The reason I started watching Supernatural was because I thought there was a gay ship (destiel) that becomes canon later on the series. Nope. Not at all. Instead I’m stuck with a moose, a ship that refuses to become canon, Crowley, 173739362 dead characters, a broken heart, and the longing for a ship to sail although it probably won’t leave the docks.

Just a Little Jealous (NSFW...ish)

A/N: I found a gif and I wanted my wifee @mrsgabrieltrickster  to talk me out of it but then she made a great point and boop here you go DESTIEL WARNING

He was staring just a little too long, laughing just a little too hard. 

And Castiel, though a patient man, is on the edge of losing his temper. Dean smiles – the smile that crinkles his eyes and tugs at his cheeks – at the woman in front of him, smoothing his hand down his suit jacket.

“I appreciate your time ma’am,” Dean says, cocking an eyebrow as she jots down a number on a piece of paper. “We do have a few more questions–”

“Just in case I forget,” she purrs, offering him the number. Castiel cocks an eyebrow, clearing his throat. “If you have any more questions,” she blurts. Sam shifts in his seat, frowning as the angel lets out a short breath. 

“And we appreciate that ma’am,” Sam cuts in. Dean nods in agreement, clamping his mouth shut as Castiel shoots him a glare. 

“Dean, a word,” he grunts, shooting Sam a look before heading down the hallway.

“U-uhm…we like to get a good feel for your home…so my colleagues are…gonna have a look,” Sam says, followed by an uncomfortable laugh. 

Castiel walks into the first room he can find, dragging Dean along with him. The moment the door closes, he’s pushing Dean against a shelf of books, gripping both of his wrists. 

“Is she your type?” Castiel growls, his voice a whisper. Dean shudders out a response, grunting as the other man forced his leg between his thighs. “I know when you’re flirting Dean, you aren’t subtle.”

“I wasn’t – fuck – you’re just –” He cuts himself off as Castiel’s grace wraps around his neck, a stifled moan escaping him. “This really isn’t the time Cas,” he chuckles, tilting his head as Castiel’s lips met his neck. 

“Then stop looking at her.” His voice is muffled against the Winchester’s neck, but the assertion is clearly heard. “Stop laughing at her jokes.” He pauses, rolling his hips and gaining a light whimper from Dean. God, the sounds he makes can send Castiel’s head spinning in seconds. 

“J-jealous fuck,” Dean breathes, his eyes widening as the tingle of Castiel’s grace teased down the length of his cock.

“You’re right, I am a ‘jealous fuck’, Dean.” Castiel pauses, letting out a long, hot breath against Dean’s neck. Dean shudders, his hands gripping into fists. “And I suppose you want me to stop?” he asks. He shakes his head, groaning as Castiel grinds against him. “Then what? I thought this wasn’t the time, Dean –”

“S-stop fucking around,” he whines. 

“Oh, I will.” Castiel begins pulling away, chuckling as Dean lets out a desperate whine. 

“Please?” he breathes, biting his cherry red lip between his teeth. Smiling, Castiel reclaims his place pressed up against his boyfriend, nuzzling against his sensitive skin. 

Sam stares ahead with a tight-lipped smile, his eyes wide as moans echo down the hallway.

“I am…beyond sorry ma’am.”


J2: AU edition

50 Shades of Desire: Tied Up

Title: 50 Shades of Desire: Tied Up

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,632

Warnings: ALL SMUT, NO PLOT. Breath play, orgasm denial, use of restraints, use of blindfold, oral sex, fingering, it’s all smut guys.

Inspiration: Anon: Could I submit a request where Dean has tied the reader to the bed and does some stuff while The Master watches and Anon: I love being tied up and teased until I’m begging.

A/N: This series is only getting started so get ready for more!!


“Ready to begin?”

Dean nervously looked at the Master and then to the door. “I think so, um, how’s this supposed to go again?”

“Once inside the room you will tease her. You will not allow her to climax fully until I say so. You will also be unable to finish until I say so. Is that clear?”


“Yes what?

“Yes Master.”  

