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Fourth of July Fics


Dean wants to do something special for Cas so he takes him to see the fireworks on the 4th of July and things definitely start (and end) off with a bang

Words– 4k    Rating– Mature/Explicit     #Destiel #smut #fluff 


Light ‘em up

Sam knew his payback was coming for the prank he pulled on Dean, but it had been days and he had no idea when it would come but he knew he was planning something pretty big.

Words– 4k   Rating– Explicit/Mature    #Wincest  #Smut


The Sketchbook

Castiel thought his life was over when his parents told him they would be spending the entire summer at the beach, until he sees the hottest guy ever. Cas instantly falls in love with Dean, and surprisingly Dean is falling just as hard.

Words– 60k    Chapters–9*   Rating– Mature/Explicit

#Destiel AU #Porn with plot #smut #fluff #continuing story

**Chapters 10 & 11 will be 4th of July and I plan to have them up sometime today, they are being beta’d right now 


So you know how in the Pilot Sam says he hasn’t spoken to Dean in two years? And he met Jess about two years before?

Yes. Okay. Now imagine Sam is standing in the kitchen of his first apartment and he really wants to impress this amazing girl he met but he never really learned to cook because it was always fast food or Dean making cheap boxed dinners. The internet isn’t hooked up yet. The cable guy called to postpone.

Sam swallows his pride and calls Dean (who, by the way, has this old pay as you go phone that’s four years outdated because Sammy has the number and you can’t really transfer the number yet).

“Sammy? Is everything okay?”
Sam doesn’t even question how Dean knew it was him and just launches in with, “What does it mean when it says a rolling boil? Isn’t that what a boil is?”