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[Elijah Reynolds] is [25 years old] and is a part of the [Throden] division. They are [Abomination] and they identify as [Male]. They are known to be quite [Cunning] and [Protective] but may cause a few problems because they are [Impatient] and [Overbearing]. It is also said that they resemble [Dean Geyers]. (Baylie/19/CT)

Accepted! Welcome to the Havensfield Institution, Elijah Reynolds! Please send your account in within TWELVE hours. Make sure you track these TAGS and post IC within 24 hours of your follow being posted.


Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

New alliances will be forged and lifelong friendships will be broken. Loyalties will be divided and secrets will be kept. Ones you never knew to exist will soon become family and love will reign true again. Those that were lost will come back to haunt us and choices will have to be made.

It isn’t always the strongest or the smartest, but sometimes merely the luckiest that make it out alive. We each survive in our own way. The question is, at what cost?

A brand new Teen Wolf AU Role Play, we welcome you to come and check us out! Our first acceptance date will be this Friday night, July 18th. Please feel free to look around the main and ask us any questions that you may have - or even better, send in those apps!


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Andrew “Drew” Blunt Miller ✘ 22 23 ✘ Human ✘ FC: Dean Geyer ✘ Open

♛ Birthday: 20th March 1991

About Andrew: 

 After their parents death, Andrew took the lead of the Miller’s family by taking care of his younger sister Alexandra. As soon as he finished High School, Andrew got several part-time jobs only to bring some money home and nothing seemed to bother him, he still had his nights out, even his rebellious sister wasn’t hard to deal with, they never passed any difficulties.

 Some could swear that even with the accident, everything was going well for the two siblings. That all changed in one night, the night Andrew had to go out and search for Lexie in the middle of the night, only to find her sister with a werewolf bite mark and in an intense pain. That was also the moment that Andrew realized that myths weren’t simple myths and on his free times, Andrew took the liberty of reading more information about werewolves to understand better his sister’s “curse”.

 A few months later, Lexie asked Andrew to move, not being able to stay on that city anymore and Andrew didn’t contest his sister request. That was two years ago, when Andrew found a job at the Central Veterinary Hospital of the Southamptons and moved there with his sister. Now, Andrew didn’t left his old flirt habits disappear but there’s something about this town that his bothering him, specially a few friends of his sister.


♛ Positives: Determined, Loyal, Sociable

 Negatives: Flirt, Quick-Tempered, Stubborn


♛ Family:

Alexandra Miller ► Younger Sister

♛ Friends:

Seth Blackburn

Sofia Blye

♛ Enemies:

Kylan Young ► Ex-Girlfriend; Complicated Relationship

Meet Brody Weston. He is 23 and hails from Manhatten, NY. Before coming to Hazel Run, he was located in Culver City. He has the abilities of Vampires, and believes in the side of the Neutral.

“Insert quote or lyric here.”

His important information:

FULL NAME: up to player
DATE OF BIRTH: up to player
SEXUALITY: up to player
OCCUPATION: up to players

His backstory:

Paragraphs about life before Hazel Run.

His present:

Paragraph about life in Hazel Run.

His important connections:

The Weston (Parents): Short blurb about their relationship.
Name 002: Short blurb about their relationship.
Name 003: Short blurb about their relationship.

In character questionnaire:

What lead you to Hazel Run?

  • Answer here.

If you could change what the SHV gave you, what would you what other ability would you want to have?

  • Answer here.

Have you heard of the Rebellion and what it wants to accomplish? If so, what side do you support and why?

  • Answer here.

Brody looks like Dean Geyer, and is OPEN.

Hello, My name is BRODY WESTON. I am TWENTY-FOUR years young. I am a VAMPIRE. I am into (GIRLS AND/OR GUYS). I am AVAILABLE for auditions!



positive;- dogmatic, charming, zealous
negative;- vain, disloyal, irritable
occupation;- up to player
birthday; up to player

  • You must write a two+ paragraphs biography with at least 6 sentences in each paragraph. Include their life, their personality, their family, Detail is appreciated. It also must be third person


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Welcome to Monarch Prep, the school that the children of the most prestigious and well-known socialites attend. Located in a small town just outside of London, England, parents often send in a hefty donation to make sure their precious child gets treated right. There are no roommates. Each student resides in their own richly furnished dormitory. The boys’ and girls’ housing are on opposite sides of the campus; Monarch Prep wanted to at least try to keep them from sleeping in each others’ rooms. With these hormone crazed teenagers, though, there wasn’t much the faculty could do. Since everyone lives on campus, there is bound to be drama, rivalries, enemies, parties, sex, and drugs. The rich party hard, and these students have the money to blow.