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A Good Little Girl: Time Management (Part 1)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.


Summary of Time Management: You fall into a schedule with the Winchesters.

Word Count: 3200

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, light bondage, nsfw gifs below the cut

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest), in which you don’t do much other than explore all your dom/sub kinks. I have so many filthy ideas for this one- I haven’t been this excited since Faking It! Feedback is appreciated!

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Title: Barking Up The Right Tree

Prompt: alpha/omega dean x reader first time

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1862

Warnings: SMUT, a/b/o verse, alpha!dean, omega!reader, beta!sam, knotting, heat, very slight fingering, kinda kinky trope, dirty talk, some fluff at the end

A/N: I’m still not taking requests, but this is just a teaser to keep your dirty little minds satisfied until I post again ;)




“S-Sam?” you call with a shaking voice. It’s only seven in the morning, and Dean had left for breakfast. Sam was here to watch you, as you had been feeling ill for a few days.

Sam races to your room and almost breaks down the door to get to you. He had always been protective like a big brother, and you knew he was trustworthy in this situation.

“Y/N? Are you—” He has to stop speaking to regain his composure. You were naked, but wrapped in your blankets. Even you could smell your slick.

“I thought you were a beta.” he mumbled, covering his mouth and nose.

“Yeah? Well me too.” You reply, a bit of anger in your voice.

“I’ll get you some things you’ll need. DON’T let Dean into your room.” Sam ordered. You roll your eyes and shoo him away, wanting to cover your scent before the alpha got home.

“I mean it, Y/N. Once he smells you, no amount of suppressants will stop him.”

Sam exits with a serious look on your face. You wait until he has left before you stand in all your naked glory, shutting your bedroom door. You were supposed to be a beta, never having experienced a heat before. Dean had never had any issues around you, and Sam was a beta as well. When you had woken up that morning though, you felt a hot wetness between your legs and a burning desire in your stomach. From friends’ stories, you knew you were in heat. Apparently, you were an omega.

You had at least thrown on a button up that Dean had lent you months ago, but it was so comfy that he allowed you to steal it. You wore it along with a simple pair of underwear. Sam arrived just as you curled up in your bed, after changing the scented sheets.

“I brought you heat spray, suppressant pills, and um…yeah.” the awkward beta handed you a bag. You thanked him and opened the sack, widening your eyes at the contents.

“Is that a…?”


“And I’m supposed to…?”

Sam nodded and gave you a small smile, leaning forwards and quickly kissing the top of your head.

“Good luck.” he grinned, heading towards the hallway. You glared at him as he left, making sure to lock and close your door.

Reluctantly, you pulled out the nine inch dildo and tossed it across the room. There was no way you’d use that thing. You set the pill bottle on the bedside table, deciding to use those later, and immediately sprayed the deodorizer around the room. It began to smell normal again, and not of sex and lust.

Things were alright for the first few hours, until you heard the bunker door open down stairs.

Dean was home.

Despite feeling perfectly fine just a few minutes earlier, your stomach began to painfully twist in knots and your thighs were coated in the wetness once more. You could smell Dean, and you wanted him, bad.

You hadn’t taken the suppressants, but you wished you had. The room was immediately scented, and the smell of your heat was everywhere, mixing with Dean’s scent that he was unknowingly emitting.

“D-Dean…” you whimpered, clenching and relaxing your thighs. You fell onto your back and bit your lip, overtaken by the sudden aching desire within your body. You wanted to be bred, your body wanted to be bred.

And you wanted your alpha to breed you.

There was a sudden commotion on the stairs, and you strained to hear over the blood pumping in your veins.

“Dean, no! Do you have any idea what will happen?” it was Sam, and you could hear his panicked words.

“Dammit Sammy! She needs me.” Dean growled in his alpha voice.

Sam was required to back off at his tone, but he carried on with his efforts. You whimpered and fisted the sheets as your desire grew.

Your door was nearly broken, this time the lock flying off. Sam was still trying to pull him away as he struggled to get to you, finally turning and growling at Sam to back off. The beta threw up his hands and stomped away, whilst Dean approached your body. He shut the door as best he could, obviously not able to lock it.

