Lisa’s Daughter

So at work I always turn Supernatural on in the break room. It’s on TNT for 3 hours Monday-Friday & right now they’re in late season 6 with Ben & Lisa. I was watching it today & was like WHAT IF LISA HAD LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHEN ALL THIS WENT DOWN. The following is what down in my mind.

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-You were super shy at first but quickly warmed up to the new man living in the house.

-Lisa was worried what Dean would do at first when you would come in to sleep with her when you had nightmares, however he always invited you to stay with them and would hold you until you fell back asleep.

-Dean would wake up early with you and together you’d make breakfast on the weekends, usually you pretending to help while munching on the food.

-Dean would take you to the park and be crazy protective of you while you played.

-The first time you accidentally called him “daddy” he froze and you thought you did something wrong.

-So many nicknames, babygirl, sweetheart, princess, just to name a few.

-You’d stand on a box between Dean and Ben while Dean taught your brother how to fix cars.

-When your family stayed with Bobby while Dean dealt with the djinn you told Bobby after you ate his last popsicle, “Don’t worry, my daddy will be back soon and we can go home.” (which nearly broke Bobby’s heart)

-Cried when Dean went on the road with Sam.

-”Daddy why you gotta leave us like our other daddy did?”

-Talking to Dean nightly while he was away.

-Sleeping with Ben every night because you thought the monsters were going to come back and get you.

-So excited when you saw Dean in the hallway that night, but became instantly scared of him when he pushed Ben into the wall.

-Told the demons who took you, Ben, and your mom that Dean was gonna save you.

-”I don’t wanna be you guys when my dad gets here.”

-Clung onto the back of his shirt while he carried your mom out of the warehouse.

-Dean held you in his arms while you sat in the waiting room at the hospital, telling you that Lisa was going to be alright.

-”You aren’t gonna leave us again, right daddy?”

“You coming to bed?”

Dean’s fingers go just a little white around the glass of whiskey. The tidy kitchen is fully lit around him and outside the windows there is only darkness at this hour, but he knows there’s a well-kempt garden outside.

Dean closes his eyes, and remembers.

“Hey. You coming to bed soon?”

Dean turned around and looked at Sam. Bruised and tired looking , but smiling softly from behind all that hair: eyes soft and calm, a look on his face that said: come to bed with me.

Dean stretched out on the motel room’s couch and nodded for Sam to come over. He said softly: “C’mere.”

Sam walked over to him and allowed Dean to circle his wrist and pull him down on top of him , his thighs on each side of Dean’s hips, arms resting on Dean’s shoulders.

Dean’s fingers curled in the hair of Sam’s nape as he breathed in the scent of him, lips gentle against his neck, before he murmured: “You feel OK? You took a nasty beat back there.”

Sam smiled at him, sleepily. “I’m good. Thanks to you. As always,” he added against Dean’s lips before he kissed him, slowly, wetly: Dean’s heart ached from the sweetness of it as he kissed him back.

“You taste like whiskey,” Sam laughed quietly when they broke apart for air. “I like it.”

Sam’s eyes gleamed in the dimly lit room, everything was quiet and so very calm, and Dean said: “I’m taking you to bed.”

Sam’s smile was easy and simple: so perfect. “Good.”

“Dean? Coming?” Lisa’s question has a twinge of impatience the second time, and the motel room in Tennessee is gone.

The unnaturally clean kitchen is back, the light is too bright, and the whiskey burns in Dean’s throat when he knocks it back, before he tells Lisa: “In a bit. You go.”

Dean stares into the darkness outside the window when she leaves.

He waits for the whiskey to carve oblivion into his soul.

Why I loved Lisa Braeden

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I knew they wouldn’t last, because Supernatural isn’t about romantic relationships. Not long term. But Lisa was one of the best things to happen to Dean. She accepted him for who he is. She took him in at his lowest. She kept him grounded and moving forward at a time when he could have spiraled out of control. She gave him a year of something he’s always wanted… a normal life. She told him what that year meant to her.

Lisa was a strong, loving woman. Exactly what Dean needed. I will always love Lisa for taking care of Dean for that year of his life.


Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “Dean x Lisa x Sam” square.

Summary: Dean knows he’s going to leave Lisa the second Sam comes back. But maybe he doesn’t have to.

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this one! Another first for me! XOXO

Dean’s lying on the couch downstairs when Lisa tells him he can have both.

He’s been sleeping down here since he saw Sam, because he can’t be in the same bed with anyone else now. It had taken him a long time to get used to her next to him, too small and too soft, and seeing Sam had undone any progress he’d made in less than a second.

So he’s folded onto the couch, cramped and sweaty and thinking about Sam, when she pads down the stairs and sits down on the coffee table.

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Summary: For a moment, just a moment you thought the prefect life might be in your grasp.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1,156 (with lyrics)

Setting: The year Dean spends with Lisa so between season 5 and 6

Notes: #SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing I chose Miranda Lambert’s song More like her.