Monarch is a small school with a little over 300 students. Break ups, make ups and hook ups are always happening before, after, and in between classes. Everyone usually knows the gossip; however, a new site has been created purely to cause even more chaos. The owner blogs under the alias G. Students are constantly sending in gossip and rumors about their fellow classmates. How could they not? When you’re stranded in a prep school campus, gossip is the most entertaining thing you’ve got. But G does more than spread the latest gossip. The anonymous blogger is constantly blasting students, splitting up couples and even injuring people. A student’s death has even been linked to this troublemaker. Whether or not this really has to do with the blogger is a mystery. But G is a force to be reckoned with; and everyone is scared. Don’t want to be a victim? Better do what G says. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the social ladder; or worse, this evil gossip queen’s next target. 

Money can buy these students happiness, but it can’t help them escape the drama that happens at Monarch Prep.

Monarch Prep is a canon and original character roleplay with 40+ active characters. This RP was created in April 2012 and continues to go strong with its activity and members. It has a high school setting with a gossip blog and plenty of events occurring on a weekly to biweekly basis. 


|| Juri Karamazov | 18 | Senior | Jock | FC: Dean Geyer | Open ||

Wrestling is great! It’s true man versus man competition, no room for wimps.

Character Description:

Juri is a tall and strong Jock, with light green eyes and a brown buzzcut. He wears a blue Bullworth t-shirt over an off-white long-sleeved undershirt, grey slacks, and blue gym sneakers. Much like Chad, his left wrist is bound with bandages. Juri speaks with a heavy eastern European accent, both this and his name imply that he is from Russia. In the wintertime he adds a wool hat and white gloves.


Juri seems to be very much a stereotypical Jock. He talks mainly about sports, has no respect for his education, and enjoys tormenting the Nerds. His personality is somewhat misogynistic. He worries that others might perceive him as “girly”, and various times a day he expresses a lack of respect for girls. He struggles with the English language, frequently using poor grammar, such as being unable to pronounce the word “president”, and not knowing the English phrase for fire alarm. He seems to appreciate Edna since he propose to say hi to her.

Juri frequently accompanies Damon, but his best friend is Luis, with whom he wrestles frequently. He prefers wrestling to football but does play on the school’s football team, his number is 77.

Rise Above The Moon - A Harry Potter Next Generation Roleplay Group

The year is 2031 and the wizarding world has been relatively quiet since Voldemort’s defeat. Hogwarts was rebuilt and wizards and witches rejoiced in the fact that their world was safe.
But then there were slight rumbles. It started off as gossip at first. Werewolves were getting out of hand, vampire covens were joining and rising their numbers. The fear that the wizarding community felt during Voldemort’s time had returned. The Ministry of Magic was at a loss at how to handle such a delicate yet urgent situation. That was when Thomas Brixton, an unspeakable, stepped up to the plate. He promoted an idea to calm the magical creatures and to save the wizarding world. Ministry officials and citizens fell in love with the charismatic speaker. By the next election came around, Brixton was in the front of the line. He was elected by a landslide and his first order of business was to help come to an agreement with the magical creatures.
But what he actually did was far worse.

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A Glee + OCs M/s RP! ❖ Est. April 27th ❖  Masters & Slaves Needed!

Welcome to Paradise Island, the premier sex island for over 25 years. Relax poolside with a refreshing cocktail, take a walk on our pristine beaches, or blow off some steam with one of our many attractive slaves, who are always ready to serve—and if they don’t satisfy, you’re welcome to make them suffer. Our Curator has only the best stock kidnapped, sedated, screened, and shipped to our little Paradise, where they wake in cramped cells to discover their fate. There’s no escape, and nowhere to run. Sooner or later, they’ll all learn that the best way to survive is to catch a Master or Mistress’s eye. In the meantime, however, whipping the fight out of them is half the fun.

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Chemistry Based Glee AU RP. Open Canon Roles & Accepting OCs.

      Think you have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

Skyline Terrace Estates can help! MTV brings you a Reality TV Show like no other, following the lives of young hopefuls, up and comers and rising stars and starlets on their journeys to fame, fortune, love, and self discovery. The cameras are there for all of the triumphs, fuck ups, and the drama. You can be too!

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Ethan Luminere is twenty-six years old, looks remarkably like Dean Geyer and acts peculiarly like Flynn Rider from Tangled.

“Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Sorry blondie, I don’t do backstory.

