Renee Young & Dean Ambrose AU:

→ After becoming obsessed with The Joker due to the similarities between himself and the comic book character, Dean Ambrose starts searching for his own Harley Quinn. Renee Young strikes an uncanny physical appearance with the iconic female comic book character so the blonde was the obvious choice for WWE’s Unstable Superstar to fill that role. After months trying to persuade the backstage interviewer, Renee finally gives in to Dean’s charm and she ends up falling hopelessly in love with her Mistah J.


WHAT IF: WRESTLING AU // After the confirmed signing of Prince Devitt, a seemingly bitter Chris Jericho decides to call out the newest NXT singee on Twitter. While comparing various similarities between the two men, Jericho claims that Devitt’s success is all thanks to ideas copied from him. This leads to weeks of Jericho bringing up these issues over Twitter, whereas Devitt has yet to responded to any of the claims made by Jericho. Not only does this infuriate Jericho further, but it leads to him speaking out against the “wannabe” on RAW. However, what Chris Jericho wasn’t prepared for was capturing the attention of Devitt, who has decided to finally let his actions speak louder than his words.