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She’s beautiful in her simple little way
She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands, she don’t let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
I guess I should’ve been more like that

Reader POV

I should’ve held onto my pride, should’ve walked away just like he is with my head held high. But I guess stupidity runs in my veins. Stupidly thinking he’d want to settle down with me, have that white picket fence, Apple pie life we only dreamed about. He hadn’t promised forever, never knowing my true feelings, never figuring out how I felt about him, nor returning them. Ones I pushed aside to keep from getting hurt, and in the end they’re what done me in. Not watching Sam fall, Lucifer contained inside his body, into the cage, sealed away for the good of mankind. It’s not seeing Castiel’s vessel explode or Bobby’s neck snapped, both returned to normal thank God that has me wanting to curl into the fetal position and cry.

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What are your thoughts about Dean and Lisa?(Their apple pie life)

Im going to keep this short, but Lisa was AMAZING for Dean. Just what he needed then. She wasn’t what he really wanted, deep down, but she was good to him, he genuinely cared for her and he loved what she gave him and who she was. He also loved Ben and was I think distraught when he had to lose him. Lisa treated him with respect and care, was attentive to his PTSD whilst taking no crap, she gave him everything whilst also putting Ben first and keeping herself strong and putting emphasis on herself. She is amazing.

The apple pie life I think is fantastic in season 6 because it actually shows Dean that this isn’t what he really wants after all. It’s like… I nearly moved to Barcelona but it was only when we were at 95% going to do it that we realised that we had this idealised view of what it was going to be and actually we didn’t want the reality of it and what we had here in the UK was what we wanted. I think it’s often the case in real life and tv that you have a dream and when you get that dream you realise its not what you want. 

It’s a standard rom com trope too - the idealised person you want throughout the whole movie finally lets you in and you realise you actually don’t want them you want the best friend who supported you throughout it all…

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So yeah, just throwing that out there…

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But aside from the romance it’s also about the LIFE, the apple pie life that he I believe doesn’t actually strive for in the same way as before.

Yes he would like to not have to stop the apocalypse every 3 minutes and not live a life where he might die every day, but it’s not the apple pie normal person getting out of hunting forever thing you know? There’s a middle ground and escaping isn’t what he wants anymore, his djinn dream would be nothing like what we saw in 2x20 now.

So yeah, they were a fantastic exposition to what Dean NOW wants (in hindsight) whilst also giving him the support he needed and deserved at the time :D

The Coach and The English Teacher

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Lisa Braeden (mentioned), Ben (Mentioned), Jessica Moore (Mentioned), OCs Sophie, Maggie, Julie (Mentioned)

Word count: 2471

Warnings: Smut, slight Dom!Sub!, Cheating. 

A/N: There’s no second part to this, and I’m not planning on doing one any time soon. Sorry! Betad by my amazing friend @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname

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What does Antonym mean?

I don’t know what he means, but you’ve spelt his name wrong.

“What the fuck!?” You lift your gaze from the answer sheet and breathe out, rolling your eyes. This fucking kid is getting in your nerves.

You sigh. Uncap the sharpie and draw a large red cross next to answer 10 and add. ‘This stopped being funny 3 months ago Louis!’ And proceed to write a big ‘D’ on the top of the sheet.

The already corrected exam goes on the growing pile by your right and shaking your head you move to get a new one from you left pile. Having the free period between classes this year really came in hand; you didn’t have to wait till you came home to correct exams; and the days you have nothing to do you could just relax and rest for 90 minutes.

And to top it all teacher’s lounge room is deserted today, so you settle on the round table with a big mug of chamomile tea and a granola bar. Tilting your mug up you drink the last drops and quickly look down when you feel your phone buzz.

The sharpie forgotten as you grab your - too big for your hand - phone, unlock it and see his name on the new incoming text.

I have 45’ free till my next class.

You think a bit, re-read the short sentence a few times before you answer.

Good for you! What you gonna do?

You’re not gonna jump off your seat and run to him just like that! Yes, you’ve done it before, but lately you have been doubting this whole thing, It’s starting get too intense…

Not one second later the screen lights again and you see a response

YOU. Come to my office, NOW!

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This person was my first noter.

Dean couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, he knew it was wrong since he was a married man but Lisa’s been busy working and whenever he did they to have sex with her she either shut him down or she was to tired.
Dean watched the way his maid moved around almost in a teasing way, like she knew what she was doing to him. Dean grunted when (y/n) bent over and ran a hand through his hand. He was getting hard but he couldn’t help it, she was a young female and with that short maid outfit she wore he knew sooner or later he would loose control.
“Sir are you alright?”
Dean snapped out of his sinful thoughts and saw a curious look on (y/n)’s face. She was so close to him he could practically feel her body heat. Oh how badly he wanted to touch her but dammit he knew it wss wrong since he was married. Dean cleared his throat and nodded toward the young female. “Yeah just thinking.” A playful look could be spotted in the (e/c) eyed female. “Oh and what might you be thinking about?” She licked her red covered lipstick lips while asking him dean let out a soft groan and mumbled ‘nothing’ but (y/n) wasn’t letting him off that easily.
“I bet you were thinking about me.” Dean eyes widen, “I see the way you look at me sir, hell I’m sure even Lisa knows.” (Y/n) tongue ran over her white teeth as she crawled onto Deans lap her arms wrapping around his neck.
“What do you think your doing?”
Dean’s question came out in a stutter but (y/n) didn’t seem to mind it. “Well I was gonna help you out with your little problem.” She grinded down onto his slowly hardening cock. “I mean I know Lisa isn’t giving you any so why don’t i help you out sir after all your wife’s not home.”

