Dream I had

Tagging esmiralda15 sg-lbc (finally let’s me tag you and not the RP blog of yours) and garlic8reath and quirkett cause they have interesting ideas and I need some advice on this thing I dreamed about last night.

Orange dusty landscape far as the eye could see. Something about mutations on Mars I think. Rusty, Hank, Dean and a random assortment of people were being chased by a bunch of people in bright orange suits. Only they weren’t human anymore and the suits were covering all but their head.

The Venture family got rescued and it was revealed that Jonas had been trying to colonize Mars all this time. Rusty believed him., but Dean wasn’t so sure. One of the “sand people” convinced him that it was all a lie so he ran out unprotected. Mind powers and something about bad timing coming out of his room.

Softer eyes and more in the VBros art style, but I know my baby kitty when I see her. Rox saw him and she chased after him.  Sand people showed up and started shooting at her after she finally caught him after running through dirt and gravel and grey green brush. They threw boomerangs and really sharp things at her and she thought whil;e running on all fours “They always shoot at orange things” to the compound. She looked like dark clouded leopard and was really mutated. More cat then person, still trying to save Dean.

Then it cut to like twenty years later. Hank looked older(mid 30s-40s maybe) and was with a blonde woman named Brittany. Hank and Brittany shared some strange drink and did a toast that signified togetherness or something. She looked like a Quymm sister, only she had a sharper nose. Not round like Hank’s but sharp like how White’s nose is. Kinder bluer eyes too. A different blonde woman with longer hair and green eyes offered to share a drink with Dean and Dean just turned away, looking heartbroken.

Did I just dream that Rox died (or got turned into a near mindless cat beast) saving Dean’s life from his own stupidity? Should I expand on this and turn it into an actual story? Am I asking to many questions?


So I’ve made it a tradition to do a cheesy “Venture Bros.” Valentine’s Day card every year since 2010. Here’s mine for this year with the past cards. I’m so glad I could put in a little extra time and effort into this year’s card. They look so much nicer when I do.

Yummy! ♥