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Is The Almighty Johnsons good? I've heard of it (when googling dean o'gorman) but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Short answer, YES. :) Long answer…

First of all, you have Dean O’Gorman walking around looking like this:

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Anders is a smoking hot, womanizing jerk with a heart of…probably not gold but maybe in his best moments…sterling silver?

But then there are his brothers:

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Ty is a pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world (if cinnamon rolls were built like brick houses with biceps bigger than your head). Mike is the eldest and the mother hen of the group who has to ride herd on all his brothers’ drama and bail them out when they’re in trouble. Axl is the youngest, sort of sweet and a little naive, the hopeful optimist of the group.

And there are some seriously awesome ladies…

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Michele is a take-no-prisoners type of girl who plays an important part in the boys’ lives, along with Ingrid and Stacy, two other badasses for whom I couldn’t find any gifs (booo!).

Also there’s Dawn:

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Dawn is the best, and has the uphill battle of trying to be Anders’ moral compass, AND she and Ty have the sweetest storyline, and honestly it’s worth watching the show just to get to their resolution in the series finale, during which I cried all over my treadmill.

Oh! I almost forgot cousin Olaf!

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He is a treasure, and responsible for some of the funniest moments in the show.

(Just a heads-up that there’s a fair bit of sex, if that doesn’t appeal.)

tl;dr By all means, please do watch The Almighty Johnsons, it’s fantastic.


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Dean O’ Gorman’s Audition for Fili.


Dean:“He [Graham] got unexpectedly choked up when we wrapped, and he started crying, he came up to me and Aidan and we thought he was joking!”

Aidan:“It’s Dwalin, he’s huge!”

Dean: “He’s [Graham] got orc blood all over him and axes and he gave Aidan a hug, then he just [sobbing noises].”

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