to never again say my name like an apology // a three part gift for the lovely @androbeaurepaire‘s birthday. [Part 1]

— Dean, loving and being loved by his found family.

I don’t care about any other AU character in season 13 just give me my sweet Cajun son Benjamin Lafitte as a human, meeting Dean in a whole other human life.

Give me Benny wondering why this stranger with big green eyes looks at him with such joy when they’ve never met before????????????

Give me Benny and Dean being best friends without any discourse or disapproval from anyone.

Give me a human Benny calling Dean ‘chief’ or ‘brother’ and wondering why Dean grins like the happiest guy on earth.

Give me human Benny going out to learn to shoot with Dean, and when Dean tries to teach him, he goes ‘not my first rodeo, pal’, and wonders why on earth his friend suddenly looks at him with such sorrow and regret.

Hey lovely followers, I have some exciting news for you! Thanks to your love and support, I finally hit 1.3k! *cheering* Now this came right on the heels of my platonic soulmate, the Sam to my Dean, my best friend, Em ( @brothersonahotelbed ) coming up with an excellent idea for a writing challenge for all of you awesome people!

We know you guys are secretly just as dirty as us. Come on. Admit it. So, this challenge is called 50 Toys in 50 Days, or: 50 States of Sex.

How Does It Work?

  • You do not have to be following me or the lovely Em (but you’re more than welcome to!)
  • Reblog this post
  • No sign up deadline - we’ll keep this open until the prompts run out!
  • Send an ask to me or Em listing a state from the US (list below - one person per state, first come, first serve).
  • We will reply to you with a specific adult toy that we have on a private list.
  • You then have 50 days (due 6 July, 2017) to write a fic involving said toy and your state.
  • It can be angst, crack, darkfic, smut, fluff - anything! (It doesn’t have to be dirty at all - some of these toys are somewhat funny!)
  • Ship, RPF, and reader insert are allowed, anyone from SPN. All ships and polyships welcome!
  • Post your finished fic on your blog with the tag #50toysin50dayschallenge , and @ me ( @justanothersaltandburn ) and/or Em @brothersonahotelbed
  • Then Em and I will read it and reblog it to our blogs with a nice comment, and at the end of the challenge, we’ll make a masterlist of everyone’s hard work!

There are no winners and losers in this challenge, it’s purely for fun! Everyone’s a winner with sex toys!

Below is the list of remaining states. We’re looking forward to reading what you write!

  • Alabama
  • Rhode Island