Dean Ambrose x Reader - Ride Along

The episode starts off with you and Dean playing rock paper scissors to see who has to drive. You win and let out a Ric Flair WOOO. “Oh shut up and get in the car.” Dean rolls his eyes as you do a little victory dance. You and Dean are currently co-ed tag team partners. You were the only one crazy enough to team up with the lunatic since you had your own wild side about you. “Soo… What are we supposed to do with all of this??” Dean gestured to all the camera’s on the dash as he drove. “I guess we are suppose to spill some secrets or something.” You shrug putting your feet up on the dash. “Hey… Hey now respect the car.” Dean smacked your legs down. “This isn’t your car??” You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion. “Oh yeah…” Dean realized before grabbing your leg and tossing it back on the dash as you giggled. “Well if we are supposed to be spilling some secrets…” Dean finally got to the point of the show. “How about we spill the biggest one we got??” “Fine by me.” You shrug drumming your hands on your knees. “Okay. Me and this chick barely know each other.” “Yup.” You pop the ‘p’ at the end of the world. “First time we ever really talked was the night of team ups.” You smile. “How about we use this time to get to know each other with a game of 20 questions??” You offer looking over to Dean as he passed a car on the high way. “Works for me.” “Alright I’ll start…. Favorite color.” “I don’t know… black??” Dean shrugged. “Your turn to ask a question.” You gesture over to him. “Uhh… Favorite wrestler when you were a kid.” You smirk and cut your eye over to him. “Jon Moxley.” “Bull****” (They bleep the word out). “I’m telling the truth.” “You’re just saying that.” “Call my mom right now. I used to beg her and my dad to take me to ROH shows. I bet she still has my custom Moxley shirt at home.” You proudly admit. “No way.” “Wait I bet I still have a picture of us on my phone hang on.” You scroll through your phone. “This is bull. You’re just saying all this for the sh…” Dean cut off as you showed him a pic on your phone. “Whoa… You’re like what?? 12 in this pic??” “16…” You grumble. They show the pic on the screen. Dean back when he was Jon Moxley had his title over his head as you wrapped your arms around his waist with big smile on your face. “Why didn’t you ever tell me??” “You never asked me.” You shrug and look to the camera in front of you. “Let this be a message to everyone out there… Dreams can come true.” “And creepy stalker fangirls can and will find a way into your life.” You punch Dean in the arm as he laughs at his own joke. “What was that for??” “For calling me a stalker fangirl… I grew up to realize how lame you really were…” You smirked. “Darling I am the farthest thing from lame.” “Says who??” “Says me… and your 12 year old self.” “16!!” “Whatever…” Dean grinned as he got a rise out of you. The episode ends with you and him still bickering like an old couple. Your smiles never leaving your face. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and thanks to @cutester for helping me out with this one….please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… and let me know if you want some more ridealong fics with other superstars… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING