Welcome to Monarch Prep, the school that the children of the most prestigious and well-known socialites attend. Located in a small town just outside of London, England, parents often send in a hefty donation to make sure their precious child gets treated right. There are no roommates. Each student resides in their own richly furnished dormitory. The boys’ and girls’ housing are on opposite sides of the campus; Monarch Prep wanted to at least try to keep them from sleeping in each others’ rooms. With these hormone crazed teenagers, though, there wasn’t much the faculty could do. Since everyone lives on campus, there is bound to be drama, rivalries, enemies, parties, sex, and drugs. The rich party hard, and these students have the money to blow.


Monarch is a small school with a little over 300 students. Break ups, make ups and hook ups are always happening before, after, and in between classes. Everyone usually knows the gossip; however, a new site has been created purely to cause even more chaos. The owner blogs under the alias G. Students are constantly sending in gossip and rumors about their fellow classmates. How could they not? When you’re stranded in a prep school campus, gossip is the most entertaining thing you’ve got. But G does more than spread the latest gossip. The anonymous blogger is constantly blasting students, splitting up couples and even injuring people. A student’s death has even been linked to this troublemaker. Whether or not this really has to do with the blogger is a mystery. But G is a force to be reckoned with; and everyone is scared. Don’t want to be a victim? Better do what G says. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the social ladder; or worse, this evil gossip queen’s next target. 

Money can buy these students happiness, but it can’t help them escape the drama that happens at Monarch Prep.

Monarch Prep is a canon and original character roleplay with 40+ active characters. This RP was created in April 2012 and continues to go strong with its activity and members. It has a high school setting with a gossip blog and plenty of events occurring on a weekly to biweekly basis.