There’ll be no need for crying if darkness fills the skies.
We’ll go on forever like the phoenix we will rise up from the ashes.
This world is ours tonight.
We’ll go on forever like the phoenix we will rise.

 We will rise. 


Paige: I tried really hard to be your friend AJ but now you have an enemy
AJ: Paige my sweet little crumpet this is MY kingdom and you will learn to bow down
Dean: I see you taught your girl well Seth joining the authority and thinking you are better then everyone else I don’t give a damn whose kingdom you think this is it’s time to take the thrones
Paige: When we are done with the two of you, you will be nothing more then pathetic losers that not even your Daddy and Mommy Triple H and Stephanie will want anything to do with you
Seth: There you go again with the Mommy and Daddy jokes when the only jokes around here I see are the two of you now if you really want a fight we are right here!

  • shops for groceries: They used to take turns, but once Dean started bringing home only junk food, Paige goes grocery shopping now. And forces Dean to come with her.
  • kills the spiders: Either. Whoever is closest.
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Mostly it’s Dean, and mostly Paige is helping him into the house calling him a ‘fuckin’ idiot’.
  • makes breakfast: Dean. Mostly because he wants homemade pancakes, and he decides to share with Paige… because she has threatened to seriously damage his private areas.
  • remembers to feed the fish: They don’t have a fish. And if they did then it’s dead by now.
  • decorates the apartment: Paige, mostly. Dean doesn’t have too many complaints about her style.
  • initiates duets: Dean, and Paige just stares at him.
  • falls asleep first: Dean. Paige will usually stay up late talking to her family.