“Dean,” you whimpered. The bed dipped as he sat down, gently moving towards you. He stiffened when you reached out and touched him.

“You’ve been waiting so long…you’re burning up baby girl.” he murmured, taking your hand in his. At the alpha’s touch, you moaned and dug your nails into the mattress, needing release. Dean pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Alpha’s gonna take care of you.” he rumbled, beginning to unbutton your shirt.

You hadn’t put on a bra, and Dean cursed at your beautifully exposed breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting the nub. He palmed the other, leaving you writhing in pleasure on the bed.

You gripped the collar of his jacket, urging him to take it off. He complied, throwing the leather material to the side. He grabbed the back of his shirt and tugged it over his head, getting on his hands and knees above your body. You could feel the heat radiating from his naked torso.

“I need you.” you whispered, trying to pull his body down to yours. He began to fervently kiss your neck and shoulders. You gasped and groaned at the contact, threading your fingers through his hair and moaning.

“What do you need me to do?” he growled against your skin. His hands trailed down your body to your thighs, cupping them and tugging you forcefully towards his body.

“Knot me.” you said almost shyly. He smiled and tucked his fingers beneath you, unclasping and removing your bra. He then took your shirt, or rather, his shirt, off you and tossed it near his own clothing.

“You want me to knot you baby?” he grumbled, kissing at your cheeks and chest. “Fill you up with my alpha seed?”

Dean reached down and pushed your panties aside, easing his index and middle finger in. You shivered as he collected some of your slick, taking his fingers into his mouth. He moaned at the taste and inhaled deeply, as though high. You were his drug.

“Son of a bitch,” he muttered, balancing his weight on one hand and reaching for his belt with the other. “You’re so ready to be bred, to be my little omega.” he spoke. His belt came off, and he hastily popped the button and zipper. You placed your palms flat on his chest and wriggled beneath him as he pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs.

You gasped as his cock bumped against your thigh, leaking his own alpha slick. His knot was already forming at the base, and you bit your lip thinking about him inside of you.

“Please, Dean.” You whined, wrapping your arms loosely around the alpha’s neck. He kissed your shoulder and reached a hand down, angling the large head against your pussy lips. You moaned as he rubbed against your slit, wetting his shaft in your slick and teasing your heat.

When he began to push in, you dug your nails into his biceps and cried out at the new sensation. Dean went slow, entering your body inch by inch until he was balls deep.

“Fuck Y/N…” he grunted, supporting himself on both arms above you. You squeezed your eyes shut at the ache, a satisfactory burning spreading through your body.

“Breed me, Dean.” you said softly. He was instantly thrown into his alpha rut, wrapping his large hand around your hip. His other fingers tangled with yours beside your head. You hissed through your teeth as he pumped his hips once.

He began to pick up a rhythm, pumping in and out of your soaking omega heat. Dean let out little grunts and grumbles as his cock met resistance against your tight depth.

“This is what you wanted me to do, right?” he grumbled, speeding up. His cock pounded into your trembling body, causing you to groan and hold onto his thick shoulders for dear life. Dean continued to assault your waiting sex.

“D-Dean…Dean…” you whimpered, wrapping your thighs around his waist. His hands went down to cup your thighs, using your body as leverage for his thrusts. You felt his knot building at the base of his shaft.

“Such a good little omega,” Dean grunted. “Taking your alpha’s cock, letting me breed you.”

You fisted the sheets and cried out as Dean lifted your body. He flipped you over on your stomach, leaning over and pinning you down with his cock still buried deep inside of you. His hips slammed into your ass with each heavy thrust, and he buried his face into your neck.

“I’m gonna fill you up with so much of my alpha seed.” he growled, causing you to whine in his grip. He continued to slam into your body for a few more minutes, eventually letting out a low guttural moan. You cried out as he gripped both of your hips and pushed himself deep into you, thickening against your outer lips.

