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Welcome to Paradise Island, the premier sex island for over 25 years. Relax poolside with a refreshing cocktail, take a walk on our pristine beaches, or blow off some steam with one of our many attractive slaves, who are always ready to serve—and if they don’t satisfy, you’re welcome to make them suffer. Our Curator has only the best stock kidnapped, sedated, screened, and shipped to our little Paradise, where they wake in cramped cells to discover their fate. There’s no escape, and nowhere to run. Sooner or later, they’ll all learn that the best way to survive is to catch a Master or Mistress’s eye. In the meantime, however, whipping the fight out of them is half the fun.

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Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

New alliances will be forged and lifelong friendships will be broken. Loyalties will be divided and secrets will be kept. Ones you never knew to exist will soon become family and love will reign true again. Those that were lost will come back to haunt us and choices will have to be made.

It isn’t always the strongest or the smartest, but sometimes merely the luckiest that make it out alive. We each survive in our own way. The question is, at what cost?

A brand new Teen Wolf AU Role Play, we welcome you to come and check us out! Our first acceptance date will be this Friday night, July 18th. Please feel free to look around the main and ask us any questions that you may have - or even better, send in those apps!


Meet Brody Weston. He is 23 and hails from Manhatten, NY. Before coming to Hazel Run, he was located in Culver City. He has the abilities of Vampires, and believes in the side of the Neutral.

“Insert quote or lyric here.”

His important information:

FULL NAME: up to player
DATE OF BIRTH: up to player
SEXUALITY: up to player
OCCUPATION: up to players

His backstory:

Paragraphs about life before Hazel Run.

His present:

Paragraph about life in Hazel Run.

His important connections:

The Weston (Parents): Short blurb about their relationship.
Rachel Berry (Ex-Girlfriend): Short blurb about their relationship.
Name 003: Short blurb about their relationship.

In character questionnaire:

What lead you to Hazel Run?

  • Answer here.

If you could change what the SHV gave you, what would you what other ability would you want to have?

  • Answer here.

Have you heard of the Rebellion and what it wants to accomplish? If so, what side do you support and why?

  • Answer here.

Brody looks like Dean Geyer, and is OPEN.


The year is 2023, and another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in full swing. However, things have drastically changed since the times of Harry Potter and his friends. Hogwarts is still an institution for magic and learning, but with an entirely new staff on board, Hogwarts students are being recruited into the ranks of what Muggles call ‘superheroes’.

Another Gleeful Hogwarts is a chemistry-based roleplay combining Glee characters, Harry Potter next gen characters, and pre-made OCs from the Harry Potter universe. Acceptances every two days.

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Andrew “Drew” Blunt Miller ✘ 22 23 ✘ Human ✘ FC: Dean Geyer ✘ Open

♛ Birthday: 20th March 1991

About Andrew: 

 After their parents death, Andrew took the lead of the Miller’s family by taking care of his younger sister Alexandra. As soon as he finished High School, Andrew got several part-time jobs only to bring some money home and nothing seemed to bother him, he still had his nights out, even his rebellious sister wasn’t hard to deal with, they never passed any difficulties.

 Some could swear that even with the accident, everything was going well for the two siblings. That all changed in one night, the night Andrew had to go out and search for Lexie in the middle of the night, only to find her sister with a werewolf bite mark and in an intense pain. That was also the moment that Andrew realized that myths weren’t simple myths and on his free times, Andrew took the liberty of reading more information about werewolves to understand better his sister’s “curse”.

 A few months later, Lexie asked Andrew to move, not being able to stay on that city anymore and Andrew didn’t contest his sister request. That was two years ago, when Andrew found a job at the Central Veterinary Hospital of the Southamptons and moved there with his sister. Now, Andrew didn’t left his old flirt habits disappear but there’s something about this town that his bothering him, specially a few friends of his sister.


♛ Positives: Determined, Loyal, Sociable

 Negatives: Flirt, Quick-Tempered, Stubborn


♛ Family:

Alexandra Miller ► Younger Sister

♛ Friends:

Seth Blackburn

Sofia Blye

♛ Enemies:

Kylan Young ► Ex-Girlfriend; Complicated Relationship


- Basics -

Name: Marshall AldrichAge: 26Species: WerewolfStatus: AliveFC: Dean Geyer

- About -    

Family: Up to playerResidence Status: Born in Birchwood VillagePack: Hampton packOccupation: Up to player

- Personality -

+  Ambitious, Fearless, Friendly, Funny

-  Hot Headed, Arrogant, Selfish, Obnoxious

- The Beginning -

Growing up in Birchwood Village every child tends to find their best friend one way or another. In Marshall’s case, this was Foster Etheridge. The boys were in the same class and immediately grew close due to their similar personalities. However as they grew older things began to change just like any friendship does. Their friendship never dwindled but as they began to see who they were and who they would  be in the future both boys went in different directions. 

As Foster grew to love and see woman, Stephanie in particular, Marshall began to wonder who he was. He hated that he was losing Foster to the pretty blonde girl in their class. He hated losing his friend to someone who would never appreciate him as much as he always had. That’s when his bad streak started, His jealousy and anger made him try to draw a wedge in Stephanie and Foster’s relationship. He would throw comments at his friend saying that Stephanie only was dating Foster to get closer to him, that she had told him she wanted to fuck him and not Foster. Marshall began to play mind games with his friend convincing him she wasn’t what she seemed to be, that she was a monster and that she was pulling him off of his track to greatness.

- The Road so far -

When Foster and Stephanie’s relationship ended Marshall was more than relieved to have his friend back in his grasp. But maybe there was more than just having his friend back, it was more so that his friend was once again available. Despite his rude and hateful ways Foster and Marshall friendship stayed strong, even if Marshall was keeping his real thoughts and feelings inside. Now that Marcus is gone, and Foster is now the alpha he worries that their friendship will deteriorate again.

Open | Closed

Chemistry Based Glee AU RP. Open Canon Roles & Accepting OCs.

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Welcome to Monarch Prep, the school that the children of the most prestigious and well-known socialites attend. Located in a small town just outside of London, England, parents often send in a hefty donation to make sure their precious child gets treated right. There are no roommates. Each student resides in their own richly furnished dormitory. The boys’ and girls’ housing are on opposite sides of the campus; Monarch Prep wanted to at least try to keep them from sleeping in each others’ rooms. With these hormone crazed teenagers, though, there wasn’t much the faculty could do. Since everyone lives on campus, there is bound to be drama, rivalries, enemies, parties, sex, and drugs. The rich party hard, and these students have the money to blow.


Monarch is a small school with a little over 300 students. Break ups, make ups and hook ups are always happening before, after, and in between classes. Everyone usually knows the gossip; however, a new site has been created purely to cause even more chaos. The owner blogs under the alias G. Students are constantly sending in gossip and rumors about their fellow classmates. How could they not? When you’re stranded in a prep school campus, gossip is the most entertaining thing you’ve got. But G does more than spread the latest gossip. The anonymous blogger is constantly blasting students, splitting up couples and even injuring people. A student’s death has even been linked to this troublemaker. Whether or not this really has to do with the blogger is a mystery. But G is a force to be reckoned with; and everyone is scared. Don’t want to be a victim? Better do what G says. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the social ladder; or worse, this evil gossip queen’s next target. 

Money can buy these students happiness, but it can’t help them escape the drama that happens at Monarch Prep.

Monarch Prep is a canon and original character roleplay with 40+ active characters. This RP was created in April 2012 and continues to go strong with its activity and members. It has a high school setting with a gossip blog and plenty of events occurring on a weekly to biweekly basis. 


Thomas Adamson was the prized child out of his three siblings, the eldest, the most talented, the funniest, maybe not the smartest but still the trophy child. Among his siblings, he was offered only eye rolls, while his Mother baked him pies for his games and his Father wore weird T-shirts proclaiming that his son was going to be a star athlete some day, and he would not have been wrong about that. Tommy was a truly amazing athlete, he was very talented indeed, he was almost unbeatable. The coach called him his secret weapon. Tommy’s lack of common sense made him the perfect weapon in more than one way, to all the right and all the wrong people at once. Stupidity could be used to anyone’s advantage, naivety could be twisted and warped and held against you like a gun against your head. From a young age he had been fearless, he had ran in open spaces and scaled buildings, climbed up trees so high that his Mother had cried and called the authorities to get him down, even though he would tell you he had never been stuck. He could never get enough of life. Enough of anything. He wanted to live. To reach the heights, to reach the tops of mountains and yell his name for the world to hear. If he could compare himself to an animal, he would of been a lion. Bold and brave, unafraid of the world. Looking a little more closely he was more like a lion cub, stepping into territory he did not quite understand, trying to roar the loudest even though deep down he was much smaller and quieter than the rest. It hadn’t stopped him trying to make himself known though. Alongside the football team, he had became a star in his own right, often putting people off being his friend by the sheer fact that he was often found speaking up about subjects he could never really understand. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew what he was doing, he just didn’t really care most of the time. Never looking past tomorrow meant that Tommy had grown accustomed to thinking that he would have another day to deal with whatever problem he had found himself involved in. Unfortunately, he underestimated how at times, the day after tomorrow could come around much sooner than you thought and you would be let having to explain something that you weren’t entirely sure you knew you had done to begin with.

He was not entirely unhelpful, he was a generally considerate person if he took two minutes to actually think about his actions and where they may lead him, which may have been how he ended up dating Kayla, who was, by anyone’s standards, not someone you would expect to be seen with a star football player. He had been attracted to her mystery, but what was beneath that was much better than he could of imagined. He regretted ruining their relationship and worse, telling her he had knocked someone up just so she wouldn’t find out the truth about what he had done. He wasn’t sure if the lie had been more painful for her but at least she had not asked him for further explanation, not like she would of if she knew that Tommy had cheated on her with both Hazel and Sam in what he thought at the time, was a good plan, to have a threesome with his best friend and his best friends girlfried. It had not been a good idea, it had felt totally wrong, not only that but he felt terrible for betraying Kayla, so he ended things. Maybe it had seemed like that would resolve things but he had awoken a bigger problem, the fact that for some reason now both Hazel and Sam were talking to him on a daily basis. He did not want to be with either of them. Tommy had never thought of himself as gay or anything close but he hadn’t disliked sex with another man, it was a very confusing situation. He hadn’t enjoyed the threesome exactly but when he continued flirting with Sam over texts, he hadn’t hated it, it had been fun, and when they hooked up one time, he was sure it was just a one time thing– Not because he was swearing off men, but because he had never really wanted Sam to begin with, it had been an interesting experience but he really did prefer him as just a very good friend. He knew if the situation ever came back around, he would not be taking up anyone’s offer on a threesome again. All of this, was the reason he was startled to find Hazel had killed herself. After everything they had been through, after all the time Sam had been with her and they had been close friends drinking milkshakes and laughing about other kids, he couldn’t believe she was just gone. In the blink of an eye, she was just not there anymore.




They had nothing in common, nothing to learn from each others mistakes and no need to discuss what had happened in their lives. Their meetings held only one purpose, Tommy needed to pass Maths and Grace needed to make up for the year she had taken off by gaining extra merits. The tutoring was boring, annoying and long. He didn’t have anything against Grace, she just wasn’t very interesting or even patient at times. He understood that he was not the easiest student but her short temper often made him feel like a small child who was being told off by his Mother. He didn’t appreciate the way she treated him and in turn, she did not appreciate him. It had been six months and to be honest about it all, it was not going very well.

Okay, so it may not have been a normal things for friends to do but Tommy had not seen a problem hopping into bed with his best friend and his girlfriend when asked, even though he had Kayla, it was clear when it began that he would have to finish the job or look like an idiot. So he did. He did as he said, he had a threesome with them, not a particularly pleasant one but a threesome all the same. Afterwards it wasn’t weird, Tommy acted like nothing even happened, until Sam and his conversations turned to a slightly different tone than normal. Had it been flirting? He didn’t know, he spoke to everyone however they spoke to him so whatever it had been that led them to end up hooking up was nothing important to him. Sex was sex. By this point he had ended things with Kayla and decided that him and Sam would only be a one time thing. He did not feel sparks. It wasn’t because he was a man, because Tommy had long ago realised he did not care about the gender of a person, only whether or not he cared for them enough in the way necessary. He did not care for Sam like that, he was sure of it. So sure that he would of said it to Sam’s face if he asked, but he never did.

They had been great, despite all her mystery, mystery that he had never quite understood but his simple mind had allowed him to learn to accept, but he had definitely screwed things up. In his panic he had told her he got someone pregnant, this was not true, but was it better than admitting for some unknown reason he had a threesome behind her back? Probably, yes. He knew he had been a bad boyfriend, a bad friend even, that he had been careless and hurt the girl beyond belief, that she was even more closed off than before and it was all his fault. He debated telling her the truth many times but he knew it may just hurt more. The truth was too complicated, it involved too many people, people who should of never been involved in his relationship at any point too. It should of never gotten this far. When he sees her in the hall he wants to explain but can’t. It’s hard to find the words to tell someone you once cared for so much that not only did you lie to them but the truth of the matter is a lot weirder than you would like to admit.


Tyler Monaghan || 19 || Library Worker || Liar || Looks like Dean Geyer

“My heart beats to the beat of the drums,”


  • Tries to keep himself distant from people—especially relationships.
  • Comes of as a very sarcastic, rude person.
  • Has a little sister that he’s very protective of and came to Salem to find her.
  • His sister is a mute and gets bullied a lot.
  • He’s from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • He rides a motorcycle.

“Another heart calls,”


  • When he was six he went to the park with his mother, there a man showed up who shot his mother, then ran off when he heard sirens in the distance.
  • Luckily someone saw what was going down and called the cops, who showed up to take both his mother and him to the hospital, since Tyler was complaining of his heart feeling heavy and like he couldn’t breath.
  • Unluckily, his mother died in the hospital and Tyler was diagnosed with pre-cardiomyopathy.  The doctors told him that he’d be okay for about ten years, then he’d need treatment. He was okay until just a month after turning fourteen, he woke up in a fit of his heart pounding painfully irregular, he was rushed to the hospital.
  • They tried treatment for two years, but it never stuck and they concluded that he’d need a heart transplant. He was an extremely hard match to find and just as he was giving up a man unexpectedly died. He was perfect match and the surgery went well.
  • Afterwards Tyler wanted to thank the family of the man and give them his condolences. It turned out that the man had a fiancee when he died. Because Tyler had the man’s heart, he started to see the people as his own family and thought he loved the fiancee. He tried to persuade her, but stricken with grief over losing her fiance, she hung herself. Tyler hasn’t seen them since.
  • Tyler’s father is very protective of him and wants him to do everything to take extra good care of his new heart without being too strenuous. Tyler secretly participates in boxing, tae kwon do, and things of the like. He wants to make the most of his life.

“My lonely heart calls,”


  • Met Remy in an online book club. Has never seen her or heard her voice.
  • Preston and him go to motorbike conventions together.
  • Fan of Mason’s books thanks to Remy.
  • Family friends with Emerson.

Tyler is TAKEN