Good Looking Old Hollywood Men

1930s to 1960s
Alain Delon, Marlon Brando,
Gregory Peck, Paul Newman,
Cary Grant, Clark Gable,
James Dean, Montgomery Clift,
Gene Kelly, and Warren Beatty
Why I'm done with Kickstarter and online commissions.

As the subject says, I’m done with backing things on Kickstarter. I’m done with buying commissions online. Why?

I’ve backed a few comic related things. I’ve backed a pro wrestling documentary. The only one to come though yet? The pro wrestling documentary. All of the artists I’ve backed have completely failed to come through on their promises as of yet. They’ve taken my money, sure. But they have not followed through on actually doing the thing I’ve paid them for.

People can say whatever they want about pro wrestling, but at least fucking Nigel McGuinness finished his movie and sent it to me along with an autographed picture. 

Come on artists. Get your shit together. If you’re going to take our money, fucking follow through with what you’re taking our money for.

And commissions? I’ve mentioned before how Dean Trippe and Les McClaine have taken money for commissions and never followed through, (Five years and still nothing from Dean, four for Les.)  I’ve tried emailng Les and and never got a reply. The last resposne I got from him was that “I drew them, I just never shipped them! I will as soon as I can.” So I’ve given up on that one. I’ve talked with Dean and every time he said he was going to finish it and send it out, and yet, here I am with nothing from both guys. I saw a drawing of Captain America from him once and asked if it was mine, and was told he forgot. And once I asked if mine was coming any time soon, and was told “If I feel like drawing Captain America, I will do yours.”

Fucking really? I’m done with everyone. It’s not about money. Admittedly I paid very little for these commissions and such compared to what I’m sure these guys would charge. But you know what? I’ve paid for commissions from Evan Shaner and Dean Beattie when they had commissions open and they came quickly. Seriously, the professionalism when dealing with the two of them is ridiculous. If you have money get some artwork from them.

Artists, I get that you want to draw the fun stuff you want to draw, but have some fucking respect for your fans and supporters and draw the things you’re getting paid to do. Surprisingly enough, people don’t like being left hanging.