His knot slowly eased into you, swelling and locking you together. Dean fell against your smaller frame and wrapped his arms around you.

He stilled as his cock twitched and pulsed within your depth, releasing his cum. He pushed your hair aside and made a nip on your neck, releasing a bit of blood. You gasped at being filled with his sperm, and the sudden realization.

“Dean, you just…”

“I mated my omega.” he mumbled, shielding your trembling body from the cold air. The thought of you being his omega brought you to a climax, sending waves of heated pleasure coursing through you. Dean held you tight as you gasped and wriggled, the torture of oversensitiveness almost breaking you.

You were locked together for nearly an hour until Dean’s knot was small enough to pull apart. He slid his softening prick out and fell next to you, gathering your body before you could slip away to clean up. He cuddled you to his chest and kissed the mated mark, lifting your chin and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. A happy warmth spread through you as his alpha cum dripped from your opening.

“Thank you, alpha.” you murmured, nuzzling into his shoulder. He held you close and sighed, still breathing heavily. Dean ran his fingers through your hair and allowed you to rest.

“I-I love you, Y/N.” he stammered. You lifted your head and smiled, kissing his chest. He returned a grin and curled one arm beneath his head, the other weaving around your body.

“I love you too Dean.” you replied. You settled on him and sighed contentedly.

“I knew you were an omega, before all of this.” he admitted. “I also knew that I’d be the one to knot and breed you, that I was your alpha.”

“Really?” you asked, a bit shocked.

“You would never listen to Sam, but you always obeyed me.” he winked. You rolled your eyes and playfully slapped his chest, still a bit shaken from having your first heat—and alpha.

It was only a few minutes later that your slick was heavy again and his knot began to swell once more…

50 Shades of Desire

Title: 50 Shades of Desire

Paring: Dean x Reader x Husband


A/N: See the end for info on what is to come!! I can’t wait for this!!

Originally posted by ansekenamun

As you tried to open the door you couldn’t think straight as Dean pressed himself into your back, biting and kissing your neck. Closing your eyes, you let your head fall back onto his shoulder as you pressed your ass into him.

“Baby girl you better open that door fast or I’m going to take you right here.”

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A Good Little Girl (Prequel)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Summary of the prequel: How you met the Winchesters.

Word Count: 1300

Warning: implied smut

A/N: This is the prequel to an exciting new series. Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest), in which you don’t do much other than explore all your dom/sub kinks. I have so many filthy ideas for this one- I haven’t been this excited since Faking It!

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But I Love You... - Destiel Smut

Note - this is my fanfic that I wrote myself. I originally posed it on Wattpad under the same name and under the user on the cover. The cover I also made myself with the image being from Google. Feel fee to reblog this, but please so not post it on any other fanfic sight without contacting me first. 

I got the promo from this on Tumblr, but I can’t remember from whom I got the promo but I did have their permission.

(Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, I’m hoping I got them all when I read over it, but just in case)


Dean walked into the bedroom that he shares with his dominant Castiel. He had his lace hot pink panties on and some black legging pants that showed off the back of his panties. Dean had been taught to wiggle his hips as he walked because it made him look more flirtatious and Castiel always loves to grab his ass when he walks round like that.

But what ever Dean did, from the sex to the cuddling, he never seemed to make his dominant truly happy and that always made him feel like he had failed as a submissive. Dean has always tried to show him love - he would do anything from backing cookies and pie to doing anything Castiel wanted in bed. Dean tried to make Castiel love him, but he never felt it in return.

Dean climbed on the bed next to Castiel and cuddled into his side, little fireflies fluttering round his stomach at the touch of Castiel. Dean kissed the side of Castiel’s cheek and began to move over to his lips before Castiel turned away from him making  their noses rub together. Dean felt his face go down as his dominant rejected him. He felt tears brim his eyes as his lips curl into his mouth.

“Daddy?” Dean’s voice came out soft and slightly high pitched as he looked down playing with his fingers by bending them back a little.

“What is it, Dean?” Castiel grumbled, his voice full of sadness as he looked at Dean’s bear chest. Dean felt hurt when Castiel referred to his as his first name, it normally meant he’s mad or upset with him.

