Pour Some Sugar On Me

Title: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 652

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: It’s Sweet Treat Saturday! The second fic of the day will be a little late because my nephew’s birthday party is today! So hopefully at 6pm or 7pm! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! You can request imagines/one shots ( christmas themed or not) or you can request from THIS  drabble list! :D

When Dean and Sam sent you on the last grocery run, you planned on getting the ingredients to make a cake.  Gabriel’s birthday was today and you wanted to surprise him with a cake.  You figured it would be easier to make the cake while Sam and Dean were on a simple salt and burn.  Gabriel didn’t like to share the sweets you made him.

You popped the cake in the oven.  You made sure to keep your mind busy, just in case Gabriel was paying close attention.  You would think about the research you did today just before Dean and Sam left.  Once the cake was done, you made sure to let it cool down.  While the cake cooled, you made homemade chocolate icing.  When the cake was cool enough you made sure to use all of the icing on the cake.

When the cake was done, you took a small store bought bag of icing and piped a cute ‘Happy Birthday Gabe’ onto the cake.  You stood back, looking over the masterpiece of a cake you had created.  When you cleaned up a little bit, you set the table.  You set his gift next to the cake.  You were ready for the archangel.  You prayed for him to come to you.

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