When Eugene Fitzherbert went on his crazy adventure including a blonde, a “frog”, and a horse he never imagined that he would get everything that he would ever want. But, he did and ever since he finally figured everything out and married the love of his life, he’s gotten everything he wanted since he was just an orphan. Sure he stopped thieving but he didn’t stop going on adventures and he was posing for a portrait for Rapunzel before setting off on one of those said adventures when the curse backfired. This is where his transformation begins.

“Life is a highway, and I’m gonna ride it.

Enter in Ethan Luminere. The eldest of his family, Ethan was always the sort of oddball until his sister came along. He was the one whom disappointed his father the most because he never had much care for his hobbies, and since they were both stubborn and closed-minded to anything other than what they wanted the two hardly ever got along. In turn he was a momma’s boy, and learned from her that a woman should be treated like a princess. From an early age, Ethan was very street smart as if it had been born into him and he liked to sneak away from his parents and go off on adventures. As he grew older these adventures became apart of the family life and it was common for him to be gone days at a time then show up for breakfast one morning like he had been there all along. When his mother died, Ethan took it pretty hard but knew she had gone onto a better place and saw a lot of her in Bethany whom he doted on from the beginning. He moved out at an early age, unable to live in the same house with his father because of how much they argued, and now lives a few blocks away and works as a travel agent for the tourists who visit Briar Woods.

“What is the best part of your life in Briar Woods?”

There’s always a hidden secret in The woods. I never run out of things to do.



Ethan’s always been that child who could see something and immediately be thinking of ways to improve it. Luckily, he’s also smart enough to know how things fit together and has invented quite a few things in his life. If you ask him he would say he’s a bit of an entreupenuer and his trinkets are his most prized posession.


When Ethan wants to accomplish something, even if he knows that he can’t, he often grows a sort of obsession with it. It is always on his mind like a nagging thought and he will go over plan after plan to try and she how he can achieve it. This goes for adventures to school projects to relationships for Ethan.


A downfall about Ethan would probably be his perfectionist side. He overthinks things and hardly ever goes after anything on a whim. It has to be perfectly planned and thought out or he just won’t do it. And if one detail is misplaced he’ll go back and rework all of it. This does give him pretty nice things when he’s inventing or working on a project but it can be quite annoying if you’re planning a day out with him.


“Ethan is probably the hardest person I have ever tried to please. The man is jumping from one thing to the other so leaves me dizzy.”

“He’s got a mind of a dreamer and the means to achieve them.”

“One day here, the next there. I don’t think he’ll ever settle for a simple life or routine.”

Interested in Ethan? It’s your lucky day because he’s OPEN.

Aberforth - open

sugested FC: Dean Geyer

race: merman

Aberforth is another of the banished mermen and is a very hard to read person. Aberforth actually has a lot of mixed feelings with going to war with the island and Queen Aisu, he wishes that it wasn’t oging to happen but on the other hand how else are they to get their home back? half the mermaids don’t even know that they exist after all. 
Aberforth is the strong silent type and a good warrior but for the most part has a bit of a gentle soul but he tends to keep his thoughts to himself.

Benjamin Howard | 21 | Straight | Acting | FC: Dean Geyer | CLOSED

Benjamin is a ladies man. He needs to always be where the chicks are to go ahead and flirt with them. Ben is the type that is very lazy, meaning he doesn’t ever do his homework for classes but surprisingly is the type to ace a test without needing to study. He is going to Norville for acting, and just doesn’t think he should spend time on general ed. If he wants to be and actor, he can act his way in. Ben is the type of guy to always have a room messy and can just basically annoy his roommate with his actions. He is also not afraid to throw a party when he wants to. His room is always open for parties and they always go pretty good.

You may wonder why he acts like a total slacker and is a big time party animal. Isn’t is obvious though? He was the only child of his parents, only by accidental birth. They never planned on having kids, and didn’t really want to deal that much with Ben. They weren’t originally going to let him go to college, but he got a scholarship in acting and here he is, trying to learn more on acting. His parents care about that, hoping one day he will get rich and famous and help them with the money. So not going to happen. Ben knows they don’t care for him, he’s not that easy with his parents.


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You can always go out and live your life, search for your dreams, meet people and form a family. But life has a funny way of bringing you back to where it all began. The year is 2037. The glee kids all went out in life and had their victories. Sure there were some downfalls and disappointments, but in the end they got what they needed and they were happy. But now they’re back in Lima, here to raise their kids. And you know what they say: once a Gleek, always a Gleek.

Brody Weston’s Bio.