“C-Cas, I-I don’t understand… H-Ha-Have I don-done something wrong?” Dean stuttered out, his heart feeling heavy and full of pain.

“No, baby boy, it’s not you. I’m just a little upset that’s all.” Castiel got out of the bed, the one war sheet that had been wrapped round his and Dean’s body now falling to the floor. Dean suddenly felt very cold from the loss of the blanket and Castiel’s arms wrapped round him. “I’m gonna go to my study, you know the rules.” Castiel walked out with his head hung low.

Dean looked down and pulled his knees up to his chest feeling very sorry for himself. This is his fault,  he has made Castiel feel sad and he can’t do anything to make him feel better. He felt useless and rather disappointing in himself for making him sad. Tears began to drip from his eyes and roll down and fall onto his hands as he thought of what he could have done.

“Daddy, please, I love you.” Dean mumbled into his knees before he broke down, loud sobs and wailing making his body shake and his thought hurt. Dean cried so much he passes out from it all. Normally Dean loves sleep but that’s because he’s wrapped up in the arms of the one he loves.

Castiel walked into his and Dean’s room at about half two in the morning and saw his baby boy asleep, his thumb close to his lips, his legs cuddled up to himself in a little ball. He looked so small and sad Castiel thought. As he got closer he could see the tried tear marks on his freckled cheeks. Castiel could hear Dean’s crying all the way down the corridor of his mansion like home, but he couldn’t help him - he couldn’t get attached to Dean because he doesn’t deserve love. You’re only suposed to us your submissive for sex and then take care of them, not love them.

Love is a scary thing and something Castiel has seen people fall out of so much, that’s why he refused to ever fall in love. He wouldn’t want to fall for someone who doesn’t love him back. He had that feeling with his past submissive,  the one before Dean, and the reason he left was because Castiel has fallen in love with him, but he told him only bad dominates fall in love with submissive as all they are is a good fuck, and since then Castiel refuses to be in love, even if Dean is beautiful, and perfect in every way. When Dean has just gotten up and is lazily dressed in one of Castiel’s over sized shirts with some relieving underwear on, he looks beautiful. Or when he’s tied to the bed, Castiel on top as he makes the most seductive noses knowing just what Castiel likes, he looks beautiful. Or when they’re both just watching a movie and are cuddled up on the couch, beautiful. But Dean has always been at the tip top of his beauty when he’s asleep, his hair sticking up everywhere, his eyes shut tight, lying on his stomach with his thumb close to his lips, sometimes even in his mouth, when he looks like that it makes Castiel weak in the knees. This boy has messed with him, but it can’t be love, he refuses to let it be love because who could love a dominate? Especially Castiel, no one could ever love him, not even Dean.

With his heart heavy and full of pain, Castiel pulled the blanket up and put it over Dean’s shivering body and then kissed his cheek. He began to walk to the door when he heard a small mumbled into the pillow of ‘I’m sorry, I love you, Daddy’, but Castiel brushed it off as Dean was probably dreaming - the important word was, Dean stirred sightly as he felt the warm lips of his Castiel came in contact with his tear stained cheek, he really wanted to say I love you to him, but Dean has never felt love before but as a wave of confidence brushed over him he did. He said I love you and all he heard was the door being closed shut. Dean let his tears fall out his eyes for the second time and cried himself to sleep once again.

That night Castiel spent it in the spare room he had for when he and Dean needed some space. Both of them hated this room, the plane white walls with no love and no memories of being together. Castiel took his sweat pants of and got into bed leaving his shirt and boxers on. He pulled on of the spare pillows of the bed and cuddled it up to his chest and fell asleep.

It’s safe to say neither of the to slept well that night, at one point Dean even woke up screaming. He shot up and looked round for Castiel but he wasn’t there so Dean got out of the bed and went down the hall to the spare room and pushed the door open carefully and saw Castiel lying on his back, his eyes closed and his breathing deep and relaxed.

