Happy 100th birthday!!!! to Dino Paul Crocetti (Dean Martin) born June 7 1917

A tough little cookie. He was a good kid. He could do everything good. He was a good dancer, nice dresser, good lookin’. Jeezus was that kid good lookin’…he was the kind of guy you would want for a friend. What struck me was that he was kind hearted. He’d say, ‘Runt, you want to go over to the confectionary and get some candy?’ I said, ‘I ain’t got no money what the hell, I’m gonna go over there and watch you eat it?’ He said, ‘No, come on over with me.’ So we’d go over there. He had a nickel. He’d say, ‘you pick two cents worth, what you want.’ He’d run like the wind. He didn’t have finesse, or technique or nothin’ He just had speed. I told him later, ‘you know why you beat me, Dino.’ ‘Yeah, I’m faster.’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘You had more experience the cops were always chasin’ you.’

George Mavromantis (Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams)