} cas and benny falling into a polyamorous relationship.
  13. Tessellate NC-17 {Destiny} It’s a little like going mad. (cas/dean/benny)
  14. For When You’re Feeling Blue NC-17 {Denny AU} Just a little porn ficlet that takes place in the same universe as Automotives and Incentives. Came from a prompt on my tumblr. Prompt was Dean/Benny: Fingering, dirty talk, panties. And that is exactly what you’ll find here, plus a healthy dose of twink!Dean.
  15. Unspoken NC-17 {Destiny} It’s an unspoken understanding between Castiel and Benny, in Purgatory, that they have to keep Dean alive, and not just because he’s risking his life to get them home. It’s an unspoken understanding that Dean begins to crumble when one of them makes it out, and the other stays behind. It’s an unspoken respect that stops Benny from keeping Dean to himself. It’s an unspoken need, when they’re reunited, to show Dean that he is loved and cherished, and worth everything he thinks he’d not.
  16. Lonely Too Long NC-17 {Denny} Dean and Benny run away on Benny’s boat and are generally adorable together.
  17. Three’s Company NC-17 {Destiny AU} It’s the sound that draws him in. At first, he thinks Dean is crying. His hand stills on the doorknob as he listens closer, his brows knitting together with worry. “Oh God,” Dean says in a strangled voice. There’s a soft sound, a strange slicking sound that Cas can’t quite put his finger on. He chews on his bottom lip, a million things running through his mind when suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, it hits him: Dean is touching himself.
  18. First Date NC-17 {Denny AU} part two of the AM&I series! oh my god this took forever but here you go. After their little adventure in Benny’s office, he and Dean schedule themselves an actual date. With candles and shit. Lots of schmoop. Lots of porn.
  19. Caught In Between NC-17 {Destiny AU} There’s something Dean’s been wanting to try for a while.
  20. Safe Place NC-17 {Destiny} In which Benny is Dean and Castiel’s anchor, preventing them from ever hurting themselves or each other, and they are very, very grateful for it.
  21. Breaking The Rules NC-17 {Destiny} Dean and Cas purposefully break Benny’s rules, because it thinks it’ll get them what they want. It doesn’t.
  22. It’s A Terrible Life NC-17 {Denny AU} Dean’s heart hammers wildly as he waits for his boss’ response. That’s when he realizes that he’s sitting naked in a bathtub on a Friday night with a hard cock, practically sexting with his boss. And not just his boss, the CEO of the entire fucking company.

(will be added to as usual)

mglouise97 said: Ive always been intrigued by a Dean and Benny ship. I mean, I ship destiel but…. Denny is so tempting. I might… I might change ships. Or just both. Do you have any fluffy fics that might start me on this journey?

Fluffy stuff? No problem. Sorry I didn’t actually reply, but links apparently don’t work in asks. Anyway, let me go have a look at what my blog and the wilds of tumblr have to offer… *cracks knuckles*

This fic about a ticklish Dean and Benny taking advantage of it

Dean and Benny’s kid looking through their drawers in a bear onesie. Super cute. :)

Dean is trying to get Benny to sleep with him instead of standing guard all night

I dunno if it counts as a fic, it’s more of a long headcanon, but… Dean and Benny as pierced and tattooed punks with a ballerina daughter. I love this one.

One of my favorites; Dean and Benny are neighbors and Benny is a chef and Dean requests some food by accident but he’s glad he did.

Benny is technically dead, meaning he’s really cold, and he doesn’t want to steal Dean’s body heat by sleeping with him. Dean objects.

Deanbenny fluff involving sugar, flour fights, and general adorableness.

And of course it might not exactly be fluff, but I gotta plug my own stuff; Deanbenny fic where Dean gets into Purgatory all set to rescue Benny… but as it turns out Benny might not exactly want to be rescued.

That’s all I could find without sacrificing my entire morning to search. Hope you have fun on your Deanbenny journey!