“D-D-Daddy?” Dean stuttered out, his voice small as he played with the waist band on his pants. When got no response he  walked over to the bed and sat on the floor.

“I had a nightmare that you hated me and wished I was dead, so you sent me back. I’m sorry for loving you if that’s what’s making you sad. I just wanna see you happy…” Dean looked down at his hands and bent them back and froth and listening to them click. “I wish you could love me to, even if you don’t mean it, I’ll always love you.”

Castiel rolled over and out his hand on Dean’s head making him jump slightly, but as his hand moved to Dean’s cheek he nuzzled into the touch much like a puppy, rubbing his nose into the palm of his hand.

“Come up here, baby boy, I have something I wanna tell you.” Dean smiled and go on the bed, clambering under the covers and cuddling up to Castiel.

“Look, baby boy, the last sub I had, when I told him I loved him, he told me he didn’t love me back and begged me to let him go so I did and since the I decided I don’t need love, and I’m never going to love on of my subs again.” Dean backed away from the embrace slightly when he heard that, but Castiel pulled him back. He would never let Dean go after this.

“No, listen to me. I didn’t want to love, I felt like I didn’t deserve it. But then this past week I’ve noticed that I can’t live without you, baby boy. And I love you. I love you so much more than anyone else I’ve ever met. I never wanna spend a night away from you, Dean, because I love you.” Castiel finished and kissed Dean, long and hard, showing all his built up emotion and sexual frustration out in it.

Castiel slipped his hand down Dean’s body and began to rub his hand over Dean’s ass cheeks, his lips never breaking the kiss. Dean smiled and laced his hand in Castiel’s hair. Dean moaned when he felt Castiel push him over to face him as he climbed on top of him. The kiss broke as Castiel looked Deep into Dean’s eyes as his hands slipped under his shirt and pulled it over Dean’s head, then Castiel attached his lips to his neck and moved down until he got to the middle of his stomach and then began to kiss all over it. Dean had always been self aware that he doesn’t have the thinnest of stomached - but he has always loved it when Castiel would kiss just above his tummy button and leave little love bites. Dean moaned as he felt Castiel’s teeth sink into him, his hand rubbing his hardening penis that would soon be pressed against his stomach.

“You want daddy to fuck you baby boy?” Castiel smiled seductively and stopped biting his stomach. “Want daddy to make you feel so good?”

“Yes please, daddy.” Dean moaned at the contact and the friction in hos lower region. “I wanna have you inside me.” Dean let out a groan as Castiel pushed Dean’s legs up and up them over his shoulder.

Castiel kissed Dean long and hard then got of the bed and picked Dean up bride style and carried the giggling Dean to their normal room with all the toys, lube and condoms - but they only had sex with each other so they never really used one. One back in the normal room, Castiel threw Dean on the bed and climbed back on top of him, kissing him until his lips had come a bright pink and stood out more. Dean groaned into Castiel’s lips as he got harder and harder for all the hand action and the friction from the lace made him shiver.

“Please, daddy.” Dean wined, then he felt the wist bad of the panties being pulled back and forth, slapping against his skin making a small slapping sound making Dean thrust up a little. He began to wriggle round feeling uncomfortable from no touching in a while.

“You’re so needy today, princess.” Castiel hummed as he pulled of the panties and began to pump his fist up and down Dean’s hard member, his hand moving slowly and lovingly unlike the fast ones he would normally do - this time he really wants to show Dean all the love he deserves.

Dean began to moan as he felt himself being pumped by one of Castiel’s constantly warm hands, as the other hand grabbed hold of his ass making Dean wiggle round trying to get more action from Castiel.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, princess, you won’t be walking for the rest of the week.” Castiel span Dean round and let his face hit the mattress as Castiel pulled the lube out from the draw. He got up and walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a little paddle and some rope. Dean turned over and smiled when he saw what Castiel has got out. Then before he got coughed he flopped back down. Castiel had removed hos shit and boxers when he got back to the bed and placed the rope round Dean’s wrists, bound then behind his back as he filled him back over to face him.

