dean: smile

Two Hearts

Desperately clinging to a moment
we’ve neither felt in quite a while
looking closely through your tears
I almost believed I saw you smile

Knowing it all once came so easy
asking within the silence of a sigh 
could love honestly be this difficult
or had we but forgotten how to try

Two hearts searching for the sun
as our darkness quickly descends
we have to make it work somehow   
this cannot be how our story ends

I am funny. They said I was picked to be in the group because of my pretty smile.
—  A-Tom (Kim Sanggyun), Topp Dogg (question: What are your charms?)

This was a self-description, the others added: An unpredictable kid. He is lively and animal-like(?). A real animal. He just does whatever he pleases. Unlike other good-looking people, he is full of aegyo.
source trans credit: @toppdoggintl