Downtown Letdown

A/N: This is my second fic for the 2017 Louden Swain SPN Mini Bang, and is for one of my favorite songs. I first heard this song when they played it at ChiCon 2015, and I fell in love with it right away. I struggled to get this fic to line up with the central themes of the song, but I hope you all agree it’s at least close. Special thanks to the best betas in the world, @littlegreenplasticsoldier and @manawhaat without whom my fics would not be nearly as legible. These two women inspire me with every word they write and push me to be better.

Summary: Dean dealing with his feelings while he’s with Lisa.

Pairing: I guess Dean and Lisa, but it’s not the focus.

Warnings: Angst, I guess. I don’t expect anyone to need tissues.

Word count: 1815 words

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Dean wakes up to a bright streak of sunlight peeking through Lisa’s bedroom curtains. Usually, he fixes the curtains before he goes to bed for exactly this reason, but last night he was a little too out of it to care. Yesterday was November 2nd. It’s been more than 25 years since his mother died, but the day still creeps up on him. It was almost noon before he realized what day it was. He doesn’t remember much of the day after that. To be fair, he’s had other things on his mind the past few months.


Dean’s head pounds with the hangover he knows he deserves, his heartbeat loud in his ears, his gut still twisted with grief. Lisa tried to make him feel better last night and he just snapped at her. The pie was store-bought, not that it mattered. It had mattered, but there was no good reason for it.

The sunbeam has shifted, now, and is blinding the ever-loving hell out of him. He turns over to get away from it, hoping Lisa is still asleep. He’s not ready to face the disappointment and misery in her eyes. It would be merely a reflection of what he’s feeling, but it shows he should be doing a better job of hiding it from her. She doesn’t deserve it.

Right now, Lisa’s face looks peaceful and happy in the golden light. Much different to when the tears well up in her eyes as Dean rages when he’s drunk with grief. Or when he wakes her with one of his nightmares. Or when he doesn’t understand why she twists herself in knots to make sure Ben has a “good” breakfast in the morning instead of Lucky Charms or Pop Tarts. He and Sam grew up on them, so they can’t be all bad, right?

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Some of the most popular Supernatural Ships, according to AO3 & Tumblr.

Some of the individual pics are my own edits, you can find them here.

I just wanted to show that we can have love for all the SPN ships, those more popular, and less.

Something About Christmas // Dean/Lisa; Dean & Emma // for @deanirae // ao3

“And Merry Christmas, Sammy,” Dean says to the phone, trying to sound a little less like a telecom company commercial than his brother did. “And pass it to Amelia, will you?”

With Sam’s quick assurance that he will, Dean ends the call. He takes in a deep breath, slowly lets it out. So that’s done.

“Dad?” a quiet voice says as soon as he pockets the phone. He turns on his heel to find Emma standing in the doorway, holding a big, golden star in her hand. Her hair and face glisten with the glitter that came off the ornament. “Ben and I can’t reach the top.”

“That’s no good.” Dean purses his lips and nods his head seriously. “We’re gonna have to do something about it.”

The corners of Emma’s mouth lift in a smile as she turns to lead the way downstairs.

As the approach the kitchen, a hummed melody slips out into the corridor, mixed in with the smells of baking. Dean just can’t stop himself.

“Of course,” he says, making sure he’s heard inside, “that wouldn’t be a problem if someone didn’t insist on buying the biggest tree they had in the store.”

“But have you seen how great it looks?” Lisa calls back, unfazed. She peeks out of the kitchen with a wide grin. The messy bun wobbles on top of her head as she nods toward the living room. “Go check it.”

“I don’t know,” Dean teases, stopping to wipe a smudge of flour off her cheek, “heard it’s pretty naked, without the star and all.”

Lisa shakes her head and nudges him with her elbow. Behind her back, the pan hisses threateningly.

“I gotta,” she blurts and hops back to save their dinner.


“Went to a store, said we need more eggnog.”

Dean nods and leaves her to her work. When he gets to the living room, at last, Emma’s already joined Ben at the side of the tree.

The tree, as far as interior Christmas trees go, is pretty huge: reaches nearly all the way to the ceiling, only leaving some space for the top, and spreads wide, filling up a big chunk of their living room. Just as Lisa ensured, it looks quite amazing: wrapped in colorful chains and a few different strings of light, dressed richly in every surviving ornament they could find in the garage and then some, store bought, handmade, and edible alike.

“Yup, it does look kinda naked,” Dean quips, looking up to its empty top, pondering whether he’ll need a ladder to reach it or if a chair will suffice.

“Here.” Emma holds out the star to him.

But Dean’s got a better idea. He gestures for her to turn around and, as she, hesitant, does, he grabs her firmly and lifts her up. A little surprised, she wiggles reflexively to maintain the balance.

“Watch for the legs,” Dean warns and holds her tighter for reassurance. “I got you.”

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