“You always look so beautiful when you can’t touch yourself. You become a beautiful mess.” Castiel pushed Dean’s legs up against his shoulders and out each hand on each side of his waist as he keeled between his open legs, his knee rubbing against Dean’s ball sack ever so slightly making Dean move up and down slightly trying to get more.

“Needy little baby.” Castiel cooed leaning down and kissing the head f Dean’s penis making Dean thrust upwards again trying to get more form him. “You know I’ll not hesitate to spank you if you miss behave Dean.” Castiel warned as he lifted up the paddle from the side of the bed with the lube. Dean stopped and looked up at Castiel with bid puppy eyes begging form a touch, anything.

Castiel saw what Dean wanted, but he wanted to see his baby boy beg for to, he wanted to see him fall apart and cum with only his fingers stretching him out before he would fuck him.

“Only if you beg for it, princess.” Dean whined slightly and then sighed as he knew Castiel wouldn’t do anything until he begged.

“Fuck me, daddy. Please, fuck me so hard. Wanna be your little slut daddy. Only for daddy and on one else. Please fuck me - agh.” Dean groaned as he felt Castiel’s index finger rub along his ass hole, then he took it away and gave Dean a look of continuation. “Please, daddy, I wanna cum for you. Make me cum for daddy.” As Dean continued to say things along the lines of this he coated his fingers in the plain lube and the put his hand back underneath Dean’s body, his fingers rubbing up and down until he had enough of Dean begging, having himself gained a hard on.

Dean moaned like a cheap whore when Castiel put his first finger in and began to more it around, then added a second finger, scissoring inside of Dean as he was a mess.  Castiel moved closer to Dean, bending his legs up so they rested on his shoulders and began to add his third finger in, thrusting them slightly making Dean shiver and moan as he pushed his head back - he wanted Castiel inside him, but Castiel isn’t small in anyway so he needed to make sure Dean was ready because he didn’t want to inflicted any pain on him.

“Please, daddy, touch me.” Dean begged, his body shaking. Castiel leaned down and kissed Dean;s stomach and then kissed the head of his penis and licked the tip, but then moved his mouth away and thrusted his hand harder into Dean. Castiel has always been the biggest teas - ad it’s time like thees Dean has hated it but it always left him begging for more and that’s what Castiel wants so he couldn’t hate him for that long.

“I’m not gonna fuck you until you come from just my fingers.” Castiel smirked as he watched Dean wish he could touch himself to help make it go faster. Castiel used his other hand to help Dean out by pumping him slightly but then stopped after he felt some sticky white substance run down his fingers - Dean’s pre-come. Then after a few deep thrusts of his long  fingers, curling them inside of Dean, brushing his prostate as he went, Dean shot hot white sprigs of cum on his chest leaving white strips down his chest.

“Good boy, now you ready to do that all over again?” Dean didn’t need to answer, he moaned our a yes when Castiel brushed his prostate once again but then whimpered when Castiel removed his fingers.

“On the cont of three, okay baby.” Dean smiled and nodded, the feeling of Castiel’s tip ran up and down his cheeks making his want to wank, but he couldn’t. “One…” Castiel has turned Dean over and let his lay on his stomach. “Two…” Castiel propped him up with his ass in the air, Dean face smuches into a pillow. “Three…” Castiel lubed up and then pushed in making Dean moan like the little slut his for Castiel.

Dean continued to grunt, moan and groan rocking back and forth in a rhythm with Castiel’s thrusting in and out, both of then loving the feeling of being so close and intimate after they both said I love you. Dean felt his penis rock back and forth, snacking against his stomach as the sound of Castiel’s thighs smashing into Dean’s, the sound of skin on skin and moaning echoing though the house as they both continued to move in sink with each other.

Dean had come twice before he felt his ass begin to fill with the war cum coming from a grunting Castiel. Then with a few final thrusts as Dean road out his second orgasm of the night, he pulled out and let Dean make all those beautiful noises before he came down from his high again and then began to  feel his eyelid become heavy.

“I love you daddy.” Dean smiled, his voice ruff and half dead for all the screaming he had done.

“I love you also, baby boy.” Dean smiled and got of the cum socked sheets, and as neither of them could be asked to change them until later, Castiel picked up the sensitive Dean who hissed when he ass came in contacts with Castiel’s arm but he didn’t make a big deal about it.

Castiel walked back to the spare room that used t hold no memories and plane white walls but now haled the most special memory of them all. This is the place they both said I love you for the fist time. And with that thought, Castiel climbed under the covers with Dean and let the boy cuddle up to him before they both fell asleep.

“I love you so much, princess.” Castiel kissed Dean’s sweaty temple and then felt Dean move a little.

“I love you more.” And with that they both drifted off to sleep.

A Good Little Girl: Flying High (Part 12)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

Summary of Flying High: After a hunt, a night in a motel gets very relaxed.

Word Count: 2700

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, smoking pot, use of recreational drugs during sex

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest). Let me know what you think!

“So what are we doing tonight?” Dean asked, letting his body fall heavily into the motel chair.

“We’re sleeping,” you groaned, stretching your arm out from your body and rubbing at the sore muscles there. “Aren’t you exhausted?”

“Sure. We could sleep. Or we could…” He held up a small, clear bag and shook it, dangled it for you to see, with a goofy smile on his face.

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Bottom!Dean is perfection.
  • Bottom!Dean waiting on the bed in anticipation for Dom!Cas. On his hands and knees, moaning as Cas’ hands grip his hips tight enough to leave bruises. 

  • Bottom!Dean crying out Castiels name as the angel fucks him hard enough that he can see stars.

  • Bottom!Dean always loving it when Cas leaves a trail of bite-marks over his skin. They always make him feel loved and owned.

  • Bottom!Dean purposefully pissing Cas off so the angel pushes him against a wall. Cas pounding that ass until Dean screams the angels name.

  • Sub!Dean being naughty on purpose to rile up his Dom so he can get spanked. Dom!Cas always giving Dean what he wants, enjoying the noises his sub makes with each harsh smack of the hand or paddle.

  • Bottom!Dean admiring the red marks of Castiels hands on his ass and thighs. Cas coming up behind him and kissing along the trail of bruising marks he had bitten down Deans throat and over his shoulders. 

  • Bottom!Dean making sure to lick and suck at his lollipops or ice-cream suggestively in front of Cas. Later on putting his skillful mouth to use as he’s on his knees with Castiel’s cock thrusting into it.

  • Bottom!Dean scratching his nails down Castiels back, leaving deep red scratch marks, his own arching off the bed in pleasure as Castiel thrusts into him.

  • Bottom!Dean nuzzling Cas and begging to be tied up duriing sex.

  • Bottom!Dean bent over a desk and spreading his ass-cheeks open while Cas fucks Deans needy hole with his tongue, driving Dean crazy with it until the hunter is begging for the angels cock.

  • Bottom!Dean biting his lip and feeling hot all over just from having Cas tell him what to do. 

  • Bottom!Dean hiving a voice kink, the need to be filled spreading through him whenever he hears Castiels voice laced with authority.

  • Bottom!Dean being insatiable in bed, not satisfied with just one round. Only happy  once he’s been fucked to the point that his legs are shaking and he’s unable to form words during sex.

  • Bottom!Dean basking in the after-sex glow and cuddling close to Cas. 

    Bottom Dean makes me happy!

Requested by @sadandmeanwinchester: A Dean x reader involving breath play. This is pure porn, no plot.

Warning: smut, breath play, dom!reader x sub!Dean

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: I hope y’all enjoy sub!Dean as much as I do.

Just being in the same place made your fingers itch to grab him sometimes. He’d smile and wink at the waitress out of habit, or he’d take a turn too fast just because he liked handling the Impala, and you’d have to press your thighs together, resist the urge to sink your teeth into his bottom lip, to smack his ass hard enough to leave a mark.

To put him back in his place.

Because there was nothing better than Dean Winchester writhing beneath you, begging so pretty, freely giving you total control.

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